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"No!" Kagome screamed with all her might as fresh tears fell down her face. Inuyasha turned away from her one last time before jumping back into the dark abyss of the Bone Eaters well. "Inuyasha!"

Her insides were tearing apart as she jumped into the well after him. The teenage miko hoped with all her might that the familiar blue hue would surround her body to carry her to the other side of the well.

It did not.

Kagome landed on the bottom of the well.

Her hands clenched the dirt as her body began to tremble uncontrollable. Hot tears filled her sapphire eyes and slipped down her pale face as her heart began to beat rapidly. "No!" Kagome did the only thing she could think of and began to dig at the dark dirt of the well.

…. Perhaps she had truly lost her mind.

Kagome knew if she kept digging it would take her back to him and everyone. She knew it would never work, but she kept digging anyway.

Souta watched his older sister from above before he turned away running back to the house. He hated his sister. Kagome desperately wanted to be with Inuyasha after everything and all Souta wanted was for his sister to be normal for once.

Kagome stopped after a while and just leaned against the wall of the well. Inuyasha was not coming back and she had no way to him. The well was sealed and the feudal area was gone forever. No more Sango and the girl talks. No more Miroku and his perverted ways. No more Shippo, the brave little fox Kitsune. She gripped the vines to make her long climb up the well. Her mother was there waiting for her with a sad expression on her face. Kagome launched herself into her mother's waiting embrace because it was the only place she could truly feel safe now. "I know it is hard." She said

"Mom…I can't ever… see him or anyone again!" Kagome gasped out, looking up at her mother's warm eyes. It took a few minutes before her mother began to guide her back to the house. Kagome sat through dinner silently before going back to her room for the night.

When her alarm clock said 2 o'clock AM, Kagome grabbed her pillow walking down the hallway to her mother's room. When she opened the door clinging to her pillow, Kagome felt as a five-year-old, waking up from a nightmare. "Mom," she whispered.

Her mother opened her sleepily eyes and smiled at her daughter. "Couldn't sleep?" Kagome shook her head and her mother smiled before scooting over, opened the covers for her daughter and patted the bed. Her daughter climbed into her mother's bed as Mrs. Higurashi put her arms around her daughter's shaky form and smoothed Kagome's long black hair.

Kagome felt a warmness will her core as her mother began to sing to her. It was the only thing that let her fall asleep, finally.

For months, Kagome had been distraught and inconsolable until her mother pointed out that Inuyasha and her friends would want her to be happy and move on with her life.

She finally agreed to go back to school and try to go on with her life. That all failed because a letter came from her school saying that she had been expelled for too many absences. It took forever to find a school to accept Kagome, but it was on a written contract that she would take extra lessons for the rest of the year.

The only problem was that the school was another half an hour away which meant Kagome would have to take two buses and walk twenty minutes from there to get to school because her mother couldn't afford a car.

On her first day, Kagome walked into her new school with a fake smile on her face. She thought if she played being happy that maybe she could feel that way someday.

It was around lunchtime when she stared into the busy cafeteria trying to figure out where to sit. She was about to turn towards the exit when Kagome heard someone calling in her direction. "Hey, new girl!" The miko turned back around, a Yankee looking girl sitting against the wall in a table by the corner of the cafeteria with her feet popped up on another chair. "I hate it when someone sits alone, park it." Kagome sat down next to the girl with uncertainty. "So you're new huh? Well nice to meet you, I am Arisa Uotoni, but you can call me Uo if you want."

"Nice to meet you," Kagome said quietly. "I am Kagome Higurashi." Uo glanced at the new girl with curiosity. She looked normal except she had bags underneath her eyes. Uo pulled out a piece of her lunch, popping it into her mouth. "So do you like it so far?" The Yankee asked as she chewed on some of her fish.

"No." That was all Kagome said before Uo began to laugh a little.

She punched the new girl on the shoulder playfully. "You and I are going to be good friends, I know it." She paused, "Wait to you meets Tohru and Hana. They'll be excited to meet you."

"Uo, sorry to keep you waiting." Both of the girls looked over their shoulders seeing a young girl with short brown hair and another with long black hair.

Uo smiled brightly at Tohru and Hana. "It's okay Tohru. I had company." Uo gestured to Kagome, "This is Kagome, the new kid."

Kagome was a slightly taken back at the brown haired girl's immediate smile. "Hi, it is wonderful to meet you Kagome, I am Tohru Honda."

The other girl with black hair sat down next to Kagome. "And I am Saki Hanajima but you can call me Hana." Her eyes bore into Kagome's soul as if she knew all of her secrets. "You have very interesting electric waves… miko."

Kagome blanched.

How does she know?!

Kagome thought as she tried to recover when she almost fell out of her chair. She looked back at Hana terrified. "Miko?" Tohru asked confusingly.

Kagome breathed out a little bit before she moved her hair from her eyes. "Yes, my family owns a shrine on the other side of town and I work there as a shrine maiden."

Tohru smiled at the thought of being friends with a miko, after all of the stories her mother had told her about the maidens of the heavens. "Really that is wonderful." It just seemed to be so magical. "That must be fun."

Kagome laughed a little at Tohru's enthusiasm. "You should meet my grandfather… he would tell you stories about demons for hours." She opened her lunch a little, staring at her mother's choice of food… grilled fish with cooked rice. It was her favorite.

Uo snapped her fingers as a thought came to mind. "I got it." Uo said, causing everyone to look from their lunches at her.

"What is it?" Tohru asked, slightly concerned.

Uo turned her attention to Kagome with a huge teasing mile on her face. "Your new nickname is Miko." Kagome just stared blankly at the girl as if she was crazy but then Tohru smiled brightly, agreeing with Uo immediately.

"That is perfect." Hana said solemnly, nodding her head.

Kagome stared at them, noticing the way they talked to each other. It felt like she was back with her old friends from the past. Kagome knew she had to get out of the situation before it even began. She could not lose anyone else if she allowed her walls to fall down.

Tohru began to panic as she saw Kagome standing up away from the chair. "I am sorry but I have to go."

Tohru spoke up with sadness in her eyes, "Oh please don't leave, and you haven't eaten yet."

Kagome stared back at them all. "I don't have a place here with you all. It would be best if you forgot all about me because nothing good comes from being my friend."

Kagome looked at them all but Uo spoke up before she had the opportunity to escape. "Hey, what gives you the right to tell us if we can't be your friend? Just sit back down and eat you damn lunch." Kagome stared at her blankly before she sat back down.

That was the first time Kagome actually smiled since the incident.

Every day after that, Kagome spent all her time with Hana, Uo and Tohru. It made her feel that she could go back to her old self. Not long after that, it became a routine for her. Having them as her friends was the only thing keeping her together.

In no time, all the school began to see them as the school weirdos but she fit right in and that was good enough for her. Even her mother had noticed that she was smiling more. "Hey Miko, let's hang out today." Uo asked as she walked past Kagome who just looked up at her.

"What do you want to do?" Kagome asked, shutting her locker door.

Uo smoothed out her hair, "We want to meet your family. Your grandpa sounds funny." They wanted to meet her family? Kagome thought for a second before making her decision.

"That is a great idea. Mom would love to meet you." After school they all made it back to her place "This is it." When Tohru saw the steps she immediately froze. "It is a long way up but you get used to it after a while." They all walked up the steps to her home and all gasped at the serenity of the property "Mom, I am home!" Kagome called out. The girls saw a middle-aged woman stepping out of the kitchen.

"Hello. You must be the friends Kagome has talked about." She smiled, "Please make yourselves at home."

Mom moved back into the kitchen and after a while Tohru went into the kitchen and ending up helping her mother cook as Kagome entertained the others.

"You must have been sad after that day Miko." Hana turned to her slowly making Kagome pause and looked at the floor with tears swelling down her face. "You know; it is okay to lean on someone when times get tough." She said. "We care about you and want to see you happy. You must have loved him a lot."

"Hana!" Uo yelled as her friend stood up from the floor, running out the door with tears falling down her face. "Kagome!" Uo stood up running after her friend while Hana and Tohru followed behind her.

Kagome knelt in front of the sacred tree with her face in her hands. This was the first place she had met Inuyasha, and now he was gone forever. "Kagome!" She looked through her hair and saw Tohru running ahead of the group towards her.

She stood to face them. "Kagome are you okay?" she asked. "Please let us help you."

Kagome could not hold it in anymore. "I am so sorry Tohru." She cried into her hands. "I am being selfish. You are all good people and I am using you. You guys don't deserve that kind of friend. You are too kind for your own good but I can't do that to you all anymore."

"But-" Tohru placed her hands into Kagome's hands. "We were becoming such good friends. I am being selfish too. I want to be your friend. I want you to be here with us. I don't want to be separated from you. I love you Kagome and you are my best friend."

Her words hit Kagome hard and she began to cry even harder. "Hey, Miko." Uo spoke up placing her hand on Kagome's shoulder, "Don't leave because you feel selfish. Everyone feels that way too. The only thing that matters that we will always be by each other's sides."

"Yes," Hana agreed leaning her head on Kagome's other shoulder. "If you are in trouble just look at your side and we will be there holding your hand." Kagome felt warmth inside.

"I want to stay with you all." Kagome sobbed out uncontrollably. "I want to be your friend and I want you all to be mine." She gasped out as they embraced her.

"Tohru what if she doesn't like me?" Kagome fidgeted as they all walked to the apartment complex where Tohru and her mother lived.

The little rice ball took Kagome's hand, "Don't worry, mom will love you."

"Don't sweat it miko, Kyoko will love you." Uo said with a smug smile.

Kagome knew about Kyoko Honda, the legendary red butterfly. When she was a little girl, she heard the tales of the hardcore Yankee but Kagome could not imagine Tohru having a mother like that. However, after everything that had happen the last few years, Kagome had learned that nothing is as it seems. Maybe Kyoko was a nice person, because if Tohru was like that then Kagome could only imagine how her mother was.

"Your electric waves are uneasy." Hana smiled eerily. "Rest well, Kyoko will love you." With the extra support, Kagome relaxed a little bit and the cluster of friends went up the stairs to the apartment.

Tohru unlocked the door with her key and shouted, "Mom, we are here."

There was a crash making Tohru freak out! A red headed woman came out of the kitchen with powder on her face, smiling away. "Tohru I was wondering when you would get here. Hi girls."

"Hi Kyoko." Hana and Uo said together.

"Mom, are you hurt?" Tohru asked concerned.

"No I am okay; I was just startled is all." Her eyes went to Kagome who stood in the back of the group nervously yanking at her dress. "Who is this?"

Tohru suddenly smiled reaching out for Kagome's hand. "Mom is this Kagome,' She pulled Kagome to the front of the group. "Kagome this is my mother."

"Hi Mrs. Honda," Kagome bowed respectfully to her elder, "It is a pleasure to meet you."

Kyoko looked at the girl and started laughing a little which made Kagome look up in confusion. "Oh please, don't call me that." Her hand went to her daughter's head, "If you are friends with Tohru then you are family here." Before Kagome could respond Kyoko gave the priestess a huge hug, and then Kagome returned her hug. "Welcome to our home, come girls lets have some fun." She put her hands on each side of Kagome's shoulders and stood behind her ushering her into the warm embrace of their family.

"So Kagome tell me, what does your family do for a living?" Kyoko asked as the five of them sat in a circle playing Rich Man Poor Man.

"Oh," Kagome said taking a card from the pile, "My family owns a shrine not too far from here. You may have heard of it, Higurashi shrine."

Kyoko pondered on the name for a minute and she slammed her first in her other hand, "Oh yeah, I use to take Tohru there a lot when she was younger." Kyoko looked at the girl with a smile, "It was a nice place."

Kagome smiled a bit and nodded her head in thanks, "Thank you, actually I work as a shrine maiden there on my days off."

"So you are a priestess." Kyoko said with fascination. "Well Kagome you are welcomed here any time."

Kagome nodded her head, "Thank you very much, I would love that." Then she changed the subject, "Is everyone ready for the entrance exams for high school?" Kagome had been studying her tail off for weeks so she could pass the tests. Her GPA suffered from the one year she had to work extra hard to get her grades up. Kagome wanted to go to the same high school as the rest of her friends and Kawia High was an A-school so she had to work extra hard to get into that school. Kagome wanted to graduate with her friends and protect them from harm.

"That right, I have to work hard a graduate." Tohru said suddenly with a serious tone in her voice making everyone roll their eyes.

"Tohru you do fine, just be yourself." Kyoko said rubbing her daughter's head making Kagome nod.

"I am actually looking for a job so I can go to the same school with the rest of you guys." She paused for a second. "The shrine is far away from Kawia High, so I need to work for the cost of transportation."

Uo then started to cry a little, and Kagome looked at her confusingly. "You are so cute." She said rubbing Kagome's head and she smiled brightly.

For the next few months, the girls studied as if never before then the tests came back, all of them passed and were put into the same class, so in honor of being put into school Kyoko threw a party for the girls.

"Wow this is great!" Kagome said, eating the cake that Kyoko had made just for them. "Hey Kagome," She turned her head and Uo threw a huge piece of cake in her face.

"Hey!" she shouted and picked up her own cake and threw it back at the Yankee. Then she ducked and it hit Kyoko in the face causing Kagome to gasp and hold her hand over her mouth.

Everyone paused as the older woman pilled the cake off her face and looked at them "You think this is funny?" Kagome covered her mouth to suppress a giggle but then Kyoko picked up a piece of her cake and held it up. "They get a load of this!" She threw it and it hit the priestess right in the face, then everyone was having a food fight, and then all five of them fell to the floor in laughter.

Kagome knew that times couldn't get much better than this.

The first day of high school was a doozy.

Kagome instantly hated was that stupid Yuki Fan Club that always needed to be yelled at. They even tried to get Kagome to join but after a threat later, they were gone. The reason because she hated Yuki Sohma the 'Prince' of their high school. Yeah right a prince indeed, Yuki was more like a princess. He acted all nice and cool but she could see him for what he really was, a rat. There was something about him, something dark hung around his aura but Kagome stayed away from him, it reminded her of the past she had long ago forgotten.

"Tohru, I am really starting to hate that club!" Kagome snarled as she sat down in the lunch hall.

Tohru sighed; Kagome did have a little bit of a temper, sometimes even worse than Uo. "It's okay they seem nice people."

"Tohru all they do is worship that prince character, they are not human." Kagome said as she nibbled on her lunch.

Therefore, after class, the group went to their classroom and waited for the teacher, Mayu to start but then the sliding door to the classroom came opened. "Miss Honda." She said she stood up from her desk and went over to the teacher; they talked for a minute and ran off. Kagome looked at the other two and immediacy ran after Tohru followed by Uo and Hana.

That day was the worst ever, Kyoko had been killed in a car accident, and Tohru went to live with her grandfather.

Kagome had been so close to Kyoko that she cried for days after the funeral. In school, Tohru seemed to be a little sad but she never let it show. Therefore, over Kyoko's grave all of them promised that they would be there for Tohru, no matter what.

Life went on, and everything returned to normal, well at least some of it. Things really started to change again and it all started the day Tohru walked to school with Yuki Sohma.