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Sam-chan requested a fic that had Ryou, Yami Bakura, and Malik in it. She did not
specify anything else, which gave a _lot_ of room open for creativity. Anyway, this is
Zoo's theory on the entire Ryou/Yami Bakura complex. You all have valid reason
to argue its flaws, but frankly, I could just call this an AU.


'"ARE YOU DARK? OR VERY LIGHT?" Revelation came.
"You mean -like plain or milk chocolate?"'
- "Telephone Conversation", Wole Soyinka


The World Shall End in Five Days

Day One:

His eyes snapped open.

For a moment, he just lay there unmoving in the darkness. His body glistened
with sweat, pyjamas clinging uncomfortably against his hot skin. He exhaled, letting
the muffled air escape from his lungs before sucking in another trembling breath.

It had happened again.

He was sick of this. Night after night, the same dream haunted him, pervading
utmost in his thoughts until it flooded everything else like a dam ready to burst. How
long could this masquerade continue?

He glanced down at his hands. Ten fingers unmoving in the darkness. They
began to quiver uncontrollably.

The sweat still clung to his body and reminded him of his nightmare. No, not a
nightmare but a revelation. It was a vision.

At last he forced himself upright, sliding noiselessly out of the rumbled bed
sheets. Silence prevailed inside the room.

Bringing a hand to his head, he filtered his fingers through the clumps of damp
white hair, pushing them back past his eyes. Was it just him, or had the room grown
smaller since his awakening?

Something glistened in the darkness. He immediately pivoted his head.
Hanging on the back of his chair was a golden medallion, emblazoned with an
Egyptian Eye design in the center. Thin, delicate shards hung from the rim of this
relic, tinkling softly in the stagnant air.

It was beckoning him.

Brown eyes bland and void of light, he walked, bring his hand out to clasp the
medallion with his cold fingers. The relic was warm to the touch.

Slowly and deliberately he pried open the string attached to the medallion and
slipped it around his neck. The relic slid to his chest with a soft tinker of metal.

He knew what he had to do. His mind was set. Determined, he changed into
his clothing and headed out the door.


Day Two:

"So, refresh my memory on why you are here again?" Malik strolled into his
living room with a cup of coffee in each hand, setting them gently on the table. The
blonde Egyptian stifled another yawn. Of all the unholy times Ryou could have
chosen to come, it had to be now, just past the middle of the night.

Ryou picked up the cup of coffee and took a polite sip. He peered into the
contents of the cup, swishing them around before drinking. "Actually, I have
something to confess."

"Oh?" Malik arched a single platinum-blonde eyebrow.

Instead of answering, the white-haired boy looked deeply into his cup as if
finding the dark, swirling contents most interesting. He bit his lower lip in a sign of
uneasiness. "How long have you known me, Malik?"

The platinum-blonde Egyptian thought for a moment. "About a year I guess."
He propped his elbow against the sofa, reclining his head further backwards. "I don't
see what this has to do with your confession."

Instead of answering, Ryou suddenly stood up. The white-haired boy fumbled
with his shirt, pulling out from his collar his Millennium Ring. It glistened and shone
slightly in the wan light.

Ryou then slipped the cord tying the Ring off his neck. The Millennium Ring
flew across the room to hit the opposite corner with a soft clang. It stayed there
lifelessly, no more than a bulk of metal and rope.

Malik stared confused at the sight. Before he could even begin speaking, Ryou
grabbed him by the collar. The white-haired youth held him in a tight grasp so that
they were face to face.

Ryou watched Malik's expression turn from surprise to confusion to
indignation. The white-haired boy let Malik struggle a bit. Ryou's arm did not move
an inch.

"You wanted to know my secret?" Ryou let his anger breathe straight into
Malik's face. His soft brown eyes had become empty and blank, void of their doleful,
shy appearance. "I'll tell you."

Malik's eyes widened at Ryou's suddenly aggressive behaviour. "Ryou," the
platinum-blonde Egyptian warned. "You're acting out of character. It's not like you to
behave like this."

"That's exactly it!" The white-haired boy dropped Malik onto the ground. He
began to pace around the room, feet digging angrily into the soft carpet. "I'm sick of
this. I'm sick of everyone giving me this stereotype." He stopped. "I'm more than-
than a gentle, shy, docile bitch."

"Calm down Ryou." The blonde Egyptian glanced over towards the discarded
Millennium Ring. "What about Yami Bakura? What will he say when-"

Malik's words were cut off by laughter. It was not a particularly nice laughter,
bitter and cynical to the tone. "Yami Bakura?" Ryou echoed, shaking his head in
disproval. "Fuck Yami Bakura!"

"Ryou!" The blonde Egyptian was quickly tiring of this game. "What the hell
has gotten into you?"

The white-haired youth licked his lips, a smug grin plastered on his face.
"That's right Malik. Feel angry. Lash out at those who have treated us like shit."

Malik shook his head. He glanced at the discarded Millennium Ring one more
time, trying to piece together his confusion. "You know, I think your Yami's attitude
his rubbed out on you."

"Do you actually believe that crap?"

The platinum-blonde Egyptian gave Ryou a sceptical look.

"Think about it." Ryou began to pace around Malik, much like a wolf circling
its prey. "Ancient relics with Egyptian spirits in them? What type of cock-ass story is
that? You never struck me as the gullible type."

Malik looked dubious. "But what about the Millennium Rod?"

Ryou snorted. "Fuck the Millennium Rod! I'll tell you now that there never
was a Yami Bakura. It was just something I created because _they_ couldn't accept
me being anything other than a one-sided personality."

"Then what about the powers of the Millennium Ring?"

"Did you need a Yami to use the powers of your Rod?"

"No." Malik confessed. "But-"

"Listen." Ryou inwardly chuckled. He had Malik where he wanted to. "Have
you ever had the feeling where everything is pushing on you and you can't push
back? Where there's a horrible pressure that you can't escape from no matter what,
and you just want to scream and kick out? It burns and clenches at your chest, robbing
your lungs of breath, chaining your body, your very muscle and fibre onto the ground.
You can't move or feel or do anything. You feel helpless, absolutely pitiful."

Malik closed his eyes, clenching his fist. "Stop it Ryou. I promised Yuugi that
after Battle City-"

"Yuugi?" Ryou spat out the word incredulously. "You promised Yuugi? That
conniving, fucking bastard?" The white-haired boy continued circling Malik, enjoying
the other's growing confusion. "Did your precious _friend_ Yuugi ever tell you how
much he enjoyed suppressing your rebellion, your darkness? Did that sweet, innocent
little Yuugi ever mention the joy he found into banishing souls or sending them into
insanity? Hell, if it weren't for your knowledge of the Millennium Items and God
Cards, you would find yourself aboard the Battle City airship with a little dagger
between your eyes."
Ryou continued speaking. "You _are_ naïve, aren't you? Thinking that this
world is just as it seems, that everyone is perfect and completely in character. Fuck
that! You might enjoy staying in your little cage, being hand-fed all the time, but I
don't. I'm tired of people making second guesses at me and treating me like shit.
Cause in their eyes, that's all I am – a worthless pile of shit."

Malik said nothing. He was unsure of what to say.

"Join me."

The Egyptian looked up.

"Join me." Ryou repeated. "We'll fight together. We'll free all humanity of
their chains, of their pretences acting as fucking goody-goodies. Whatever happened
to the power-hungry, lustful conquerors of before, that promised brilliant empires of
perfection? No, we are replaced now by a handful of lapdogs. We are indeed a
pathetic species, to lie so low as to go through our lives day by day, pretending that
nothing has happened."

Malik listened to the other's words whispering like poison into his ears. They
were all too true.

"Don't say that you never felt it, Malik." Ryou was all but glowing with rage.
"The pain, the frustration, the anger of having to live lives of hope and trust. How
does it feel to be betrayed, to be hurt, to be abused and deceived? Is love and
friendship and beauty so wonderful then? Will you just bury all this pain in your chest
and continue walking? I'll tell you now that sooner or later, it will explode. And when
you realize that there really is no one to come crying and weeping to, you'll regret not
having joined me earlier."

At last Malik made up his mind. It seemed wild, absolutely irrational. The
Egyptian ignored the feeling; he knew it was just the brainwashing mechanisms that
society used to try and suppress people like him. "Tell me what to do."

Ryou's eyes glittered in anticipation. "World domination." The two words
escaped his mouth like diamond against foam.

Malik's eyes widened. "Fuck, Ryou. Isn't that a bit too far? How the hell do
we get from where we are to that?"

"I don't want to just rule the world. I'm as sick of the people living in it as you
are. No, I want to control it, to feel humanity collapse in pain and make them regress
to the beasts they are." Ryou picked up the discarded Millennium Ring on the ground
and slipped it calmly back over his neck. "Legend says that if you collect all seven
Millennium Items, you can obtain a power of darkness strong enough to dominate the
world with. I believe it's worth a try."

The Egyptian still looked dubious. "Even then, you're going to have a hard
time getting the items."

Ryou glared angrily at Malik. The white-haired youth's eyes burned with
passion, consumed in molten pits of ambition and desire. "Never doubt yourself,
Malik. That's the first thing that will make you fall. If you really want to be free,
don't look to the past but to the future. This is the new future, the revolutionary
future, the future of freedom."

Violet eyes clashed upon dark brown. And Malik _knew_.


Day Three:

Shadi had to go first. He was the keeper of the Millennium Items and the one
who possessed the most threat.

Ryou had fun killing off Shadi. He used the Millennium Ring to track Shadi's
hideout. The white-haired youth did not bother making the death look stealthy. When
Ryou left the room with both the Millennium Scale and Ankh, Shadi's body was
purged in scarlet blood. The guardian of the Millennium Items' face had been carved
open, skin crudely peeled off to reveal gushing crimson layers of muscle and delicate
tissue underneath. The whitened cartilage of the nose had been hard to remove, which
allowed Ryou to discover a new use for the pointed shards hanging from his
Millennium Ring.

The white-haired youth licked the blood from his soiled hands and threw his
head back in laughter. Malik watched from the side.


Day Four:

Yuugi was a bit harder. Ryou had to somehow slip over the smaller boy's
mistrust and gain access to Yuugi's house. An opportunity soon presented itself. Ryou
was to do an accelerated History project with Yuugi.

A pity the boy was so self-righteous. Ryou really couldn't stand self-righteous

That night, Yuugi was working on pasting the pictures onto the poster. Ryou
looked preoccupied in cutting the pictures, but his scissors seemed to twitch every so
often as if with a life on their own.

They had gone like this for a while.

At last, Yuugi had spoken. "Ryou. What happened to you in the Battle City
tournament between me and you? Were you really controlled by Malik or was it Yami

The white-haired boy thought Yuugi couldn't have chosen a better time.
"Neither." His reply was nonchalant and he struggled to keep his scissors cutting

Yuugi looked confused. "Then, what happened?"

"Simple." Ryou said it with all the innocence he could muster. "I realized that
the only way to weasel out of fucking problems is to act fucking innocent."

The shorter boy backed away several steps. "Ryou," he whispered lowly,
"What's wrong with you?"

Ryou stopped cutting. "You."

Before Yuugi could even react, Ryou had his scissors embedded into the boy's
skull, through his right eye. The fluid gushed in rivulets down Yuugi's screaming
face, but Ryou simply wrenched the scissors off, calmly wiped the white film and
blood off on his sleeve before stabbing them down in an excited frenzy. Up. Down.
Up. Down. There was blood spurting like fountains everywhere and the dying gargle
of what could be a scream. More blood. Warm, pulsating, vibrating liquid trickling
with ease, splattering all over the walls and carpet, staining the furniture.

Then it was over.

Ryou daintily dropped his scissors and slipped the Millennium Puzzle over
what would have been the carcass's neck. He found the Millennium Tauk in the dead
body's pockets.


Day Five:

The Millennium Items revealed to Ryou their true power. They showed him
their influence over the world, gave him their strength, forced men and women alike
to bow in submission to him. But Ryou wanted nothing of it. He sought not the power
but the destruction.

This world would suffer in their ignorance. It would break, piece by piece, and
Ryou would watch all of it. He would laugh.

"Ryou." Malik bowed as he addressed the leader, the dominator, the ruler
supreme of the world. "The United Nations has broken apart."

Ryou sneered. "I told you. It was a useless pact. They could never remain
equal because they all secretly had their own ambitions. This world is like that. There
is no such thing as a single purpose because everything has ulterior motives, just like
there is always a shadow in the light."

"The world and its modern society have finally collapsed. It's all done then."
Malik seemed slightly disappointed. "What will you do now that everything is

"Done?" Ryou arched an eyebrow. "No, it has simply begun. I still have to
teach this world the meaning of freedom, the fight against stereotypes, the struggle to
achieve both a balance."

"Balance?" Malik echoed the last word.

Ryou stood up. "Yes. I am the balance. Both Light and Dark, Good and Evil. I
am both Yami Bakura and Ryou Bakura."

There was no triumphant laugh or glorious fanfare of success. Thus began the
reign of true freedom.


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