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After about an hour of talking with each other, Ken and Rika yawned. It was only nine, but they had a rough day. Ken got off the couch, and stretched. Rika followed in suit, and yawned again.

" This is the first time in a very long time that I've been tired at nine pm." Rika grumbled, yawning again. Ken nodded.

" Yeah. I better get that cot set up......." Ken mumbled, walking to his room. He pulled out the mattress out of the bunk bed void. He grabbed a blanket, and a couple pillows, and set up the bed. " There you go. You can use that bathroom, right on the left in the hall. Let's see if I can find something for you to wear....." Ken dug around in a drawer, and handed Rika a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. She went to the bathroom, got changed, and walked out. Ken was already changed into a pair of sweats and an old ' Toothless Aggression ' T-shirt, with a wolverine on the back. He smiled a little, and then yawned loudly. Rika mimicked, and dropped into the cot, and Ken shut the light, climbing up into his bed, and falling asleep.

9: 40 pm

A huge crash was heard, and Ken awoke with a start. Rika looked around, and then up at Ken's bed.

" What was that?" She asked. Ken leapt over the side of his bed, over Rika, and landed silently. He shook his head.

" I don't know.... I'm gonna get my baseball bat and check it out." Ken grabbed his metal baseball bat, and crept out of the room. Rika followed, fist balled. Ken peeked around the corner, and spotted it. One of those freak things. Ken snapped on the light, and the creature looked towards him. Ken came out from the corner, and faced the creature. It was his size. It roared at the light, and shrunk down to it's knees. Ken raised his baseball bat, so if it moved, he'd whack it one or two. He spoke calmly to Rika.

" On the counter, there's a little palm pilot looking things. Open it, and type a message, to meet me at the park at 7:00 am. Then hit send." Rika nodded, and quickly typed the message, and sent it. Ken sighed deeply, and sat in the chair. He still had a sore shoulder and neck from the bite. Rika took the baseball bat out of his hand, and sat on another chair, beside Ken. Ken closed his eyes, and then opened them in determination, keeping awake. They stayed awake all night, staring at the creature. And it never moved.

6:30 am

Ken quickly changed in the bathroom, and then took the baseball bat from Rika when he got out. She went and changed, and then they looked at the creature. It was still a little dark, but it was good enough. They tied it's neck in rope, and towed it outside, right to the park. They immediately saw the Digidestined. They were all staring at the creature. It was still crouched from the light.

" I found this in my house. I think we all have a problem." Ken stated, letting the rope loose, and walking away from the creature. The sun rose, and the creature burst into pieces, and disintegrated. Ken had a neutral and blank look on his face, as if he knew that was going to happen. Everyone else was shocked. " Do I have any suggestions on what they are?" He asked briskly. T.K just stared.

" Uh...... What just happened?" He asked. Rika rolled her eyes, and smacked her head.

" I thought you said they were observant. It just burst into pieces, and disappeared. And, when we had snapped on the lights, it had shrunk down to it's knees, hiding it's little face." Rika said sarcastically. Kari thought for a moment.

" Well, it could be Myotismon, or even worse, Piedmon. Or, a totally new enemy....." She sighed. Everyone looked down at their feet. Ken thought for a while. Deep thought. Then, he realized something. His head shot up, and his eyes went wide.

" Rika, did you have any enemies other then the Devas, IceDevemon, and that other guy?" He asked. Everyone looked up. Rika thought for a long time.

" Well, minus the people who didn't like me at all, no, I didn't." She answered. Ken felt a slight tingling on the back of his neck and memory. He looked up at the sky, and searched his mind. The slight tingling became a stinging, and his head lowered down to look at his feet. Ken's hand reached up nonchalantly, and held his neck. Davis was the first to sit down cross-legged on the grass, and rest his chin on his fist. Kari, T.K, Cody and Miyako slowly sunk down, followed by Rika. Ken kept searching, and the stinging became pain. Ken dropped to his knees, and stopped thinking, relieving the pain. He sat cross-legged, and sighed.

" I don't know who it could be......" Ken murmered, massaging his neck. He looked up again. Nothing. He looked around, at everyone, expecting them to throw this all in his face. Kari suddenly spoke up.

" T.K, do you remember when we were running from Piedmon, how he kept shrinking everyone but us and Patamon into key chains, what he yelled at MagnaAngemon?" She asked, looked at T.K. T.K took of his hat, and ran a hand through his hair.

" I think he said 'Today is one day, a boy loses one, tomorrow is another, a burden on the boy, Let the demons loose.' What is that supposed to mean?" T.K answered, raising his eyebrow. Rika coughed to get attention.

" Maybe it has something to do with all these things that have been popping up lately. And what the heck is that?!" Rika exclaimed, pointing past Ken to something. There was a human, it's body was exploding slowly. POP! Ken's face turned into total disgust, as the human blew up. Everyone else was disgusted as well.

" That, was, not, funny......" Rika stated, trying to get the pun out of the air. { Get it, popping, POP!? Now, you all laugh..} Ken stood up, and helped Rika up. The rest all got up as well. Ken sighed.

" Okay, nobody think anything like, ' I feel like I'm going to explode ' or anything, because the way this is going, you actually might." Ken explained, and then he started to walk back to his house. Rika followed, and then yawned loudly. Ken's eyes drooped half way, and he had to force himself to stay awake. Kari, T.K, Miyako, Davis, and Cody voted to follow them. They ran to catch up. They followed them right to his house.

Ken opened his door, and walked in. Rika slumped onto the couch, right on a creature. She didn't even notice. When she landed on it, it split in half. Ken sat on it's chest, and crushed through it. Ken and Rika heard the crunch. They slowly looked down, and jumped up, screaming like little girls. Ken bashed it with his baseball bat, and then tripped over a hand. He landed on another creature. It wrapped itself around him, and tried to choke him. Ken's eyes were huge, and he was flailing his arms frantically, running around screaming. Rika tried to dislodge the thing from his back, chasing after him, laughing her head off. The Digidestined walked in, and stared at them. Ken was running around, swinging the baseball bat at all the creatures swarming them. Not one was in full condition. Because of Ken, a lot of them were missing ribs, heads, a hand, a leg, or their bottom half. Rika finally got the thing off of Ken's back, and it smashed against the floor, turning to dust. Ken stared at all the creatures.

" Okay, let me get this straight, the whole time I've been gone, this many zombies have raided my home?!?!" Ken yelled, smashing another one. There was only one more, and it was big. Ken wound up for a shot. He threw a huge swing, cracking through it's rib cage. It disintegrated, and Ken sighed, slumping down in a chair. The DD walked in, and stared at him. Rika looked around.

" Well, I'm not gonna clean this up all be myself, that's for sure. Ken, get off the chair and gimme a hand." Ken sighed, got off the chair, picked up a hand, and gave it to her. She stared at it. Ken sat back in the chair.

" Well, you wanted a hand." Rika smacked Ken over the head with the hand. Ken sighed, got up, and started the clean up. Then, he looked over to the DD.

" If you're just going to stand there, then you can give us some help." Ken said, handing a broom to Davis. And then, they all started to clean up the mess of dust and gooey stuff........


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