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Resolution Prologue

Maria yawned as she opened her eyes. She calmly glances to the right and blinks upon not seeing her ever present alarm clock. She blinks again as a silver pocket watch falls in front of her face. The time displayed is 11:45. Maria follows the chain up and continues to trace her line of sight until she is turned around and looking at a slightly grumpy looking Shadow.

"I do hope that's 11:45 AM." Maria says. She shifts slightly and realizes she is snuggled against Shadow. She looks around the room and sees the TV which is turned off. She jumps up and stretches before looking back at the couch she had apparently fallen asleep on. Shadow has already stood up and is also stretching.

"Enjoy your sleep?" Shadow asks. Maria smiles.

"My beds nice but it's even nicer to have a warm fluffy pillow every once in a while." Maria says.

"Don't get used to it. At least that bedroom is used now. I never needed it." Shadow says before walking towards the kitchen.

"So what's for breakfast?" Maria asks. Her ear twitches in annoyance. She reaches up and pulls a popcorn kernel out of her ear. She flicks the thing into the trash.

"Sigh… You never were this high maintenance before." Shadow says from the kitchen. Maria places her hands on her hip.

"Well excuse me for ditching all my powers. At least I was kind enough to keep my immortality." Maria yells at the kitchen. She frowns upon hearing what sounds like a snicker come from the kitchen.