How the different talking parts are like.

[This is when Ddraig talks directly to Issei.]

[Ddraig talking out loud.]

"Issei talking to Ddraig."

Flash backs will be in Italics

'Characters thinking in their minds.'

Issei Hyoudou, A rather normal looking person besides the fact he never talked to anyone much. He was recently enrolled to Kuoh academy as a second year student. Kuoh was recently an all girls school but was turned co-ed. The only reason he was able to get into the school was because he scored a perfect score on the entrance exam which caught the attention of the school and allowed him entry despite the very little information they had on him. What they did have were just birth records and where he was born.

0000(Issei's house, Wednesday)


Issei woke up early in the morning to the sound of his alarm clock going off which he quickly shut off as he sat up in bed, yawned and looked at the clock. Still early in the morning. Issei slowly got out of bed and walked towards his bathroom to take a shower and get ready for his first day of school at Kuoh academy. After taking a shower, brushing his teeth and combing/brushing his hair to make it look less messy he went downstairs and made himself breakfast which was eggs, bacon and french toast. No matter how many times he made the same breakfast he kinda thought he should be having a traditional Japanese meal but always went with his usual instead. Maybe it was just him being weird he always thought afterwards.

After Issei had done eating breakfast he cleaned the plates and grabbed his house keys and went outside for a morning run which he usually did every morning to keep himself physically active even though he really doesn't need to. It did keep him awake though.

[Are these morning runs really necessary? It's interrupting my sleep] Ddraig suddenly asked.

"I told you I go on these morning runs to keep my body fit and to increase my stamina" Issei replied

[It's not like your body is going to become weak, you are half dragon you know?] Ddraig was right, Issei was half dragon and because of that he had heightened senses and super strength, speed and all that good stuff. Plus his body was very damage and injury resistant.

"I know that but didn't you say I'm limited by my bodies capabilities" Issei asked.

[Only the human part of your body, your Dragon half is more dominant though.] Ddraig said with a yawn as he tried to go back to sleep

0000(One hour later after Issei got finished running)

"Alright time for school." Issei mumbled as he grabbed his school bag from his house and started to walk towards Kuoh academy. As Issei walked he noticed someone was following him but he decided to not call them out yet and just keep walking In a circles around his neighborhood a few times just to tease who ever was following him but after he got the smell of a cat and human mixed he knew who it was and he called the stalker out

"I know you're there, just come out." Issei said with a sigh as a small girl walked out from behind the bushes. She had shoulder length silver hair, hazel eyes and a petite body 'Koneko Toujou, the Nekomata' Issei thought to himself as he turned around to face her.

"How did you know" Koneko asked in a very monotone voice that he thought suited her well. The amount of emotion she didn't show through facial features and speech she easily made up in how cute she was.

"I...you smell like way to sweet candy." Issei said, being careful not to say anything that could cause her to be suspicious. last thing he needed was a girl that could lift a truck with ease following him around because of one slip up.

"I was told to follow you." She responded to him. Issei just shrugged and continued walking to school with her still following. He noticed she ate quite a lot of candy on the way to school. Issei thought she was pretty cute, she wasn't the school idol for nothing. At least he remembered her being some type of highschool idol from all the talk he heard from the school the other day when he was picking up his uniform.

Issei finally spoke up after about the 27th time he heard a candy wrapper being crinkled. "You must really like candy."

"Yes." Was all she said and Issei chuckled quietly which koneko heard and frowned at while looking up at him.

"What's so funny?" She asked curiously and Issei looked down to her and smiled

"Nothing, I just think it's kinda cute." Issei replied while smirking when she blushed. It was adorable.

"Anyway. Who asked you to follow me?" Issei finally asked after awhile of silent walking.

"President." She said without another word as she walked past him and in the direction of school. After she noticed what time it was she needed to get to school before she was late.

As they arrived at the school and started walking towards the building entrance Issei got lots of looks from all the boys and some girls. Mostly boys though. Yelling insults and whispering about who he was and why he was talking with Koneko.

"Do they always yell at the new students?" Issei asked koneko who didn't respond and just kept eating her candy. At some point Issei and Koneko went different ways and went to their separate classes. The school was pretty big so it took Issei a while to actually find his class room and when he did he sat down in the back seat next to the window.

It was pretty noisy in the class room up until class started and the teacher came in and started announcing things Issei didn't care to much about.

"Alright we will also have a new transfer student. Please introduce yourself." The teacher looked at Issei who stood up.

"I'm Issei Hyoudou, nice to meet you." Issei said then sat back down. Anyone who bothered to turn and look at him continued to stare at him and he heard multiple people whisper about his eye color. It was unusual to have bright red eyes but he didn't think they would pay much attention to it.

"Would any of you like to ask a question?" The teacher asked after hearing a lot of whispering.

Only one person raised his hand. "Why are you wearing colored contacts?" He asked and Issei sighed.

"Believe it or not but this is my natural eye color. It's been in my family genetically for years." Issei said and waited for some type of negative response but everyone seemed to think it was pretty cool.

0000(Sorry for skipping around. Lunch time)

The classes were pretty easy and pretty boring. Issei sat on the roof of the school building eating lunch when he felt something pull on his sleeve. Looking up Issei saw Koneko standing behind him.

"Need something?" Issei asked and Koneko pointed at the cookie on his lunch tray. Issei laughed and handed her the cookie and she sat down and started eating the cookie.

"Your President tell you to follow me at school to?" Issei asked after a few minutes of silence besides the sound of Koneko chewing on the cookie.

"No I didn't, she probably just followed you up here so she could get your cookie."

Issei turned around to see who the voice belonged to and saw a girl with long crimson hair and bluish green eyes.

'So Rias finally reveals herself. She has a nice body like I had heard and her breasts are huge what I'd love to do with th- NO! not the time, you can fantasize later' Issei quickly reminded himself as he felt his mind slipping.

"You must be Issei Hyoudou?" Rias asked and Issei stood up and nodded while looking her over. 'I'm not sensing anything bad from her...' Issei noted and decided to go along with what ever she would say.

"Yes I am." Issei responded as he continued to look at the girl standing near the entrance of the school building.

"I'm Rias Gremory. Nice to meet you." Rias said with a smile as she shook hands with Issei who stared at her blankly but shook her hand anyway.

"So, mind telling me why I'm being followed by Koneko?" Issei asked as he pointed towards Koneko who perked up at hearing her name and looked over to see what was up but went back to chewing her cookie when she saw it was just Rias.

"Ah that, I apologize. I can explain after school. Just meet us in the old school building." Rias replied to Issei as she turned around to leave.

"I don't know where that is." Issei said as he looked over to Rias who was near the door that lead downstairs into the school building.

"Koneko will show you...She has taken a liking to you so she will probably follow you everywhere." Rias teased as she turned the door handle, opened the door and walked though the door way and shut the door behind her. Issei turned around and looked at Koneko who was blushing several shades of red while avoiding Issei's gaze.

"So where's the old school building?"

0000(After class)

Classes went by pretty fast after lunch had ended and like Rias had said, Koneko was following him everywhere he went. Not that he was complaining but he could do without the murder threats from the other boy students that were going to the school. He had also made two friends while in school, one was named Motohama and the other Matsuda. They still had yet to find out Issei wasn't just another perverted guy so when they saw Koneko following Issei they were pretty mad.

"ISSEI! WHY ARE ALL THE CUTE GIRLS LOOKING AT YOU AND WHY IS OUR KONEKO-CHAN FOLLOWING YOU?!" Motohama and Matsuda yelled at the same time as Issei turned around to see his two friends crying on the ground.

"What do mean?" Issei asked confusedly until Motohama pointed towards the school and when he turned around he noticed quite a few girls staring at him like he was a piece of candy. But they all quickly looked away when they noticed he was looking at them. That didn't make him comfortable knowing people were interested in him.

Issei was about to say something when he felt Koneko pull on his sleeve. When he looked down, she held a empty candy bag upside down and Issei just sighed as he started walking to the shopping district where he bought a few bags of candy for Koneko before heading back to the school when they remembered they were to meat up with Rias in the old school building after school.

0000(At the old school building)

"So why am I supposed to be here again?" Issei asked as he looked around the room and everyone there. The student council president, the vice president, Akeno, Rias, Kiba Yuuto or "Pretty Boy" as Issei liked to call him, some other kid named Saji and then Koneko who was sitting near Issei which was sorta unusual since she usually sits in the corner near Kiba.

"I think he knows more than he's letting on." Sona, the student council president mumbled to Rias in an extremely quiet voice that only her and Rias should have been able to hear from their position. Issei still heard even from across the room.

"What do you mean? 'I know more than I'm letting on.'" Issei asked before he could stop himself from opening his mouth. Rias and Sona smirked at him and Issei sighed at his obvious mistake. From across the room a normal human wouldn't have heard, even one with great hearing.

"Just what are you? There's no records of you ever existing besides a few pictures and a half burnt birth certificate." Sona asked and this time Issei kept his mouth shut and thought about what he was going to say instead of blurting something out and accidentally saying something he doesn't want to reveal yet.

"I'm human." Was all he said. He didn't need to be getting involved in what ever was going on here.

Sona narrowed her eyes and looked over Issei, looking for anything that could give her a clue as to what he was. Not that it was helping but she only hoped.

"I am a human as far as I know." Issei again replied with the same answer of 'I'm human' which was starting to annoy sona. She wasn't one to give up on something once she set her mind to it. There was no way Issei was any normal highschool kid

"Can I just beat the information out of him, it would be faster. You wouldn't stand a chance against me." The kid named Saji threatened as a gauntlet appeared on his arm causing Issei to snap his attention to him and as he sensed danger from Saji. Issei's eyes narrowed to slits.

"Is that a challenge?" Issei asked as he looked across the room and his eyes glowed brighter and he growled as he held up his hand in a 'Come and get it' gesture. Saji took the bait and lunged at Issei who quickly moved Koneko safely a few feet over then reached out, grabbed Saji by his collar and spun around, threw him up into ceiling and grabbed him as he fell down then threw him against the wall and punched him through the entire school building.

Sona's mouth fell open as she walked over and looked through the holes in the 3 rooms that Issei sent Saji flying through, on the other side Sona could see Sanji hanging from a tree on the outside of the old building.

"Well shit." Issei said as he sat back down on his chair and Koneko quietly and casually re claimed her spot on his lap like nothing happened

[You're an Idiot.] Everyone looked around when they heard the voice but no one was there. They looked over to Issei when they heard him sigh. He had his hand up.

[Since I'd rather not let my partner knock out anyone else, let me talk.] Ddriag said which confused everyone else.

"So who are you?" Most of everyone asked as they looked at Issei's arm curiously.

"This is the lazy ass dragon who's always asleep but seems to wake up whenever I do something stupid." Issei replied sarcastically as he slapped his own arm then looked back up to the devils

[My name is Ddraig, the dragon who resides in my partner who is half human and half dragon, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Saji.] Ddraig said and Sona yelled at Kiba to go check on Saji immediately.

"Do you think Ddraig is who I think it is? I thought it was a simple twice critical." Rias asked Sona in a hushed voice to which Sona thought for a moment.

"It couldn't be anyone else though I could be wrong but I think I'm correct in my assumptions. And It's obvious to us now that he knows what we are. We should think about this further before you decide if you want him in your peerage. And you also saw what happened to Saji...What ever happened to him?" Sona replied to Rias who also started to think until she was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of Issei.

"I'm not joining your devil peerage so don't even bother asking." Issei said with a shake of his head, he refused to be a devil, it wasn't necessary to become one.

[Dumbass] Ddraig mumbled.

"Shut up." Was all Issei said.

"So you do know. Well that makes things a bit easier." Rias mumbled as she looked at Issei then back over to Sona who just shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Well if you wont be in my peerage can you at least join the Occult Research Club?" Rias asked and Issei thought about it.

"What do you think Ddraig" Issei asked as he looked down to his arm.

[I think you're stupid, you want to get revenge but you passed on the chance to get a stronger body, your senses aren't perfect you know and you are limited by your human body's capabilities, as strong as they are, they aren't enough.] Ddraig replied.

"Alright, I'll join your club..." Issei thought about what Ddraig said. "And maybe I'll join your peerage if I'm held back." Issei replied and they all gave him confused looks when they heard the last part about him being held back.

"Alright it's settled. Issei do you have a home?" Rias asked and Issei nodded.

"Yeah. Why?" Issei asked and Rias just chuckled lightly.

"I hate to say this since we just met you but we...may have problem with everyone's living quarters." Rias responded with a nervous chuckle. We may not know you but Koneko obviously trusts you enough to hangout with you...and stare at you as though you're a massive piece of candy." Rias pointed out when she noticed Koneko staring at Issei almost drooling.

0000(Remember this story is going to be pretty screwed up and... creative, shall we say. Walking to Issei's house)

When Rias said they had a problem with everyone's sleeping quarters, Issei didn't think she meant two members of her peerage were homeless and usually stayed in the club room at night.

"Hey pretty boy." Issei said and Kiba looked over to Issei.

"Yes Issei?" Kiba replied with a smile.

"How are you homeless? You're the prince of Kouh academy, anyone would gladly take you in." Issei asked and Kiba sighed but didn't answer for a few minutes.

"I don't know. Never thought about it. I usually just sleep in the club room along with Koneko. Though Koneko always sleeps on the ceiling beams and tends to hiss if I'm near her." Kiba replied.

"And how are you homeless Koneko? You're cute enough you could probably just knock on someone's door and would be welcomed in immediately as if you were a lost kitten." Issei asked as he looked at Koneko who was blushing a crimson red color. Issei smirked at that and got lost in his own thoughts about how cute she was. She jumped off his back and yelled something that he missed while in his little dream land. Though he was pulled out of his thoughts when he quickly swung himself around and blocked a punch from someone. When Issei looked at his attacker, it was a tall man wearing a long trench coat and a fedora

"You're stronger than I thought." The man said and Issei smirked and brought his knee up into the mans stomach then brought his arm down on the mans back and he doubled over, coughing and spitting out curse words. When Issei looked over he noticed Kiba and Koneko also fighting the people dressed in similar clothing though Kiba and Koneko were having trouble since there about 10 of the attackers using some sort of light spear

"Gotta help them." Issei said as he started to run over to them but stopped when he felt an intense burning feeling in his stomach and when he looked down there was a spear of light coming out his stomach and blood spilling out of the wound as he fell to the ground.

"What do we do with the other two?" One of the attackers asked.

"Leave them. He'll be dead before they can get him help." The leader of the attackers said and they all used their wings and flew up into the air and left, only two stayed behind and they flew down to Issei once the other fallen angels were out of sight. Issei who looked up and saw a girl with black feathered wings.

"I'm so sorry I had to do that." The girl said to Issei as she bent down and kissed him then backed up to the other fallen angel girl who pat her shoulder before they flew up into the air and left. Issei recognized the girls but due to lose of blood and the fact he was dying he couldn't quite remember who the girls were.

[Sorry partner, I failed to warn you of danger] Ddraig said and Issei tried to laugh but all that come out was wheezing and blood.

"Its...fine...my fault...for be...ing...distract..ed" Issei said as he felt his last bit of life leaving. He could see Koneko leaning over him with teary eyes and a bright red light behind her. He tried to move his hand to her but she grabbed his hand and her mouth opened and she said something that he couldn't understand. Every sound around him faded to nothing and what little he could see began to get darker and darker. He felt the last bits of life leaving him as he lay there next to Koneko dying...dead.

0000(Morning Thursday.)

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-" Issei groaned as he reached up and slammed his hand down on the off button on his alarm clock.

Issei moved his hand and noticed something soft, he squeezed and then heard a moan which made him shoot out of bed and when he looked over at his bed he saw Rias was naked in his bed. He must have been seeing things cause hot girls just don't appear in his bed naked.

"Morning Issei-kun." Rias said as she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. She stretched her arms up not even caring that she was not wearing anything on her body.

"R-R-Rias...WHAT ARE DOING NAKED IN MY BED!?" Issei yelled and Rias chuckled and smiled at him. Issei didn't expect that response. She wasn't supposed to be laughing and she wasn't even supposed to be there.

"I needed to heal you and it works better if I'm naked. That and I cant sleep with clothes on." Rias replied and Issei just nodded still not sure as to what was going on.

"Yeah...Right. Why did you need to heal me?" Issei asked her, Still trying to look away from her body which she didn't bother to cover up.. Why would she need to heal him and in that sort of way.

"You were attacked last night and died." Rias responded and Issei just laughed.

"Right, yeah, I died yet I'm still here." Issei continued to laugh until he heard a angry voice.

[I thought you were smarter than this but I guess not, you were attacked by fallen angels last night and your so called friend killed you.] Ddraig answered angrily, obviously not happy about bring woken.

"Ohhhhhhh...Wait what do mean "My so called friend killed me?" Issei asked after a minute when he thought about what Ddraig said

[Never mind that now]

"Wait if I'm alive again then that means I'm a devil now?" Issei asked finally as he pieced everything together. He turned to Rias who nodded and then he looked down to his right arm and Ddraig mumbled something about him finally getting it.

"Your guest is hungry." Rias said with a chuckle and Issei looked over to his door and noticed Koneko was standing there and her stomach was growling.

"Alright I'll make breakfast." Issei sighed and got up and started to walk downstairs and when he did he noticed someone sitting on his couch.

"You can't be here right now, do you know what would happen if they saw you." Issei whisper yelled to the person sitting on the couch who then stood up and walked over to Issei.

"Who?" The person asked and Issei just sighed and looked back up the stairs.

"Never mind just hurry up and hide in the basement." Issei said as he started pushing the person towards the elevator leading down stairs but stopped when he heard people coming downstairs. 'Wait when was there an elevator?'

"EEEEEEH! Hurry!" Issei yelled as he started pushing the person faster.

"I want breakfast though, I can't cook and you know that."

"Yes I know, I'll make you breakfast just wait downstairs for a bit and I'll bring you food." Issei then continued to push the person towards the elevator then stopped when he heard a voice.


"Great." Issei mumbled as he stopped pushing and turned around to see Rias.

"Rias this is ahhh...Joe. The next door neighbor." Issei said with a smile hoping Rias would buy it and wouldn't know who this person is.

"The house next door is gone and I don't think our other neighbor is a fallen angle." Rias said with a face that said 'Could you not have come up with something better.'

Issei looked back and noticed the person had his wings out.

"What? I need to stretch them every once and awhile and the living room is the only place big enough. The first, second and third basement are filled with boxes of our stuff." The fallen angle said even though they never needed to stretch their wings out.

"What do you mean first, second and third basement? What did you do to may house!?" Issei yelled and the fallen angle just laughed.

"I renovated it, seeing as there are two other people moving here and I thought it would help if your dream came true and I need a place to stay." The fallen angle replied.

"You have a home. Why would you need another place to stay?" Issei asked in confusion and annoyance.

Meanwhile Rias, Koneko and Kiba just watched awkwardly as the two argued.

"I accidentally burned my neighborhood down when I was trying to cook." The fallen angel laughed as Issei's annoyance turned to pure rage.


"My money burned in the fire." The fallen angel was now crying/laughing in a pathetic way as Issei started yelling at him about his stupidity and then explained to him what a bank was and why he should have kept his money in one.

"Azazel, sometimes I just wa-" Issei cut himself off but it was to late the damage was done. Rias had heard the name Azazel before and her eyes widened before she started yelling at Issei

"ISSEI! THIS IS AZAZEL, THE LEADER OF THE FALLEN ANGELS AND YOU'RE KEEPING HIM IN YOUR HOUSE AND OPENLY INSULTING HIM! AND AND AND..." Rias stopped her ranting when Kiba put his hand on her shoulder and told her to calm down and there was a probably a reason for this.

"Explain." Rias said in a calmer yet still annoyed tone.

"I may or may not be friends and known Azazel since I was a small child, and I may or may not have have been taken in by said person and also raised by said person." Issei said awkwardly as he walked to the kitchen and prepared to cook breakfast.

"I'll take my leave seeing as your having a moment." Azazel said with a smile as he quickly fled to the elevator.

"Are you sure we can trust him Issei?" Rias asked as he was cooking breakfast. Issei just sighed and continued to pour the pancake batter on the frying pan.

"Yes, I promise he wont do anything, AND IF YOU BURN MY HOUSE DOWN I'M GOING TO BE VERY MAD." Issei yelled as he felt vibrations through the floor and heard an explosion seconds before.

"Sorry." Azazel said. As he walked out of the elevator black smoke came out and he was coughing.

"What did you do this time?" Issei asked as he noticed Azazel's hair was smoking and was very messy and his goatee was on fire.

"I used one of you power drills to put together a cabinet and I thought I could infuse it with magic but it started smoking then blew up." Azazel said with a calm voice while Issei was mumbling something about curiosity killed the cat.

"Your goatee's on fire." Koneko said as she walked over and sat on the stool at the table near the kitchen entrance.

Azazel quickly looked down and started patting his chin, trying to get the fire to go out but then Issei splashed water on his face.

"Alright breakfast is ready." Issei said and everyone went to the table as Issei brought out a bunch of plates filled with pancakes, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, and a special plate for Koneko since she likes chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and whip cream.

Everyone grabbed food and went into the living room and turned on the TV. Azazel sat on the far end of one couch. Issei sat on the far left with Koneko sitting on his lap. Rias was also next to Issei and Kiba was sitting on the middle of the couch. As they ate Azazel turned the TV to the news channel and all they saw was a live video feed of a neighborhood on fire and panicking firemen running around with hoses trying to at least contain the fire.

Everyone's gazes shifted to Azazel who just shrugged and continued to watch.

"Really?" They all asked Azazel who turned his head towards them and again shrugged and then chuckled quietly and ate his breakfast.

0000(Later in the day)

Issei was running around his neighborhood when he noticed a small hill so he decided to rest for a bit and lay down. After a few minutes he heard someone fall over and mumble something.

"Perche devo sempre cado?" When Issei looked over he saw a young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes, wearing a nun's outfit. Issei got up and walked over to the girl and helped her up.

"Grazie" The girl said, Issei noticed it was thank you in Italian.

"To parli Italiano?" Issei asked if she speaks Italian as he helped her pick up her stuff and put it back in her suit case.

"Si." The girl responded with yes and Issei tried another language since he could understand and speak any other language perfectly.

"Can you speak Japanese?" Issei asked and the girl nodded.

"Are you okay?" Issei asked when he noticed the girl was staring at him. She quickly averted her eyes and started blushing.

"Y-Y-Yes." The nun mumbled quietly.

"Whats you name? I'm Issei Hyoudou." Issei asked with a small smile.

"I'm Asia Argento, nice to meet you Issei-kun." Asia said as they shook hands. She wasn't super good at Japanese but she was decent. Asia looked down at her hand and sighed a sigh of happiness.

"Thank you for helping me Issei-kun, bless you." Asia said and Issei instantly felt an extremely sharp pain in his head.

"You're welcome. Anyway, what are doing out here in Japan? You obviously aren't from here and call me Issei." Issei asked and Asia blushed a bit.

"Ok Issei. Well ahhh...I got lost and I need help." Asia said and Issei started to think perverted thoughts as he looked at her cute face and the way she was still leaning over on the ground but he reminded himself it wasn't the time.

"Well I can help you get to where you need to go." Issei offered her and she told him about being appointed to the church so Issei started to walk with her to the church and on the way they hear a crying boy and Asia ran over to him and held her hands out over his leg which had a few scraps and cuts and her hands started to glow green and the cuts healed them selves.

"That's a pretty nice power." Issei complimented her as they continued to walk down the street towards the church.

Asia got a sad look in her eyes and mumbled. "A wonderful power granted by god" then suddenly she returned to normal. Something about that look on her face Issei didn't like.

"So, Asia do you have any friends here in Kouh?" Issei asked and once again that sad face returned and Issei got confused and curious at the same time.

"Whats wrong?" Issei asked and Asia just shook her head.

"Nothing, I just don't have any friends here or anywhere really." Asia replied sadly as she looked at the ground, a depressing atmosphere surrounding them.

Thinking of something to not ruin the mood he had going he quickly said "Well I'll be your friend." Issei said and she looked up to him with bright and shining eyes.

"Really, you will?" Asia asked again and Issei nodded and she sighed.

"Finally, I have a friend. Thank you Issei." Asia mumbled as they walked.

"Hey Asia, why don't I show you around the town. I also wanna show you some fun places I go to." Issei said as he turned around and started leading her back towards town.

"Alright I guess." Asia said as she followed him.

0000(Later in the day.)

Issei had showed Asia around the town and had taken her to quite a few places and also out to lunch. Though the funnest part for Asia was the arcade where he played one of the prize machines and won her a plushie which she was now holding in her left arm while her right arm was carrying her suit case.

"That was fun Issei but I need to check in at the church, maybe we can hang out another time." Asia said as they walked down the street.

"Yeah, we can hang out again. Next time I'll Introduce you to my friends too." Issei said with a smile as he led her up to the church which wasn't to far away. Only a few minutes.

The rest of the way up there was pretty quiet other than a few questions Asia asked Issei, which were mostly questions about Issei himself.

When the church was in sight, Issei started to get a bad feeling when they got closer to the church and he was wondering if he should take her there or lead her away from the church. He decided to try and take her away from the church once he saw a man dressed in a trench coat and had a fedora. Issei felt an extreme threat coming from the place so he decided to make his decision final.

"Asia this is going to sound weird but you have to trust me, you're in danger. As soon as we get a bit closer I'm going to distract the guys up there then I want you to run to that big house over there and if you see a girl with long crimson hair, tell her I sent you ok?" Issei said and pointed over to a very tall house that was his and Asia looked over to the house and then looked back with a confused face.

"What do you mean I'm in danger? This is the church I was supposed to go to, there can't be any danger here." Asia asked and Issei just sighed.

"Please trust me Asia." Issei begged and she just nodded, unsure of what he was telling her exactly.

"Ah you must be Asia" Issei turned around and walked in front of Asia and before Issei knew what has happening Asia had disappeared and Issei was left with the man wearing the trench coat.

"You should be dead. I knew I couldn't count on Mittelt and Raynare to get the job done." Issei's eyes widened when he heard the names. Those were his friends from when he was younger, how could they be related to the night he was killed.

"Shocking? Should be. Your two childhood friends murdered you after all" The man said with a laugh and Issei's eyes turned to slits and they started glowing and then he punched the man hard then threw him down the ledge and started to run back to his house, he had questions for Azazel.

0000(Issei's house)

Issei ran down the hill as fast as he could and arrived at his house withing 9 seconds.

When Issei got to his house he didn't even bother with the door, he just kicked it in.

"AZAZEL, I need to talk to you." Issei yelled as he ran into the house and passed everyone and ran to the elevator and quickly went to the 1st basement where he found Azazel sitting down drinking tea.

"Azazal, do you know where Raynare and Mittelt are?" Issei asked and Azazel just shrugged and sat his cup of tea down.

"I don't know why?" Azazel asked and Issei sighed.

"The ones who killed me last night were them, they're with the church and they took a girl named Asia." Issei said and Azazel just sighed.

"I knew I should have kept a better leash on those two, they were bound to do something stupid." Azazel mumbled as he walked over to a shelf and started messing around with stuff.

"Do you know what they're planning to do?" Issei asked and got another sigh from Azazel.

"Sadly. Last time I heard from my spies they planned on taking some girls Twilight Healing Sacred Gear. Or something similar to that. Who the girl is I have no idea." Azazel replied and Issei cursed himself.

"So that's who the girl is. Alright, Azazel can you help me stop them?" Issei asked and Azazel sighed then chuckled.

"I can't really "Help you"...but I can give you advice. Don't rush in there and take her back, when the time is right you can get her out of there, but with the help of your friends, you need a plan first. In the meantime I'll see if I can make contact with either Raynare or Mittelt. If possible I want to at least give them a chance before you kill them." Azazel replied and Issei just sighed before going back to the main floor of his house where the others were looking at him curiously.

"I wouldn't kill them, but I would give them some sort of punishment." Issei said in reply.

"What was that about?" Rias asked and Issei just sighed.

"Nothing President, just had a question for Azazel." Issei replied then he went to the elevator and went to his room and changed into a pair of swim trunks and went to the pool.

"Please call me Rias." Rias asked with a sigh, everyone called her President.

"Ok, Rias." Issei replied.

0000(Awhile later, in the pool)

Issei was relaxing in the warm water of his jacuzzi when he heard the door open and everyone was walking into the room. Koneko, Rias, Akeno, Kiba and Azazel.

"Mind if we join?" Rias asked as she looked down at Issei who just nodded then closed his eyes again.

"And one more thing." Rias asked.

" What?" Issei asked and Rias turned around and picked up Koneko who didn't look happy and was blushing as she was being held up by Rias.

"Can you please teach Koneko how to swim?" Rias asked and Issei sunk into the water and then rose back up.

"Yeah I guess." Issei replied then he got out of the water and walked over to the shallow end of the large pool and then Rias winked at Issei before dropping Koneko into the water who started pouting.

"She isn't super fond of water since she can't swim." Rias explained to Issei when they saw Koneko his glaring at the water and was mumbling something about It being useless.

"This should be fun." Issei mumbled as Rias left and Issei got Into the water with Koneko who glared at him.

"Alright, where to start...I know." Issei then walked over so that his back was facing the deep side of the pool. "Alright give me your hands." Issei asked and Koneko just looked at him confused.

"Just do it." Issei said and Koneko hesitantly held out her hands and Issei took her hands.

"Alright now I'm going to pull you through the water and all you have to do is kick your feet and legs." Issei said and before she could have a chance to ask any questions or do anything Issei started pulling her, forcing her to start kicking her feet and legs which she sorta curled in instead of stretching out so she wasn't doing very well so Issei stopped and pulled her up as she started to sink in the deeper water.

"Don't curl your legs in, stretch them out as far as you can and then start to kick the water." Issei instructed as he pulled her back to the front of the pool and started again but this time Koneko was doing better and wasn't sinking.

Issei taped her shoulder when he stoppped and she brought her head out of the water. "Remember to bring your head up for air every once and awhile. Now were going to do something else." Issei said as he led Koneko back to an area where she could stand up.

"Now your going to try and float on your back. Turn on your back." Issei asked and she did but then she panicked when she started to sink so Issei put his hand on the back of her head and the middle of her back.

"Just try to relax. I won't let you sink." Issei reassured her and she started to relax but was blushing a bright red. After a bit she started to float on her back and Issei let go without her noticing and she still floated on her own. Until she hit the side of the wall and was forced to stand up but when she noticed Issei wasn't there she quickly scrambled to hold onto the side of the wall.

"Good job Koneko" Issei congratulated her then went over and carried her back over to the shallow side of the pool which caused her to blush several more shades or red as he carried her.

0000(A few hours later)

"Good job Koneko, you learned how to swim...kinda." Issei gave her a thumbs up and smiled at her.

"...Thank you Issei." Koneko mumbled as she sat down on the small stair case in the pool.

"Issei, you making dinner? It's about that time." Azazel said across the pool and Issei just smirked.

"I swear for the leader of the Fallen Angels, you are one lazy guy. You could learn how to cook you know." Issei said and Azaal just chuckled.

"Yeah last time I cooked, the food burned and so did my kitchen." Azazel said with a laugh while everyone else stopped anything they were doing and looked over him.

"How many houses or rooms have you burned down?" Issei asked with a sigh.

"About three." Azazel replied and everyone sunk into the water and emerged a minute later thinking he couldn't have been serious.

"You're kidding me right?" Issei asked and Azazel just laughed.

"Nope, I could have burned down more and not remembered." Azazel again started laughing until they saw a teleport circle and a girl with white hair stepped out and was shocked at what she saw.

"Greyfia-san, what are you doing here?" Rias asked quickly as she got up and got out of the water.

"Oh who-" Azazel started to ask who it was but Issei used his strength and shoved him into the water so Greyfia didn't see him.

"Sirzechs sent me to ask about your newest pawn." Greyfia said as she looked around the large space with multiple pools.

"Ah, I knew you would. Issei why don't you introduce yourself?" Rias asked and Issie let go of Azazel and used his foot to hold him while he bowed.

"I'm Issei Hyoudou. Pawn of Rias Gremery." Issei said and then Greyfia turned back to Rias.

"May we speak in private?" Greyfia asked and Rias nodded and led her out of the pool room. And as soon as they were gone Issei moved his foot off of Azazal who floated to the top of the water and just floated there for a few minutes before he burst up and started coughing out water and shaking water out of his ears.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Azazel yelled and Issei shushed him.

"Sorry, had to, if the Satan's wife knew you were here it would not look good." Issei said as he relaxed and slumped over in the pool.

"You didn't have to try and drown me." Azazel said as he looked over to Issei.

"Well you started to ask who she was and she would probably know who you are just by looking at you." Issei said and Azazel just sighed.

"What do think they're saying about Issei?" Akeno suddenly spoke up from In the jacuzzi. They all wondered the same thing but it wasn't till they were all called out by Rias did they know what they were talking about.

It turns out, the Gremory family was curious about how Issei was basically non existent before he enrolled in Kuoh academy. There wasn't much else after that, Issei just told them about a few things in his past and last one was when he told the story of how his parents were killed and at that point his eyes had turned to slits and his pupils looked like a black void and his eye color was glowing red with unusual black around the edges.

"I swear I will get revenge, I will kill whoever killed my parents. They didn't deserve the death they got." Issei said and his voice was starting to change slightly and he could feel the anger and hate in himself until he felt something pull his sleeve. He looked over and saw Koneko and she simply wrapped her arms around him and he slowly started to calm down. And his eyes returned to normal and the black and red gauntlet on his left arm disappeared.

"Anyone else feel the very strong power from that." Kiba asked as he looked at Issei's eyes which still had a faint glow to them. When they looked at him when he got like that they almost thought he wasn't even human.

"Oh yeah" Everyone mumbled. Azazel had to stay in the pool room but they were sure he felt it to.

"Issei what was that strong power surge." Rias asked worriedly and Issei just looked down and sighed.

"A story for another time." Issei mumbled before getting up and walking away. Out the door to be exact. Koneko followed Issei out the door but the only thing she saw was something red surround Issei and then he jumped into the air and was gone in a flash of red light

Koneko walked back into the house and was quick not to let the rain water blow into the house due to the strong wind that was blowing along with the storm that was raging outside

"What was that all about?" Rias asked confused as to why Issei left in such a hurry.

"No idea." Koneko mumbled

"Any ideas where he might be?" Koneko asked suddenly which surprised everyone since she doesn't usually care what happens to people so of course they looked at her curiously.

"I like Issei, he gives me candy" Koneko added and everyone chuckled.

"I think Issei wishes to be alone." Greyfia said and they all agreed and turned on the TV and waited for Issei to return. Greyfai had left, Kiba went to take a nap and Akeno had gone to the store so it was just Koneko and Rias.

"You know I've never seen you like this." Rias said as she looked down at Koneko who was curled up on the couch looking at the door.

"What do you mean?" Koneko asked and Rias just smiled.

"You know what I mean." Rias replied and Koneko blushed and looked away.

"I'm worried about Issei." Koneko mumbled and Rias pulled her into her lap and pat her head.

"Don't worry. I'm sure he's fine. He probably needs some time to cool off." Rias reassured her then went back to watching the TV which was currently turned to the news channel. Rias was still understanding how Issei's TV worked and was having trouble with the remote since it looked like it had a complex design or was custom built.

It was pretty quiet besides the tiny sounds of Koneko snoring. She fell asleep pretty fast, though Rias stayed awake and watched TV.

0000(A few hours later.)

Koneko and Rias were both awoken when they heard the door slam open and someone hitting the floor. When they got up and looked over towards the door they saw Issei was laying on the floor with burn marks all over his clothes and he was steaming.

"Issei!" Koneko shouted as she ran over to him along with Rias who quickly pulled most of Issei's clothes off and replaced them with a shirt and some shorts she found sitting next to the couch.

"Quick lets get him to his room." Rias said as she and Koneko picked Issei up and carried him to the elevator and they selected the 3rd floor button and when they got there they carried him to his room and laid him In bed.

Rias stripped all her clothes and climbed in bed with him and began to heal him. Koneko decided to curl up on the other side of Issei and fell asleep shortly after.

0000(Next morning, Friday.)


Yet another morning where Issei woke up to the sound of his alarm clock going off. Through this morning was a bit different. He felt something on his chest and when he pulled the blanket down he saw Koneko was curled up on his chest sleeping.

"Morning Koneko." Issei said. He brought his hand up to her and rubbed her head a few times until she woke up with a tiny yawn. As her eyes opened she looked up at Issei and she let a tiny smile slip onto her face before it disappeared.

"Morning, Issei-sempai." Koneko mumbled as she got up and slipped off the bed along with Issei.

"Breakfast?" Koneko asked as she pulled on Issei's sleeve on his night shirt.

"Yeah I'll make breakfast." Issei said as he walked to his door and went downstairs with Koneko following close behind him.

"Issei, you're finally awake." Rias said as she walked over from her place on the couch and hugged Issei. "So what happened last night?" Rias asked when she remembered Issei came back and he was covered In scorch marks and parts of him were burning.

Issei thought for a moment before remembering.

"Well, I may have flown through a lightning storm." Issei replied with a chuckle as he recalled the events of last night when he left the house and flew through the lightning storm.

"It's good that you're back. Don't make us worry like that again." Rias said as she sat down and Issei walked into the kitchen and started breakfast which consisted of the pancakes, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs.

By the time Issei was finished cooking everyone was upstairs in the living room waiting for Issei to set the food down and a soon as he did everyone started to eat.

"Azazel, have you heard anything else about whats going on at that church?" Issei asked when he remembered that Asia was probably at the church.

"No, I haven't heard anything from anyone in awhile, I'm starting to get suspicious myself." Azazel replied and Issei just sighed as he continued to eat in silence while everyone just stared at him.

"Shouldn't you know this stuff? I mean you're the leader of the fallen angels." Rias asked with a confused face, she honestly expected the leader of the fallen angels to be more serious and evil but then again Issei didn't get blasted to bits when he insulted him for doing stupid things like trying to infuse a power drill with magic.

"Not all of the fallen actually follow me. I want nothing to do with war or ruling the world. I just want to experiment and research on Sacred Gears and because of that some of the fallen aren't happy with the decisions I've made." Azazel said with a sigh as he took a bite of his pancake.

"President, we've been alerted of a stray devil in the area that has been eating humans." Akenosiad when she walked into the kitchen and sat down on one of the chairs.

"This could be a good time for us to show Issei how devils fight." Rias whispered to Akeno who also agreed.

"Issei, would you come with us so you can see how we fight?" Rias asked Issei who smirked for a second before nodding.

"Sure." Issei said with a smile as he continued to eat his breakfast but it was kinda hard with Koneko always sitting on his lap but he wasn't gonna complain. He liked Koneko a lot even though Issei hasn't known the group for very long he has taken a liking to her. 'If they wanna evaluate my skill they should've just asked.' Issei thought to himself as he laughed in his mind.

"Ara ara, I've never seen Koneko act like this around someone." Akeno said with a laugh when she called out on how Koneko was sitting on Issei's lap.

"You're losing to Koneko President." Akeno added and Rias and Koneko started blushing.

"What you talking about Akeno?" Issei asked confused as Azazel started laughing in the background at the confused Issei.

"Nothing, though I wouldn't mind a turn with him." Akeno added with a smile that creeped Issei out. 'I think she's a bit crazy' Issei thought to himself as Akeno kept that creepy smile on her face.

"So when do we leave?" Issei asked hoping he could ignore the creepy smile Akeno had gave him.

"In a bit, lets finish eating breakfast." Rias said and everyone agreed and continued to eat.

0000(An hour later)

"Issei, we're getting ready to go." Kiba said as he walked over to Issei who was napping on the couch with Koneko who at some point while he was sleeping decided to curl up on his chest again.

"Alright. Lets get this over with." Issei said with as he lifted Koneko up and sat her back on the couch so he could get back up. Koneko blushed when he did that but she to also got up and walked over to the center of the room where Rias was preparing a magic circle.

"Rias, could you tell me where were going? I can't use a teleport circle very well. I'll just run there." Issei asked and Rias just looked at him confused but gave him the directions to the building they were meeting at anyway.

"Alright, who ever gets there first is the winner." Issei said as he walked out the front door. The others gave a confused look but teleported there anyway and when they got there they were surprised to see Issei leaning against a wall looking at his cell phone screen

"How?..." Everyone gave him a confused look to which Issei just shrugged.

"Issei this building is miles away from your house, how did you get here before us?" Rias asked and Issei just smiled.

"I ran." Issei replied and Rias decided to ignore it for now and ask him about it later.

"Alright. The stray in this building is Visor. It's been eating humans and collecting demonic energy. Be on your guard." Rias warned as they all walked into the building and as soon as they did Issei sensed very strong killing intent.

"I smell something bad, yet at the same time something good, will it be sweet?" A voice asked and everyone focused their attention towards the dark, back part of the room

After a minute the top half of a girl was able to be seen and it was laughing.

"You must be the good thing I smelled." The thing said as it pointed at Issei who smirked.

"Why don't you show us your entire self." Issei asked with a smirk as the thing revealed itself and its top half looked like a regular person but the bottom half looked like something similar to a Minotaur.

"Mind if I take this one?" Issei asked Rias who looked at him skeptically but nodded anyway. If he was in trouble she could always step in and help.

Iseei's eyes glowed bright red and he summoned his black and red gauntlet.

"This should be fun." Issei laughed and his voice sounded different. He got into a running stance and as soon as he pushed off the ground he disappeared and when everyone looked at where Issei was there was just a small bit of dust in the air.

"Where...?" Just as Rias started to ask where he had went she was distracted when she heard the stray devil scream in pain as it was thrown into the wall then thrown to the other side.

The stray fell to the ground and started swinging it's minotaur like arms and as it punched the air it's fist stopped mid air and the arm was ripped out of its socket. Visor swung her other arm and that one was also ripped off her body.

"Whats happening?" Kiba and Akeno asked confused as to what was happening, all they saw was the stray being thrown and punched around the room and then its arms just ripped off it's body and then it fell to the floor. They assumed it was Issei who was doing it but they couldn't see him at all.

"That wasn't very much fun, I thought you might have at least put up a good fight." Issei said and then he appeared right next to Akeno and Rias holding both off Visor's arms in his hands. As he walked to Visor he ripped random parts of the arms off and left a trail of blood, flesh and bones to Visor.

"Any last words?" Issei asked with a small laugh. His smile creeping out Rias. Surprisingly, she could feel a shiver travel up her spine when she saw that smile. It didn't look like it was even Issei despite his messy hair and obvious facial features. The way he laughed like a psychopath and had that sadistic smile made her feel really uneasy about him. Looking over to her left she could see Koneko staring at Issei with what looked like shock and fear, that's not right, even for Koneko.

"Kill me." The stray choked out and Issei laughed.

"As you wish." Issei said as he powered up his gauntlet and brought his fist down on the stray devil and it screamed once before exploding into a bunch of bloody chunks of muscle, bone, organs and intestines.

After that Issei turned around with an apologetic look.

"Sorry, I kinda lost myself in the fight." Issei said as he walked back to the others who were just staring at him in awe and a bit of fear when they thought about what Issei could possibly do in a more serious fight.

"So...what was that." Rias asked and Issei just looked down and sighed. Rias had never seen anyone do anything like that before.

"Sometimes I loose myself to Dragonic power during a fight and go overboard when defeating the enemy." Issei said as he brushed a piece of flesh off his shoulder and wiped his bloody hands on a cloth he found on the ground. Issei frowned as he started walking back towards the house with the others. Rias could see that his mood had turned upside down but there wasn't really anything she could do.

"Good job Issei." Rias mumbled as she looked around at all the carnage. It could cause potential problems but she'd have someone clean the mess up later.

"Shall we leave?" Rias asked and no one disagreed so everyone left. Akeno and Rias stayed a bit behind and talked quietly about Issei

"There's no way a pawn could move that fast or have that strength." Rias said to Akeno who sighed and agreed.

"It did take take 8 pawns to resurrect him and two of those were mutation pieces that Sirzechs had given to you for his revival." Akeno told Rias as they walked towards Issei's house. They decided not to use the teleport circle and just walk with Issei back to the house.

"Yes but I didn't expect him to be that powerful." Rias said as she recalled how fast Issei had been moving and when he had blown the stray devil to pieces in just one punch.

"We've only seen him take on that stray, he could be much more powerful than we suspect though." Rias added after her initial thoughts.

"You're right. Did you see how his eyes and voice changed? And that creepy smile." Akeno asked as she to remembered the way Issei had that creepy smile and very weird sounding voice.

"Yes I di- wait you have that same creepy smile all the time when you fight." Rias said as she stared at Akeno a bit weirdly.

"That wasn't just the smile of a sadist, that was the smile of someone who not only takes pleasure in killing but craves the feeling of it, someone who's killed to the point where lives are like little blocks of entertainment for him to play with." Akeno shivered slightly at the thought of his psychotic smile, though not out of fear but at the sudden thought in her head of what he was like in the bedroom.

"But what about now? He's smiling like a normal person. And what ever thoughts are in your head, they cant be good cause your drooling." Akeno was knocked out of fantasies and as she wiped the drool off her mouth she looked over to see Issei bent over, helping Koneko onto his back for a piggy back ride.

"I...don't know? Maybe it's just because he likes Koneko or he might even be bipolar." Akeno replied as her fantasies started flooding back into her head.

"Well that much is obvious." Rias replied as she continued to walk with Akeno who was staring at Issei like a predator would prey.

"Yeah I guess, she does spend a lot of time with him." Rias said with a yawn as she walked a bit faster to catch up with Akeno.

000(At Issei's home.)(A/N: If you've made it this far I'm impressed. Some characters I'm making a bit older, mainly Koneko for now though. I'll explain more of Issei's past and certain things in later chapters. Another reminder: THIS STORY IS GOING TO BE COMPLETELY BACKWARDS AND PROBABLY TERRIBLE AS SHIT :) )

It didn't take too long to get back to Issei's house and when they got there they all were hungry as it was past lunch time and they were all starving.

"Lunch." Koneko said as she pulled on Issei's sleeve.

"Can't we go out this time, I really don't want to cook anything else." Issei whined as he opened up the front door, walked into his house and slumped down on the couch.

"I like your sandwiches." Koneko added and when Issei looked up at her adorable face he couldnt resist and got up to make sandwiches.

"Alright fine, that doesn't really involve cooking " Issei said as he walked into the kitchen and pulled out sliced cheese, lettuce, slices of smoked ham and tomato.

After making a bunch of sandwiches Issei brought them out on a plate and let everyone take one then he took his sandwich and sat down on the couch and of course Koneko got up and sat down on his lap. Issei just chuckled and continued to eat his sandwich.

After lunch everyone decided to go to the pool so they all got up and changed into their swim suits and went to the pool which was Inbetween the first floor and the basment. Everyone was in the jacuzzi except Kiba, Azazel and Akeno who were in the larger pool.

"Issei, do you mind if I ask a few questions?" Rias asked as she, Koneko and Issei were relaxing in the warm water.

"Depends on what they are." Issei replied as he opened his eyes and looked over to Rias who was smiling at him.

"Can you tell me a little bit about you Dragonic powers?" Rias asked as she scooted closer to Issei and turned her body towards him. Issei thought for a moment then sighed.

"I guess. Is there anything specific you would like to know?" Issei asked Rias who thought for a moment before deciding on what she wanted to know from him and also a few other things she wanted to ask. There was a lot more she wanted to ask him but she narrowed It down to as few as possible.

"Have you achieved Balance breaker yet?" Rias asked after a minute and Issei thought back to when he got it and

"Yeah." Issei said with a sigh. "I got it awhile ago during a fight with some devils protecting my childhood friends, Raynare and Mittelt." Issei added as he thought back to the time he had barely been able to save his friends from being killed.

"What happened? If you don't mind me asking." Rias asked curiously as to what happened that made him go into Balance Breaker mode. Issei looked down at Koneko who had nuzzled her body against Issei as she let out a small yawn. Issei put his hand on her head and started rubbing her head causing her to let out an almost cat like purr though it was more of a muffled moan.

"Well it happened along time ago, about 7 years ago. My friends Raynare and Mittelt were with me and we accidentally wandered into devil territory and they had attached us. We were outnumbered and I was holding off as many devils as I could so they could escape but more had came and because of the tight situation and seeing Mittelt getting injured, I don't really know how it worked but Ddraig started talking to me and he said there was only one way to save them. So I gave up my left arm and Ddraig allowed me to go into my Balance Breaker, Scale Mail, I could only stand to be in the Scale Mail for 10 seconds but it was enough for me to pull Raynare and Mittelt away and out of the devil's territory. But not without causing major damage to the area and killing the devils first." Issei finished with a sigh as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

"Oh." Was all Rias said and she to turned so that she was sitting side by side to Issei. They stayed silent after that and the only noises other than Koneko purring was the others talking in the background. Kiba was talking to Azazel about different experiments he's done on Sacred Gear while Akeno just listened as the two of them talked. Most of the conversation had just been about the failed experiments or failed research.

"You said you gave your left arm to Ddraig, what did you mean?" Rias asked after a few minutes of silence between the two, all of which were awkward minutes of them not looking at each other or speaking.

"Like I said, I gave Ddraig my left arm." Issei held up his left arm. "I don't own this arm. It's Ddraig's." Issei replied with a small laugh then he put his hand back on Koneko's head and started rubbing again, much to her enjoyment. Again silence enveloped them, well besides Koneko purring.

"Does she always purr like this?" Issei asked as he opened his eyes and looked down to Koneko who looked up at him then closed her eyes again and smiled a bit and re adjusted herself to get more comfortable on Issei.

"No, not usually. Though something about her head being rubbed relaxes her." Rias replied with a small laugh as she watched the usual cold and emotionless girl whither in Issei's lap which was pretty adorable to see since it never happened before. Usually Koneko brushes people to the side and just ignores them. Like all the people at Kouh academy who started the whole "Koneko, school idol or mascot" thing. Though for some reason Koneko brew attached to Issei.

"She's so cute when she actually smiles." Issei said as he continued to look at Koneko. She was cute from the beginning but when she smiled it made her look cuter. Her emotionless side is still there but Issei still thought she was cute even though she looked like she was extremely bored with everything which was true in some cases. Especially when there was P.E. class. Koneko didn't seem to like P.E. class.

Issei did like P.E. though. The girls can outrun the boys and Issei can outrun both while running backwards. And he also likes to show off sometimes or when the girls start looking at him he can rub it in the other boys faces. In his mind of course.

"Yeah she is cuter when she smiles." Rias agreed as she to was staring at Koneko who was starting to fall asleep. After a few minutes Akeno had slipped in the jacuzzi and started talking with Rias. Issei hadn't bother to listen to what they were saying, he just closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall. Making sure that Koneko hadn't fallen asleep and slipped into the water every few minutes.

[I'm sensing he's somewhere in this area] Ddraig suddenly said and Issei jumped up and also sensed what Ddraig was sensing.

"What's wrong Issei" Rias asked Issei who was apologized for startling Koneko when he jumped up and he quickly got out of the water and walked towards the door.

"Azazel, he's here. Did you call him?" Issei shouted as he grabbed a towl and threw one over to Azazel as he got out of the water. Everyone was now looking at Issei and Azazel confused as to who was there and why they were rushing to dry off.

"No. I don't know why he's here. Reporting in maybe?" Azazel said just as confused as Issei was.

"Who are you talking about?" Rias asked as she and everyone else got out of the water and started to dry off then follow Issei and Azazel out the door.

"My rival, Vali." Issei said as he slipped behind a curtain and slipped Into his clothes.

"Who's Vali?" Rias asked Azazal who had somehow changed into clothes without anyone else noticing.

"Vali is the wielder of the Sacred Gear Divine Dividing and the host to Albion The Vanishing Dragon. The Welsh Dragon and Issei's rival." Azazel said as he followed Issei to the door and when Issei opened the door there was a young man that looked about 18 with dark silver hair and ice blue eyes wearing a dark green shirt and a black jacket.

"Vali." Issei greeted him then stepped aside so Azazel could talk to him.

"Rival." Was all Vali said then he turned his attantion to Azazel.

"Azazel. I came to report in. Nothing unusual has happened but I lost contact with Raynare and Mittelt a few weeks ago." Vali said and Azazel just nodded and sighed.

"If you see them, tell them to report to me in person Immediately." Azazel said to Vali who just nodded then turned around and left.

"I thought he was here to challenge me again." Issei said as he sat down on a chair next to the table.

"After last time? I don't think he'll be challenging you for awhile." Azazel said with a laugh as he walked back towards the pool room.

0000(An hour later)

Issei was sitting on the couch watching TV and planing for dinner. While most of the others went to run errands or buy cooking supplies for dinner. Koneko had decided to stay with Issei while the others went out and of course, Koneko had sat right down on Issei's lap like usual and started munching on a cookie.

"What do you want for dinner?" Issei asked Koneko. Issei looked down to Koneko and she shrugged.

"Anything you want in particular?" Issei asked again and got another 'I don't know' shrug from Koneko.

"I guess I could make fried chicken, rice, and noodles. Is that fine?" Issei asked as he looked down at Koneko who nodded. Issei picked Koneko up and sat her next to him and he got up and went to the kitchen and started to make dinner, Though he might need the cooking things Akeno went to get so he didn't know If he could start cooking yet but he guessed he could try.

"Koneko could you help for a second?" Issei asked as he was cooking he needed someone to cut up vegetables to go with the noodles.

"Sure. What do I need to do?" Koneko asked as she walked Into the kitchen and looked up at Issei curiously.

"Could you cut the vegetables over there on the table?" Issei replied and Koneko looked over to the table and saw some vegetables on a cutting board so she walked over to the table and picked up the knife and started cutting the vegetables but stopped and looked over to Issei who wasn't there. "Here, let me show you how to cut them properly." Issei said as he placed his hands on Koneko's hands and started to show her how his hands and wrists moved and how when he was holding her hands they also met with his movements. When Koneko realized he was behind her and holding her hands and leading her wrist while cutting she blushed bright red but continued to watch and got it after a few minutes.

After a few minutes of looking at her cute blush and watching how she was cutting the vegetables Issei went back to the stove and turned it on and continued to cook the chicken and add some seasonings every so often or flip the chicken over to let the other side cook.

After an hour and a half they were finally finished cooking and started to lay out the food which didn't take very long to set out. Only a few minutes if that.

Just as Koneko had sat down her and Issei heard a knock and the voices of Rias and Akeno who had said something about getting keys to the house from Issei so they could just come in instead of waiting for Issei to get up and open the door.

"Coming." Issei shouted as he got up and walked over to the door and opened for everyone outside which was only Rias, Akeno and Kiba. They all had bags of stuff so Issei helped carry everything in then started taking things out of bags and putting them in the cupboards, drawers or the refrigerator. That only took a few minutes so by the time he was finished barely anyone had finished filling their plates with food of even got a chance to start eating yet.

After everyone had gotten food and sat down Issei looked at everyone talking and laughing and he started to get lost in his thoughts about how his life used to be. For as long as he could remember all he did was training or work. His work was usually assassinating or doing high risk jobs no one else would and he even went on a few suicide missions, he still came out alive but not unscathed. He remembered one time in particular when he was just a mercenary for hire and he was sent to kill a general of an army. He killed the general but got shot in the shoulder. The only bad injury he ever got was that and the time he got hit in leg with light spear by a fallen angel he fought, though recently he did take one to the stomach so he'd have to add that to the list.

Issei was pulled from his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder and when he snapped out of it he looked over to Rias who was looking at him worriedly.

"Issei?" Rias said and Issei gave a small smile.

"Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts." Issei said apologetically then returned to eating his food and listened to what everyone else was saying and joining the conversations sometimes then getting lost in his own thoughts before returning his attention to the others.

Dinner was great for the Occult Research Club. They had stayed up and played a few games but it was later in the evening and Akeno and Rias had gone home and Kiba went to bed, that left just Koneko and Issei to clean up the plates and what ever other food was left over. Issei of course cleaned up all the food and everything because he didn't want to give the job of clean up to Koneko.

As soon as Issei was done with the dishes and he had cleaned the table he got pulled by Koneko over to the elevator and up to his room.

"Koneko?" Issei asked curiously and she yawned.

"Tired. Night." Was all Koneko mumbled before pushing Issei onto the bed then without even changing into any night clothes she climbed onto him and fell asleep within a few minutes.

Issei pat her head a few times before he to closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

0000(Next morning, Saturday.)

Issei again woke up to the feeling of someone poking him. He groaned as he sat up in bed and opened his eyes and saw Koneko staring at him. Issei just fell back over in bed and after a minute he felt Koneko poking him again. Koneko had started doing this when she wanted something, she would go up to Issei and poke him or pull on his sleeve until he answered her.

"Breakfast." Koneko said as she poked Issei again to which he just groaned.

"What time is it?" Issei asked with a yawn as he opened his eyes again and sat up In bed. Just

"9 o clock." Koneko replied and Issei groaned but got up out of bed and walked downstairs with Koneko. When Issei looked around he saw that, Surprisingly no one else was here. Usually Kiba was up or Rias and Akeno teleported In but not today he guessed.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Issei asked as he walked Into the kitchen and looked at Koneko who was sitting on one of the 3 stools that were at the bar. The bar was right above the stove so there was about a four by four square cut out In the wall and there was a piece of granite that acted as the table part so when anyone was done cooking they could set the food on the bar and the other person could eat right there.

"Pancakes." Koneko replied to Issei who turned the stove on, put a frying pan on the stove then pulled out a box of pancake mix out of the cabinet then went to the refrigerator and pulled out 2 eggs then got 2 cups of water and a bowl. Issei put pancake mix in the bowl then cracked the 2 eggs, put them in the bowl then he added water and started to mix all the stuff together but stopped when he forgot something.

"Here." Koneko held out a bag of chocolate chips that Issei forgot to get. Issei thanked her then put in a bunch of chocolate chips and continued to mix the pancake mix together. When that was done Issei poured the pancake batter onto the frying pan and waited a few minutes before flipping the now circular pancake over and letting the other side cook. Issei was thankful for the very advanced stove he had that heated things very fast. If it wasn't a common thing for stoves to heat extremely fast Issei would have gone to Azazel and asked if he somehow created a magic stove.

(Note: Sorry for another note in the middle of the story but I forgot to mention in the beginning but I'm making this story 15 years in the future making it the year 2032.)

After Issei had made 10 pancakes he had ran out of pancake batter and guessed that 10 should be enough for him and Koneko. Issei grabbed the plate of pancakes and a syrup bottle and walked over and sat down next Koneko. Issei had 2 pancakes with syrup and Koneko had 5 pancakes with a lot of syrup on them. Issei wondered how Koneko ate so much. He was beginning to think Koneko's stomach was a bottomless pit.

After Issei had finished his pancakes he put his plate in the sink and sat back down and watched Koneko eat her pancakes. Like he expected Koneko ate just about everything that was on her plate before setting them in the sink. He'd gone through a lot of food because of all the guests he'd had over at his house and also quite a lot of money to, most of which was for Koneko's candy and more grocery's.

"So it's already Friday huh?" Issei mumbled to himself as he got up to get ready for school. He really didn't want to go but he had needed to since he'd been gone for a few days. Not that it would affect his grades since he could do all his make up work in less than an twenty minutes. He may not have grown up and went to school until Monday but he was raised by smart people and was taught by even smarter. His friend Mittelt had been his teacher. Anything a normal kid learned he had learned from her. 'Speaking of her, I need to get in that church and get Asia. If I don't then she will die.' Issei thought as he got up from his seat and filled up a glass with water.

"Issei." Azazel called him and he looked over to his poor excuse of a house mate.

"What is it?" Issei asked in an annoyed tone as he turned back around to grab his water and sit back down in his seat with his arms crossed. He had had enough of Azazels shit for one day and the fact that he would be living under the same roof as him made his head throb.

"I have good news." Azazel replied to him as he looked down at his phone then back at Issei who glared at him in annoyance because of the lack of information he had given. "I got in contact with one of my spies..." Azazel replied and choose his next words carefully. "He said that the church-" Azazel stopped when Issei held up his hand for him to stop talking and got up and signaled for him to follow him.

Issei led Azazel outside and continued to talk there.

"I don't want the others to know yet. Just tell me everything you now know." Issei said in a no bullshit tone that he only used when he was serious about something.

"My spy said that tomorrow night is when the church is going to kill the girl for her Sacred gear." Azazel said and Issei's eyes narrowed to slits and felt his other side taking over but he suppressed it as best as he could and signaled for Azazel to continue despite his extreme urge to rip someones head of their shoulders.

"Details I've been given are on this USB drive." Azazel held out the USB which Issei took from his hands. It looked like a glass stick to most but glass USB drives were kind of a popular thing going on.

"Thanks." Issei said as they continued to talk.

0000(Inside the house before Issei's conversation with Azazel)

"What are they talking about? And more importantly, who's this Asia person?" Koneko asked from behind Rias and Akeno. After Issei and Azazel went outside they had got up and had eavesdropped from behind the front door.

"Jealous?" Akeno asked and added. "Ara ara Koneko has fallen already." Akeno laughed as Koneko's face lit up bright red and the girl rubbed her arms as she mumbled something no one understood. "Just teasing." Akeno said as she rubbed Koneko's head which caused her to purr as she pushed her head farther into Akeno's hand.

"I...uhhhhh...hate...You!" Koneko mumbled between purring. Akeno laughed even more when she started scratching behind where her ears were and koneko almost went limp.

"So what do you think that's about President?" Akeno asked as she moved her hand away from Koneko who slumped over on the ground drooling and purring. Nothing made any sense and Akeno could sense that Rias was more concerned about who that Asia girl was. She would have to remember to tease her about that later.

0000(Issei returning to the inside of the house.)

"Anyone seen Koneko?" Issei asked when he walked in the front door. He needed to talk to her as soon as possible but he didn't see her where she was before he walked outside. Issei looked down when he felt something touch his leg and he almost had a heart attack when Koneko jumped from the floor on to him. He went stiff when she hugged him from behind and hid behind him. Issei walked to the kitchen where Rias and Akeno were and greeted them.

"Is Koneko still on the floor?" Akeno asked him and he shook his head and stood there for a few seconds.

"Not anymore she's not." Issei replied and turned around so that Akeno could see that Koneko was hanging by his shoulders her knees were slightly tightened around his waist to support herself. It was uncomfortable but he couldn't get her off of him. And he could feel her body pressed against his back so he decided not to pull her off of him yet.

"So...why's she doing this to me?" Issei asked as he turned around and sat on a stool so that he was facing Akeno and Rias. Behind him he could feel Koneko's grip tighten on his shoulders and he winced a bit. For such a small girl she had a death grip on him.

"She likes you." Akeno said in a sing song voice as she leaned over closer to Issei so Koneko could hear her. In response to Akeno, Koneko hissed at her, stuck her tongue out and mouthed 'At least I get Issei to myself!'

"Riiiiiiiiiight. Anyway, I'm going out for important business so I'm leaving Azazel in charge of the house. Oh and also, if you hear any beeping or a female voice counting down, I'd vacate this town." Issei said this as he removed Koneko off of him then walked over to the wall behind Rias and the wall rippled and a section of it was actually a safe which issei quickly unlocked and grabbed what looked like the hilt of a sword but it was entirely black and had intricate red line work which glowed crimson.

Issei clipped the hilt onto his belt then went downstairs to a storage room and pulled out a green military crate.

"Didn't think I'd need this stuff this soon." Issei said as he waved his hand across the top of the crate and a panel slid away revealing a glass pad with the outline of a hand print on it. He pressed his hand to the glass and let it scan, confirming it was him the crate's mag locks de-magnitized and it opened.

Issei pulled out slick armor pieces that upon activation had the same intricite red detailing as the hilt attached to his belt. He put his helmet on and a heads up display appeared with his bio signs, armor condition and functions. With the blink of an eye issei activated stealth mode and his armor rippled then he disappeared entirely.

"Alright, time to get his show on road." Issei said as he went back up stairs and slipped out of the house unnoticed and in a minute he was at the church and scouting the area out. So far only a few guards on patrol. Issei moved silent to one guard after the other easily killing each and every one of them. Issei entered the church and walked 4 steps before he quickly grabbed the hilt and as he swung his arm behind him a scythe materialized itself from the hilt and the glowing red blade blocked a sword and he twisted his body around and the scythe blade and pulled it towards him, cleanly cutting a guard in half as blood sprayed all over the floors.

"That was pretty cool!"

Issei turned around and saw a man with shoulder length silver hair in a much more fancy styled trench coat that looked like it belonged to an old British military general from those pirate movies that kiba often watched.

Issei said nothing but spun his scythe around him, blocking gun fire from the silver haired man. While he blocked the gun fire he had his armor's A.I. do a search for information on the man and read everything there was on him in a few seconds.

"Ene, any and all info on this guy." Issei said as he spun his scythe around in an arc and blocked another bullet. "Ene? Hey you there?" Issei tried to get his A.I. to respond but all he got was a message in the bottom right side of his hud that read "Central A.I. cortex data base offline." Signing Issei responded to the message by saying "Sub cortex authorization code 0100000100101110010010010010111000100000011100110111010101100010001000000111001001 101111011101010111010001101001011011100110010100100000011001000110000101110100011000010010000001101101011010010110111001100101001000000111001001100101001000000111001101110100011000010111001001110100." Using a keypad he manually input the code and in a few seconds his A.I. responded with short messages and a small message appeared with information on his attacker.

Freed, the silver haired guy, stopped firing his pistol and pulled out a light sword hilt and laughed as he ran at issei who spun his scythe around quickly and used the momentum to swing it upward, knocking Freed off balance but he bolted backwards then pulled out another light sword and almost instantly was across the room with both swords swinging downward only for Issei to easily block them.

"If you want to see Asia or your other Fallen friends again, alive, I suggest you put that interesting weapon down." Freed said and as he backed away and revealed Raynare and Mittelt tied to a pillar with slash marks and burns all over their almost naked bodies.

"What did you do to them?!" Issei yelled as he was about to attack but stopped when Freed pressed the blade of his sword to Raynare's throat with just enough force to draw a little blood. He laughed as he grabbed her head and tilted it slightly and licked the blood from her neck.

"Oh nothing, just had a little fun with them in a dark room. I don't bother with demons very much but these girls have killer bodies that I enjoyed with the short time we had...don't worry though, they're still pure, for now." Freed said the last part as he felt more than saw the anger in Issei. Freed appeared to be in thought for a moment but then smiled

"So how about we make a deal hmmmm?" Freed said as he groped Raynare's chest. "I kill the girl downstairs for her Sacred Gear, then I take your two friends and use them till they can no longer satisfy me. And you get to walk away from this and live your pathetic devil life a little longer. That's fair right." Freed laughed as he removed his hand from Raynare's breast and he grabbed his swords again.

"Touch her again and you'll lose your arm." Issei said as he turned his arms and held the scythe behind him with the blade angled upward so that the glowing red tip of the blade was facing the ceiling.

Freed smiled and reached down for Raynare slowly as he looked directly at Issei and as he did he noticed movement and two massive slice marks in the ground and issei's scythe was embedded in the ground at an angle a few feet in front of him.

Freed looked over toward the pillar Raynare was chained to and it was cut in two a foot above Raynare's head and the top part of the pillar slid off the bottom half till it came slamming down behind him. Freed then looked back to his arm and after a second he noticed a line in the middle of his arm a few inches below his shoulder and his arm fell off in a spray of blood as he stared and screamed in horror, grabbing what was left of his arm trying to stop the bleeding.

While he was doing so he noticed he was lifted off his feet and he looked up to see the burning red pupils surrounded by a layer of pitch black against the whites of his eyes, staring directly into his. He felt the pressure around his throat tighten from Issei's grip on him and he screamed out in horror at the thing he was staring at and the pain of his arm being sliced off.

"I warned you and you've payed a small price. Now you have two options: you either leave and lick your pathetic wounds far away from here or you try and fight me and I rip you apart as slowly and as excruciatingly painful as I can. Choose now." Due to the over surge of rage, Dragonic and Demonic power within him, Issei's voice made Freed piss himself and as soon as Issei's grip loosened around his throat he ran as fast as he could for the door, leaving behind a trail of blood, piss and tears.

Issei took control of his power and snuffed it out so that he was almost normal. His eyes still glowed abnormally bright though.

"Raynare! Mittelt! Are you guys alright?" Issei yelled as he ran to them and broke the chains restraining them.

"Yeah, we're fine." She said quietly as she slumped over into him and he laid her down next to Mittelt and told them to stay put. Issei's helmet split in 5 places and retracted to reveal his face but he removed the helmet and sat it next to Raynare.

"Where is Asia?" Issei asked and Raynare pointed towards the stars and told him to hurry. He ran to the stairs and ran down them and when he neared the door he heard the screams or Asia and be pulled his scythe out and burst through the door with one swipe and inside Asia was chained to a cross and she was just dangling there lifeless.

Seeing this triggered Issei into rage and the thing he did was note every person in the room in seconds and predict their movements and then he would counter them. First all the ritual chanters came at him with knives and swords and he easily dodged every swing and thrust at him accompanied by the sound of blood splattering as he swung his scythe backwards then forward, slicing the heads off of three of them then pulling his scythe to his body and holding it right above his waist with the blade outwards and spinning in a circle, cutting anyone round him in half and then swinging it upwards, killing the last robed person, then back down behind him embedding the tip of the scythe into one of the attackers that managed to lived despite having no legs.

As Issei got up he dragged his scythe behind him and as he approached the last man standing which was the man who Issei pushed down the hill and attacked him the first time he died, he brought the scythe up and straight down. A few seconds passed and the wall behind the trench coat man exploded and is body split straight down the middle and the two halves fell to the ground with a splat as the blood poured out and his internals because externals.

Issei tried to calm down as he grabbed Asia off the cross and ran out of the church and called Rias.

"I need you up at the church now Rias and bring Sirzechs. If you don't get here fast I will punish all of you severely." Issei yelled into the phone and a minute later a red circle appeared with Rias and Sirzechs.

Cirzechs sighed and said "It takes a lot of guts for a pawn to demand the presence of me an-" Sirzechs was cut off when Issei was in front of him in a millisecond with the blade of his scythe to his throat.

"You give Rias the pieces to revive Asia or else." Issei said as he stared down Sirzechs with his glowing red eyes and he gulped and handed Rias a chess piece to revive the girl. Issei let go and led Rias to Asia and waited for her to get done, which didn't take long.

"Asia are you alright?" Issei asked she stirred awake and he hugged her.

She hugged him back but didn't say anything. Rias stepped back and walked over to her father.

"That pawn is something." Sirzechs said as he rubbed his throat and looked at Issei. He noticed so many things wrong with him now that he got a good chance to look at him. "Rias I know I gave you those pieces and you gave him a second chance but I think that thing should have stayed dead." Sirzechs said as he turned toward his daughter and looked at her as seriously as he could.

"Brother! Do not call Issei a thing. He is a good guy with a great heart." Rias said slowly as she looked around the room for the first time and noticed all the bodies and blood everywhere.

Sirzechs turned around when he felt a tap on his shoulder and Issei was bowing to him.

"Sorry for threatening you earlier." Issei said and he walked back over to Asia.

"At least he apologized."

During Rias's state of shock at the carnage, her father returned to his realm and she walked over to Issei and prepared a teleport circle and took them all, minus Issei, back to the house where one of the maids was ready to treat Raynare, Mittelt's and Asia's injuries.

When Issei got back to the house he was greeted by Koneko who jumped onto his face and squeezed as hard as she could.

"Koneko, please let go. I need to use the bathroom. Now." Issei said as he pulled her off of his face and ran into the bathroom then leaned over the sink and coughed up blood. Issei's vision blurred and as he coughed up more blood and felt the excruciating pain that accompanied the blurry vision, weakness and coughing up blood.

"I think I over did it." Issei said as he leaned over the sink and coughed up more blood as he tried to ease the pain with special medication that was made for when this happened.

[You think? You used up a lot even for a Devil's life span.] Ddraig said with a bit of annoyance in his voice. Issei ignored his comment and also tried to ignore the pain.

"I don't think I have a lot of time left do I?" Issei asked as he wiped blood of his hands and off of the sink counter top.

[Stop being so dramatic, you may have lost a few hundred years but compared to the time you have left that's nothing.] Ddraig said as Issei laughed a bit.

"The others cant know about this, especially Koneko. I cant let her worry about this." Issei said as he cleaned up a few paper towels. Ddraig didn't respond so Issei assumed he was being ignored and exited the bathroom and again was greeted by Koneko jumping onto him and hugging him.

"Issei! Hungry! Food now!" Koneko said as she rubbed her head into his chest and was purring. That's when Issei noticed her ears and tail were out. He started to rub her head but as soon as he started to scratch behind her ears she flung her head up and bit his hand.

"WHAT DID YOU GIVE HER RIAS?" Issei yelled as he tried to pry Koneko of his hand but she just giggled and instead of chewing on his hand she pulled him down, sat on him and her cheeks were bright red then she started to lick his hand which sent chills down his back.

"K-K-Koneko! W-W-What are you doing?" Issei asked when she leaned down close to his face and she started to lick his cheek but just as she did Rias ran over and pulled Koneko off of him.

"Noooooo, my Issei!" Koneko struggled in Rias's grip but eventually stopped.

"What is up with her?" Rias asked as she helped Issei up.

"That was my fault." Rias and Issei turned around to see Azazel standing in the hallway with them holding up an empty container labeled "catnip"

"Why would you need catnip?" Rias asked in confusion.

"I got a cat." Azazal said as he held out his hands and there was a small black cat sleeping in them.

"Awwww, what's it's name?" Rias asked as she used her pointer finger to rub the cat's head.

"Her name's Lucifer." Azazal said.

"Azazel I swear if you named that cat Lucifer because of my sis-...friend...I'm going to cut your head off." Issei corrected himself hoping Rias didn't notice and avoided her gaze.

"Did you just start to say sister?" Rias asked as she moved over in front of Issei to look at him.

"No, definitely didn't start to say sister." Issei said and tried to turn his head but Rias wouldn't allow it and grabbed his head and looked directly into his eyes which still glowed red.

"You're lying, I can tell." Rias said as she pushed for an answer from him but he kept denying so finally as a last resort she said as seductively as she could, "Come on Issei, just tell me your secret and I'll reward you." As she did this she pulled her shirt down slightly and she expected a reaction from him but she didn't expect to be slammed into the wall and have a glowing red knife to her throat that had the same look as his scythe.

"I won't tell you anything, I wont let you touch her, I'll kill you if you touch her." Issei yelled at her and as he did he pulled his hand back to stab her but as he did he suddenly dropped to the floor and Azazel was standing in front of her.

Rias released a breath she was holding and slumped to the floor. "I thought I was gonna die. What did you do?" She asked.

"What did you feel?" Azazel asked as he helped her up.

"I felt his rage and misery...I...I saw something to." Rias said as she picked up Issei and walked with Azazal to the living room where she sat him down and herself.

"What did you see?" Azazel and Koneko asked at the same time.

"I don't know exactly, it was so blurry but there was blood everywhere and a girl also, she was saying something but I couldn't make it out." Rias said as she recalled a girl with black hair wearing a lab coat.

"Must have been when he was with that military group that got captured. That's a story for another time though."Azazel said as he picked up his cat that was now awake and walked to the elevator to go downstairs.

"Wait are you saying Issei has PTSD?" Rias yelled toward the elevator.

"Not really, you just reminded me of something. Sorry for attacking you." Issei said as he rubbed his eyes. "I have a sort of sister, she's a fallen angle I met when I was really little. She started calling me Onii-chan and it sorta stuck." Issei said as he got up and went to the kitchen to make Koneko something to eat. After making Koneko a sandwich he was dragged back to the couch where Koneko sat on him and ate while she watched a cat show on tv. Her tail and ears were still out so he decided to pet her.

"Hehehehe, Issei's petting me." Koneko giggled then hiccuped.

"What else did she have? I don't think cat nip would make her this weird." Issei said as he looked around the room then back at Koneko. Then he smelled it, the smell of blood had been in his nose and now that it was starting to clear up he could faintly smell alcohol.

"Koneko did you drink any funny smelling liquid out of a glass bottle?" Issei asked and Koneko pointed toward the counter and there was a large bottle wrapped in brown paper that was empty. "How did you manage to drink a whole bottle of sake..." Issei said as he picked up the bottle and threw it away.

"Time to go to sleep Kitten." Issei said as he held his hand in front of her face then her cat ears twitched a bit and her eye lids drooped a bit before fully closing.

"What did you just do to her?" Rias asked as she poked Koneko.

"I concentrated all my power into one spot and used it to put her to sleep." Issei said as he picked Koneko up then carried her to his room, lay her in his bed then pulled the blankets over her and walked back out to the living room and sat down next to Rias.

"You know I did say I would give you a reward if you told me about your sister." Rias said as she scooted closer to Issei then climbed onto his lap and looked directly into his eyes and blushed as she leaned down and kissed him. After a minute she stopped kissing him and hugged him.

"I know you were were just trying to protect us but if something like this happens again, please tell us and we'll help you. You don't have to do everything alone." Rias said as she closed her eyes. It took a minute but eventually she felt his arms slowly wrap around her back along with him whispering a thank you.

0000(5:00 in the morning Sunday.)

Issei woke up to the feeling of something furry and soft tickling his stomach and when he opened his eyes Koneko's face was extremely close to his and he also felt her hand in his and he smiled. As he did though Koneko shifted her position and she was now laying on her stomach and her arms wrapped around his neck.

Koneko groaned and tightened her arms around his neck and mumbled 'no no no' a few times then started to groan some more. Issei knowing she might be having a bad dream, brought his hand up, rubbed her head and laced his fingers through hers.

"You're okay." Issei whispered to her as he scratched her ears then settled his hand on her back.

"Looks like your having fun." Issei turned his head slightly and Rias was sitting a few feet away from him in a chair next to the bedside table.

"Why does she sleep with me? Issei asked as he re positioned his body slightly just so it wasn't as uncomfortable to look at Rias.

"You're so dense when it comes to feelings. Can't be helped I guess. But, she really likes you Issei. Don't leave her with the question of 'does he like me back?' You need to tell her your feelings. I can tell you like her too." Rias giggled at the last part then she got up and left the room. As soon as she did though, Asia came in and blushed bright red when she saw Koneko laying on Issei.

"I d-d-didn't know you had t-t-this kind of relationship." Asia as she quickly ran out the room. Issei quickly moved Koneko off of him and chased after Asia. He caught up with her in the living room and explained that nothing happened and that Koneko liked to sleep on top of him.

"Issei you meanie, leaving me for this girl even after what we did last night." Issei's stomach dropped when he heard Koneko and he turned around to see her rubbing her stomach.

"This is a misunderstanding, she's just messing around...AAAAH, ASIA! Don't look at me with such a scary face." Issei backed himself into a corner and tried to explain what happened but Asia slowly walked toward him and stopped a foot away from him.

"I can't believe you would defile such an innocent girl." Asia said as she pulled Koneko over to her and hugged the girl. "Did he hurt you?" Asia asked as she looked at Koneko for any wounds.

"Just kidding." Koneko said as she walked over to Issei and jumped onto his back.

"Eh?..." It finally clicked into Asia's head that Koneko was just Kidding and she curled up in a ball repeating "It's just a joke, It's just a joke." Issei helped her up and then he started to make breakfast which was the usual pancakes or french toast even for how early it was in the morning.

"How's it taste?" Issei asked Asia as he flipped another pancake over and let the other side cook.

"It tastes great. Thank you God fo- ow ow ow ow ow...why does my head hurt so bad?" Asia said as she held her head in pain.

"Asia you're a devil now, you cant pray anymore...it was the only way to bring you back." Issei said as Asia's face saddened.

"Thank you for giving me a second chance at life. I'm extremely grateful." Asia said as she bowed to him then wiped the tears off of her face and smiled at Issei.

"I couldn't let a friend die." Issei said as he served Koneko her pancakes who glared at Issei as a feeling of jealousy washed over her. Issei turned the stove off and sat with Koneko and Asia on the couch. Asia was silent while she ate and Koneko mumbled every so often as she watched an anime on tv.

"Speaking of which, what room is Raynare and Mittelt in?" Issei asked as he ate his last pancake and got up to put his and Koneko's plate into the sink.

"I think they are on the second floor, first room across from the elevator." Asia said as she got up to follow Issei to the second floor.

As soon as they were out of the elevator Issei heard voices and there where a lot of weird noises and then he felt a strong killing intent and he immediately knew what was going on.

"Koneko, take Asia downstairs and stay with Azazel until I come and get you." Issei said as his scythe materialized in his hands. Koneko didn't say otherwise and took Asia back down the elevator.

Issei walked over to the door and as soon as he heard a familiar male voice he kicked the door open and ran in to see Raynar on the floor and Freed was standing over Mittelt and had stabbed a sword through her shoulder.

"FREED! GET AWAY FROM HER NOW!" Issei yelled as he got into a fighting stance. Freed turned around and smiled at Issei then grabbed the hilt of his sword and twisted it, causing her to scream in pain.

"Issei...help...please." Mittelt whispered. Freed twisted his sword again earning him another scream of pain from the girl on the floor.

"Shut up. I'm gonna make Issei watch as I kill you and Raynare. Wait no I have a better idea, I'll make him watch me rape you guys then I'll kill you." Freed pulled his sword out of Mittelt's shoulder then pinned her to the wall and started to strip her cloths off.

"Freed get away from her now!" Issei stepped to attack but Freed raised his sword to Mittelt's throat.

"I'll kill her, and don't try the same thing as earlier, I wont fall for it again." Freed said as he pulled Mittelt's bra off and smiled and reached up to her breasts and groped them.

"NOO! ISSEI HELP ME PLEASE!" Mittelt screamed as he switched which breast he was groping and licked her neck as she struggled in his grip, tears streaming down her face as her cries increased.

"What do you want Freed? I'll do whatever you want just stop" Issei asked, looking for any opening or chance for him to attack but there were none that didn't put Mittelt at risk of being killed or injured. He couldn't take hearing her cries and he got a crazy stupid plan and decided it might also be a little fun. He raised his hands and two grenades materialized, one in each hand. "Never mind what you want, I don't care. How about we play a game? We go outside away from my friends and then we pull the pins on both these grenades and which ever of us lives gets to do whatever they want." Issei suggested as he juggled the grenades in his hands and smiled. Freed frowned but dropped Mittelt to the floor and walked over to the bedroom window.

"I don't know what you're planning but if you seriously think a grenade is going to kill me you're even dumber than I thought, but fine, I'll put up with your little game until I can get back to the game I have planned for these girls." Freed agreed to Issei's idea of a game and broke the windows, "You go first." Freed waved him over to the window.

Issei walked to the window but stopped and stood still. "What are you waiting for, jump." Freed said, but as soon as he did Issei turned around with an insane look on his face and as he raised his hands two pins fell to the floor and Issei laughed as both grenades exploded and the room shook from the blast. Using the grenade explosion as a distraction he ran and grabbed both Raynare and Mittelt and ran to the window thenjumped out. Thanks to the grenade blast everyone was outside looking up at the smoking room above.

"Issei what is going on? What was that?" Rias asked as Issei landed next to her and laid Raynare and Mittelt down on the grass.

"Oh nothing." Issei sang as he spun around, his scythe materializing and deflecting three light bullets that came from the blown up room. Along with the bullets Freed came down next with his sword drawn and running straight at Issei. "This is gonna be fun." Issei said as he swung his scythe to block Freed's sword then pulled back, spun his scythe then jabbed upwards and used the small blade that acted as a counter balance on his scythe to push Freed's arm up when he switched to his pistol since he couldn't use both thanks to Issei cutting his other arm off. Switching back to his sword Freed swung as fast as he could but Issei just stood there blocking every swing.

After a solid 3 minutes of sword to scythe clashing Freed managed to switch places with Issei so that Freed was standing in front of Koneko, Rias, Asia and Akeno. Issei took three large steps to try and cross the distance between them but Freed smiled as he spun around, and lunged at Koneko with his sword. Koneko tried to move back but Freed was to fast and Koneko closed her eyes as the sword came toward her and after a second she opened her eyes and saw Issei in front of her and the tip of Freed's sword coming out of his side.

"Dick move." Issei said as he grabbed Freed's sword with his now gauntleted hand and snapped the blade then punched him in the stomach hard enough to knock him off his feet and as he fell down Issei kicked Freed across the ground then threw his scythe backwards and gripped the end of the scythe a few inches away from the counter balance then swung upwards and down, the blade going through Freed's shoulder and into the ground. Issei walked over a few feet, bent down to grip his scythe and pushed downwards into Freed's shoulder and more blood splattered onto the ground and Issei; along with Freed's scream of pain was the sweet sound of cracking bones and tearing muscle. Issei smiled and twisted the blade to the left and right. "Come on scream some more, make sweet music for my ears. You did it to Mittelt and you tried to hurt Koneko, you deserve what's coming." Issei said as his eyes glowed dangerously bright red and a black aura surrounded him.

Granting him his wish Freed screamed out in pain and grabbed the blade to try and stop him from twisting it but the struggling only made it worse making Issei laugh as he watched Freed struggle "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK FUCK FUCK." Freed screamed as Issei twisted the blade and ripped his scythe out of his shoulder then slammed it straight back through at a slightly different angle "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU SADIST?" Freed screamed and Issei smiled as he heard bone cracking and the blade slicing through flesh and muscle. Twisting his blade, pushing and pulling he tortured Freed for a minute, enjoying the screams before he ripped his scythe out of his shoulder and raised it above his head.

"Whaaaaaat? You don't like this? Hahahaha...how about some more" Issei licked his lips as he slowly dragged the tip down Freed's arm, watching as Freed's skin slowly separated. "Maybe you should look back at what you've done to other people and think about it." Issei suggested as he held is scythe up and slammed the bottom of the shaft with was slightly rounded onto Freed's wrist, cracking the bones.

"AAAAAAAAH, FUCK YOU, YOU'RE DIRTY DEVILS THAT NEED TO BE PUT DOWN. YOUR LIVES DON'T MAT-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH." Issei used the counter balance blade at the end of his scythe to pierce through Freed's knee while not completely severing his leg. Issei looked over and noticed Koneko grimaced as Freed screamed and seeing her calmed him down a bit and he pulled his scythe out of his knee and held it above his head

"I'd really love to sit here and enjoy this more but my dear Koneko doesn't look very comfortable watching this, that and I just want to kill you." Issei's eyes flashed and grew brighter with his anger and he started to swing down but he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around and yelled at the person who stopped him. "WHAT? I'M BUSY HERE!" Issei's anger subsided when he saw the look of disappointment in Azazel's face as he pulled Issei back.

"I need a message delivered and this is the perfect way to deliver." Azazel said as he raised his hands and a faint purple glow enveloped Freed. "Be lucky I'm helping you live a bit longer."

Issei bent down and picked Freed up by his neck. "Look's like you get to live this time also." Issei let Freed's eyes stare into his own glowing red ones for a few seconds before throwing him to Azazel who after telling Freed something and throwing him through a teleport circle, disappeared back into the house.

"Always gotta ruin my fun, I was about to kill him too." Issei pouted as he turned around to look at his friends awkwardly as they stared at the blood and rubble all over the ground. "What? Is there blood on my face again?" Issei asked in response to the stares as he brought his hand up to his face and felt the flood smear.

"Issei! you idiot, why did you do that?!" Koneko snapped out of her state of shock when she saw Issei bleeding and she ran over to Issei and dragged him inside and to the couch where she started taking his shirts off.

"I have business, I'll be back later." Rias yelled towards the house as she summoned a teleport circle.

"Koneko I'm fine, it's just a little shrapnel, plus my shielding took most of the damage." Issei said as she ripped the last part of his shirt off.

"Shrapnel? What did you do? And shielding? Where? Issei you have a hole through your side you are not fine!" Koneko yelled as she immediately cleaned the 2 inch long wound where he was stabbed and stitched it shut on both sides. Koneko then grabbed a pair of tweezers from the first aid kit she got from the bathroom. Koneko gently grabbed the first chunk of metal she saw and carefully removed it, following it was several more large chunks or metal and some smaller ones. She couldn't get all of it thanks to it being deep in his arm but she stitched up his arm from all the shrapnel cuts and then sighed as she leaned back. Koneko silently thanked her sister for getting into fights and forcing her to learn a bit about stitching and treating wounds.

"Nevermind that, I'll show you later. Also I may or may not have pulled the pins of two grenades and let them explode a foot away from me and Freed." Issei replied as Koneko pulled a big chunk of metal out of his shoulder. She worked on him for a few minutes before stitching up his wounds.

"I couldn't get it all out since there was so much but I got the bigger chunks out." Koneko said as she put the first aid kit away and wrapped his upper arm with gauze.

"It's fine. Thanks though, for getting out what you could." Issei rubbed her head, picked her up and sat her down in his lap. Koneko just purred and snuggled into him. Issei sighed and felt a little bit more comfortable with her on his lap 'Something about her smaller body pressed up against mine is really comforting, do I maybe have a crush on her, Rias said she liked me but...' At that thought Issei blushed but put an arm around her and leaned back but hissed in pain from the wound in his side 'Yeah definitely like her.' Issei thought to himself as he sat back up slightly when he felt his side start to throb.

"Raynare, Mittelt, are you guys alright?" Issei asked as they walked into the living room and sat down on the couch across from him.

"Yeah, thanks to Asia we're fine. I feel ashamed that I helped in killing her, I never should have done what they wanted, I should've known they would double cross us." Raynare said looking down at the floor in anger and guilt. "I'm sorry Issei." Raynare and Mittelt said together as they bowed to him.

"It's fine. I'm not happy that you guys did that but didn't you say earlier that they forced you to help them after you had retrieved Asia and used Mittelt as blackmail?" Issei asked.

"Yeah, I didn't have a choice." Rayanre replied. Silence enveloped the room and everything felt a lot more awkward.

Raynare and Mittelt looked awkwardly at the small cat girl in Issei's lap then looked at each other and sighed. "Well if you're into small I guess you're lucky." Raynare commented with a small smile, hoping to get some reaction and break the slightly awkward silence that enveloped the room.

"I'm not that young, I'm 16." Koneko said as she turned slightly and glared at Raynare.

"I'm not talking about age, I'm talking about in that area." Raynare said with an evil smile as she held her hands up and made a box around Koneko's chest. Koneko blushed in both anger and embarrassment.

"I'M NOT THAT SMALL!" Koneko yelled at them as she was now fully turned around now and facing Raynare. Koneko though glared as best she could and cursed as she eyed Raynare's huge chest.

"I don't know about that, I bet Issei would agree though." Raynare smiled as Koneko deflated completely and turned around slightly to look at Issei who just stared back awkwardly.

"I'm not that small right?" Koneko asked, with a bit of a pouting face she leaned a bit closer to him still waiting for an answer. In response Issei made a split second decision and brought both his hands up to Koneko's chest and groped her causing her face to instantly light up bright red and she sputtered incoherent words that then turned to small moans as he continued to feel her up.

"She's right." Issei said, causing Koneko to stop mid moan and she frowned as she felt a sharp stab in her chest. "You're not to small, just about right, they fit in my hands quite nicely." Issei said as he removed his hands from her breasts and folded them behind his head again and smiled as Koneko's face brightened and she felt a bit of relief. Then she turned and hissed at Raynare with her tongue out.

"Still a perverted beast I see" Raynare said with a smile as she grabbed a random cup off the table and drank what ever was in it which was sprite.

"I'm not a perverted beast, I just highly admire the female body." Issei said with a laugh as he pulled out his phone and checked his notifications, all a bunch of junk spam emails and a few good ones from anime websites he saved and marked as read later. Putting away his phone Koneko snuggled back into him and he pointed to the kitchen. "There might be a few pancakes left that Koneko didn't eat if you're hungry." Issei said and as soon as he said pancakes both Raynare and Mittelt were in the kitchen chowing down on the few that were left over.

Issei heard Koneko mumble pervert and he looked down and saw he had laid his hand between her legs and he immediately pulled it up and sat it on his knee. "Sorry." He said with a smile as he felt her jab him in the ribs with her elbow."Don't be violent." Issei said as he wrapped both his arms around her and squeezed her in a bear hug and then started to tickle her sides. Koneko cried as she tried to escape his tickle attack but it proved useless and she struggled as he continued to tickle her and she thought it wouldn't end but just as she thought that she felt a wetness between her legs and she immediately stopped and Issei stared into eyes and she just blushed bright red and couldn't say anything.

"Koneko, did you ju-" Before he could finish Koneko shoved one of the pillows in the corner of the couch onto his face then ran to the bathroom. "Yes, yes you did." Issei said as he got up and made his way to his room to get a change of pants. Who knew she was ticklish to the point she would pee her pants, Issei wasn't expecting her to do that but he did think it was kinda funny, besides the pee on his pants though. "Come in." Issei said when he heard a knock on his door, Koneko walked in blushing as she shuffled herself in, closed the door behind her and stood awkwardly with her hands behind her back.

"T-That never happened." Koneko said to Issei with a stutter as she walked over and sat on the bed with him. She fiddled with the edge of the skirt she was wearing in the silence of the room and just as she was about to say something Issei turned towards her and stared at her for a moment.

'Should I tell her now or later? No if I tell her now it might ruin our friendship, but if I tell her later she might feel differently, I'm still not sure myself and what if it's to soon and aaaaaaaaaaah.' Issei argued with himself and after a minute of him and Koneko staring at each other awkwardly he decided to tell her how he felt but then came the thought of what he was going to say and another minute of awkward silence followed.

"Koneko..." He started but he closed his mouth and thought for a moment. "Koneko...I...uh, I um...I think I like you more than a friend and I... what I'm trying to say is..." 'Fuck it' He said to himself as he pulled Koneko closer to him, leaned down slightly and pushed his lips to hers." Koneko almost pulled herself away out of pure shock but as soon as she realized he was kissing her she felt a wave of happiness come over her then she closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss. At this Issei wrapped his arms around her and held the kiss for a bit before pulling way for breath. He released Koneko and blushed bright red and fidgeted with the edge of his shorts.

"You'e the worst." Koneko said just loudly enough for him to hear and then she hugged him, and as she did tears streamed down her face, both happy and a bit sad. "I was scared for a moment, I thought I was gonna die then I thought you were gonna die." Koneko tightened her grip on him and he hugged her back.

"I'll never let you or any of my friends die and I'm not gonna die so easily, look." Issei said as he leaned back and lifted up his shirt to show that his wounds were already healed. Koneko's eyes widened a bit and she put her hand on his side and felt where just a few moments ago was a life threatening wound to most normal people.

"It healed so fast, how?" She asked as her eyes focus drifted from his side to his abs and she felt a small pull in herself and started to move her hand from his side over a few inches to his abs but stopped when she heard Issei start to talk.

"It's the Dragon part of me that makes healing so fast." Issei said as he leaned backwards onto the bed and pulled Koneko onto him. Her cat ears and tail coming out as she laid her head on his chest. "I'll never get enough of those adorable ears and tail." Issei said as he rubbed her head and scratched her ears making Koneko's tail swish back in forth in happiness and she purred softly.

"More." Koneko purred as she pushed her head into his hand more. Issei did as she said and rubbed her head more. Koneko moaned into his hands then sat up and pulled her shirt off and looked at Issei with lust filled eyes. "I want more Issei." She said as she grabbed his hands and brought them to her chest.

"Koneko slow down, you're not acting right." Issei said as he tried to pull his hands away but she was persistent and used his hands to rub her chest, though Issei couldn't hold himself back and he started to do it himself without her hands help.

"Aaaaah...nghhh...more!" Koneko moaned as she stripped her bra off and moaned at the feeling of his hands on her bare chest, after a few seconds of Koneko moaning Issei, despite liking the soft squishy feeling of her chest he rolled over and pinned her hands down and stared at her. "Koneko, you're going a bit too fast, snap out of it!" Issei said and he seemed to break through her lust and get the attention of her senses and she calmed down.

"S-Sorry, I don't know what happened." Koneko stuttered as she lowered herself back on his waist and turned her head to avoided Issei's gaze.

"You don't practice or use your senjutsu at all very much do you?" Issei asked but he knew the answer when her legs tightened on his waist and she frowned.

"No wonder your body did that, I should've known that was the reason it forced itself onto you." Issei said as he sat up and pat her head a few times.

"What do you mean?" She asked in confusion with a tilt of her head.

"It has to do with imbalance and strong feelings of love?" He replied as he sat up further and twisted a bit to see her cute face better.

"Love? Imbalance?" Koneko asked still confused, she didn't know much about senjutsu sense she was scared to use it. She swore she would never be like her sister.

"Yeah. Since you never use your senjutsu your bodies energies are imbalanced and with your Nekomata background your body pushed itself into a faze of lust. Being blunt you partially went into mating season and you got a lil bit horny." Issei said and he watched her stiffen and blush bright red.

"U-U-Uh huh." Koneko stuttered as she put her shirt back on. 'Thank satan she put her shirt back on, anymore of that view and I would have started to lose control of myself.' Issei said to himself as he laughed a bit

"If it helps at all, they felt nice." Issei said with an awkward laugh as he watched Koneko twitch in embarrassment. After a minute she pushed him down and lay on him again.

"Shut up...pervert." Koneko mumbled as she closed her eyes

"Do you want me to maybe help you use your senjutsu abilities." Issei asked and she shot up and shook her head.

"No, I cant, I wont be like my sister. I don't want to lose control." Koneko shook her head more as the memories came back to her and brought tears to her eyes.

"Hey it's fine. You wont lose control, I'll be with you the entire time. It'll only get worse the longer you put it off." Issei said as he pulled wiped the tears from her eyes and pulled her back down to his side. Koneko nodded as she curled into him.

"Only a bit and only if you're there with me." Koneko said as she pulled his arm over her shoulder.

"This is so unlike you." Issei laughed as he tightened his arm around her and closed his eyes.

"The others aren't here to see this side of me so it's fine." Koneko mumbled as she started to drift off to sleep. Issei looked at his clock and it was only 7:00 but he felt tired since he had went to bed late the previous night and only got a few hours sleep before he woke up again so he decided to get a bit more sleep.

0000(Monday morning walking to school.)

"Well you guys must have gotten friendly last night." Asia said as she walked along with Issei, Koneko and Rias. She felt jealous as she watched Koneko and Issei's hands that were together sway back and forth as they walked down the street.

"Y-Yeah, something like that." Issei said with a blush and awkward laugh at the memories from the previous night and his embarrassing confession to Koneko. He tried to make it a happy memory which it was but it made him cringe when he thought about the way he went about doing it.

"Did something happen? Are you alright?" Asia's jealousy changed to worry really fast being her innocent self trying to help with anything that might be wrong.

"Yeah we're fine, nothing happened." Issei said as they walked up to the front gates and immediately he had both his hands up holding the fists of his two friends who tried to punch him. Issei twisted them around and pinned them to the ground.

"ISSEI YOU TRAITOR! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FOREVER ALONE CLUB?!" Motohama said as he cried into the dirt.

"YEAH, WHAT HAPPENED TO BRO'S BEFORE HOE'S?!" Matsuda said and Issei reacted on instinct and dropped Motohama then lifted Matsuda into air and up to his eye level and glared at him.

"Say that again and whoever is unlucky to get clean up duty will be picking up pieces of whats left of you from all over the school grounds." Issei smiled then said. "You got that? Ok." He sat Matsuda back down on the ground and continued to class.

"Hey you ever get the feeling there's something not human about Issei?" Motohama asked as he helped his friend off the ground and brushed some dirt off his shirt.

"Yeah maybe it's his damn super strength or his eyes which almost seem like they're on fire." Matsuda replied as he watched Koneko and Issei separate from each other and go to their classes.

"To be fair you probably shouldn't have said that though, I think he and Koneko-chan might be a thing." Motohama said as he smiled and prepared the ship to either set sail or crash and sink.

0000 (Lunch time)

After their last period before lunch which was P.E. Koneko and Issei met up and set out to find Asia so they could have lunch together and Rias said she couldn't make it due to Club things which was a bummer for the group. After finding Asia in the room right next to the cafeteria which was a lounge of sorts, Issei bought 3 drinks and handed one to Koneko, one to Asia and the third for himself. Sitting down next to Koneko he noticed she turned her head away from him and seemed really interested in her juice box. He decided to tease her a bit and reached behind her a just lightly moved her hair and she responded with a small squeak which she immediately tried to hide.

Getting back at him she pulled her leg up and slammed her foot down aiming for his but twisted his ankle and her foot hit the ground, cracking it and drawing the attention of a few people that were hanging around talking with their friends.

Issei smiled at her in a goofy way and she frowned at him then kicked his shin wiping his grin off his face and reminding him of Koneko's super strength.

"Ow. What was that for?" Issei asked as he rubbed his shin and laughed a bit at her. She 'hmphed' and then turned her head away from him. "Hey look people are looking at you weird. You're acting human Koneko, they might think you're sick or something." Issei teased with a smile as she glared at him. "Don't be like that, you're gonna make me sad." He teased her further and she tried to keep a straight face and let the dark aura around her express what she was feeling towards him but it wasn't working so well.w

He pulled her over and hugged her and her straight face broke and she blushed. "Issei there's people watching us." Koneko said as she tried to hide her face but it proved useless. Around them teachers and students alike stopped to stare at the rare sight that was Koneko showing a facial feature that wasn't a straight face.

"Let them, now they know you're mine." He teased as he tickled her side and made her laugh in front of everyone and as soon as she did she covered her mouth and tried not to laugh but she couldn't help it and she thrashed around giggling and coughing until finally she punched him and he fell backwards in his chair pulling her on top of him and she blushed further and quickly got off of him and as she turned around she saw a group of teachers and students staring at her with mouths gaping open and eyes wide as plates.

A cough was heard in the silence of the large room and Koneko's face lit up bright red again and she froze in place, not knowing what to do. Issei picked her up and dashed out of the room and upstairs to the roof of the school.

"You ok?" Issei asked as he waved his hand in front of her face and she didn't move.

"T-T-T-THEY SAW...W-W-WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" Koneko yelled as she hit him lightly. "What did you do to me?" She asked as she noticed she was shaking and her heart was pounding

"I told you your senjutsu is unstable and it's probably affecting your emotions and your personality. Just like the other night." Issei said and at the memory both him and Koneko blushed but he shook it off and grabbed her shaking hands and gave them a light squeeze. "You just need a little bit of practice each day to keep everything in check." He said as he transferred some of his energy into her to calm her down.

"What did you just do?" Koneko asked as Issei sat her in his lap and held both her hands.

"Quiet, focus on me and the points where our hands are connected...You feel that?" He asked as he let his energy flow into her.

"Yeah, is that your senjutsu? Where did you learn how to use it?" Koneko asked as she let his presence relax her.

"An old friend taught me." Issei said as he let go of her hands and opened his eyes.

"Since you're a Nekomata you can better learn to control your senjutsu if you're in forest areas or where there's direct contact with the earth." Issei added as he pulled a cookie out of his pocket and handed it to Koneko. "It got kinda smashed but it should still be edible." He smiled as she grabbed the cookie and peeled off the plastic wrapper and licked at the small crumbs before eating the larger pieces that were left. Issei checked his phone for the time and they still had a half hour of lunch left so he laid back and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Koneko eating her cookies and enjoying the nice breeze.

"This peace and quiet is boring, I need something to do." Issei said as he brought his hand up and moved a few strands of hair that fell into his face. Looking up at the sky he silently wished for something exciting to happen but his thoughts were interrupted when Koneko laid down next to him and yawned. "Still tired?" He asked and she only nodded in response then closed her eyes. "We only got 5 minutes of lunch left." He commented and she sighed but sat up. Her facial expressions returned to the normal look of boredom and her voice was back to being monotone, though her face was still slightly red.

It didn't take long before the bell rang and both Koneko and Issei were walking back for their last 2 classes of the day and as they walked down the halls plenty of people stopped to stare at them. 'Rumors and stuff sure spread fast.' Issei thought to himself as he heard a few whispers about him and Koneko being in a relationship which didn't bother him at first but as time went on he stared to feel slightly embarrassed and he increased his pace to get to class. It didn't help though since he could feel the gazes of everyone on him as he worked.

As the day carried on and it was nearing the end of the day most of the students paid him no attention and all was normal. Issei found Koneko and Asia chatting in the courtyard, though Asia was doing most of the talking and Koneko was crouched down watching a caterpillar slowly climb the tree they were standing next to.

Once they were back to the house Issei pulled out his phone and looked through his messages and found one from Rias reminding him to meet up at the old school building for club activities. 'I wonder what she has planned for tonight?' Issei thought as he put his phone away and went to the kitchen to grab a drink, grabbing 2 others he tossed them to Koneko and Asia.

"Anything anyone wants to do before we go to meet up with Rias?" Issei asked and Asia nodded her head no and Koneko grabbed the remote control for the tv and scrolled through the channels then Issei was dragged over to the couch and Koneko took her place on his lap. "I had something to do." Issei said as Koneko leaned back, preventing him from moving. While she was watching the tv her cat ears and tail popped out and her tail wrapped itself around Issei's wrist. While she was home she started letting her ears and tail be visible more often and Issei was hopeful that she finally accepted it as a part of her.

Fuck off alright?