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It was really too easy to trick everyone


To let everyone else handle everything

"Ahhh please! Someone help me!

And they called me 'lackey'

"I'm sorry! Please it hurts you-you m-monster!"

The 'stupid one'

"Oh monster am I?"

It was.. amusing for a time

"It wasn't just me! It wouldn't have came to that if you hadn't been such a-such a freak!

But i've grown tired of such foolish games

"Then who else is there to blame luv"

And it's time for me to leave

"The entire wizarding world is against you now, and we won't rest until you die!"

The wizards have grown too confident, it's time to...knock them down

"Is that so~ well I'm sorry dear 'Mione but your usefullness has expired"

It's time they learned their place

"No! Please, I still have things to say! T-Things you n-need to hear!

If only they knew what consequences would come of their decision

He paused for a moment before shrugging "It's alright luv, I've got it" before kneeling in front of her kneeling form and looked into her eyes, whispering "Don't think of all the important plans you have for me, Legilimens"

They should know better then to try to chain a sky turned cloud down

"Y-You bastard."

Especially one with a child

" Anything for you luv, Avada Kedarva"

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