Once again Friday afternoon had rolled around which meant once again Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were disagreeing in ethics class. Professor McGonagoll felt that on their return the thing almost all of the returning eighth year students needed was some guidance on ethics. Participating in the war had skewed their view of right and wrong. Not that all of them were particularly versed in this before hand. All students now required to take this class from fourth year in their houses. However as there were so few returning eighth year students she put them all together in one class which she presided over herself. Her weekly headache had began to form. She knew this week would be bad based on the topic. Relations between men and women.

"That's bullshit" screamed Miss Granger. We are due to cover profanity next week. "It's completely ridiculous. Of course women feel the, as you so eloquently put it 'imperative to fuck' we feel desire. Women are just so much better at controlling their impulses" she finishes smugly high fiving Miss Parkinson. That is one friendship I would never have believed but it works for them and it is nice to see Miss Granger have some female company.

Mr Malfoy scoffs "Yeah because Pansy is soo great at self control" he laughs high fiving a smug look Blaise Zabini

Miss Parkinson pales but Miss Granger is quick to her defence "That's rich coming from you two. If even half the rumours are true you are the biggest whores to ever set foot in this castle. But when guys do it it's not perceived negatively. The difference in gender is how we are portrayed afterwards. A woman who is not ashamed of her number of sexual partners is viewed negatively. No one should be judged by how many people they have or haven't slept with"

"Does that mean you're a virgin Granger" he grins

"Virginity is a social concept. Some girls hymens break doing sport or just in their lives. No girl should have her hymen ripped during sex. Even if it's her first time. If she properly turned on and well lubricated there should be no tearing. All that shows is that the guy is either shit at foreplay, ignorant or just doesn't care"

"You didn't answer my question"

"You didn't have a valid question. There is no such thing as virginity"

"Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with another person?" He smirks

"Yes I have. Why are you so interested in my sex life Malfoy?"

"It's relevant to the discussion" he says with a tinge of blush in his cheeks. "As if I want to know what you get up to"

At this point I've had enough and cast a silencio at both of the students. "That is quite enough. There are 18 other students in this room and it might be nice if occasionally they were able to speak. I request that you both take some time to work out what issues you still have with each other. You've both overcome history and house rivalry to make friends with each others friends. I assume that these arguments persist beyond the confines of this classroom as I myself have witnessed some of your dinner table spats. The room across the hall is empty as soon as you enter it the silencing charm will remove and the door will lock. You are to remain in there until you have dealt with this tension and I will have your wands. Off you go" I say as I summon their wands towards me.

The two students gather their things and storm across the hall. Once I hear the shouting resume I silence the room.

"There we are. Now to continue"

"Professor McGonagoll are you not worried they might kill each other?" Mr Potter enquires


"Potter they are not going to kill each other. But they might get a little physical" Mr Zabini laughs "there is only one way those two being locked in a room together ends" he grins

"Mr Zabini that hardly appropriate"

"But relevant to today's discussion"

"What two students who are both of age do together is between them as long as there is no physical damage"

I say unable to stop a slight smile. While unconventional I'm sure this is for the best.