Across the hall

"I cannot believe you got us kicked out of class like that" Hermione screeches dropping her bag to the floor before turning to face him with her arms folded beneath her chest.

Draco can't help but look. He loves the way her tits look when she does that, pulling her shirt tight and pushing her tits up slightly. "Yeah because I'm totally to blame. It was all me and nothing to do with perfect miss know it all." He sneers stepping closer.

"Glad you agree" she replies smugly

"Sarcasm Granger! Merlin you piss me off"

"Yeah well you piss me off"

"Why?" He asks suddenly

"Why what?"

"Why do I piss you off?"

"Well why do I piss you off?"

"I asked first"

"That's just childish"

"Don't care. You're just avoiding the question. Scared Granger?"

"Of course not"

"So go on then. List my so called faults"

"Fine. You're arrogant"

"So are Potter and Zabini but you don't hate them"

"Harry is not arrogant"

"Yes he is. He might be my mate now but that doesn't mean I now refuse to see what an arrogant tosser he can be"

"Fine whatever. You're rude, you look down on everyone, you're smart but lazy and that's so frustrating, you're condescending, you spend most of your free time chasing after girls"

"That's Zabini, Nott and Weasley mostly. I'm just with them and the girls start hitting on me" he says smugly "No girl can resist my incredible good looks"

Hermione scoffs

"In your list you didn't call me ugly" he winks at her

"You cut me off" she rolls her eyes

"My turn now. You think you know everything. You never admit to being wrong and that's why you won't give me a chance even though Potter and Weasley have. You jump to the worst conclusion about everyone because you're so perfect and believe you never do anything wrong. You work way too hard and always try too hard."

"Try too hard? Well at least I make an effort. We can't all live off mummy and daddy for the rest of our lives"

"I don't plan on living off my parents. The Malfoy name is mud now anyway so it's not like it's going to help me. Granger why can't you just forgive me? Everyone else you've welcomed into your life with open arms except me. Is it because of what you told Pansy Saturday night?"

"I was drunk Saturday night. Damned firewhisky. How do you know about that anyway?"

"I have my sources. So is it true you said I was the hottest guy at Hogwarts?" He says stepping up close to her.

"Was it Pansy if so I'm going to kill her?"

"Still avoiding my question?"

"Why does it matter to you anyway? Something new to torment me with?"

He steps towards her again backing her up against the wall enclosing her with his arms.

"Depends do you want to be tormented by me?"

"Why would I.. why would I want to be tormented by you?" She breathes

"Are you going to try to pretend you aren't attracted to me? You get off on our arguments just as much as I do"

"I can't do this" she says pushing on his chest. He backs off. "I don't do casual"

"I know Granger and that's not what I'm suggesting. There's nothing casual about my feelings. Will the arguments stop? Fuck no but that's because we'd both fucking miss them. I want you all to myself. As if I'd agree to any arrangement where you aren't mine a hundred percent."

"I'm not a fan of the idea of 'belonging' to anyone Malfoy"

"But that's the way it works. Not one-sided but a partnership where I belong to you just as much as you belong to me. What you don't seem to get is I'm already yours all you have to do is say yes"

"So you've been concealing this 'epic love' you feel I'm supposed to just believe it"

"Shit Granger I'm not down on one knee proposing. I'm saying we stop fighting against the chemistry between us. McGonagoll sent us out of the room that's how out of hand we've got"

"I don't know"

"Kiss me"


"Kiss me and tell me you don't feel anything that it doesn't affect you in any way and I'll drop it"

"Just like that. Just a kiss"

"Just a kiss"


They stare at each other neither moving.

"Your move Granger I'm waiting for you. You pushed me away. This one is all on you"

she nods and starts walking towards him. Yeah she'd told Pansy he was the hottest guy at Hogwarts but it was more than that. She never felt more alive than when fighting with him. How could she survive a kiss? Just as she leaned in she looked in his eyes and saw the one thing that would be her undoing. Hope. His eyes were shining with hope. She pressed her lips to his knowing, without a single doubt that everything had changed.

That was her last conscious thought before she found herself pressed against the wall his hand between her legs while hers were pulling at the fastening of his trousers, sliding them down. She felt him enter her roughly with a gentle look in his eyes. Passion took her over again so when the door opened she didn't even notice lost in sensation as she was. The door shut again abruptly leaving the couple alone once more.

Back in the classroom Blaise and Ron reenter the room. Blaise looks smug while Ron is faintly green.

"Well are they still arguing or have they found a way to reconcile their differences?"

Ron finds his voice "a little of both Professor"

"What do you mean Weasley?"

"Well Professor what Weasley means is yes they're still arguing but also yes they have found a way to reconcile their differences"

Blaise responds smirking. "I think they need a little longer though"

"What on earth were they fighting about now?" She asks looking from one to the other.

"Who was on top" Blaise says bluntly. The class gasps and starts talking all at once.

"Well about time" Professor McGonagoll states the edges of her mouth curling to a smile.