Battle Atop the Mountain

Two trainers stood opposed to each other atop Mt. Eclipse, a young woman and a young man. Both emanated a fierce determination.

"I've already won and you know it!" Gloated the fashionably dressed woman. She wore long pink hair under a white hat, a pink and white blouse and matching boots. She smirked gently at the man opposite of her. "Give up while you still have your dignity!"

"Feh!" Snorted the black haired man. He donned a black and green coat along with spiked boots of a similar color. On the back of his coat was a Haxorus insignia. "Too soon you gloat little Beautifly. We're far too experienced to let a fairy stop us!"

The woman chuckled before sending out a Togekiss. The winged fairy beamed brightly in confidence. "Fine, don't say I didn't warn you, Dragonman!"

"You know what to do!" The man commanded as a Dragonite burst onto the field.

Chapter One- Lux

A young sixteen year old boy laid asleep in a fancy white cabin rocking to waves that struck the large ship. A small Eevee cuddled with him. It had a pink bow wrapped around its left ear. A gentle knock awoke the critter prompting it to nudge the boy.

"Hmm..?" The boy mumbled. He had short black hair with a bang that covered his right eye partially. "...What is it Eevee?"

"Vee!" The small fox like creature cried gesturing to the door. As if on cue, a gentle knock rang out followed by a woman's voice. "Lux sweetie, are you awake?"

"Ah!" Lux exclaimed as he collected himself. "Yeah, hold on while I get dressed, Mom!"

Lux quickly dressed in his usual attire. He dressed in a simple grey shirt covered by a black and green jacket, along with matching pants and boots. He gazed gently at a similarly colored hat his mother had bought for him. Why not?

Lux quickly opened the cabin door for his mother. She was a fashionable woman in her mid thirties with, what he assumed was, naturally pink hair and steel eyes. "Mom."

"Son." His mother responded, playfully. "Are you ready to eat?"

Eevee quickly pounced into her arms as if to answer. His mother chuckled as she caught her. "I'll take that as a yes!"

The three made their way to the dining room where they prepared to start their day. Lux ate a basic, well as basic as a five star meal can get, breakfast while his mother and Eevee feasted on the chef's best. After finishing his mother spoke up. "So are you ready?"

Lux instinctively knew what she was referring to, a frown forming on his face. "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be…"

"Don't be so pessimistic…" His mother teased, mildly agitated. "I started my journey when I was ten! Look at me now! Champion of the Spes region!"

"I know!" Lux argued. "I just don't want to do this! I don't even have a proper battle ready Pokemon!"

Eevee held her head down in shame. "Ee…"

"I didn't mean it like that…" Lux apologized. "But do you see what I'm saying, Mom?"

"I would make a sarcastic remark but…" His mother reached into her bag before pulling out a small red and white object, and holding it out to him. "Here you go."

Lux slowly reached out for the ball, half expecting his mother to take it back. He grasped it tightly in his hands, slowly inspecting it, as his mother sarcastically remarked. "It's no Charmander, but it should please even you."

Lux gently tossed the ball onto the ground. "Go!"

From the ball emerged a small green tusked bipedal Pokemon, which immediately cried, "Ax-ew!"

"That's…" Lux began.

"Your father bred this Axew just for you before he disappeared." His mother interrupted.

Lux couldn't help but smile at the little guy. "Hey Ax-" He was quickly cut off as the Axew swiped at him. "Hey!"

Axew simply growled as he turned away from him. He turned to Eevee, let out a snarl causing her to flee to a couple's table nearby.

"Really?" Lux questioned aggressively prompting laughter from his mother.

"You asked for a battle ready Pokemon. Well, there he is." Her tone shifted. "We'll be getting off soon, so get your things."

"Why are we going to New Fang City again?" Lux asked. And yes the city was called New Fang for some bizarre reason. "I don't remember you telling me..."

"Just go pack up." His mother ordered. "I'm just delivering some news to the Gym Leaders."