Hey there guys and gals, this is my first fanfic. Hope you enjoy this. 8man is a character that has always been kinda special to me, so he's bound to be the protagonist here. Just a warning though, this fic will take a rather darker shade with the upcoming chapters.

Hachiman PoV




"Who in this world dares to disturb my eternal slumber?"- I thought as my phone continued to vibrate on my desk, normally I would just sleep through such things, but today it just so happens that my sleep is eluding me, disturbed by the constant humming of my phone. Begrudgingly, I open my eyes and glance over my alarm clock, the display shows the time 12: 30 A.M.


"Guess there is no helping it"- I thought as I somehow got up and moved over to my desk, "I swear if Yuigamahama is spamming me again I'll block her"- I think as I finally reach over to my desk and grab my phone, reluctantly I unlock the screen to see about 6 new messages, all from the same sender in a span of less than 10 minutes! I let out an annoyed sigh but soon feel myself breaking into a cold sweat, as I glance upon the contact name of the sender. Normally I would just switch off the damn device and go to bed again, but this time a sense of dread fills my mind as the sender's name flashes before me on my screen.

She is the last person I want anything to do with in this world, not to misunderstand, most teenage guys will leap with joy if they receive messages from girls in the middle of the night, hell I spent many sleepless in middle school expecting a reply from my female classmates, only to receive replies like "Sorry I went to sleep early last night…" or "My battery wore out…." about 24-36 hours later, but that is besides the point! The point here is that I, Hikigaya Hachiman, king of loners and cynics, rotten to the core, am receiving messages from a girl in the middle of the night, but contrary to what a guy may think, this does not bring me any sense of happiness, not with her, her façade repulses me and her fake smile looks like a curved execution blade, she is someone who would set fire to a village just to witness the flames, she is a devil incarnate, a person who is possibly more rotten than me and can read me like a book, someone that scares me, the one and the only-


"Gah"- I nearly drop my phone as it notifies me of the seventh message in the last quarter of an hour. "Now that's too much"- I think as I grip onto my phone tightly, the sender's name flashes on the notification screen again, somehow more threatening than before, I contemplate a logical course of action on this unprecedented development, this is not something that I envisaged her doing, but coming from her it is not unprecedented, as with her anything is possible.

Any logical action taken at this point will simply result in him becoming a part of whatever scheme she had apparently come up with, something that I certainly did not want to know or be a part of, reading the messages was hence out of question, I was not going to be dragged into her schemes, atleast not until I could stay out of it. Gathering my wits I made a decision, I would not let her dictate the terms and gain an advantage now, whatever her ulterior motives were, I would not be dragged into her schemes, "Yosh, it's time to use one of my 108 special loner skills-Ignorance"- I thought as I went to home screen, without even opening the messages I switched off my phone and placed it inside my drawer, not willing to look at it right now. Turning back towards my bed, I release a breath I was unconsciously holding all this time, "Man that woman can get on my nerves, and I didn't even read those messages!"- I thought as I moved over to my bed and laid down on my back, looking at the dark ceiling, figuring her motives, what did she want of me? That too this late in the night?- the thoughts bombarded my brain as I tossed around attempting to sleep.

Finally after what seemed to be eternity, my eyelids became heavier and my brain, possibly tired from all the thoughts, shut down to give me some well deserved rest. As my eyes closed and I floated towards the realm of slumber, a last fleeting thought entered my mind, "What did she want?"- the she-devil, Yukinoshita Haruno.

(Next Morning)

"Hachiman"- Ah! The angelic voice calls out to me, I look around to see Totsuka calling out to me, he looks beautiful clad in an apron, wait what!? The angelic Totsuka comes closer to me, I feel elated, my faith in this world is restored, what a beautiful world this is… "Hachiman"- the angel in the apron calls out again as he comes near me, but then suddenly stops near me, and for some reason I feel a sharp pain near my gut, as the smiling face of my angel disappears…..

"Wake up Onii-chan!"

'Ooof'-I grunted as I found a weight land on my belly. I woke up with a vengeance to curse and wreak havoc and destruction upon the person who had dared to disturb my sleep, more importantly my dream with Totsuka, but only found the cute smiling face of my younger sister as she continued to pound me.

"Komachi, it's still too early"-I mumble, hoping to catch a little more sleep as I tried to lay down under my covers and go back to Totsukaland, only to find myself get yanked as my sister pulled my left arm with a surprising amount of force, almost making me fall off the bed.

"Nuh-uh onii-chan, your alarm has been ringing for half an hour now, you'll miss class if you sleep any longer"-Komachi stated, clearly she was agitated by my actions. Half-asleep, I glanced at my alarm clock to check the time

"Uhh.. it's 8:02 AM, man I could still sle…. HOLY SHIT!"-I cursed internally, classes began in over half an hour, and to top it off my first lecture was modern Japanese, which meant one thing, Hiratsuka-sensei!I jerked myself awake, Komachi was already gone leaving me alone in my room, keeping in mind the paucity of time, I prioritized the tasks to ensure that I could leave as fast as possible.

I went into the shower and brushed simultaneously, drying myself I quickly threw on my uniform, grabbed my phone, bag and wallet and rushed downstairs, *sigh* breakfast would have to be skipped today. Outside, I noticed Komachi standing, waiting for me with 2 slices of toast and a can of MAX Coffee, "That's my sister, so thoughtful, Komachi stay with me for life!"-I thought as I rushed over to her, gulped the toasts and put the MAX in my bag as I rushed to my trusty bicycle.

"Now onii-chan I know you're late but be careful, after all you are precious to your little sister, ah that earned me a lot of Komachi Points!"-she said as I got on my bike and replied "Yeah, you're the best, see you, bye" as I pedalled with all my might as I heard her mutter goodbye and leisurely walk over in another direction, well she did still have another half an hour until her classes began, me on the other hand… I removed my phone from my pocket and switched it on, 8:16 AM, "Yess, I've still got 14 minutes to reach school, and another few minutes before homeroom begins"-I thought as I rushed through the early morning dawning on Chiba. The traffic was still low with most corporate slaves either already in office or sleeping in their homes after working late, making my journey quicker, I was about to pocket my phone when I looked over at the notification screen again, 15 messages in total had been sent last night, all from the demon mistress-Yukinoshita Haruno. Thinking that whatever she had planned was going to be (with classic anime reference) 'troublesome' I pocketed my phone and rode away to the great Sobu High.

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