A/N: I have hopped onto the bandwagon of multiple reincarnation collections and this, apparently, is the result. Each chapter can stand alone but it wraps up in a connected whole at the end. The last chapter will probably be longer than the rest of the fic combined.

Warnings: Language and deaths. A lot of it, for a lot of people, because the title says it all.

Takes place in various timelines with various back drops. The first and last one, however, are divergent canon.

Funeral March


Do you believe in reincarnation, Yu?

Idiot, isn't that how we were born?

No, I mean, the multiple cycle kind. The spiritual, to hell and back, cut red string, that kind.


Because – I remember you.

They weren't meant to be together. And for the majority of their lives, that was true.

But there were always exceptions, and even once was enough.