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Nottingham, England

Present day


Bella woke to the feel of feather light kisses peppering her cheek and jaw. A heavenly sigh left her lips as she enjoyed the gentle touches that Jasper was lavishing on her. She didn't open her eyes, instead she allowed her other senses to take over. Breathing deeply, she couldn't help but smile as she smelt him.

She wasn't massively good with naming scents, she could tell when something smelt nice of course, but some fragrances were always out of her grasp. Smelling Jasper was no different. If she had to say, she would guess that she could smell gunpowder on him, almost like the smell that lingers in the air after Bonfire night, from all the fireworks that had gone off.

A spice of some sort. Sandalwood maybe? Or was it more cinnamon? Whichever it was, she loved, and personally, couldn't give a toss if she ever figured it out or not. She could hardly compare how she smelt right now. She knew she needed a shower, that she had been sweating in the night and more than likely had a faint smell of body odour going off.

Jasper may be a vampire with his heightened sense of smell but she highly doubted that those smells were appealing.

"You gonna pretend to be sleeping a little more, hey sugar?" Jasper's lips brushed her ear. "I made coffee."

"Hmmm, coffee, gimme," she murmured.

His chuckle rattled in her ears as she felt his fingers skim lightly over her stomach. "Open your eyes, and you can have it."

"I'd sooner have something else," she moaned, feeling his fingers brush against the swell of her breast.

"Me too," he growled in her ear.

Bella opened her eyes, seeing Jasper's face just inches away from hers. "I need a wee first," she smiled, kissing his nose and slipping out of bed. "Sorry."

"No sorries needed, just hurry back," Jasper smirked.

She watched him recline back on the bed, relaxing with his hand behind his head before she bolted out the door and towards the bathroom.

Pausing for a fraction, she listened to see if she could hear Emma at all. Not that her being in the house bothered her, it was more she just wanted this to be more private between the two of them. Noticing that she couldn't hear anything and seeing her bedroom door slightly ajar, she continued her quest to the bathroom.

After sorting out her needs, she flicked on the shower, praying to all heavens that the boiler wouldn't choose now to pack up. She really wanted to be all nice and clean for their first time, and a busted boiler would seriously throw a spanner in the works.

"Thank you, Lord!" she cheered as her hand touched the spray and felt that it was heating up nicely.

Stripping off, she jumped in and quickly washed and took care of her shower routine. As she stuck her head under the shower head again to rinse the conditioner out her hair, she shrieked loudly, feeling Jasper's arms circle her waist.

"You scared the shit out of me," her voice turning into a moan as Jasper's lips attacked her neck. "A little warning next time."

"You were taking too long," he purred in her ear, pulling her closer to him.

She gasped slightly, feeling him hard and ready, pressing against her lower back. A slight tremor of nervousness swept through her.

Bella wasn't a virgin by any means, but she hadn't exactly been putting it about either. During her time at uni, there had only been Craig, and one other guy, and before uni it had been her boyfriend of a few years.

Yet, even though she was comfortable in her own sexual abilities and her body, to some degree she still felt nervous.

The whole first time with someone new. Them seeing you for the first time, you seeing them, wondering if he liked what he saw or not. Though she was yet to turn and see him, she knew that she still wanted him.

Just as she turned in his arms pushing down the feeling of nervousness that was creeping up, she felt a whole new sense of nerves coming from Jasper. Feeling his nerves somehow relaxed hers. The whole notion of her wondering and her own thoughts were mirrored by Jasper's.

It was his first time with her too. And, though she wasn't sure and hadn't asked him, she somewhat gleaned the impression that after his wife, there had been no one else.

"I might not have wanted to share my shower with you. Did you think of that cowboy?" She asked, letting her hands roam the hardened planes of his chest.

"Something tells me you don't mind in the slightest."

His lips met hers softly before pulling back for a fraction of second and then touching once more. She felt his body tremble against hers, matching the tremble of anticipation that was coming from her. Both not wanting to rush this, but wanting more and more.

Slowly, her lips parted as she deepened the kiss. Jasper's tongue swept across her lips before brushing and tangling with hers. There was no rush and no urgency in the kiss, despite their trembling bodies. The raw, powerful emotion of need took hold once more as she became lost in him.

Lips touching, teeth nipping, hands roaming, they explored one another's bodies under the hot shower spray. Every dip, every ridge, every part of Jasper that she touched made her want him more and more.

She gasped, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt his fingers touch her slick folds, gently parting her lips.

"Jasper…" she moaned, hitching her thigh over his hip as his fingers brushed against her bundle of nerves. "I want you so fucking bad."

Jasper growled in response, kissing and nipping at her neck. Her body felt in overdrive, completely overpowered by the sensations that Jasper was evoking in her. Bella was sure that she had never felt anything like this before. The sheer burning desire to connect with someone so intimately.

Her hand moved down, following the trail of water that ran from the shower head and down his body. Gently, her fingers danced up and down the hard length of his cock, feeling him twitch and throb in response.

"Stop," Jasper panted out against her neck, "I'll cum if you do that."

"That's not a bad thing, is it?" she teased him in a husky voice, full of desire.

"I want to be in you," he said, cutting the shower off.

Before she could really register it, she found herself in his arms then suddenly on her bed. Their bodies still wet from the shower as she felt him slowly enter her. She gasped, her hands splaying down his back as her body welcomed him deep inside her.

"Jasper…" she managed to say, searching for his hand.

She found it almost instantly, almost as though he was looking for hers, needing that touch to anchor one another. To her, it felt like something else was happening, a connection was being made, an answering to a call, of giving and receiving, of being in love.

He moved slowly, thrusting deeply into her, pushing her closer and closer to some unknown edge that she never knew existed before. Bella knew, knew that whatever this edge was, would be like nothing she had ever experienced before.

She felt so connected to him, almost as though she knew him on some spiritual level. Their souls seemed to connect, forming and reshaping. There was a pain inside of him, she felt it seep into her as they moved, and she felt her own body respond to his pain. Wrapping him up, and covering him in a thick blanket of love, letting him know she was there.

"I love you," Jasper whispered as his lips met hers.

Warmth spread inside of her, hearing those words. Words that she knew she felt for him before now. Words that she wanted to hear from him.

"I love you," she replied, knowing that she had never spoken a truer word.

Her back arched as the first trembles of her orgasm approached. Jasper's pace picked up a fraction, gripping her tighter to him. She felt Jasper's lips trail her neck, and instinctively, she moved her head granting him more access.

His teeth pierced her neck, and she lost control. Her body shook as a silent cry of joy left her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her. Her body singing, her soul rejoicing as she felt him cum seconds after her.

"Wow," she panted, feeling Jasper kiss slowly up her neck. "That was…."

"Amazing?" He chuckled in her ear. "Incredible?"

"Spiritual, amazing, incredible, soul connecting," she said, moving with him so they laid side by side, legs still entwined, hands still holding.

Bella didn't want to let this moment go, this connection that she felt; how alive she felt.

"That's because it was," he murmured, letting go of one of her hands to touch her neck. "My mating mark on you."

"Is that what it is?" she asked, her own hand moving and touching where he had bitten her.

"It's a bond, a connection that Vampires make to their mates. It lets you into me, connects your soul to mine. It's an instinct that is in us, and when you are changed, our bond will be completed."

"Wow," she gasped, "It makes sense what I felt."

"Hmm," he murmured.

"I do love you, Jasper," she told him.

"As I do you, darlin'."


A few hours later, they found themselves hand in hand outside The Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. They had spent the morning in bed, touching, caressing, teasing, loving each other, before they decided to go out and see the cursed galleon.

Jasper had informed her that the next few days after today would be sunny, and they wouldn't be able to go out much in the daytime. Bella couldn't say that she didn't like the idea of being stuck inside with Jasper for a few days, in fact, she loved the idea.

"How you feeling?" she asked, wondering if Jasper's enhanced senses and his gift would pick up on the strange aura that surrounded the pub.

"Hmm, there's definitely something."

"Come on, I'll buy you a pint and show you the galleon. They have cellar tours if you wanna go on one?" She had never been on one herself, though she had often been tempted to go. "Just don't leave me, or play any tricks on me."

"I won't darlin'," he reassured.

Stepping into the pub, she felt Jasper tense for a second before relaxing. She wondered if it was because of the small space and humans or the ghosts that were rumoured to linger. Maybe it was a combination between the two, she wasn't sure.

"Hi, what can I get you?" the man behind the bar said.

"Hiya," Bella smiled, "What ciders you got?"

"Oh, cider drinkers," the man smiled, "Sweet or dry?"

"Sweet for me, Jay?"

"Dry, please."

"American? Come to see the cursed galleon?" he asked, pouring four little shot glasses of cider. "These two are sweet, these are dry. Give em a try and choose. We do have Strongbow on tap, and Kloppenburg if you fancy those inside."

"Cheers." Bella grinned. "Oh, that's nice." She said testing the first glass. "Have you got any tours going?"

"You know, we've not got any going on today, but I could sort out one for you guys if you like?"

"That would be great, thanks," Jasper said, his eyes casting around the room. "It's got a strange feel to it."

"Yeah, but you get used to it. The cellars are by far the worst," he said. "I'm Karl, pub landlord, by the way."



"I'll let you guys pick and then I'll show you around, it's a little dead at the moment."

"Can I have the second one please," Bella asked.

"Sure, pint or half?" Karl asked.

"Pint please," she said, "I may need it for the tour."

"Ah, a first timer, huh?" Karl asked, "There's not many locals that haven't done this tour before."

"Bella's a little scared," Jasper smirked, "Though, she thinks it would be funny for me to touch that cursed galleon."

"It wouldn't be wise," Karl said, pouring Bella's drink. "The cleaner who placed it in the glass case, didn't even touch it and died within twelve months," Karl placed Bella's pint down, "And for you, sir?"

"I'm not fussy" Jasper said, "Either will do."

"You okay?" she asked, noticing that Jasper was starting to look uncomfortable.

Glancing around the pub, she noticed that there was only an old boy sitting in the far corner, nursing what looked like a pint of mild, while he flicked through the local paper. Slowly, her hand slid down his arm and into his hand, giving him a little squeeze.

"Yeah, it's just…"

"Something there, right?" Karl said, "You seem to be more open than your girlfriend here. Maybe you have a touch of the old gift."

"Maybe," Jasper mused, and Bella snorted.

"You know, before I took over as pub landlord, I never truly believed all the tales that surrounded this pub. Yeah, the galleon is creepy looking and some of the cellars? Don't like those too much, but after being here for a few years, seeing things that shouldn't happen? I'm a firm believer in ghosts and people who can sense them, speak to the dead and all."

"It just feels like someone is watching me, but I can't pinpoint it," Jasper said, slightly confused as he looked around the pub.

"Ah, the old lady." Karl grinned, offering Jasper his pint. "See the woman hanging above the fireplace? No matter where you stand and look at her, her eyes follow you. It's almost like she's keeping an eye on the whole room. It often makes me uncomfortable when I suddenly catch her looking."

"Who was she?" Bella asked.

"No one knows for sure. We think she was a past landlady or a member of a family that once owned this pub," Karl offered. "This pub has so much in it, and is so old, that a lot of things weren't recorded back then. You guys ready?"

"Sure." Jasper smirked.

"I…." Bella said, suddenly feeling nervous about going on the tour.

It was all well and good talking about it, or even seeing the galleon, something she had seen before, but did she really want to go on the tour? See the cellar's that were connected to castle? She had heard things, stories about people seeing and feeling things on these tours. She wasn't so sure she could actually handle it.

"Relax," Jasper whispered in her ear, "Vampire, remember. If you're not scared of me, then this shouldn't scare you. Besides, I'll not let anything happen to you."


"Hand on heart."

"Does that even work? It doesn't beat," Bella smiled.

"It does now."


"Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, a gentleman who entered the pub was made to bestow his handmade galleon as payment for the bar bill when he could not afford to pay," Karl began as they stood in the room that had the galleon in it. "The galleon was hung downstairs in the front room to gather dust and when the time came to clean it, the curse began. People started to become ill and then subsequently began to die whenever it was cleaned. Over time they refused to clean it or touch it, so it's been hung from the ceiling for the last couple hundred of years."

"Why put it in glass? I get that it helps the dust no longer build up, but the dust is still there," Bella asked.

Karl smiled, "The ship is now displayed in a glass case to prevent people from getting too close.

"Makes sense," Bella said. She could only imagine the amount of drunken idiots who might have thought it would be a good idea to touch it after a few pints.

"As I said downstairs, it was put in the glass box a long time ago by one of the cleaners just before they retired. She subsequently died within a couple of weeks," Karl said. "I wouldn't even touch that glass for all the tea in China."

"Yeah, I think I'll pass," Jasper said. "The stairs leading up here, there felt like there was something there almost blocking my path."

"You're not the first person to say that and you won't be the last. A lot of people have been held up on the stairs; say that they felt something blocking their path, and others just can't pass it all," Karl offered. "It's a draw of energy on them stairs at times. Though, it seems to be more active when the pub is busier."

"More bodies, more energy that gets created for it to draw from," Bella murmured with her glass against her lips. "Dunno, I'm guessing."

"Perfect sense, so for your boyfriend to feel it now, they clearly didn't like you." Karl smiled. "I swear it does it just to piss me off at times."

"A ghost that likes to play tricks, nice," Jasper commented. "So, is it the cellar next?"

"Yeah, follow me," Karl began to head back down the stairs. " Carved out from the soft rock, the cellars of the Trip to Jerusalem are like interconnecting caves," Karl started, " Previous landlords have both seen and heard two ghosts, a man and woman. We hear people calling when there's no one there. There's a woman, wearing what appears to be crinoline skirts, seen walking down the stairs into the cellars."

Bella shivered, gripping Jasper's hand tighter as they approached the cellar. She felt a wave of calm and love wash over her from Jasper, making her breathe deeply and relax a little.

"Have you heard someone calling out?" Jasper asked Karl.

"No, but I've heard footsteps and I've caught a glimpse of the woman a few times," he said. "It's uncomfortable down here. These caves have been in use at least since the Norman conquest and probably longer. There's a narrow shaft pierces the rock above all the way up to the castle, which is believed that this was a "shouting hole" to allow those in the castle to call for more ale from the cellars below."

"Wow," Bella breathed, "I knew the pub was old, and I knew a little about its history and the fact that it was connected to the castle, but I didn't know that."

"Yeah, sometimes you can smell tallows burning and it can last for up to twenty minutes at a time before it disappears."

"I can't smell anything," Bella frowned, a little disappointed.

"It doesn't happen all the time," Karl told her, "Come on, this way. On the far side of the cellars is a rusting iron gate. This hangs limply from its hinges before a doorway cut into the rock wall. This is said to be the condemned cell of the castle prison." Karl pointed towards the gate.

Walking through the gates, Bella froze, not liking the feeling this room gave off. She had only just stepped into the room, barely across the threshold, and yet she felt as though going any further would be a bad idea. She shook her head and began to back away, pulling Jasper's hand with her.


"You're not the first, even I hate coming into this room, it just doesn't feel right, does it?"

"I'm guessing people died in here, not even getting the chance to be hanged?" Jasper asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and gently rubbing her arm.

"Yeah, some died down here because of starvation and dehydration. These men were shackled to walls, commended and left to die. Some of them were innocent men, some were pure evil. It's the evil that lingers."

"Has anyone ever offered to stay the night in here?" Jasper asked.

"You thinking of staying here tonight then, Jay?" Bella teased. "Want to prove you're a big hard man from the States?"

"He's welcome to try and last the night."

"Hell no," Jasper said. "I'll walk into the room, I'll happily have a drink in it, but stay? Nope, you can though, if you want. I know you secretly want to."

Karl chuckled. "A few years back, two local drinkers wanted to do it. They were all full of dutch courage, thinking that they could easily spend the night in this room." Karl shook his head with a smile. "The fools lasted twenty minutes before they were begging to get out and then were violently sick afterwards. It took them a good few months before they would even step foot inside the pub again. And even now, they won't go into certain rooms."

"What happened?" Bella asked.

"God knows, they never said. But whatever it was, whatever they saw, felt, and experienced that night scared them to the core. I honestly thought they would have a heart attack, they were that white," Karl informed them. "I don't mind anyone trying, but I know they won't make it to an hour before they come out again."

"Can't say I blame them, the room just feels evil and wrong," Bella said. "I think I've seen enough cellar now," she smiled weakly.

"Okay, no more cellars. Last port of call, the chair." Karl said.

"The chair?" Jasper questioned as they began to move back to the pub.

"Yes!" Bella said with a large smile. "They have this chair here, that if you sit on it, you'll get up the duff."

"A chair that gets you pregnant?" Jasper said with a confused expression.

"We have this really old chair, that in the past, women who have sat on it have gotten pregnant pretty soon after. It's said to increase your chances. However, it's that old now and the demand for it was so high, that we have had to stop people from sitting on it."

"Heard everything now," Jasper mused. "Do people beg and plead to sit on it?"

"Oh yeah, you hear some right stories too as to why they should be allowed, but we always have to say no. You can see it, it's in one of the rooms, but you can't sit on it. At the weekends, or when we know it's going to be busy, we corner off that section of the pub so no one tries and takes a seat." Karl finished speaking just as they re-entered one of the pub rooms. "Same again?"

"Please," Jasper answered.

"Coming right up," he grinned. "The chair is next to the fireplace, feel free to have a look but don't try and sit on it."

"I won't," Bella called out as they stood and look at the old chair. "Compared to everything else here, this one is boring."

"This one is nice," Jasper corrected. "You feeling okay now? You were pretty freaked out in that cellar."

"I am now, but in there?" she said, looking in the direction of which they came. "I don't think I've ever felt so scared in all my life! There was just something…. I can't put my finger on it, but it just unnerved me."

"I know it did, darlin'," Jasper whispered, pushing her hair off her shoulder and kissing the mark on her neck. "Gotta admit, it sent my gift crazy."

"Really? You know I did wonder how you would fair with your enhanced abilities," Bella said, walking to the bar and grabbing her pint. "Can I open a tab, Karl?"


"Brill, just gonna nip outside for a fag." Taking her pint and heading outside, she sat on the pub bench and watched as Jasper sat across from her. "How was it for you in there, then?"

"Whatever it is that lurks in there, didn't like me being in there. Even in death, it could sense what I am and in turn, it hated me being there. I am death walking in human form, it's why your instincts will flare up from time to time. You know I'm deadly and so did it."

"That's strange, because it's a spirit of some sort, a demon maybe?"

"It's not strange, it's logical," Jasper said taking a smoke from her packet. "A creation from the devil would react the same way. Look at it this way," he said, taking a long pull of his smoke. "Two gangs living in the same area, both have lines. One crosses to the other side, there's gonna be a whole push-pull thing. Same here. They wanted me out for fear I may never leave."

"Ah, okay, so were you scared?" She asked, taking a drink, "I know I was, but you? You didn't seem fazed at all."

"Scared for you, yes, not for me," he replied with a smile. "Who knows what sort of things that thing can do and do to you. There isn't much it could do to me, but you? You, on the other hand, it could have turned its attention to you to get me to leave."

"Glad I didn't stay in that cellar now," Bella said.

"Me too." He smiled for a fraction of a second before she saw his eyes narrow slightly.

Turning her head, she looked behind her but saw nothing. Confused she looked back at Jasper, who still had his eyes trained on something she couldn't see.

"What is it?" Bella asked, leaning over the table a little bit.

"Vampire, one I don't know." Jasper replied, his eyes never leaving what they were fixed on.

"Another vampire?" she asked, standing quickly and moving to Jasper's side. "What does this mean?"

"Nothing," he said before looking at her. "It was a Volturi guard, I think Caius sent someone to see what was happening."

"Oh…" she replied, not really sure what this meant to her, or to them.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure Caius will be expecting me to tell him all about the fact I have a new mate when I return," Jasper said putting out his smoke. "Though, with his tab seeing us and me seeing him, there won't be much for me to say. Come on, let's enjoy the rest of the day, the sun breaks out tomorrow."

"That means I get to see you sparkle," she grinned happily.

"It certainly does."

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