I don't own Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil and this work is fictional (but who would complain if it wasn't?)

They've seen too much

Dan's p.o.v.

"Hey guys, Dan here, and thanks for watching another YouNow of mine." I pause to look at Phil who is sitting beside me. "And today joining us is a very special guest."

Phil slides into the camera view. 'Hello!"

"So what are we going to take about today, Philip?" I ask watching him closely.

"Let's see what the chat says! Hmm… oh, Jenny K. says 'Dan, when are you posting the video you said you'd put up last Thursday?'" Phil reads.

I give a tiny embarrassed laugh and look at the floor. "Um, once I edit it?"

"Dan! You told me you were almost finished!" Phil accuses.

"I got… distracted! You know me and my procrastination habits."

The comments fill with notes on how cute Phan is being and scolding me for lying to Phil.

"Lets just move on, okay, Lauren-the-kitty says 'why do you two look like you haven't slept in a week?' that is a good question! We really haven't been sleeping. A lot of tour and book stuff going on right now." Phil asks and answers. I yawn behind him as the comments keep going.

We answer dozens of different questions and go off on tangents about various things but I almost fall asleep at one point and Phil laughs before he checks the time.

"Why hasn't anybody said anything? We've been going on forever! Don't you have lives or are you really all just a bunch of lizards?"

I laugh tiredly. "It's only been fifty minutes!"

The comments reply with 'we love you guys!', 'don't leave us', and 'Dan, you NEED to sleep!' as well as many more.

We look at each other and then I shrug. "Okay, then we're going to call it a night… thanks for watching!" I mumble and yawn.

I keep my laptop open but just stare beside it at lost in thought. I just sit there.

"Come on, you can't sleep on the floor." Phil says standing to go to his room.

"I just want to keep sitting here. It's cozy with you so close."

"You need to sleep. It doesn't matter where." He implies.

I looks up from the floor and smirk.

Phil kisses me swiftly. I just get a taste of his lips before he pulls away and is already going to his room.

I sits there for a minute longer still lost in thought and then looks up at my laptop to turn it off. I see something that makes my lungs stop. My heart doesn't stop beating but thuds heavily instead.

I had failed to log off the live show and most people were still watching and had seen the flirting and kiss.

"Phil!" I call as I frantically log off the live show, shut the computer down, and then close it for good measure.

"What?" Phil calls coming back into the room in his pajamas.

"We-I forgot to log off the live show and… They've seen too much, we can't joke about it or say anything like that."

"They saw me-" He just trails off as I nod.

Phil gives a tiny shrug. "I mean, we had to tell them some time didn't we? Maybe this way was easier."

"They've seen too much." I repeat in shock. "They know."