The five-year-old boy with blue tear soaked eyes was panicking. Of course, the fire roaring in the small two-story building didn't help either. Neither did the voices of his parents who were inside the said building.

"Naruto!" his mother screamed, trying to tell him to run away, to anywhere but here. Still, in his shocked state, he cradled the bundle in his hand with a practiced ease as he often looked after her when his parents were too busy to. The bundle started crying. And the red-haired girl's voice faded into the background as the boy looked up at the window framed by the blazing sign proclaiming 'Konoha Diner'.

There stood two people, the ones closest to his heart, both of them were scared, not of their impending doom but for their children's future; Kushina more so than Minato.

With a crash, the roof collapsed. The red-haired girl let out a loud scream as if understanding what was happening, as droplets of tears landed on her face. The boy looked on for a long time at the embers and the unforgiving fire, almost till the sunrise, when the authorities arrived with loud sirens, waking up the sleeping infant.

"…. –sama it is done"
"Well done. Your money will be transferred immediately. I believe there are no loose ends."
"….. His children escaped."
"…. No matter, I will do so that no orphanage will accept them. Your pay will be slightly reduced."
"I understand."

"….ya-sama there are no survivors."
"Shut up! I won't stop searching. Tell Nakiri I am taking a leave."

"I will now take over the restaurant as the sole relative of chef Namikaze. Everybody get back to work. You can mope in your own time"
The staff of the restaurant 'Konoha' (newly rebuilt) went back to their stations never noticing the child spying them through the small window.

"Looks like it's just you and me Karin." he said to the bundle in his arms which made a happy sound as he kissed the forehead of the little girl. Not knowing of the recent tragedy or the hardships that were to come.


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