This story is based off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with some mentions of Characters and groups featured only in the comics and possibly the cartoon series (e.g. Madame Hydra/Viper, the Serpent Squad, etc.) and is probably far from the canon comic universe. Characters may be OOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warnings: Graphic fantasy violence, mentions of abuse, somewhat graphic human experimentation, not for the faint of heart.

Chapter One: The Street Rat

Harry James Potter, the street rat of the wonderful city of Manhattan, wasn't too surprised when he felt a hammer slam into his back and push him right through a building, but he could fairly say the poor people around him were shocked when it happened. He was having a bad day. He'd only just escaped the clutches of the Serpent Squad, and thanks to their damn logo on his back, he'd been attacked by some nincompoop in a stupid Viking costume.

Over a year ago, his 'family' had auctioned him off to the highest bidder, a woman known only as Madame Viper or Madame Hydra, who had experimented mercilessly on him. He'd finally escaped the cold iron cell and had found his way onto the streets of Manhattan, trying to find a wizarding community in hopes of getting them to send him back to England, to Hogwarts.

Thor frowned at the boy as he stood up and picked up Mjölnir in one hand, looking down at it in seeming confusion, leaning into the remnants of the wall he'd crashed into.

Tony, Steve, Bruce, and Thor weren't out to fight, in fact, they were out to go to dinner. It was Steve's birthday, July 4th, and they'd wanted to celebrate a bit. So they'd made reservations at the best Italian restaurant in the city.

They were walking - Steve insisted they walk - to the restaurant when they'd seen the kid. He had messy black hair, dirt all over him, scars covering every inch of visible skin, and was wearing only a pair of leather pants. But none of those was what bothered the Avengers. It was the fact that the kid had the HYDRA logo branded, yes branded, onto his back. Thor had reacted first, summoning Mjölnir and throwing the hammer at the boy, attacking as they would if they'd seen a supervillain on the streets. To their minds, they had.

The boy looked back up at them, hammer in hand, green eyes filled with both pain and... humour? "I think you dropped this." He called.

Harry didn't understand what he'd done to initiate a fight. All he'd done was pick up a bloody hammer and then everything had gone to crazy town. Well, if it hadn't been there before.

First, he saw a man turn into a troll on steroids and jump at him, yelling at the top of his lungs, "HULK SMASH!" Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes at the rather idiotic phrase, lifting his hand and intoning "Wingardium Leviosa," with the appropriate hand movement, stopping the troll, 'Hulk', in midair.

"Stupify. Depulso." He continued, stunning and banishing the troll, hoping he'd done a banish powerful enough that he wouldn't hit anywhere in the city and injure anybody but himself. Harry didn't want to hurt innocent civilians, he just wanted to get out of here.

The huge man who had thrown the hammer wordlessly summoned that hammer back, straight out of Harry's hand. Harry, of course, had held on stubbornly until he'd been pulled forwards and slammed into a car. The hammer had continued to pull, dislocating Harry's arm as he tried to cling onto it, just so the brutish man couldn't attack him with it. As his arm dislocated, he released the weapon, holding onto his arm, sagging to hide behind the car as he tried to collect himself. "Ferula." He muttered, binding the arm and shoulder for now. He'd have to pop that back in later.

He whimpered as a shield destroyed the car he was hiding behind, tearing through it and barely missing him. He stood, summoning the shield with a wordless Accio. As the brute threw the hammer again, he hefted the shield with some effort, effectively preventing the hammer from hitting him, but instead sending him hurling back into a wall. He choked back a scream as his injured arm slammed into the wall.

"Ducklifors!" Harry said the first spell to pop into his mind, turning the large hammer into a duck, which quacked at him. "Oppugno." He sent the small bird to attack the men in hopes of distracting them so he could run. He'd only just set off running, shield in hand, when a blue ray hit him in the chest, blasting him back and causing a very painful burn in where he'd been struck. He glanced down at his chest to check for wounds, glad to see there were none. He looked up to see a bloody flying robot preparing to shoot at him again with glowing hand things.

Thinking quickly again, he shot off another transfiguration spell. "Vermiculus!" He yelled, watching for a moment as the robot suit turned into worms, making the rich dude inside fall.

Harry bolted off after paralysing the man who'd thrown the shield that was running after him. The brute was still trying to stop the duck, which despite a wrung neck, continued to attack. Harry smiled in slight amusement at what looked like the scene of one of Fred and George's pranks, before running faster down, a tear escaping at the thought of Fred and George. He hoped they were doing well. Had they started up their joke shop yet? He turned on his heel when he heard somebody following, trying not to yell as he felt himself being sucked into the air with a loud crack, disapparating accidentally.

Tony stared at the spot the kid had just been, then, panting, jogged back to the scene of the fight. A car had been destroyed, so had part of a building, and a wall had seen better days, but nobody but them and the boy had been hurt, the boy more so than them.

Steve ran over to him, the paralysis having worn off as soon as the boy had disappeared. Thor walked over, Mjölnir also restored.

As soon as Tony had gotten into his Iron Man suit, he'd had Jarvis scan the kid. He'd no idea who the kid's parents were, or what his name was yet, but he did know he was fifteen years old, was scared head to toe, an experiment of HYDRA that was being overseen by the Serpent Squad, and missing from England. Jarvis had managed to match the picture to a wanted poster issued from a London police station and he'd know everything about the kid as soon as they got back to headquarters.

Tony was thankful to see his suit having returned to its original form instead of worms and rushed over to collect it. He donned it once more with the push of a button and looked over to Steve and Thor. "Come on, we've a Hulk to catch and a kid to find."

Harry woke up shivering. He'd gone unconscious after being sucked through the air and to an alley between two large buildings. Standing unsteadily, he surveyed the area, relieving when he saw nobody was in the alley and the people walking by on the main road nearby were ignoring him. He trudged forwards and sat down on the pavement of the main road, panting, exhausted from moving just that distance. His shoulder was burning, as was his back from where he'd been hit with the hammer and then thrown into the wall. Standing again, he began to walk unsteadily, not wanting to stay in one place for too long. He panicked when he realised where he was exactly. He was in Time Square.

Playing on one of the screens was footage of his little fight with the apparent heroes. A man named J. Jonah Jameson was asking whether or not Harry himself was a villain and if the so called Avengers were not a threat to society. Harry ducked back into his alley, sitting down and using the shield he'd stolen to hide, curling behind it. With a sigh, he vanished the bindings on his arm and took a look at the damage, finding his arm hanging uncomfortably without the bindings to hold it in place.

He recast the Ferula, and just stayed out of sight, lying down, curled up beneath the shield for protection, to rest and remain some of his strength back.

Fred and George sighed as they once again wrote a letter to Harry. Fred stroked Hedwig's head gently. The beautiful bird would fly out every week in search of Harry and have never found him. Everybody else had given up hope, but not Fred and George. They couldn't let their little brother go, not when he'd done so much for them. He'd even given them the money he'd won from the Triwizard Tournament to fund their shop, Weasley Wizard Wheezes, which was a huge success, and opened one of the Potter vaults to them so they could continue creating their products and inventing spells safely and with any ingredient they would need. Now, in the middle of the war, they'd created numerous products to help the wizarding world cope. The Order of the Phoenix was under constant stress trying to sort out the mess with Voldemort.

Fred slipped a ring they had collected from the Potter vaults into the envelope. It was a Portkey, which would bring Harry back to the apartment underneath Weasley Wizard Wheezes. They thought it would be best he come in without many people bombarding him. Ever since they had found out of the abusive home life Harry had, they'd been helping him as often as possible, brewing potions and salves. They'd become incredibly good at healing and had even both had the training to be mediwizards. They rarely went out into battle for the Order, usually remaining behind to heal those that returned.

Once more, they watched Hedwig take flight, letter tied to her foot. As she did, the twins both began to cry quietly, desperate to find their lost little brother.