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Chapter Seven: Kore

Kore Black was packing for another year at Ilvermorny, returning for the British and the No-Maj equivalent of college, since there were only five conventional years of Ilvermorny and a further three for exceptional students. She was a was a night student there, attending a No-Maj school by day for the bettering of her own education, another privilege of her status as an exceptional student. The Americans were no longer medieval with their treatment of No-Majs: they kept themselves a secret from the general population, but more and more magicals were being schooled in No-Maj subjects so they could work more efficiently in both worlds. In Ilvermorny they even had biweekly lessons in politics, fashion, sayings, formalities, everything they would need to the nonmagical world.

She sighed as she glanced over at the newspaper, detailing the capture of an unknown child she knew to be Harry Potter. She was planning to take a trip to Avengers Tower that evening to speak to Heir Potter about his guardianship, since she was his only living magical relative in America, and since Lord Black would be coming later that day, along with Sir Lupin, and possibly the Messrs Weasley. She had received their letter while packing and had responded by sending an Ifrit - a small sprite that could turn invisible used for sending urgent mail - to them detailing their address.

She walked to the kitchen calmly when she heard the tell-tale crack of an apparition, regarding the two men in her kitchen, sprawled in an undignifying mess after having sprawled practically upon one another.

"Lord Black, I welcome you to my abode; may magic bless out meetings." She said formally with a small bow as her cousin righted himself.

"Yes, um, right. I'm Sirius and this is Remus Lupin. And you're Kore. But you already knew that." Sirius rambled, taken aback by the manners of the teen.

Unimpressed silver eyes regarded him coldly, and Sirius fidgeted under his cousin's glare uncomfortably, his Pureblood manners for a moment forgotten after years of going unused.

Kore sighed. "Through here, Lord Black, Sir Lupin, I am currently packing for my sixth year of Ilvermorny, so please entertain yourselves while I finish. May I kindly suggest cleaning up before we go to meet your godson."

Sirius nodded, quietly following Kore to a shared bedroom for him and Remus go stay in and walking in, half-dragging Remus with him, the werewolf being extremely confused about what was going on.

Kore was simply trying to infer they were being destructive and needed to right themselves before they departed.

Sirius was sure there were only five years of Ilvermorny, also, so she had to be lying.

She walked off calmly.

Kore returned to the pair when she had finished packing her trunk, her school bag for the next day, and a small bag containing everything she would need for a simple inheritance test, whatever healing might need to be done, some calming draughts and invigorating potions.

"Come, we shall depart immediately." She said, barely sparing the two a glance as she walked to the door of her apartment, glad she lived alone.

She, unfortunately, was a Legitimens, and a very powerful one at that. She knew of her cousin's lie to the British headmaster about using her as a broodmare for some Brit.

Like most American witches, she had a hatred of Dumbledore, for his stupidity, inhumane treatment of others, abuse of mere children (Harry Potter being the most famous, but by no means the first), and his disregard of the power of female witches.

Every Dumbledore-Approved position of power was taken by a man, she remembered, the only exception being Professor McGonagall, and that was simply for her blind faith in the man. Of course, being a Black, she ignored most of the Congress' Anti-Dumbledore propaganda but agreed in the long run with the message behind it. Dumbledore was an abusive, oppressive, idiotic bastard.

She walked out the door in silence, listening to the footsteps of her cousin and his mate behind her as they followed her into New York.

The three reached Avengers Tower by noon.

Kore smiled absently, hearing many floors above that the little godling was making lunch. Good, she was hungry and was aware of his skill as a chef. She often wondered...

No, would be silly of her to reveal the future to the audience, as would it be to break the fourth wall, yet she had already done so. Quite pointlessly as well.

She sighed, and walked to the new receptionist.

"I'm here to enquire of one Harry James Potter. I was informed this was his current residence." She said calmly, hearing the thoughts of others catch to her words, apparently those who knew the little mage. "My name is Kore Black." She added.

The woman nodded.

Almost immediately, the three were surrounded by a group of people: a young girl with red hair, an young man with brown hair, a scowl, and a metal arm, another young man with blonde hair and a large build, a younger boy with brown hair and glasses, and another young man with brown hair and bright green eyes bleeding colour.

"Ahh, wonderful. Can you five please take me to Harry Potter, please? I'm a representative of the Black family here to speak of his guardianship. I sent an Ifrit to Harry a few days ago. Did he not receive it?" She asked.

The five looked taken aback.

"He is expecting us. He's making extra omelettes." She said with a smile.

"He... Um...?" The blonde man spoke up, sounding confused. Kore sighed.

"If I do not speak to him now, guardianship can and will be contested by one Albus Dumbledore. I am here to prevent that and thus help you." She said sternly. "So, please, let me up to see Harry before Dumbledore gets wind of his current location. If Voldemort can, he

They were hesitating still, it was clear. Then, the man with the metal arm nodded. "We should let them up." He said.

The blonde looked to him, trusting him, and nodded, sighing.

Kore smiled and clapped her hands cheerfully.

"Come along, then. My acquaintances have had a long journey and I'm sure they would like a rest." She said.

Harry was upstairs making omelettes. And he was making extra omelettes, but those were for the extras he had been informed were coming: a woman named Janet Van Dyne was supposed to be coming today, along with a scientist named Hank Pym.

Harry still shied away from scientists, he couldn't help it. He didn't want to be anywhere near the couple, not after his days in HYDRA's care. But he had to.

He'd braved Tony Stark, Bruce (and actually ended up befriending Bruce), without fear. He had been around Scott Lang enough, though was far from trusting the insectoid. But these people... They were unknown to him.

A girl with dark hair that flowed well below her waistline and silver eyes that shone had walked in without his notice. It may have been a simple coincidence that she happened to be wearing a pale yellow top and black shorts at the time, or possibly not, but it did not go unnoticed by Harry when he did notice her.

He tripped over his own feet as he turned to greet whoever had entered, thinking it to be one of the friendlier Avengers, such as Peter or Bucky, both of whom were very good friends with Harry, the latter being almost surprisingly talkative when with the wizard.

Harry scrambled back, thinking this to be the famous Wasp, despite her looking too young to be so.

"Hello, ma'am, s-sorry..." He stuttered out, seeing he had gotten the mixture he had been whisking all over the girl's outfit.

The girl smiled at him rather serenely.

"No problem Harry. And you've nothing to apologise for." She said cheerfully, waving her hand to make the mess disappear.

Harry spluttered, confused.

"Right, I forgot introductions." She chuckled at herself. "I am Kore Black, current representative of the Nobel and Ancient House Black of America. I am here to discuss with you the matter of your guardianship, as, at current, Professor Dumbledore of Hogwarts," her face twisted distastefully, "will be contesting guardianship, though we will do all in our power to keep you firmly rooted in the American soil if you so wish."

Harry frowned. "Dumbledore...? He has guardianship of me?" He asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. While I doubt you want to remain prisoner here-"

"I want to stay here!" Harry interjected, eyes widening. He liked it here. Sure some of the Avengers were a bit... Rough around the edges, but they were nice. They didn't hurt him or force him into their team because of his power. They just let him live there with them, unconditionally, it seemed.

Kore raised an eyebrow, frowning at Harry's thoughts.

"Alright. We will have to speak to the Avengers about your guardianship, as you still require a magical guardian who lives with you." She said calmly. "Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are here, however, neither can contest guardianship as both are ineligible."

Harry grinned. Sirius and Remus were there?

Kore sighed, understanding his desperation to see them.

"They are just outside." She said, sounding amused.

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