Sometimes, it was hard.

It was hard to think after all this time, she could be with the Doctor again.

It was hard to think that this man was her Doctor. Her Doctor, who had two beating hearts and was a Time Lord. Her Doctor, who first led her into that wonderful TARDIS. Her Doctor, who shared so many adventures with her.

Her Doctor, who had burnt up a sun just to say goodbye to her for one last time on that beach when she'd thought she'll never see him again.

The Doctor whom she risked her life for, travelling across universes just find him.

But every morning, when she woke up beside him— the man with only one heart, one life, and was willing to spend it entirely with her— she would look at that marvellous face of his, and, somehow, all those doubts would disappear.

Sometimes, he wondered.

He wondered whether she really loved him, or if she loved the man who lived in that parallel universe, the man whom he was simply a clone of, the man whom people called the Doctor. The man who had lived for far too long, and lost far too many things.

He wondered if he was only a replacement, and that she never truly loved him.

He wondered at how she looked at him with longing, the expression gone as quickly as it came before he could ask about it. He wondered how much she missed running around with the real Doctor.

But he would then chase all those terrible doubts away, as he gazed into those beautiful eyes of hers and their skin brushed against each other, because he knew what really mattered was right here, right now.

Sometimes, he thought back.

He thought back to the day when he said his final goodbyes to her. That day when his hearts shattered into pieces small enough to make him wonder if he could ever pick those pieces back up and put himself together again.

That day when he saw her kiss his double. He still remembered the scene clearly. Too clearly.

He remembered a whole jumble of feelings tossing around when he saw them make kiss. Sadness, anger, and jealousy were a few.

For some reason he kept telling himself; this decision was for her own good. It was for his double's good as well. Only through this way can she continue to stay with her family. Only then would she be safe.

But in the end, he tried to forget the heartbreak, and pushed himself forwards to the present.

Because he was the Doctor, and he dared not to look back at the things he lost.

Hi! Sorry for being dead for so long. Haha. This was something I wrote sometime back, and I found it among a whole bunch of other stuff. I hope this wasn't too bad... Thanks for reading! =)