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'BOY get up and make breakfast ' screamed the shrill voice of my beloved Aunt Petunia . Aunt Petunia was what she concidered a proper lady and housewife . She lived a Normal life with a Normal husband and son and then there was her Abnormal freak of a nephew , Harry Potter , me . I don't mean for abnormal things to happen but they do anyway.

' Coming Aunt Petunia ' Harry called back with a sigh . He grabbed the post from next to the door and went throught them as he made his way towards the kitchen . Bills , bills , invites .. and a letter for Harry . No one had ever written a letter to him and yet here it was


The cupboard under the stairs

4 Private drive

Little whinging, surrey

It was a parchment letter with green ink writing on it. He walked into the kitchen , not before hiding his letter in the waistband of his pants , handed the letters and bills to Vernon and started making Dudley's birthday breakfast . He was so exited about the letter that he didn't see Dudley sticking his leg out and fell face first onto the floor .

' BOY how dare you contaminate our floor with your freakishness , your such a freak , you will never amount to anything in your life just like your drunk father and your whore of a mother ' screamed Uncle Vernon roughly grabbing Harry's hair and yanking him towards his cupboard .

' Freak you will stay in that cupboard for the rest of the day and you will have no meals for the rest of the week . Is that clear . '

' Yes uncle Vernon '. Replied Harry . He did not want to make his punishment worse , he hadn't yet recovered from his last beating and he didn't want a repeat if he could help it and so resigned for another day locked up . His uncle shoveled him into the cupboard gave him a swift kick on the ribs locked the cupboard and left him in the darkness.

Harry sighed . He did that a lot , he perked up quickly when he remembered the letter he had hidden under his shirt . He pulled it out and stared at it , he didn't know what to make of it . It certainly was not an everyday occourence . His confusion didn't go unnoticed by his only friend .

' Why are you confused lovely ?' a voice inside his head asked . The first time that had happened Harry had just gotten his first whipping and was three years old . He thought he was finally going mad when the voice had comforted him and told him not to worry . The voice had introduced himself as Tom and told him that he was going to be his friend and left him no choice on the matter . Tom had then proceeeded to tell him how to heal himself and comforted him as he cried . Harry would forever consider him to be his first and most precious friend .

' Oh Tom , I just got a letter and it is adressed to my cupboard . How is that possible ? If somebody knows about how I live why haven't they rescued me yet ? Oh I have so many questions . Help me . '

' Calm down my darling , I'll akways help , now why don't you start by opening your letter hmm.. '

' Okay Tom '

The letter said ,


Headmaster : Professor Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class ,Grand Sorc., Cheif Warlock, Sumpreme Mugwump ,

International Confed. Of wizards )

Dear Mr Potter ,

We are pleased to inform you that you ahve place at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry . Please find enclosed a copy of all the material and equipment required . Term begins on 1 september , we expect your reply by owl no later than the 31 of july .

Your's sincerely

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy hedmistress.

' what is this Tom ? Is this a joke . Am I really a wizard ? Can I actually go here ? Where is here? Can I..'

' Calm down ,slow down , Yes you are a wizard , no this is not a joke and this school is in scotland , I know where this is . I'll tell you but before that you have to ... aah.. borrow some money from your aunt otherwise we will not be able to do anything . When they go to sleep tonight I want you to open the door like how I have tought you and I want you to take atleast twenty pounds okay pumpkin '.

' Yes Tom ' . That's another thing about Tom he never used the same petname twice consecutivly and some were very creative , my personal favourite being cherry love . He once told me that cherry had been his favourite fruit growing up and that my lips reminded him of them because of their colour . Ever since then that had been my favourite petname . He only calls me that when when I'm very upset which adds to how much it means to me .

Now that I had been locked into my cupboard the only thing I could do was wait .

When the clock finally struck close to twelve , Harry opened his cupboard door and went to the cupboard where Aunt Petunia kept her purse . He opened that the same way he had opened his cupboard and dug out twenty pounds . He was in luck ,he saw a twenty pound bill lying crumpled under a pile of sweet wrappings and took it. He then went to the kitchen and stole an apple and raced back to his cupboard.

' Tom , I got the twenty punds , I also got an apple because I was really hungry . What do I do now ?'

' Eat your apple first then curl up and go to sleep. Let tomorrow come, I'll tell you what to do then . '

' Okay Tom .'

Harry ate his apple and fell asleep to a song that Tom was softly singing . He wondered what tomorrow would be like. He had a good feeling and he hoped he wouldn't be too dissapointed .

That was the first chapter . I hope you all enjoyed , this is my first fanficiton . I am not writing this for reviews . I am writing this because I adore this fandom and wanted a version which was perfectly tailored to my tastes . I have already decided the outcome of this story but how that outcome is acheived and a few things along the way are up for debate .

Another thing i would like for people to keep note of is that this will be a slash story , it will also be a Dumbledore!bashings and a Hermione&Ron!bashing, I have not decided on Ginny yet so that one is up for debate . There will be both straight and bent pairings . If you don't like that it is up to you . If you bash my fic I will not give half a flying monkey's fart . So go ahead .

Thanks ,lots of love to whoever reads this