Chapter 8 :

The last week had been eventful, Harry had a good time understanding what was happening and adjusting to everything around him. He had made friends with all of his year mates and got along great with his mentor. All of them did.

Today would be his first defence class and first flying lesson. He was looking forward to both, but if he was being honest he was looking forward to defence more than flying. Professor Quirrel had been giving him side long glances when he thought that Harry was not looking. Somehow he did not mind the attention from his Professor. Normally the attention would rub him the wrong way but he did not mind this time and it was surprising.

They were currently sitting in breakfast and their first hour was defence after that they had charms, transfiguration and two other classes before they had flying. Harry was happily eating porrige with a ton of fruits on it and gulping down a glass of milk along with it.

"Bear slow down, why are you eating so fast." Ezra having picked up the nickname from Draco insisted on calling him that, and he was now poking him waiting for a response. Harry looked up and giggled at him before going back to his food.

Just then the owls swept in with the morning newspaper and post. The Malfoy family owl swooped down with the post for the boys and settled next to Draco. Both the boys began petting the bird immediatly and Harry held out a rashon of bacon. The owl hooted importantly and ate before sticking its leg out so that they could untie the envelopes. The bird then gave one last hoot and flew away.

There were two letters in Draco's hand, one for each of the boys. Harry had written to them to tell them about his week so far and he was sure that Draco had done the same. This must be the response.

He put down his spoon and opened his letter. It congragulated him on being sorted into Slytherin and praised him for the number of points he scored. Other than that it was just instructions to stay out of trouble and not jump into danger. Harry treasured it anyway.

Just then the paper owls swooped down and dropped one in front of Ezra. He pulled the paper free and paid the bird and watched it fly of. Harry lost interest after that and went back to talking with Theo about the assignment they had recieved for charms. Just then there was a collective gasp around the hall and it caught his attention again.

"There was a break in at Gringotts." This caught everyones attention. Amour took it from his boyfriend and continued reading.

"Investigations continue into the breakout in Gringotts on thirty first july, this is believed to be the work of Dark Witches and Wizards unknown. The goblins insist that nothing was taken, and that the vault was emptied earlier the very same day." He let his voice trail out after that when they began speaking of the earlier breakins that Gringotts faced.

"Very curious don't you think?" draco piped up.

"What do you mean Draco?" Amour asked curiously.

"Nobody ever breaks in to Gringotts, not if they are sane in the very least. Everyone knows that of you are caught the punishment is death. So why would someone break into a vault. What was so special in there." Draco rambled on. The company nodded,

"But what about that is curious?" Harry questioned. None of the above things seemed enough to warrent Draco's curiosity.

"Think about it, someone breaks into Gringotts and the same year Dumbledore announces for us to not go near the third floor corridor. He never does that and my father does not know anything about it which makes me even more curious. There are so many coincedences this year, it makes one wonder."

The Slytherins who had been listening in on their conversation all nodded their heads. It was curious indeed. Well there was no point dwelling on it so Harry changed the topic to their defence class, it was a double hour that they had first thing Friday morning. Harry was looking forward to the class.

Soon after breakfast was over and the group of first years with their ever present guides walked their way to the defence class on the second floor. They were there before the other houses and so got to choose their seating. Harry sat next to Daphne today and Draco and Blaise sat behind him together. The rest of their group settled around them. There was still fifteen minutes for class to start so the group of first years found different ways to amuse themselves.

Daphne was in deep conversation with Tracy about the latest fashion that had come out, Theo and Draco were talking about quidditch and Blaise was playing with Harry's hair whil Harry tried his best to get him to stop. He did not actually mind so he was doing a pretty poor job.

Just as Blaise unravelled his braid by yanking his band off the bell rang and their teacher, Professor Quirrel, walked in. He was a man in his early forties with a large turban on his head, he was a rather plain looking man and he smelled stongly of garlic. Harry did not know what to make of him.

He began roll call and Harry lost faith, the man stuttered and stumbled so much, it was annoying and difficult. He even tripped over his own feet when he went to put the roll call list back on his table, now that seemed a little off to Harry, but he could not quite put his finger on it.

"Good morning class, wecome to Defence Against the Dark Arts." He stuttered. Su Li from Ravenclaw put her hand up.

"Yes Ms Li, what can I do for you?" he asked

"Professor, what exactly is the Dark Arts and how is it different to Light Magic?" the Professor nodded his head and turned back to the rest of the class, "Well anyone want to answer that question?"

Hermione Granger thrust her hand into the air and waved it like she was having a seisure. "Yes Ms Granger?"

"Professor, Dark Magic or Black Magic has traditionally reffers to the use of power for selfish purposes. With respect to the to the left hand path and rigth hand path dichotomy, Dark Magic is the malicious, left hand couterpart of benevolent Light Magic." She finished proudly.

Professor Quirrel looked at her for a moment and almost everyone caught the the look on his face before it dissapeared, he turned to the rest of the class, "Any other opinions?"

Harry and Draco put their hands in the air, "Mr Malfoy, Dark magic and Mr Potter, Light Magic." He said pointing of,

"Sir, Dark Magic is in broad definition magic fueled by emotion and intent. It is comparitivly easier to perform Wandlessly and Wordlessly that Light Magic but at the same time this branch of magic is more difficult to master." Draco answered and turned to Harry

"Light Magic on the other hand is not fueled by emotions but rather by how powerful the wizard o witch is. It is very difficult to perform without a wand and even more to do so without words." He answered.

The Professor nodded, "Ms Granger you gave me the standered ministry definition, so now I would like you to tell me why Light Magic is benevolent and why Dark Magic is evil. In addition to that please tell me what dichotomy is." He asked, Harry could feel Daphne next to him trying to stiffle her laughter. It seemed most of the class was doing the same.

"I don't know Professor" it seemed to physically hurt her to say that.

The Professor shook his head at her and spoke, "Anyone else with to answer my question, "yes Mr Nott"

"Sir I know what dichotomy is, but I too do not know why Dark magic is classified as evil" the professor just nodded at him to continue, "dichotomy is the comparison of two polar opposite ideas or thoughts."

"Wonderful, five points to Ravenclaw for a good question and ten points to Slytherin for good answers. Ms Granger in future if you give me an answer without knowing the meaning of what you are saying I will reduce points." He gave her a stern look which had her bristling and continued with his lecture.

"Why is Dark Magic classified as evil, now that is a good question. As Mr Malfoy pointed out, Dark Magic is magic fuelled by emotions and so very difficult to master, therefore many of the populus are unable to do it. And we already know that when one does not understand, they begin to fear and that is what happened in the case of Dark Magic." He began. "This is why Light Magic is so popular, to cast it all you require is the right amount of power and the correct wand movements."

"Professor, is there any maliciousness or benevolence involved then or is it bigotary?"

"Ms Parkinson, good question. Now it cannot be said as complete bigotary, there are certain spells and rituals that can be used for malicious purposes and there were some craeted for the same. Now at the same time there are spell created for benevolence. Anyone, wish to give me examples of any?"

"For benevolent spells, Professor, wouldn't any healing spell be considered only benevolent?"

"Very good, Mr Thomas, yes any healing spell is benevolent. Now malicious, Ms Abbot?" he called the girl with her hand in the air.

"The unforgivable curses?" the Professor smirked at that, "Let us not get into unforgivables now, think of something else."

"The bone breaking curse Professor or the innard melting curse? Both were designed with the aim of causing pain."

"Yes Mr Zabini very good."

Just then the bell rang singnaling the end of the hour.

"Well that will be all for this class, I would like for you all to think over what we have learned today and write me a small half foot essay on the differences between benevolent magic and Light Magic and similarly between Dark and Malicious magic. Thank you." The Professor dismissed them with a wave and dissapeared back into his rooms.

The class packed up and left to go dump their things in the common room. The Gryffindors and Slytherins would be having flying lessons after this, so after Harry dumped his bag he had Ezra cast a warming charm on him and Draco as it was a little cold that day and the group headded out.

They arrived at the pitch before the Gryffindors and so they got first choice of brooms. They all headed immediatly for the newer looking more stable brooms. It looked like Hogwarts had not updated their brooms in nearly a century they looked so bad.

"Hey Draco do you think Uncle Lucius will have the brooms changed if either you or Harry scratch your arms?" Pansy asked. It was seriously no secret how protective Lucius Malfoy was.

"I do not know Pans, it is just for today, we will never touch them again and besides we are not going to get hurt." Draco replied. Pansy just shook her head.

"So sure of that?" she asked pointing at the approaching Gryffindors with a pissed of Weasley up and center. "Ugh the Mudblood is here she groaned when she saw the girl strutting along. The people who saw what she was looking at grimaced along with Draco.

"What is a mudblood?" came one innocent voice.

"Harry a mudblood is a derogatory word for those born of muggle blood. It is not exactly used in polite society but when in closed circles it is commonly used." Harry nodded in undersatnding when Blaise explained.

"But it does not apply to every muggleborn though" Draco interjected. Harry looked at him confused and so Draco elaborated. "Your mother for one, she was a new blood, as in she accepted magic for what it was and did not try to enforce muggle ideas on the magicals. She accepted that she was the one part of a new world and that she must adapt to them not the other way around."

Harry still looked a little confused so Theo piped up "In other words she was the opposite of Granger, while Granger tries to convince the teachers to accept pen work and complain about how the wizarding world is so backward your mother accepted it as one of the quirky charms of her new home." Harry now got it and gave him a sweet smile to thank him.

By then the Gryffindors had arrived and their instructor showed up to teach them to fly.

"Good afternoon class."

"Good afternoon Madam Hooch" they replied in chorus.

She turned and assesed her new batch, everyone in green seemed to know what they were doing, all the muggle ones and the half bloods from the muggle world were from the red section. Huh she could handle that. The slytherins usually took care of themselves.

"Everyone step over to the left side of your broomstick and say 'up'."

The class did just that, as she had expected the Slytherin brooms raised immedaitly with an exeption of Crabbe who got it on the second attempt. She then turned to the Gryffindors, some had it in their hands others were finding it hard. She went around helping and finally in the end they all got it. The last one had been Ms Granger, it just refused to budge to the point were Hooch had to check if the broom was okay. But they got there in the end.

"Now when you have firm grip of your broom I want you to mount it. Then I want you to kick of the ground hard, hover for a moment and touch back down." She had just finished giving out instructions and Longbottom messed up. He somehow got into the air and had begun flying.

Everyone was yelling for him to get down but to no avail, she watched as he circled around her and flew high up. He circled a chimmney stack and flew past a tower, his robes got snagged and he fell from that hight.

Hooch rushed for him, luckily he only had a broken wrist nothing else. "I want everyone to stay on the ground while I take Mr Longbottom to the hospital wing, if I see anyone in the air they will be out of Hogwarts before they can say Quidditch." She glared at them for good measure and marched Longbottom off.

Well everything would have been fine but the crazy Mudblood could not keep her mouth shut could she. " That was by far the most stupid thing I have seen" Harry heard Pansy snort behind him. " That was very irresponsible of him, the instructor was telling us not to fly around and he did the exact opposite.." she did not get to finish her tirade as the Weasley opened his mouth.

Harry half expected Draco to just up and walk when that happened, "Hey look at that, the dweeb dropped his little remeberall." Weasley was holding a glass ball in his hand. It seemed very unimpressive to Harry but Weasley was clearly happy. "I think I will leave it on the roof for him to find."

And just like that the crazy Weasley got on his broom and started hovering. This was a bit much for Harry "Give it here Weasley." Ron startled at the noise from behind him and he was not the only one. Even the Slytherins were surprised at the noise from the quietest of them.

"No if you want it come get it." And he flew of. Harry took this as a challenge even though there was the little voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Lucius he did it anyway. He picked up his broom and followed him.

Weasley seeing he was being followed gave him a wicked look and tossed the ball behind Harry. The Slytherin being afraid that it would smash flipped his broom and followed after. He flew fast and just caught the ball before it smashed into a wall. He did a little flip to stop and came down. He did not notice the twin chesire cat grins that followed him from McGonagal's office where they were being ripped apart.

He was greeted by his proud but very grumpy yearmates. They were not happy with his little stunt.

"What were you thinking?"

"I think the question should be 'was he thinking'."

"I am going to tell Professor Snape"

"Harry what the hell?"

"I am writing to Father" the last part came from a very upset Draco. Harry knew his freinds would not be happy but he was not expecting this response.

"I am sorry, I did not want Neville to loose something beacuse of Weasley, dont be mad." He came and hugged Draco around the neck and stood there with a puppy look on his face. Draco could not help it, he melted. "Fine, but I am telling Amour and Ezra and the next time you do something like this I will tell Father." Harry grinned happily and kissed him on his cheek.

" Hey were is our apology?" well the rest of the Slytherins get what they demand. So after issuing another apology to the group and giving Blaise a kiss as well, exept Blaise wanted his on the lips, he was forgiven.