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It isn't that I'm ungrateful

For all the things

That we've earned

For all the journeys

we have taking

All the lessons that we have learned

But I wonder where we're going now

What our role is meant to be...

Music… (Turn from soft to upbeat)

Just like the Morning Sun shining upon Alola and

The Dusk Moon glimmering upon the Region

We wanna have a purpose

Wanna do all that we can…

We'll play our part and save the day,

I'm a Princess; You're a Prince;

even if our Destinies are unclear…

Our overlapping feelings are synchronized


The fiercely burning battles;

No matter what obstacles get in our way

Patience is never easy, but

For us to spread our wings and soar, we need to be strong!

But we stand here for a reason

We're gifted and we are strong

Because no matter where
Our hearts are connected…


Know that our time is coming soon…

As the Sun rises

So does the Moon and the stars Sparkle;

As Love finds a place

In every Heart…

We absolutely can't lose`
Because my heart is with you,
Because my dreams are with you,

Whether it's victory or the pain of defeat
We'll share them together

Because I'm here with you…

Towards the side beyond our unseen dreams.


Chapter Two

Ash waited for Lightnen as she was packing; they were getting ready to go to the Alola Region to track down Moxy Lixxie. Celestia had given them info on the villain and the new region they were going to for dedicated reasons. Ash had learn that they had gyms but the league was newly built and this year was the first time they were hosting it. They also had what was called the Island Challenge but once Light heard about it she took all intents to getting more info so she could participate and hasn't updated him yet on info.

"Light! What are you all packing?" Ash asked. "The books Celestia gave us!" Light called back. Ash sighed, "They're not all going to fit in that new… he started before Lightnen came out with her new bag, a single strap yellow bag, swung over her shoulder. "What was that?" She asked teasingly before she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Come on or we're going to miss the boat." She said grabbing Ash's hand. Then the two started off to the docks of Pallet Town…

Lightnen watched as the ship got closer and closer to the first Island of the Alola Region. There in the docks of Palmbrezze City they would meet a speed boat and it would take them to Steam Cove where they would head up a trail to meet Professor Kukui halfway up, who would then take them to his lab in Cocovale Town where they would get more info on this region. Lightnen leaned against the railing as she waited for Ash to finish his shower. She closed her eyes and sighed, she had been hoping to have, after everything Dragonbolt pulled, to have some quiet time with her lover, as the coronation, there was no time for them to be together alone. Lightnen sighed again just before she felt a pair of arms snake around her waist. "What are you thinking about My Light?" Ash asked.

"Oh, just how we planned to have a happy quiet life and now that may never happen." Lightnen said. Ash kissed her and nuzzled his face on her cheek. Lightnen giggled and pulled her face away. "Ash, you know I don't like you doing that with others around." She said. "Oh come on Light there's not many people here." Ash said, "But if that's how you feel than I won't do it, but I still get to give you kisses." He said. "That's fine but you know how I am. I don't like being this way, but after everything we've been through it's just the way I've become." Lightnen said with a sigh, "I want us to be able to be like that but I'm also so afraid of losing you." she said not being able to finish as she became choked up on the words.

"You will never lose me." Ash told her, "I'm here to stay; there is no one to take me away from you, we know what was wrong with Serena and Dragonbolt. And now there is NO one to take me away from you. You know I should be the one worrying; seeing how these guys look at you." He finished teasingly. Lightnen laughed and looked up at Ash. "Like any of them could compare to My Ashy." She said with a smile. Ash smiled and kissed her on the forehead. "And no girl can compare to you." He told Lightnen. "No one can ever take your place in my life." He said. "I know but that doesn't mean I can't worry. I can still remember that argument we had." Lightnen said. "That's done and over with." Ash said,

L "But it almost tore us apart." A "Light were not starting this, you know that argument was my fault in the first place now drop it." L "Ash it is not your fault you were trying to play and you didn't know." A "Light I said drop it." L "And what if i don't! Ash you're blaming yourself for something that was an accident!" A "Then don't worry about it." L "How we almost broke up because of it! Ash you know I'm going to be scared of it right now I lost my parents and my sister is being distant! I'm losing everyone Ash! You're the only one I really have now. I don't have anyone in Equestria anymore! I can't go to Celestia for advice anymore I'm at the same level as her I have to know what to do or…" A "Light! Celestia told you if you need ANYTHING to go to her, you are putting that part on yourself I'm sorry to say this but Light you're putting too much pressure on your shoulders than they can take! You need a break so when we get to Alola you and me are going on a date weather you like it or not. And you are to forget everything that's on your mind and to have fun!" L "Ash remember what happened the last time I did that! Dragonbolt almost destroyed Ponyville!" A "We have plenty of time to worry about Moxy Lixxie! She's hiding till she's ready to put her plan in action; we have time for one day or night to forget everything and have fun. And like I said we will weather you like it or not."

Lightnen sighed and looked passed the railing at the water. She knew Ash wanted what was best for her but Ash didn't understand. She put so much on herself because of her job; she had been a special agent in Pallet Town, it was her duty to take in everything, she was great at it, she had been because she had became cold hearted to people she didn't know. People in Pallet Town hadn't welcomed her as they thought she was an Orphan and Orphans weren't welcomed in Kanto as they're consider tourist if they're not from Kanto and many people of Pallet hated tourist in their town. She had been rejected and bullied and that had caused her to become cold, until she had seen Ash again; though neither one remembered each other until later, and her heart was opened up aging. He had opened up her heart to him and his friends and then as the town realized the truth about her they realized they had done wrong and had apologized for all they had done to pain the young Alicorn.

But that wasn't the point. The fact was she use to be able to take it all but now because she was "soft" as some people put it she can't or she couldn't but because most of it's personal it was harder, especially after losing her parents and the fact she could be losing her sister pained her. Yes she may be putting some of it on her but it's how she sees things now that she's a Princess like Celestia she should know what to do but she knows she can't but it's still hard.

"If you need time to yourself that's fine." Ash told her. She looked up at him. He had a small smile on his face. "I know you're having a hard time about your parents and Rainbow so if you need to be by yourself." "NO I need someone with me not away from me." Lightnen said. "I don't want to be away from you." She said. "And that's fine." Ash said. "But I would like to go for a quick walk to our room, to clear my mind real quick." She told him. "That's fine. Go ahead." He said given her a kiss on her cheek. Lightnen smiled and returned the kiss before she headed to the room.

Lightnen (in the hallway)

"Now this time I don't understand, but they say they do.

And what am I supposed to do if I can't say I do too

How am I supposed to agree to this

When all I want is-

A happy Life with my lover and possibly

A family,-

I never wanted this!

I never wanted to be... a Princess!

Ash says we can do it, but I don't think we can!

What are we to do as we travel to face this evil?

It's the strongest they say and only we can fight it

But what if one of us don't make it what will the other do-

Ash almost lost me once, and if I lose him too-

I'll be too emotional to do anything but cry!

What am I to do- but sit here and wonder why-

Ash I love you! But I can't handle this!

Ash heard some kind of singing in the hallway so he went and took a peek and he saw Lightnen singing. He sighed but he knew he couldn't do anything to help her, she need to understand everything would be ok on her own...