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Chapter 11

                  Artanis sat in Celeborn's arms, immersed in a book.  She had been hiding out in his room to stay away from her fuming kinsmen.  Celeborn idly ran his hands through her waterfall of hair.  He leaned forward placing a kiss just below her ear.  Artanis leaned against him more with a small smile.  He leaned his mouth up, his gentle breath tickling her ear.

                  " You are more than welcome to spend the night here."

                  " Good."  Artanis replied.  " They are probably camped outside my door."

                  Celeborn chuckled lazily, the laugh almost not clearing his throat.  He gently laid another kiss on the base of her neck, enjoying the feel of her soft skin.

                  " Shall we continue this elsewhere?"  Artanis asked teasingly.

Celeborn looked up at her as she stood.  He took both her hands, gently tugging on them.  She saw the hesitancy in his eyes so she sat back down.  Celeborn looked down, his thumb thoughtlessly brushing over the silver engagement ring.

                  " Maybe this sounds hypocritical."  He looked up, a slight shadow in his gray eyes.  " But I would rather we abandon these activities until our wedding night."

                  Artanis leaned forward, a hand falling on his shoulder.

*Even without the allure of my body, he still loves me.

                  " I knew I loved you for another reason than respect."  She laid her forehead to his.  " I could be an old hag and you would not care a bit.  You love me more than you will admit."

Celeborn gently kissed her lips, evading that last space.  Artanis slowly let the kiss proceed, until the dawdling process made her annoyed.  She drew closer, hands moving independent of her brain.

                  " You tempt me," Celeborn whispered huskily.

Artanis shuddered as his soft lips (far too soft of lips for a seasoned guard like he to possess) trailed down to begin an assault on her neck.

                  A loud pounding scared them from the passionate necking.  The two stared at the door.  Celeborn swallowed slowly.

*Who told the Noldor where my room was?

                  " Who is it?"  Celeborn finally called.

                  " Maedhros."

Artanis closed her eyes, stilling Celeborn's movements until she finally nodded.

                  " He came alone."

Celeborn proceeded to open the door.  Maedhros entered, scuffing the floor with his booted foot.  He extended his arm to Celeborn.

                  " Thank you for releasing me from my promise."  He looked between them with a small smile.  " Valar laita vestalla (May the Valar bless your marriage)."

Artanis smiled as she rose.

                  " Thank you."

Maedhros squeezed her arm.

                  " I pray you are happy for a long time."

                  " I will join in on that prayer," Orodreth bounded in, holding little Ereinion.

                  The little boy scrambled up into Artanis' lap, allowing her to try and fix his sloppy braids.

                  " Ada did 'em."

                  " I could tell," Artanis replied.

Ereinion looked up at her with his tiny brow furrowed.

                  " Ada said you're not coming home with us."

Artanis shook her head.

                  " I am going to stay here."

                  " Can I stay too?"  Ereinion asked excitedly.

Artanis gave a small shrug.

                  " Ask your father."

Ereinion bounded from the room.

                  His squeal echoed as Fingon entered, followed by an expressionless Fingolfin.  Fingon kissed Artanis' cheeks, while Fingolfin remained in the doorway.  Celeborn glanced at him questioningly.  Fingolfin merely motioned to the door.  Celeborn began to rise.  Artanis caught Celeborn by the sleeve.

                  " Where are you going?"

                  " I wish to speak with him," Fingolfin answered.

                  Artanis shot him a wary glance.  Fingolfin held up his hands.

                  " I left my bow, sword, daggers and any other weapon of torture in my room.  Fingon is my witness."

Celeborn glanced at Artanis, raising his eyebrows.

                  " Am I allowed to go, Mamil (Mother-Q)?"

Artanis pushed him with a play scowl.

                  " Get out of here."

Celeborn joined Fingolfin silently.  Artanis' expression turned worried.

                  " You look like someone just took away your favorite toy," Ereinion commented with the utmost innocence.

                  One thought flew simultaneously through the elder Elves' minds changing that innocent sentence into something else.  Artanis' cheeks flushed when both her brothers broke out into wild coughing fits.  Fingon and Maedhros merely chuckled.  Orodreth wiped his eyes with his sleeve, leaning over to ruffle Ereinion's hair.

                  " You might put it that way, little king."

                  " Orodreth," Artanis wailed, covering her stark red face.

Finrod chuckled, giving her cheek a quick kiss before poking fun at her red face.


                  Fingolfin let Celeborn choose the passageways as they walked beside each other silently.  Fingolfin cleared his throat causing Celeborn to glance up.

                  " I will tell you outright that I do not approve."

Celeborn merely nodded.

                  " I seem to recall that."

Fingolfin glanced at the Elf sharply.

                  " Artanis is like another daughter to me.  She is the only one I have left.  I will not lose her to the Sindar."

                  Celeborn was silent for a moment.

                  " I will not become a cage when I marry her.  I doubt I shall remain in Doriath."  He looked up at Fingolfin.  " I am not foolish enough to try and tame Artanis.  She will do as she sees fit; she always has, always will."

Fingolfin rubbed his chin.

                  " Then you will be giving up your Captain of the Guard position?"  Fingolfin waited until Celeborn sent him an affirming nod.  " Have you told Thingol?  Or better yet, Artanis?"

                  Celeborn shook his head.

                  " Thingol probably senses that I shall."  Celeborn ran a hand over the back of his neck.  " I am afraid of Artanis' reaction.  I most likely will not tell her directly that she is the reason I give it up.  I am waiting for a good excuse to present itself."

Fingolfin rubbed his chin.

                  " I seem to remember Finrod saying that Artanis had told him that this Captain position was your life.  You would give it up for her?"

Celeborn twisted his hands together, before stopping the walk altogether.  He looked straight into Fingolfin's eyes.

                  " Here in Doriath we have a saying.  The greatest thing one can do is lay his life down to save another."  Celeborn's gaze did not waver.  " I am willing to give up this form of life and everything I have ever known for her."

                  Fingolfin sighed before glancing up slightly.

                  " Curse you for being so perfect."  Fingolfin then sent him a small smile.  " I expect an invitation."

Celeborn took Fingolfin's outstretched hand with a firm grasp.

                  " When we send them, yours shall be sent first."

They turned a corner, having come in a huge circle back to Celeborn's room.  Fingolfin sighed.

                  " I will release Maedhros and Artanis from their arranged marriages."