Chapter 12: 6 months later

By the time summer came I was happy. Nothing catastrophic had happened in the last few months and I had a boyfriend who was fantastic.

Eddie and Iris had been the first to figure it out, turned out that hickey's can last just long enough for Iris to spot when I was running late to meet her for coffee. Of course, she told Eddie the moment she could.

It hadn't taken more than a day for him to find me at work and tell me that he was happy for me but if Snart did anything to hurt me he would arrest him for every crime he could think of.

It was awesome know thing the supported me. I had even seen the smiling or laughing at me when I was texting Snart. Iris said I always had the biggest smile when it was him.

Caitlin and Cisco had figured it out because they were on the coms all the time and one night Snart was robbing a local jewelry store. When I speed into the room, he had just looked at me and smiled, shoving an emerald into his pocket.

"Sorry Red, birthday shopping for Lisa." At the time, I just laughed. Confusing Caitlin and Cisco, who asked me why that was funny?

"You can't just steal something and use her as an excuse." I had tried to sound mad, but it was just impossible to do with him anymore.

"Why not?" He asked smirking at me.

I hadn't answered just flashed over and stole the jewel back. I had placed it on the counter and speed him off to the other end of the city. What I had been aware of was Mick robbing a different store at the same time, so Lisa ended up with her emerald.

When I had gotten back to Star labs, both Cisco and Caitlin stood in the center of the room glaring at me.

"How long?" She asked.

I told her to truth.

I thought they were going to hate it and be so angry instead she just shook her head and told me good luck. Cisco on the other hand had thought it was funny and was trying to come up with a name for me and Snart. He also asked if I could get him Lisa's number.

After that it was easy to work and be with Len. I had even got Len to let Cisco asked Lisa out and Rory seemed to enjoy watching Caitlin work. She hadn't been happy about it at first but somehow the pyromaniac had won her over.

The only down side was Joe. I still hadn't worked up the courage to tell him. I had spent the last 6 months hiding it from him and begging the others not to tell him. I knew he knew something was up, but so far, he hadn't brought it up.

That was what tonight was about. Iris had finally worn me down about telling him. I had invited everyone. Mostly for the support, I hoped Joe would be understanding but he never failed to mention his dislike of Len every time Captain Cold was mentioned.

I was a nervous wreck in the kitchen as I tried to prepare the food for everyone. I was rushing around not bothering to control my speed as I looked over everything to make sure it was all perfect.

My phone beeped, "Don't wear a hole in Joe's floors." I grinned. This was number 10 in text messages Len had sent me tonight, all trying to reassure me that it was going to be okay. The phone beeped again, "He loves you. As do I. Relax Barry, it will all work out."

I had stopped and had to reread the text. He had only told me he loved me for the first time a few weeks ago. But it was still new and every time I heard it or saw it, my heart started beating.

"You look happy." Joe said walking into the kitchen. I put my phone down.

"I am." I said smiling at him.

"So, what's tonight about Bar?" He asked putting his jacket over the counter.

"No tell everyone gets here. But you can help finish dinner." Joe rolled his eyes and came over to help me.

As we finished, everyone slowly started to show up. First Iris, who moved to set the table, then Caitlin and Cisco, who brought wine, last was Eddie and Wally coming in at the same time.

I forced down my panic as me and Joe placed the food on the table and sat down. I hesitated. Then everyone started making their plates and I told myself I could do it after we had finished eating.

"Stop stalling Barry." Iris said next to me.

I hated how well she knew me.

I looked at her, and she took my hand.

"Barry?" Joe asked. He put his plate down and studied me and Iris.

"Joe, I have to tell you something. But please don't be angry. Just let me tell you everything and then you can say whatever you want."

I started off with I have a boyfriend, and slowly rambled my way through the whole story starting with the night I kissed Snart. To my surprise, Joe didn't interrupt me once.

"Snart?" Was the first thing he said.


"I figured you were seeing someone, you aren't that subtle. I figured it was someone at the station and that was the reason you were trying to hide it. But Snart?" Joe looked at me, "He is dangerous Barry and a criminal."

"I know." I said looking down at the table.

"Barry." Joe sighed, "I would prefer just about anyone else."

I felt my stomach fall.

"He makes you happy." Joe said and I looked up at him. "I guess I can try to understand. I have seen how much happier you are lately. How is it he is the one that makes you happy, I don't understand. But if he hurts you."

"You'll arrest him. Eddie already warned me."

Joe gave me a look, "No Barry, I'll shot him."

As everyone at the table laughed, I pulled out my phone. "You were right, it's going to be okay." I hit send and waited for his reply.

"Told you so Scarlet. See you later tonight."

I smiled and put the phone away, I was staying at his house tonight but for now I was going to finish dinner with my family.