Codename: Kids Next Door
Created by Mr. Warburton
Now Loading: Kids Next Door Mission
Operation: T.R.U.E. L.E.A.D.U.H.
Remember that
Uno, Nigel
Especially by doing
Actions that

The doors of the large building swung shut, the slamming coming from them echoing in the otherwise empty area around it. Through the windows, any passerby would have seen lights go on suddenly; the neon colors flashing so that nothing but the silhouettes of many adults were all that were seen.

Eerie noises were heard coming from the building, barely covering up the many adults' laughter as they did who knows what in the large, domed building.

In the bushes nearby, a small rustling was heard before a young boy's head popped up from his hiding area. Despite how dark it was, with only the full moon and the lights from inside the building as the only source of illumination, the boy was wearing a pair of thick, dark-lenses sunglasses. Spitting some leaves out of his mouth, he stood up, dusting off his red shirt. "Kids Next Door," he called, his accented voice drowning out the adult noises and laughter, "report!"

There were some other rustling noises, as another boy's head popped up from a bush a little bit away from the first. Standing up, he waddled his way over to the first boy. He was a round boy, who wore a pilot's helmet on his head.

"Nothing over there, Numbuh 1," the round boy replied. "But I think the grown-ups are eating chips in there."

The first boy, Numbuh 1, rolled his eyes under his sunglasses. "Thank you, Numbuh 2," he said, somewhat sarcastically. Looking up in the tree next to him, he called, "What about you, Numbuh 4? See anything?"

In the tree, there were some more crackling noises, when a small, blond boy jumped down from the branch he was on. He wore an orange hooded sweatshirt and jeans. "Nothin'," he replied in his strong Aussie accent.

From the tree across from them, a dark girl jumped out, landing gracefully on the ground, and made her way towards the rest of the group. Her eyes were covered by the rim of her red cap, and she wore a blue shirt. "Numbuh 5 didn't see nothin' over there, neitha'," the girl said.

Numbuh 1 nodded to her, then looked around. He let out a slightly agitated sigh as he asked, "Where's Numbuh 3?"

As if on cue, another girl in the other tree near the group came swinging out of it, her long, black hair flapping in the wind as she did so. "Whee!!" she cried out, laughing loudly.

As soon as she landed, her teammates grabbed her by her green sweater, pulling her into the bush Numbuh 1 had been hiding in moments before.

The gray doors suddenly opened, and an adult poked their head outside, surveying the surrounds. Seeing nothing, she shrugged, sticking her head back inside, the large gray doors slamming shut.

Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 4 had clamped their hands on Numbuh 3's mouth for the duration of that time. When the adult was gone, the two let out a sigh, allowing Numbuh 3 to breathe from her mouth again.

"Don't do that again!" Numbuh 1 chastised her. "You could accidentally blow the whole mission!"

Numbuh 3 pouted slightly. "Oh, comon, Numbuh 1!" she replied cheerfully, patting his bald head. "Lighten up a bit!"

He pulled away from her hand, turning his gaze back towards the dome building. "We need to find out what the grown-ups are doing in there," he said, ignoring Numbuh 3's earlier comment.

"What are we assuming?" Numbuh 2 asked.

"Sources indicate that the grown-ups gather there every month. Though the reason is unclear, it's said that this place is a secret laboratory, and the adults are building some kind of kid-torture device."

"Yeah," Numbuh 4 said, "well, this info betta not be comin' from tha same 'sources' that tha otha ones come from!"

Numbuh 1 glanced over at the smaller boy, then looked back at the dome.

The small Aussie groaned loudly. "Again?! That's like…what?...tha fifth time!!! Listen, Numbuh 1, this is the fifth time we got info from that bogus 'source' and the otha four times, they were wrong!!"

"Numbuh 4 got a point," Numbuh 5 replied, leaning against the tree. "How do we know this ain't some more bogus information? Whoeva dis source is, they've been wrong all da time."

"Right or wrong," Numbuh 1 said, "it's our mission to check it out. We have to make sure that this isn't a secret lab, and that they aren't making a kid-torture device. If they are, then we blow that and the lab up. That is our mission, because we…"

"Yeah, yeah," the other four grumbled, "we are the Kids Next Door."

"Glad to see that you all remember. Now, are we all ready?"

The others nodded.

"All right. Kids Next Door…battle stations!"

Whipping out an assortment of weapons, the Numbuh 5 fired an ice beam at the steel doors, freezing them. Numbuh 4, running towards the door, suddenly jumped, aiming his foot for the icy doors. The ice easily broke, as he landed on the inside of the dome building.

The others rushed inside after him, just in case he needed assistance. But as they looked on, their determined expressions quickly changed to that of confusion.

The adults that stood there stared at the kids, confusion sweeping over their faces as well. The tiles on the floor blinked different color lights, and the ball on the ceiling of the room, glittering. The music that was playing suddenly stopped s all the adults stared at them.

"A discothèque?" Numbuh 1 cried, slightly appalled.

"That's right," a woman said, taking a step towards them. She was the same woman that surveyed the surroundings earlier. "Every month, the members here come to dance disco."

"That should be an offense to kids anyway," muttered Numbuh 4 to the others.

"So…this…" Numbuh 1 found himself stuttering. He cursed himself mentally for it.

"What did you think this was?" the woman asked, her and the other adults seemingly a bit angry.

"Um…uh…a secret lab building a kid-torture device?"

The five kids ran out, screaming to the top of their lungs, as the disco-loving adults wearing outdated clothes chased them out of the discotheque, angrily waving clubs at them.

A short distance away, watching all the happenings below them, five other children laughed an evil, monotonous chuckle.

Transmission Interrupted