Continuing Transmission

The sun warmed the earth, contrast to the breeze that was cooling it down. On the ground, if one were to look up, they would see the clouds lazily passing up above them.

One such individual gazing up at the billows was Numbuh 1, as he leaned back, lying down on the blanket beneath him, using his arms as a cushion for his head.

Numbuh 4 was sitting next to him, leaning back on his hands. The breeze ruffled his blond bangs lightly, just revealing his eyes.

"'ey, Numbuh 1?" the Aussie said.

"Hm?" the Brit replied lazily. His eyes, which were closed in a near attempt to fall asleep, opened, though one couldn't determine that due to the dark shades he wore.

"Where are tha girls?"

"I'm not sure. I think they went on a walk or something."

"Prob'bly ta talk 'bout girl stuff."

The Leader didn't give a reply to his comrade. Instead, he closed his eyes again.

At that time, the four Kids were at the park on a double date, while Numbuh 2 was watching the Tree House HQ.

The four of them had decided to have a picnic in the park. It had been an interesting time, and when everyone had finished eating, the two girls had went on a walk, most likely to talk, leaving the two guys behind.

It was pretty quiet at the park, save the song that the birds were singing. But underneath the shade of the tree, and the feeling of a full stomach, lying under the lazy sky, it was no surprise that someone might fall asleep there.

Hearing the gentle snore of his commander, Numbuh 4's gaze shifted to the grassy area in front of him, thinking the Brit had gone to sleep. Little did he know that Numbuh 1 had yet to slumber.

Instead, Numbuh 1's mind was on the border line of sleep and the waking world, giving off the impression that he was asleep. But his mind was still awake, slightly, as he was reminiscing over past events.

It had been three weeks since their trip to the Secret Moon Base HQ, and as a result, the previous Numbuh 274, known as Chad, had experienced his thirteenth birthday. The night before his birthday, the KND felt it appropriate to have a party for the older operative. Numbuh 1 and his team had attended, of course, to wish him well off in the world of the teenagers.

The farewell gathering, however, ended as a different type of social get-together, as Numbuh 274 had "officially" passed his title to Numbuh 1. As soon as he did, many of his fellow operatives began to ask him questions, and the Brit slightly felt as if he was being interviewed by the media.

When plans of action figures and trading cards were beginning to be produced, as it had previously had been with Numbuh 274, Numbuh 1 had to wonder if the older operative had ever felt uncomfortable with all the attention he was getting. Assuredly, Numbuh 274 said he did.

The farewell/congratulation party went on late into the night, until it reached midnight, and the day of Numbuh 274's birthday had arrived. As followed, the time to decommission him had to go underway. Numbuh 1 and the other KND operatives in charge of the decommissioning had recommended until the morning. But the older operative argued, saying that once an operative consciously reached the age limit, meaning that when they awaken to their thirteenth birthday, they had no choice but to take their leave. So they had to do so.

Chad didn't fight it, of course, since he knew very well, when he had accepted the terms of being a KND operative, when he would have to leave. So he bade the Kids Next Door good luck with future missions, and entered the world that lay waiting for him.

Numbuh 1 was slightly unsure of things following Numbuh 274's leaving. After their first encounter, Numbuh 274 and Numbuh 1 had kept in close contact, when each operative wasn't busy, and Numbuh 1 had looked up to the older comrade, almost like the brother he never had.

But Chad had left, and Numbuh 1 had filled his position as someone younger operatives of the Kids Next Door looked up to. He knew he had to set a good example for them if they were going to be great operatives as they learned the ways of the KND. But, according to Numbuh 5, that wasn't going to be a problem for the Leader.

Numbuh 1 was brought out of his near slumber and back into the waking world with a pair of soft lips brushing against his own. Opening his eyes, Numbuh 1 found himself looking up at a smiling, upside down Numbuh 5. Or was he the one upside down? He wasn't sure. All he knew was that she appeared upside down to him.

"Hey," she said.

"Hm…" he replied lazily, tiredly. As she got up, he sat up, supporting himself on his elbows, looking over at her. "Where's Numbuh 3 and 4?"

"Dey took a walk togethuh. Numbuh 3 found a buncha flowuhs dat she liked, and she wan'ed Numbuh 4 ta see 'em."

Numbuh 1 chuckled slightly. "I'm sure he wasn't too happy about that."

"'bout seein' a buncha flowuhs, prob'bly not. But spendin' time with Numbuh 3…just da two of 'em…that's a diff'rent story."

The Leader chuckled again. "Yeah, that's true. I'm sure he's enjoying that."

The Quiet One chuckled, setting herself down right next to him. The two of them had decided to wait a while before telling the others that they were together. Unlike Numbuh 3 and 4, Numbuh 1 and 5 felt a little more embarrassment with telling things such as when they were in a relationship. However, the other three Kids had ended up guessing. Numbuh 1 discovered that they all knew the Numbuh 5 had liked him, and when they tried to keep it a secret, they found out anyway. It made Numbuh 1 wonder how long exactly she did like him like that.

He was drawn out of his questioning when he saw that Numbuh 5 was looking at him. He could feel the wonder in her eyes, asking him if he was okay. He smiled at her, silently telling her that he was.

She smiled back. She enjoyed the silent conversations that they had between them. They didn't have to say a word to know what the other was thinking or feeling. It helped that they had known each other since they were younger, and that they had been really close since then.

She leaned forward slowly, and he began to do the same.

Suddenly, he stopped, as his ears picked up a strange sound. Leaves and grass began to fly about them, raised by a sudden strong wind. But the sound was too mechanical to be wind.

A large shadow suddenly covered them, causing them to look up and see the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W. hovering over them.

Questioning looks crossed their features before Numbuh 1 and 5 realized that the vehicle was going to land on them.

The two of them scrambled to their feet, getting up as quickly as possible as the aircraft was coming down upon them. They ran, trying their best to escape the shadow that meant the craft was going to land on them.

As they were running, however, a loose rock caused Numbuh 1 to trip, and he crashed into Numbuh 5. The two of them rolled on the ground, just out of the large shadow as the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W. landed.

Numbuh 1 groaned, lifting his head to look up at the aircraft, before realizing the position he was in. He and Numbuh 5 blushed, as she looked up from under him.

He shot onto his feet, ignoring the dizziness he felt from standing too fast. He held out his hand to the dark girl, pulling her to her feet, as the sound of the engine on the machine died down.

Both ignored the blush on their cheeks as Numbuh 3 and 4 ran over to the two. "Wha's goin' on?" the Tough Kid asked.

The two didn't reply, still too embarrassed about their previous pose on the ground.

Confused by their silence, Numbuh 3 looked over at the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W. and suddenly smiled. "Look, it's Numbuh 2!" she said, pointing.

And indeed, Numbuh 2 was hobbling towards them. "Hey guys!" he called.

"I hope you can elucidate, Numbuh 2," Numbuh 1 said, his hands behind his back. He hoped that the round operative wouldn't notice the flush that spread across his cheeks.

"Yeah, Numbuh 2," Numbuh 4 agreed. "If ya didn't notice, we're kinda busy 'ere!" He indicated by nodding his head towards Numbuh 3.

Numbuh 2 looked down, twiddling his thumbs. "Well……um……"

"What?" Numbuh 3 asked.

"It's……it's just that……"

"Well," Numbuh 5 said, "spill it already!"

"Well……the alarm at the Tree House went off!"

The eyes on the other three looked at him, wide. But Numbuh 1 retained his calm. "I see. What did Kids Next Door satellites pick up this time?" the Leader asked.

Numbuh 2 twiddled his thumbs again. "Well, the satellites picked up a scientist somewhere, and he's……he's making a machine that will get rid of the weekends forever!"

The Numbuh 3, 4, and 5 gasped, as Numbuh 1 broke away from the four, beginning to pace around.

"Obviously this scientist is building this machine to keep kids in school all week," the Leader mused. "By getting rid of the weekend, kids will be forced to stay in school, and will be forced to work all school year. If a machine like that is to succeed, it will only be a matter of time before one will be made powerful enough to eradicate the summer."

"No!" all the kids said, looking at Numbuh 1.

"Indeed. That just gets rid of all types of summer vacation activity."

"No ice cream on hot days?" Numbuh 2 asked, horrified.

"No summer slumber parties?" Numbuh 3 asked, covering her mouth with her sleeve-covered hands.

"No trips to tha beach!" Numbuh 4 cried.

"None of those. However, I assume that would only happen if the machine to get rid of the weekend works." He smacked a clenched fist in his other free hand. "This must be stopped!"

"No tellin' how far this adult has come along," Numbuh 5 said, pulling her red cap down farther over her eyes. "A lotta da time, da satellites don't pick thangs like dis up right away."

"Exactly," the Brit agreed. "No telling what this scientist has gotten done already. We'll have to move fast."

That was when Numbuh 1 realized that the eyes on his teammates were fixed on him. In each pair of orbs, there seemed to be some expectation, a silent anticipation that was directed at him, waiting for him to do…something…

Numbuh 5 was the first to speak after a while. "It's your call, Numbuh 1."

And he understood then, what they were waiting for. They looked at him with eagerness, waiting to hear the five words that they wanted to before, the five words that were often uttered by their leader that usually got them ready for whatever headed their way.

The leader smirked, only happy to comply.

"Kids Next Door……BATTLE STATIONS!"

End Transmission