A/N: Alrighty then this is going to be Fem Ryoma story. I wanted to keep it a surprise but I realized some of you guys may not like gender bent stories so I decided to give you a warning. For those that don't mind and want to continue reading hopefully my story ends up being different from the rest. I understand that there are tons of Fem Ryoma stories out there. However if at any given time this story does end up being similar to another please let me know and I shall change it immediately.

Moving on.

IMPORTANT FOR THE STORY. This currently takes place in OVA episodes 22-25 Rikkaidai vs. Seigaku. It follows the episodes timeline in the beginning but there are some changes, especially towards the end where Echizen gains back his memories. The changes are on purpose and have a point so certain events further in the story make sense. That's why I decided to write out the episodes. I also am kinda just skimming through it and just putting the important points or things I've changed so don't expect much because it's really just a set up. After that the story goes on to its own timeline and no longer follows the anime. That's where all the details start.

Now to the story.

Note: Tezuka had just lost his match.

Momo and Echizen come running down the steps of the stadium towards their team.

"Oishi-sempai." Momo says softly, slightly concerned.

"It's just as you see, He lost…But I'm glad you came back quickly." Oishi said relieved to see his absent teammates.

"We're back, but..." Momo trailed off turning to look over at Echizen.

"Um, there are many people here." Echizen said placing his bag down and held the tip of his cap. "Is something going on?"

"Well it seems that he lost his memories." Momo explained with a guilty and frustrated look.

Everyone looked shocked at the two. Echizen just ignores them and plays with the strings of his racket with a large smile on his face, giggling.

Oishi steps forward a bit. "Echizen, do you really not remember anything?"

Echizen looks at Oishi confused "What are you talking about?"

Eiji quickly runs up to Echizen and places his hands on the boy's shoulders. "We were the champions at the Kantou District Tournament, remember? Even in the nationals, we kept crushing the competition."

"Pardon me, but I have no idea what you're talking about." Echizen responded still confused.

"What are you saying?" Taka-san added in. "You contributed greatly in that endeavor too, didn't you?"

"Even if you say that, I was brought here so abruptly so I don't know what's what." Echizen says.

Kaido suddenly comes forward and grabs Echizen's jacket collar, his other hand clenched in a fist. "Hey, you better not be bullshitting us, Echizen!"

"I-I'm sorry." Echizen stutters slightly frightened.

"Stop it Kaido." Oishi cuts in. "No violence."

Kaido clicks his tongue. "He's not worth punching anyway."

Everyone just looks confused at Echizen, who at this time is sitting down smiling and playing with a tennis ball.

"It can't be helped." Oishi says. "For now, let's just concentrate on the next match."

"That's right." Eiji agrees. "By watching a match he may just recall things."

Everyone just nods their head in agreement.

During the doubles match between Inui and Kaido against Yanagi and Akaya, Echizen would make small comments that would show no sign of his memories returning. Even during the beginning of Fuji's match against Nio, Echizen still didn't regain his memories. After Oishi saw Fuji use his new Sixth counter, he was no longer very concerned. He knew that Fuji would not lose this match, so he focused his attention over to Momo.

"Momo, how did Echizen lose his memories?" he asked

Momo just looked confused. "Actually I don't know, when I picked him up he was already like this."

Oishi sighed. "Oh well, when Echizen gets back to normal we shall ask him what happened then."

Momo just nods his head and looks over at Echizen with a worried expression.

Fuji ended up winning his match and the crowd cheered. Oishi and Eiji then went down to the courts for their match against Jackel and Mauri. As the game went on Momo was inspired and became determined to do whatever he had to do to get Echizens memories back. So he ran over to Echizen.

"Come with me Echizen!" he said grabbing the boy's wrist and dragging him over towards Tezuka and Fuji.

"Captain, I'll warm up with Echizen." Momo said

Echizen just looked at Momo confused. "Um, but I…"

"I'll make you remember your lost memories!" Momo told Echizen, very determined.

"Momo." Fuji muttered softly

"Fine." Replied Tezuka.

Momo nodded his head and once again grabbed Echizen's wrist taking off toward the outdoor tennis courts. Once they got there Momo stood on one side of the net and Echizen was on the other, both had rackets in their hands.

"Um, what are we doing here?" Echizen asked.

Momo just ignored him and pulled out a tennis ball, serving instantly. He starts doing all of his signature moves towards Echizen who in turn is not even bothering to try and return them.

"How can you forget!?" Momo yells frustrated. "We've been fighting together all this time haven't we? Remember Echizen!?" he now had tears streaming down his face. "Please! Call me Momo-sempai once again!"

Echizen just stands there watching Momo with a sad expression. "I'm sorry." He says walking up to Momo. "Let's try playing a match again."

Momo grinned. Soon enough the two were having a rally. However, Echizen had so far only been using the basics.

"Amazing, that's amazing Ryoma-kun." Katsuo cheered from the sidelines. "You're returning shots so easily."

Echizen suddenly froze hearing his name. Momo who hadn't noticed got in position to do a dunk smash. Echizen's eyes widened as the ball went past him.

"That was… One more time please." He said with fire in his eyes.

Momo suddenly got very excited, seems like Echizen's memories were finally starting to return. Suddenly several of Echizens pervious opponents walked up onto the courts. Momo smiled, looks like he has got some help.

"Ryoma-kun!" Katsou shouted again excitedly.

Echizen froze again hearing his name. After a couple of moments he smirked.

"Mada mada dane." He muttered.

Everyone nearby turned toward echizen when they heard the familiar phrase. There standing in front of them was the usual cocky, cool brat they were used to. Some of them were muttering about how they haven't even done anything yet. Momo's eyes filled with tears.

"Echizen, you're back." He said

Echizen looked at Momo weirdly. "I've never left semapi."

Momo laughed. "Right, right. Come on lets go back." He grabbed Ryoma's wrist again and dragged him back to the match.

"Captain." Momo yelled once they got in view of Tezuka. "Echizen is back!"

Tezuka gave a small smile. Oishi and Eiji smiled too, they had heard Momo down from the court. They looked at one another and nodded. It was time to get serious.

Their game finished in no time, with Seigaku's win. The team cheered, now it was Echizens turn. Everyone was counting on him to beat his opponent, Yukimura Seiichi, the Child of God.

Dispite everything thrown at him, Echizen tired his hardest. He struggled against the yips but he eventually overcame them by entering the final door, Tenimuhou no kiwami. It was an amazing sight. Echizen won his match against Yukimura, preventing Rikkaidai from gaining their third consecutive win. The crowd had cheered and Seigaku was the happiest of them all. Eventually everyone had decided they would go to Kawamura sushi restaurant to celebrate.

So that's where they are now, everyone stuffing their faces with sushi and enjoying themselves. Fuji, who was sitting down at a table with Eiji and Oishi, was constantly keeping an eye on their freshman. Before their match against Rikkaidai Fuji had promised himself that he would soon confess to Echizen. He had constantly been battling his feeling, telling himself he was not gay, but no matter what he did he knew the truth. He was head over heels in love with Ryoma. So now that they had finally beaten Rikkaidai, Fuji felt like it was time to tell him how he feels. So he watched Ryoma, patiently waiting for an opportunity to approach him. Suddenly Echizen's phone had started to go off.

"Sorry Sempai, I'll be right back." Ryoma said while getting up from his seat.

"Hurry back Echizen!" Momo shouts

Ryoma just nods and walks toward the exit. Fuji watches and believing this to be a good time decides to get up and follow him.

"Ah Fujiko where are you going?" Eiji asks.

"Sa, where am I going?" Fuji said smiling.

"Fuji!" Eiji whines.

"Eiji, calm down. He could just be going to the restroom." Oishi says trying to calm Eiji.

"It's alright Oishi." Fuji says. "Eiji I'm going to finally tell him."

Eiji immediately settles down and gives a large smile to Fuji. "Good-luck!"

Fuji nods and continues to follow Ryoma outside. As soon as he steps out he sees Ryoma about to answer his phone. So he did what anyone would do, he hides behind the closest tree he could. He knew it was rude to listen in on his conversation but he didn't want to lose this opportunity to finally confront Echizen about his feelings. If he had decided to wait after the phone call, Echizen might have already gone back inside or worse had already left. Plus Fuji was naturally a nosy person.

"Hello?" Ryoma answers in a bored tone.

Fuji strains his ears so he could hear whoever is on the other end.

"I'm back." The voice said in an excited tone.

Fuji was slightly confused, he didn't recognize that voice and it sounded male. He carefully watched Ryoma's reaction and was shocked. Ryoma's demeanor had instantly changed. His normally bored facial expression was filled with life. His eyes shone with excitement, and his smile was heartwarming. Ryoma almost seemed exactly the same as when he had lost his memories earlier that day. Does that mean something triggered him to lose him memories again? No that couldn't be, maybe Ryoma was just generally happy to hear the other person. Fuji's heart clenched at the thought. He wondered who this person could be to Ryoma if they brought out this kind of reaction from him. Fuji's face fell thinking maybe he was too late, and Ryoma already had a boyfriend. He shook his head. No he couldn't be thinking negatively, there was no proof yet. So Fuji stopped his thinking and brought his attention back onto Ryoma. That's when he noticed something odd. Ryoma was standing in a very feminine pose. All his weight was placed on one leg, his free hand on his hip, and head tilted to the opposite side.

"Aniki." Ryoma said in a higher than normal pitched voice. "Took you long enough."

Fuji internally sighed. Good not a boyfriend then just his brother.

"Hehe sorry chibisuke college took longer than expected." His brother replied

"That's what you get for trying to become a doctor." Ryoma chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah. But it's worth it though." His brother said sadly.

Ryoma who noticed his brother's sudden change of mood tried to switch the conversation. "Anyway Aniki, are you home yet?"

"Not yet I'm still at the airport, waiting for my car to be dropped off."

"Aww." Ryoma said pouting. "Well hurry Aniki I miss you."

Fuji was shocked once again. Their cocky freshman, who is completely antisocial and showed little emotion, just said he missed someone. Not only that but he seemed to be displaying lots of emotions right now, especially one of happiness. It was a weird thing to see this side of Ryoma. If anything Fuji was just more intrigued, he wanted to become a person who could bring out this side of Ryoma too. Fuji was actually kind of jealous of Ryoma's brother. However there was something that was bothering him slightly. Ryoma's personality right now was like a completely different person. It was worrying. Did he not know about Ryoma as well as he originally thought? Fuji shook his head again. It doesn't matter right now, he could confront Ryoma about it later. So he brought his attention back to their conversation.

"Where are you right now?" Ryoma's brother asked.

Suddenly Fuji noticed that Ryoma looked incredibly confused.

"Uh actually I don't know, let me check." Ryoma replied. He started to look around for a bit until he saw the restaurant sign. "Aha, Kawamura Sushi." Ryoma said happily but then frowned "Have you ever been here before Aniki?"

This caught Fuji's attention. Why wouldn't Ryoma know where they are, let alone act like he has never been here before. The team constantly comes here several times after a win. Did he really lose his memories again? But that wouldn't make sense.

"No, can't say I have." Ryoma's brother replies, catching Fuji's attention again. "Chibisuke I'm about to head over to my apartment, want me to pick you up?"

"Nah that's okay." Ryoma said. "I got here somehow guess I will try and get myself back home."

"You sure, Isn't Oyaji home?"

Ryoma's eyes widened with fear and nervousness. "Honestly I haven't seen him for a while, think I'll be fine."

Fuji was now beyond confused. First Ryoma didn't seem to know how he got here, which is absurd. They all came here together as a team, it was even Echizen's idea to come over here in the first place. Also he was worried about the reaction Ryoma had to the mention of his father's name. Ryoma seemed afraid. Was there something happening with his home? Fuji desperately wanted to leave his hiding place and demand answers from Echizen. But he can't do that, at least not until the conversation ends. For now, he will settle with listening in.

"Okay then, if you think you'll be fine."

Ryoma smiled again. "Mail me your new address, so I could visit when I want to."

"No way. What if I want privacy time, I don't want you disturbing me." His brother said in a teasing tone.

"Ewww Aniki gross." Ryoma said in a girlish tone.

His brother laughed on the other end. "Just kidding."

Ryoma then laughed sweetly. "So you will then?"

"Of course anyway I got to go now car's here."

"Just don't forget!" Ryoma says quickly

"Hai, Hai. Bye Ryoko."

Fuji looks confused once again. What who's Ryoko? Did he hear that right?

"Bye Aniki!" Echizen responds cheerfully.

Wait Ryoma? Fuji opens his eyes in shock.

Apparently this was too overwhelming for Fuji because as soon as Echizen hung up, Fuji had stumbled out of his hiding place. Quickly he recovered and gave Echizen a half-hearted smile. Echizen in turn just looked Fuji up and down with a raised eyebrow. He watched Fuji for a few moments before deciding to turn around and walk away.

"Wait, where are you going?" Fuji asked grabbing a hold of Echizen's wrist in the process.

Echizen just looks at Fuji confused once again. Finally for what seemed like forever he opened his mouth to speak. But the words that came out were not what Fuji was expecting. His eyes widened in shock as he recalled what the boy had said.

"Sorry do I know you?"


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