V's hands slid down the length of her body, tracing the curve of her bottom before he grasped it tightly. His length was like stone between them, hot and urgently pressing against her lower belly. V made no move to enter her, however...he seemed perfectly content to explore her body for the moment.

Evey broke the kiss, leaning back so that she could watch her hands as they traveled over his flesh. The man had chiseled himself perfectly, had trained his body to peak condition. Even his scars could not take away the beauty of such muscle, of such power. V's fingertips glider over her hip, causing her a shiver of delight. He paused there, though...hesitant.

"It's alright, V." She whispered. "Touch me. I'll always want you to to touch me."

His head lowered slightly, an indication that he was watching his own hand as it moved along her skin. V was trembling ever so slightly...though whether it was from nerves or anticipation, she could not tell. He caressed her inner thigh, gently nudging her legs apart. Evey moaned softly when he found her folds, his fingers gentle as he parted her. Though he had done this to her before, it had always been in the bath or in the darkness of the bedroom. The fact that she was open for his hungry gaze to explore added a certain heat to the moment, and she found she could not look away from him.

V's attention was focused on what his fingers were doing, teasing her with whisper-light strokes that very nearly made her dizzy with need. She let her legs fall open wider, a silent invitation.

V's finger brushed her opening, drawing another low moan from her lips. Encouraged, he inserted a finger, slowly...so achingly slow. Evey arched into his touch as he teased her, gasping his name. Her hand found his length, stroking him in tandem with each thrust he made into her body. He gasped her name, thrilling her to the core at the unmasked need in his voice.

Her desire for him was so great that Evey was already dangerously close to the edge. When she shattered tonight, she wanted it to be with him buried deep within her. She reached down to still his hand.

"My apologizes, Evey...I got carried away..." he instantly began to apologize as he pulled away.

Evey took his face between her hands, forcing him to stop and and look at her. "You are always so ready to believe that I don't want you," she whispered. "I'm only stopping you because I want you to be inside of me when I prove to you how untrue that will forever be."

V trembled harder. "Do you want me too, V?" She asked.

He nodded, his voice thick when he spoke. "So badly..." He admitted. He took a deep breath, then lifted his head to look at her. "Though I fear I will disappoint you."

Vulnerability and V did not seem right in the same sentence, but if Evey could have described him in that moment, it would have been the word she chose. For the first time, she knew something that he was not familiar with. For the first time, he would be learning from her.

And what a willing teacher she was.

Evey straddled him, shivering at the feel of his moistened tip when it brushed her opening. "Look at me, V." She said softly.

The chin of his mask raised, and though she could not see his eyes, she knew they were burning into hers from behind the obscure screens. "This is me wanting you." She said. "This is me wanting the man instead of the idea. And this," she said, rolling her hips forward, taking him inside of her to the hilt. V cried out huskily. "This is me loving you. Every piece." She said on the tail of a breathy moan. The urge to move, to buck wildly against him was strong. But she was not through making her point. She leaned forward to brush her lips against one of the raised edges of flesh on his shoulder. "And every scar. Just you, V. Always you, just as you are."

He was still for a beat. Perhaps even two. And then, his hands tangled in her curls, roughly pulling her down against the mask in one of his unfeeling kisses. She heard her name, muffled behind the enamel of Guy Fawkes, a moan cloaked in the rich tenor of his voice. That sound was her undoing.

She straightened, placing her hands on his lower abdomen as she began to move. His body was the music to which she danced, rising and falling with a rhythmic grace she hadn't been aware she was capable of in the throes of such desire.

V placed his hands on her backside, the toughness of his flesh sending delicious little shivers down her spine. His thickness was overhhelming, stretching and filling her, the friction of his many scars drawing her higher and higher with every pass of her hips. V's hands moved to boldly cup her breasts, the rough pads of his thumbs teasing her nipples in to achingly hard buds. Evey threw her head back, raising her hands above her head as she closed her eyes, pressing herself more fully into his caress. V's moans, husky and deep, rang out to join her own desperate ones.

"Evey, oh my Evey..."

She looked down at him through her half lidded gaze, watching his own head fall back in pleasure. "Can you feel it, V?" She gasped, reaching to cup hands over his. "This is love." Her fingers entwined with his. She could feel her ascent beginning to build, and as it did she surrendered to the sensation. She rose and fell, faster and harder, riding the storm of passion until they were both screaming from the pleasure.

"Evey, I'm...oh god..." he gasped.

She held his hand tightly, grasped close to her chest so he could feel the racing of her heart. "It's okay, V. Together, it'll be together."

V suddenly cried out, his body arching into hers with such force that it knocked her fully into the climax she had been rapidly approaching. Even as she shuddered around him, she could feel the hot bloom of his rapture deep within her. She was powerless to do anything but ride the waves of bliss, crying out his name as he cried hers too.

It was not the lovemaking she had expected...for there simply was no way to expect something so powerful, so raw, so consuming. It transcended every fantasy and every dream, was truly beautiful beyond any comprehension. It was, like the man with whom she'd shared it, absolute perfection.