Luke smiled at Percy as he coughed out blood, "I guess in the end I can be the hero huh Percy?"

Percy looked down at Luke's mangled body and cried, "I'm sorry Luke."

"'s not your fault, thank you Percy….for giving me the chance to be a hero once more," Luke turned his eyes to Annabeth. He smiled, "I'm sorry Annabeth, I'm so so sorry. Please, forgive me."

"Luke," Annabeth choked out tears as she looked at son of Hermes slowly bright the cursed dagger up.

"I need you to tell me something Annabeth, please."


"Did you love me?"

Annabeth's tears fell down, "y-yes Luke, I did."

Luke smiled, "then I'm sorry," he turned to Percy, "take care of her for me Percy. I leave her and the world in your hands. Promise me Percy, Promise me."

Percy nodded as he sniffed, "I promise Luke."

"Good," Luke brought the blade up to his armpit and smiled, "goodbye," and pushed the blade in.


The scream came from Luke's mouth, but it wasn't him. It was Kronos, the Titan was crying out in pain.

Suddenly a wave of energy burst out pushing Percy and Annabeth on their back. Percy saw waves of bright yellow evergy come out of Luke's body as spots of the same energy started to burn Luke alive.

"Luke!" Annabeth cried out as she tried to crawl back to him only for another wave of energy to push her back.

Percy grabbed Annabeth and pulled her close. He turned to Luke in horror as the boy's body slowly started to burn up.

Luke turned to Percy, his eyes gold, it wasn't Luke anymore, it was Kronos. "JACKSON! YOU! YOU DID THIS! NO! I WILL NOT FAIL AGAIN! DIE JACKSON! DIE!"

A blast of energy bigger than all before came at Percy and Annabeth. Percy grabbed Annabeth's by her hip and threw her away with all his might. The blast hit him in the back, and Percy knew no more.

The son of Poseidon blinked. He looked up and stared at a giant iconic, it was familiar to him, it was iconic to everyone in the Western world. Big Ben stood before him tall and proud behind a grey sky.

Percy blinked, he looked down and patted himself. Everything was there, arms, legs, feet. He still wore the orange camp half-blood t-shirt and jeans along with a pair of sneakers. A greek style leather chest plate was founded over it.

Percy sighed, 'okay, I'm still in one piece, good news. Bad news, I'm in freaking London! How can things possibly get worse?'

Thunder roared as suddenly it started to pour once more.

Percy snapped the sky and yelled, "that wasn't a challenge Zeus!" The people walking around looked at him like he was crazy but Percy didn't care. He had other problems.

Percy ran looking for shelter from the horrible London weather, finding it in underneath a shop's banner. Percy looked at the dull sky, he didn't understand what was going on.

He wasn't dead, Kronos' last attack didn't kill him. Though it should have. He was transported to London, obviously he needed to find a way back.

Percy looked around, so far he was drawing a lot of suspicious looks to him, he followed their line of sight to his armour. 'Wait, they can see it? But the Mist should...right, leather armour isn't exactly devine, it's probably not important enough for the Mist to hide.'

Percy sighed, the laws of his world were strange to say the least. 'First thing's first, I need to get rid of my armour, now. And then I need to contact Chiron or maybe dad and tell them where I am. Maybe I can get a lift or something.'

Percy quickly found a small alleyway to hide in as he ran inside and took off his armour. He tossed it aside, the thing had been shredded to pieces, barely holding together by the strings. Percy rolled his shoulders, now free of it's weight.

It was still raining, Percy couldn't Iris call anyone until it stopped, and from what Percy heard about London that wouldn't happen any time soon. Percy sighed, he didn't like this, not one bit.

He quickly walked out of the alley way and walked down the streets. He looked to the corners and found a small cafe near the end of the block. Percy's stomach growled, he was hungry as hell but he didn't have any pounds on hand. Percy checked his pockets and found a few dollars, a few drachma and a single pen, which wasn't really a pen.

"Percy Jackson," the voice came from behind him. Percy immediately took out his pen and threw off the cap with his thumb. The pen transformed into a greek style leaf blade as Percy leveled it at the person who spoke.

There standing before him were three old women wearing identical grey dresses. They looked old, older than time itself. They wore thick glasses, but behind those lenses were eyes that had seen the rise and possibly will see the fall of the human race. And Percy had seen them before.

"The Fates," Percy realised as he sighed, "oh I'm so glad to see you three."

"That is certainly a first," one of them spoke.

Then another pointed at the cafe door, "shall we?"

Percy looked wearily between them, he wasn't sure about theses three as usually nothing good ever came out of meeting them. But he didn't really have much of a choice now did he?

Percy sighed, "okay, but you're paying. I have no cash and I don't like dining and dashing."

"Understood," they said as one as they walked inside motioning him to follow.

Percy sighed as he pressed his pen cap to the blade turning it back into a pen. They quickly got a seat in the back, Percy sat down in front of the three, but before he could begin a woman came up and smiled, "hello there, what can I get you?"

"Three Earl Grey's and a white chocolate mocha with extra sugar for the boy," the Fate in the middle ordered.

"Alright, coming right up!"

Percy raised an eyebrow, "how did you know I like, sigh, never mind, you're the Fates, I forgot."

"Indeed you did Percy Jackson," one of them spoke up.

"Now, what are you doing here?" another asked turning the conversation into full business mode.

Percy sighed, "I have no idea. One moment I'm in Olympus fighting Kronos, the next thing I know I'm here."

The Fates looked surprised. The middle one spoke, "Kronos? He sent you here?"

"Ah yeah, I guess so," Percy shrugged, "anyway what happened with the war? Is Annabeth alright? And the Titans?"

"We cannot say-"

"-doing so would break destiny-"

"-After all, no mortal, be it even a demigod, should ever find out about the future."

Percy blinked, "well I know that, but I'm not asking you about the future. I'm asking you about now, or have the Gods not returned to Olympus yet?"

"The Gods have not left Olympus. The Titan's army has not risen, nor has Kronos awoken."

Percy looked very confused as he squinted his eyebrow, "what are you talking about? I know the Gods have left, they went to fight-"

"Here we are!" the waitress from before came back forcing Percy to shut up.

As she placed the drinks down one of the Fates asked, "my dear, can you please tell us the date today?"

"Why it's February 23rd of course."

"And the year?"

The waitress looked concerned, "oh, well it's 1994 ma'am. Why?"

"No reason," The Fates then suddenly took out a 20 pound note from their dress and gave it to the girl, "keep the change as tip."

All questions went out of the waitress's head as she gladly took the money forgetting about the strange questions the Fates had asked.

Percy turned to the Fates, "it's 1994?!"

"Yes," they nodded as one.

"B-but how the Hades is that possible?!"

"You fought against the Titan of time, what do you think happened?"

Percy slumped back in his seat looking horrified as realization dawned on him, "I...I was sent back. Kronos...he sent me back in time."

The Fates nodded, "yes...he did."


"As a finally form of revenge we believe," the Fates on the left spoke as she sipped from her tea, "if you are correct then the Titan war is over, you won, the prophecy has been fulfilled."

"B-but why here?! Why London?!"

"Because we did not allow you inside America," they replied.


"There are too many important delicate things going on in that country. If someone altered time then that will cause catastrophic damage to the future. And if that person also happened to be a child of one of the big three that had just turned sixteen….well, one could only imagine."

Percy looked down, he couldn't believe this was happening. "W-what about my parents? Friends?"

"They are all alive and well, in the future."

"Can you send me back?" Percy asked in desperation.

"No, we cannot. Only Kronos has the power to do that."

"Then what the fuck am I supposed to do?!" Percy roared as he got up.

The waitress looked startled, she came to try and stop whatever was brewing but one look from the Fates stopped her in her tracks. The three sisters turned as one and started at Percy, "you have no choice, you can only do one thing, wait."

"For fifteen years?!"

They looked back with blank eyes, "yes."

Percy gaped at them not believing what he was told. ', it can't be true, it can't be!' Percy took off as he ran outside. He looked to the road and spotted a newspaper stand in the corner of the street.

Percy ran, 'this can't be true! It can't be!'

"Want a paper?" the man at the stand asked as Percy snatched one from the stand, "hey! You need to pay for that first!"

Percy ignored him completely as he looked at the paper's headline: Scandal at Prison, it spoke of some criminal escaping with help from the warden's wife. But Percy didn't look at that, he looked at the date; 23rd Feb, 1994.

Percy's hands shook as he fell to the ground startling the newspaper man. "Mate? You alright?"

"He'll be fine," The Fates walked up to the man as one of them handed him a note, "here, for the paper."

Percy looked at them, "what should I do?"

"Come with us Percy, we'll tell you."

Percy nodded as they slowly walked towards a bench. Percy helped the apper in his hands as he started at the date. The road was filled with cars honking and people yelling, but when the Fates spoke everything else seemed to die down.

"You must stay here Percy, no matter what you cannot enter America."

"When can I?"

"When did you leave?"

"2009, on my birthday."

"Then that is the only day you can return."

"Then what I am supposed to do till then?!" Percy snapped, "I have no life here, no family, nothing!"

"No, that isn't true," The Fate closest to him reached into her dress and pulled out a coin. She gave it to Percy, "tell me Percy, what do you see?"

Percy looked at the coine, it was a two pound coin, "it's a coin. A two dollar, I mean, pound, a two pound coin."

"Correct," on of the Fates said, "tell me Percy who is on that coin?"

Percy looked again and found the coin featured a woman with a greek style helmet with long flowing hair with a trident over her shoulder. Percy was a bit taken back, "she looks greek to me."

The Fates nodded, "that is Britania, the representation of Britain in the ancient world. Most believe it was just something created by the Romans to distinguish the country, but in reality Britannia was very real. Britannia was just an ordinary sea nymph, she was one of Poseidon's many children. She however was unlike her brothers and sisters, she was not content with simply remaining in Atlantis, she wanted to explore the world. And she did, and eventually she came upon this country, Britain. And she fell in love with it.

"He father, your father, ordered her to return, but she refused telling him that she wished to be this lands protector, she wanted this land to be her kingdom. Poseidon loved the little nymph, much like he loved you, and he was more than happy to let Britania have this land as he own, since no one else had claimed it so.

"However, at the time this land was in turmoil, so much war and blood shed occurred on these grounds. Poseidon knew Britannia could never rule with such a destroyed kingdom, and so he sought to bring peace to the land. And to do that he would need a weapon, a son, a demigod. He bedded a woman named Igraine Pendragon, giving birth to a son, Arthur Pendragon."

Percy's eyes widened, "King Arthur is my brother?! What the Hades?!"

The Fates seemed to smile, "yes, Arthur Pendragon was a demigod, and a powerful one at that. He united the kingdoms, and while eternal peace wasn't gained, it was a powerful start to Britannia's kingdom. And now she stands, ruler of one of the most powerful nations in the world. And that is mostly in part to Poseidon, her father, and King Arthur, your brother."

Percy blinked, "holy shit….King Arthur is my….wow….wait, does that mean Excalibur is real?!"

The Fates nodded, "it is. But it has been lost to time, no one knows for sure where it lies."

"I see...wait, does that mean Merlin was real?!"

"Yes, Merlin was real, he was a very powerful wizard and he knew very well exactly what was going on. He knew about Britannia and off Arthur's true parentage. He knew all of this, and he swore to keep it a secret."

"Cool," Percy nodded, "but, why are you telling me this? How does this help me survive 15 bloody years in the past?"

"Simple, you see Percy Merlin wasn't the only wizard, he was just the most powerful one."

"So you mean magic is real? Wizards are real?! Are you messing with me?!"

"Is the demigod son of a Greek God really asking us this?"

"...alright then, please, continue."

"Understood. Arthur brought peace to the land and this allowed Merlin and the other witches and wizards to go into hiding from the mortal world. They realised that the world was changing and humans were slowly becoming more and more afraid of them. So they resolved to slowly die out in the shadows becoming nothing more than myths and legends. However they did not go extinct, they thrived, and now a world of witches and wizards live in London, hidden from the mortals."

"But how is this possible? I have never heard of these guys!"

"You haven't Percy, because you aren't a part of their world ether."

"What? Why not? I'm a bloody demigod, don't I fall into the same category as them?"

"No, you don't. Your world, our world, is as much hidden from them as they are from humans."

"Why is that? They can use magic right? Then how can they possibly not know about us?"

"We try very hard not to let the two worlds meet, if something like that happened….apocalyptic would probably be the word to describe it. Wizards are very...prideful creatures Percy. If they one day find out that there are some things out there that can kill them without a thought they would not rest until they kill that thing first, or try and stick their nose where it doesn't belong. It is best to stay away, unless it is unavoidable."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "they way you said that last thing tells me I might not like where this is going."

"You need to be hidden Percy, no one from our world must be able to find you. The magical world will be able to do that, and while there you will also be able to learn many new things about this world Percy. Dragons, spells, curses, teleportation, even a wand."

Percy would be lying if he said he wasn't the least bit curious what this whole hidden magical world world was all about. He had always found his own divine world amazing, surely a world made by humans would be equally exciting.

Percy sighed, "I don't exactly have a choice in the matter do I?"

"No Percy, you don't. The divine world walks among the mortal world freely, the Mist protects them and they have no risk of discovery. But the wizarding world, well they can see through the Mist, a God or Goddess would be spotted instantly. You must not be seen Percy, or else the victory you and all your friends fought for, or will fight for, will all be for not."

Percy rubbed his temples, "you three are a pain in the ass. Has anyone ever told you that?"

"Nearly every single human across human history," the Fates grumbled. "Will you do it?"

"Yeah," Percy shrugged, "why not. Might be fun. Who knows maybe in a few years I might actually like living there." The Fates nodded. "Hey, wait, I have a question, is there any chance that I could learn a little magic while I'm there?"

Fates smiled, "we thought you would never ask. There is a place that teaches magic in this world, a school called Hogwarts."

"Okay I'm going to stop you right there. What? Hogwarts? Seriously? That sounds like a disease a pig would get after it had sex with Aphrodite!"

"Yes, the founders were very...peculiar people. But rest assured the school is the finest there is in the country, let alone all of Europe. Although you are behind on six years of education… they start teaching children when they are 11 for seven years."

Percy blinked, "well shit. What exactly are we talking about here? Charms? Spells? Do you think I could just wing it?"

"No chance in Hades," The Fates shook their heads. "If you were a child of Athena you would have a slight chance. But-"

"-You don't have to say it, I know, I'm a seaweed brain," Percy groaned, "so that's out as well huh?"

"Not necessarily," The Fates then turned to each other and began to whisper in hushed tones, Percy looked on in confusion before they broke apart and they spoke once more, "we believe that you should be able to catch up. The month is currently february, you have six months to catch up."

"So you want me to cram in six years of knowledge in six months time?"

The Fates nodded.

Percy cleared his throat, "no to sound angry, BUT ARE YOU FREAKING MAD?! I can barely learn human shit, and now you want me to learn magic?! Granted it's magic, but shit women, I can't perform miracles!"

"We believe we can help you with that," The Fates said, "we will get you a teacher, one of the best in the world for magic, we believe with her help you will be more than ready by the time the next year rolls around."

Percy looked surprised, "really? A tutor? Who did you three have in mind?"

The Fates smiled, "it is better we keep that to ourselves. One mention of her name and she will be alerted to us and will know who we are speaking to. We must first inform her of our...situation and then batter for her help. It will take some time."

Perc groaned, "okay then, so what exactly am I supposed to do till then?"

"We have made arrangements for you," The Fates snapped their fingers and a black cloth bag with a green trident on it appeared in their hand. "This is a bag made out of mokeskin, a magic bag which can only be opened and used by the owner, you. It also is charmed to be ever expanding, meaning you can store a great many things inside it and have plenty of space for more."

Percy's eyes went wide as he took the bag. It felt empty in his hands, but when he opened it he found it filled with golden coins. Percy gaped, "woah! Is that gold?!"

"Yes, like us greeks the wizards use gold, silver and bronze as currency. The gold coins are known as galleons, the silver as sickles and the bronze as knuts. We have provided funds for you Percy, use them wisely."

Percy sighed, "right. Thanks for this. Although it's kind of surprising you have this all planned out."

"We needed time to get this ready."

"But you found me in like minutes after I reached here."

"Exactly, we needed that time to prepare all of this for you."

"So you knew I would say yes?"


"Wow….okay, I'm not going to lie, that's impressive. Scary, but impressive."

The Fates nodded, they got up and one of them gave Percy a map, "this map will lead you to a place called the Leaky Cauldron, an entranceway to the wizarding world. You will be able to find it just fine, once there rent a room and stay there, don't talk to anyone, don't do anything. Hopefully by tonight we will have your teacher ready for you, and you can begin….assimilating to the wizarding world."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "wait if you know the future then you know that my teacher is going to say yes, and if you also know that….did you know that Kronos would send me here?"

The Fates smiled, "good bye Percy Jackson."

"Hey wait! I need answers gods dammit!" But the three old women exploded in a burst of light and teleported away, leaving Percy blinking away away bright light spots from his vision.

'Great, just great,' Percy grumbled, he quickly pocketed the mokeskin bag and pulled out the map. He found a big red sticker with 'you' written on it posted on one corner, and a line drawn through London ending on the other corner.

It was quite far away from where he was, and Percy didn't have any money on him, well, nothing he could spend anyway. So with no other choice Percy got up from the bench and began walking, following the instructions on the map.

Percy walked down London, truly the place was amazing tourist location. Percy felt strange being here though as most of the people were oddly dressed. Every wore such old clothes, every guy wore a plaid shirt while every woman wore a tight t-shirt. It was like they were stuck in the 90's!

Oh wait….never mind. Percy forgot, again, he was in the 90's. He realised now that the time travel thing really did happen. Not just the fashion but the way they acted and spoke. The New York born and raised boy from the 2000's wasn't really comfortable with this place, but hey, it was at least better than being stuck in the 70's, now that would be a nightmare!

Percy eventually reached the place in question, after stopping and asking directions many times. Honestly the roads were all mixed up, how was anyone supposed to find anything here? But either way he did it, he made it to the Leaky Cauldron, good thing too, as it had already become dark.

Percy pushed open the door and stopped. 'Did I time travel...again?!'

The inside of the place looked like a victoria area play stage. The people were dressed in robes and sitting around candle light tables. The people looked like they were from the past, the ancient past. There was no form of electricity in the place, there wasn't even a fan!

Percy turned around and looked outside, sure enough the streets were still the same, and he was still in the 90's. But when he looked back in the pub it looked like he was in Victorian England!

Percy groaned, 'what have I gotten myself into?' Percy walked inside wearly, the people gave him one look before scoffing and looking away. Percy looked surprised, 'what are they looking at? My clothes? What's wrong with my clothes? You're the one who's dressed up to go to a medieval convection!'

Percy grumbled and walked to the man behind the bar, presumably the owner. The man saw him coming and smiled, "yes young man, how can I help you?"

"Ah, I was hoping for a room here for the night," Percy said as the people at the bar suddenly took notice of him giving him a once over.

"Ah American are you? What brings you here?" the man asked.

"I'm visiting, with my family."

"Right, oh where are my manners? Tom, I'm the owner of this here pub, pleasure to meet you lad," the gave his hand out which Percy shook.

"Percy, Percy Jackson."

"Right, now let's see," the man turned around and looked at a key rack behind the desk, "room number 5 is available, would that be alright?"

Percy nodded, "that will be fine."

"Perfect! Now for one night that will be a galleon, but that does include breakfast and lunch," Tom smiled.

Percy nodded, "great," he took out the mokeskin bag and took out a single golden coin handing it to Tom. Tom then handed Percy his key and told him where the rooms where.

Percy walked up the stairs by the side of the pub and quickly found room 5. He opened the door and was surprised to find a very spacious room inside. Percy frowned his eyebrows and stepped out, he saw that the door number 6 was just a few feet away from his door, but the room inside was easily 10 feet big.

'It's bigger on the inside,' Percy realised as he walked in and closed the door behind him. The room had a bed to one side, a wardrobe, a fireplace and a mirror. It wasn't much, but it was better than most motels Percy knew.

The demigod sighed, it had been a long day, he walked up to the window and unlatched it throwing it open and letting the cool night air come inside. Percy took a deep breath and sighed, 'okay, so I'm stuck in the past, trying to enter a world I don't know shit about by learning six years of magic in six months time. Perfect, just perfect.'

Percy closed the window and walked away. "You are very handsome, though that shirt could use a bit of a wash."

Percy whirled around as he took out Riptide, his pen/sword and readied it, "okay, who said that?"

"That sword is nice, goes with the hole 'wandering warrior' look you are going for."

Percy blinked, that voice, it came from the mirror. Percy approached it and stared, "I'm sorry, but did you just talk to me?"

"You look very handsome, though that shirt could use a wash. The sword adds to your 'wandering warrior look'." the mirror repeated again.

"Dude, you can talk!"

"You look very handsome, though that shirt could use a wash. The sword adds to your 'wandering warrior look'." the mirror repeated once more.

'Huh, it must be charmed or something to say that,' Percy looked behind the standing mirror and found no wires of any sort, meaning it must be some form of magic that made the mirror sentient.

Percy smiled, "okay I'll admit, a talking mirror is very cool."

"Thank you."

Percy was surprised, but then again maybe the mirror was programed to say that as well. Percy then finally noticed how he was dressed. His camp half-blood shirt was ripped at the edges, his face and skin was covered in soot and dust. Those people were right to stare, Percy looked like a stray. His black hair was wild and his sea green eyes looked tired. Percy was 6 feet tall with a swimmer's build, being the son of the sea god did that.

Percy then turned around and stred at his back side, "does my ass look fat in these jeans?"

"Yes and you won't hear me complain," a voice called out, and this time it wasn't the mirror.

Percy turned around and found a woman leaning against the door with her arms crossed and a smirk on her lips. She had a very young and charming face with black curly hair and bright brown eyes that smiled with mischief.

She wore a full arm white robe that came down to her feet with black runes written all over. She wore rings all over her hands and a white tiara with a black stone in the center.

"Who are you?" Percy asked already drawn Riptide out, ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"Put down the blade boy, I mean you no harm, if I did, you would be dead already."

Percy narrowed his eyes, "that didn't answer my question."

The woman chuckled, "you have guts kid, I'll give you that much. The Fates sent me, now, please stop looking like you're constipated, it really is disturbing."

Percy blinked, "what? This is my serious face!"

"Sure...we'll work on that," the woman swung her arms as she approached Percy looking him up and down, "so you're the time traveler huh? Not much to look at are you?"

Percy raised an eyebrow, "yeah, maybe, but that's because it's been a long day and I'm kind of exhausted. Kicking Kronos' ass and then being sent 15 years into the past is kind of a full plate for me."

The woman raised an eyebrow, "really? Kronos, well that is impressive. Maybe you aren't a complete waste after all," she walked up to his bed and leaned on it, "alright son of Poseidon I've decided, I'll train you, At least until you stop being interesting that is."

Percy put away his pen, "I'm sorry not to be rude or anything, but who are you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, usually people would know who I am instantly, but I'm guessing you're not exactly the brightest bulb in the room are you?"

Percy frowned, "I'm smart when I'm interested."

"Well alright then smart guy tell me, who am I?"

Percy looked the woman over. She was powerful, very powerful, and since the Fates could talk to her and she knew about Kronos she was obviously devine. Percy knew of only one person who was both a divine and good at magic.

"Hecate," Percy spoke, "you are the goddess of magic, Hecate."

The woman gave a feral grin, "right you are Jackson. Right you are."