"Perceus Jackson, please step forward," the lady behind the desk called out.

Percy took a step forwar dinto the spot light. He wore a muggle suit, a form fitting one that was blue with vertical whitle lines coming down the cloth. He had a blue tie and a white shirt, he was dressed up for a reason, he needed to impress.

The lady in the middle looked up fromt he fiel she was reading. She was thin and wrinkley and on her head was a rideculous looking stuffed vulutre that serves as a head ornament of some kind.

"Mr. Jackson, these grades are...impressive to say the least," the woman nodded.

Percy nodded, "thank you ma'am."

"O++ in potions in your OWLS and a another O++ for your NEWTs," she read out, "you created over twenty diffrent kinds of potions which qualified you for your masters title in the subject, amking you possibly the youngest potions master in history. And most certianly the youngest with these many potions patended under you name."

Percy nodded, "that is correct."

"Triwizard champion, the youngest animagus in over eight hundred years, the first every magcal animagus in history. And...it says here you also gained a masters in Rune creation?"

Percy nodded, "yes ma'am. The qualifications were similar for the potions mastership, so I decidd to just go ahead and gain it as well."

"I see...and what is this you invented? A hover board is it?"

Percy nodded, "yes. I was bored with brooms, so I decided to try and make something intresting."

"A new kind of broom? What's wrong with regular old brooms?" asked a highly arestrocian voice belonging to a man with silver blonde hair and cure eyes.

Percy locked eyes with him, "sometimes the old ways just dont' work. And while it may not be broken, that certainlly doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed."

The man glared at the demigod, for a momment, no one said anything. Until Agatha Longbottom cleared her throat gaining Percy's attention.

"You have attended Hogwarts for a toal of one year correct?"

Percy nodded, "yes ma'am."

"And you don't have any experiance teaching?"

Percy nodded, "yes."

"So how-"

"-How can we expect you to be competant enough to teach out children?" Malfoy cut into Aghata's question earning him a glare form the old woman.

"Simple. I understand the subject better than anyone else. I don't have issues in helping others understand and explaining it simple terms."


"-I see, thank you Mr. Jackson," Agatha glared at Malfoy who tired to speak out of turn once more, "tell me, have you undergone the teacher's exam?"

Percy nodded, "yes, the results are on the last page."

She turned the file she held and her eyes widned, "understading, O, speaking, O, student relations...EE, hm, certianlly not the worst application."

"But not the best either," Malfoy hissed, "Severus is an amazing potions master, the best in fact. Why must we replace him with a boy barely out of school and a year above the legal age?"

"Because Severus wished to take up the DADA postions, and I'm incline to give it to him since I currently don't have a teacher for the coming year," Dumbledore, who sat next to Agatha explained, "I belive Mr. Jackson will be perfect for the role, in fact, if yo see two pages from behind, there will be a personal note from Proffesor Snape himself recomending Mr. Jackson into this position."

The gathered board of governers looked at the letter and read it quickly. Agatha's eyes winded, "this is quite a recomadation. Proffessor Snape speaks quite highly of you Mr. Jackson."

Percy smiled, "thank you."

"But that coudl also be because he wish to mearly gain the teaching potion he actually covted for all these years," she quickly put it.

"That seems highly unlikely," Dumbledore put in.

The woman nodded, "maybe...tell me Mr. Jackson, have you complied a book list for the students?"

Percy nodded, "yes, here is a copy," Percy aproahed the table and placed a scroll before them.

Agatha picked it up and passed it to the man sitting on the far left. He unrolled it and looked it over, hsi eyes widening, "these are quite impressive Mr. Jackson, and your ciriculaum seems...very adapative, if not a little ambitous."

"Potions is easy if you have a good teacher," Percy explained.

"The first years seem to have it easy enough, but it seems to be repeting over every year. Why is that?"

"I found that while Proffessor Snape did a good job on the practical side ofthings, he never listed out each individual ingredient and their uses in potions. I wish for each of my students to not only understand what they have to do, but why. Sure, it'll take some time, but it'll result in a complte and proper understanding of the subject."

"That's...a very good answer," Aghata nodded, "Albus….if we were to refuse this boy the position, can I assume you'll go over our heads and give it to him anyway?"

The man nodded, "yes Lady Longbottom, you can."

The woman sighed, "well...at least you picked someone half way competat. Does anyone object to Mr. Jackson's placement?" Only Malfoy raised his hand, "then the motion is carried," Agatha gathered Percy's files and passed it on to the demigod with a smile, "welcome, Proffessor Jackson."

Percy felt a tinge of pride at that. He tok the file and noded, "thank you ma'am."

"Come Proffessor Jackson," Dumbledore said getting up, "I belive our buisness is concludded. I wish you all a very nice day," he smiled at them beofre leaving the room with Percy in tow.

The Board of Governers held their monthly meetins iniside a room a few doors down from Dumbledore's own office. Dumbledore and Percy walked to the man's office, the momment they entered the demigod let out a sigh as he collapsed into a chiar.

"Finally, I thought it would never end!" Percy groaned.

Dumledore chuckled, "oh, it wasn't that bad now was it?"

"No...I suppose it wasn't. But the months leading up to this momment was nerve racking! I did nothign but study! I couldn't spend any time to myself, or Harry. Poor kid looked so lonley."

"Yes...I'm sure he isn't fairing too well...how is he?"

Percy sighed rubbing his eyelids, "he still has nightmares...he sees Fluer getting hit by that rat and...I try and help him through it, so does Hecate, but there are some things htat just need time to heal."

Dumbledore nodded, "yes, I agree. Time does heal all injures...and speaking of which, has there been any change in Ms. Delaloucr's condition?"

Percy's body stiffened for a moment before he sighed, "no…she's still the same."

"And you seen her?" Dumbledore asked.

Percy nodded, "once. I snck into her room, where they're keeping her to rest, with Apoline's help but...her father still hasn't forgiven me. He charmed hsi eniter house against me. I message Gabby and her mother from time to time, they don' hate me...which I guess is a minor miracle."

"They would never hate the man who broguht their daughter back to them Percy, you know that."

"Tell that to Peir," Percy spat.

"That man is...a diffcult person. He's so afarid of anything that can take his daughters away. It's a very human thing to do," the headmster nodded.

Percy glared, "I know, I'm human too."

"Forgive me Percy, it was not my intention to draw attention to you origins," the man bowed.

"And yet you seem to do it more and more often," Percy observed, "very time we dicuss any difficulties I ahve, you always claim it's a human problem. You don't need to remind me of my mortality headmaster, I am very well aware of it."

The man nodded, "of cource...now, are you excited for your new postion?"

Percy sighed, "yes...kind off. I need to get things organized. Do you think I can have a new potions class room?"

"What's wrong with the old one?" Albus asked with a smile.

"Horrible ventalation and it looks like a cave. I'm a son of the sea, I need open air."

"Hm, there is a classroom near the Hufflepuff common room with a great view of the Black Lake. Will that suffice?"

Percy nodded, "it'll be perfect sir."

"Good, come over in a weeks time with your sylabus ready and planned out for all seven years. I'll have your office ready by then along with the clas room. You can get settled in by then."

Percy nodded, "good...and one more thing."

"What's that?"

"The Order," Percy looked at the man, "when do I begin?"

"Soon Percy, soon," Dumbledore nodded, "since you were busy studing for your exams and everything else that lead up to this momment I didn't wish to disturb you. But now I see no reason too. After you get settled in here I'll bring you to HQ."

"Is that where you took Sirius?" Percy asked, the first week of summer break Dumbledore and McGongall had come and taken Sirus away, the dog didn't want to leave, but somethign dumbledore said changed his mind quick.

Dumbledore nodded, "yes, HQ is-"


A flying letter suddenly came through the window and into Dumbledore's lap. The man picked it up and read it, his eyes widened, "Percy, you need to return to Previt drive now! Harry is in danger!"

"What happened?"

"Two dementors attacked him, he managed to drive it off, but now faces expletion for use of magic in front of a muggle."


"I'm going to the Ministry to get this sorted out, you make sure he's safe," Dumbledore said as he got up.

Percy got on his feet, "I'll take the floo to the Leaky Cauldron and apparate the rest of the distance."

"Good," the old man held out his hand as the pheonix latched onto it, causing the both of them to burst away in an explosion of flames.

Percy blinked, "cool," he grabbed a pinch of floo powder and put it into the fireplace, calling out the Leaky Cauldron.

He came flying out the other side, Tom greeted him but Percy was far to busy to reply. He ran out into the diagonally side and apparated away, appearing sinde his own room at number 7. Percy then rushed out the door just in time to see the Dursely's drive away quickly like the devil was on their tail.

Percy ran across the road and knocked on the door several times. The door swung open and immediatly Percy met with the glowing red tip of Harry's wand.

"Who-Percy? Is that you?" Harry blinked.

Percy nodded, "yeah, I heard what happened. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I-wait! No, tell me somethign only the really Percy would know!" Harry said quickly keeping the wand on the demigod.

Percy blinked, "ah...I'm a child of the sea."

Harry sighed in reflie as he lowered his wand, "thank Merlin. I thought you were someone else."

Percy blinked, "oh, well I guess that makes sence. Can I coem in?"

"Right, please," Harry stepepd aside letitng Percy in before he shut the door behind him.

"What happened?" Percy asked as they went into the kitchen, Harry sipped a cup of what looked like hot coco, a common remady for a dementor encounter.

"I...Dudlley and I were walkign down the street when two dementors showed up. I managed to fight them off but...then I got a letter froom the minstry explaining how I was expelled from Hogwarts for breaking the statue of underage magic. I-I was about to run away when Aurthr, Ron's dad sent me a letter explaingn that Dumbledore was taking care of things for me."

Percy sighed, "damn it. Where are the Dursleys now? I saw them speed off somewhere."

"The hospital, they've gone to get Dudley checked," Harry sighed as he looked at Percy, "where were you?"

"I...I was at a meeting with te board of Governers for Hogwarts," Percy siled.

Harry blinked, "the baord of governers? What for?"

Percy grinned, "well, you see Mr. Potter, you are curently speaking to the new potions master at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizadry!"

Harry's jaw dropped, "no way! You're our new potions master?!"

Percy grinned, "yup! Why do you tink I locked myself in my house all summer?"

"Well I...I thought it was because you were avoiding me," Harry mummbled.

Percy blinked, "avoiding you? Why would I avoid you Harry?"

"Because...because of what happened to Fleur." Percy groaned, he slapped Harry up the head, hard. "Hey! That hurt!" Harry cried out.

"You idiot, I wouldn't ignore you for something you didn't do! The only person I blame is Peter Petregrew," Percy growled, "his ass is mine!"

Harry blinked, "r-right...so...what now?"

Percy sighed, "your house isn't safe...we can't stay here but we can't leave.. Hm, fine, I'll stay here with you just in case anythign else comes after you. Did you have dinner?"

Harry shook his head, "no, I ddin't."

Percy nodded, "fine. Stay here with your wand ready, I'll go out and get us both something to eat and I'll be right back. You still have the zip line ring yes?"

Harry took out a chain with the metal ring Percy gave him before the Third task, "yes, I do."

"Good," Percy nodded, "I'll be right bak Harry. If anything happens, call me."

"Right," Harry walked Percy out before going into his room to pack up.

The demigod looked around, the coast was clear, he went into the Dursely's backyard and as he did he turned into his animagus form and took off into the sky flying into town.

He stopped by a pizza place and ordered a large pie for himself and Harry. It took them ten minutes to get ready, while this did get Percy nervous, he knew if anythign happened Harry would have contacted him by now.

As Percy waited, his foot tapping uncontrolable, a group of teenager walked in, laughing at something. Percy ignored them and moved aside, letting them gain access to the counter. But just then a girl in the group called out, "Percy?! Oh my god is that you?!"

Percy blinked at the girl. She had black hair that had blonde streaks runing through it. Her body was almost anoreix and unhealthy, but she looked happy enough. She wore a pair of tight fitting jeans and a black blouse and a red jacket witht he name 'Cassy' stiched on her arms.

"Cassy right," Percy said recognizing the girl slowly.

"That's right," she giggled, "where have you been Mr.? I haven't seen you all summer! Dudley tells me you locked yourself in your house! What's up with that?"

"Oh, well you see I had an exam I was studying for," Percy smiled polietly.

"An exam? In summer?" asked Jenny. She was Cassy's best friend, with brown hair which blonde streaks in it.

"Yeah, I'm starting a job in September," Percy explained.

"Oh, working man are you?" Cassy giggled, "what's the job?"

"I'm going to be a teacher," Percy explained.

"A teacher? Seriously?" Jenny snorted.

"Hey Cassy, Jenny, whoes your friend?" asked a young teen from the gang off teenager. He had a pink mohawk and wore a punk jacket with spiked in it. He stepped between the girls, an arm around both their shulders. And judgeing form the look os fidgust they sent, they didn't appreciat that.

"This is Percy, Brad, he's a neighbhor," Cassy explained, "Percy, this is Brad, he's-"

"-her boyfirend," he said stepping forward puffing his chest as he looked Percy up and down, "what are you supposed to be? A butler?"

Percy raised an eyebrow, "no actually, I'm supposed to be hot," Percy winked at Cassy who blushed.

"Oye! Did you just wink at my girl?" Brad growled.

"Brad drop it! I ain't your gril!" Cassy growled.

"Shut up bitch!" the teen growled as he turned to Percy, "you think you're hot shit Yankee? Huh?"

Percy snorted, "news flash Brad, punk died."

"What did you say?!"

"Order 133!"

Percy turned, "right here!" he collected his bag and turned ot Bradn, "sorry Brad, we'll have o do this latter."

"That's right you coward! Run off!"he cied as Percy ignored him, walking away.

"Brad, stop it! You're embaressing me!"

"Shut up bitch!"


Percy stopped just as he pushed the door open. He tunred around to see Cassy holding her cheeck as it turned red, Jenny yelling at the boy, poking him with an accusing finger as the boy ignored her.

Percy was just going to leave, he really didn't care what this punk thought off him. But then he had to go and slap Cassy.

"Hey Brad," Percy called out gaining his attention. He moitoned him to follow with his hand as he walked out into an alley by the pizzarea.

"Now we're talking," Brad chcukled as he came out, closely followed by his gang.

"Brad don't!" Cassy pulled him away, "don't do this!"

"Get off me bitch!" he threw her aside as he turned ot Pery, "I'm going to enjoy beathing the shit out of you Yankee!"

Percy sighed, "just come on."

Brad was pissed off, he charged ahead crying out, "argh!"

Percy grabbed his punch and twisted his arm. Something snapped.


"ARGH! My arm! You broke my fucking arm!" Brad said as he got on hi kness, holding his broken wrist in pain.

"If you hit her again, that's not all I'll break," Percy warned, as he walked away, passed the gathered shell shocked group of teenagers, and one grinning Cassy.

Percy managed to get away from people's sight quickly and soon found a place to teleport. He apeared inside his house, the demigod grumbled, he hadn't been focusing, he let his mind wander. Rookie mistake, it was a miracle he didn't get hurt.

Percy opened his front door and looked at Harry's home, immedialty he stopped and closed the door slightly, peaking out to see a group of people walking up to the front door, stopping at the lock.

They had wands, Percy could see as much. They looked around, they were keepign watch. Percy put the pizza away and took out Riptide form his pocket. Harry get's attcked by dementors and then a group of wand wavers show up at his door?

It has to be an attack by Voldermort. The man used the demontors to confuse people, get the Dursley's out of the house while he sent in his strike force. They were porbably the elits of his army, Percy would need to be careful.

He stepped outside, the people had unlocked the door, Percy needed to hurry. He began to sprint forward, nine enmies, should be easy enough. He was right behidn them, they didn't notice, he leaped into the air, shield first, "hey shit holes!"

"What the-"


Percy colided into three people and pushed four into the ground. He then kicked another in the gut, sneidng him flying into the kitchen.

"Stupefy!" came the cry form a sickly looking man. Percy held up his sheidl blocking the blast, seinding it right back at the man, blasting him back a few feet and on his ass.

"Stra-" Percy swung his blade and his the wizard who was chanting flat in the face. The man went to his knees before Percy kicked his gut causing him to drop his wand in suprise. Percy then sweeped the wand away and turned to strike at the witch snakeing up behind him.

His sword flew in a wide arc before it suddenly stopped at the withc's neck. She was still, unable to do a thing as Percy held his blade near her neck. The demigod's eyes winded in suprise as he recognied her hair and then her face, "Tonks? What the hell are you doing here?!"

The auror looked at Percy with wide eyes, "P-Percy?!"

"What's going on?" Harry askded as he turned on the hallway light form atop the stairs.

Percy looked around, the man who he kicked n the gut was Moody, the othr one who he kicked in the gut and sent flyign into the kitchen was a dark skinned bald man and while Percy didn't recognize the man who's spell he reflected back, Harry sure seemed to know him as he gasped.

"Proffessor Lupin? Proffessor Moddy? Percy? What's happening?"

Percy turned to Tonks, the other members who he had dashed with his sheild were slwoly comign to, their wands in their hands and all levled at him.

The demigod blinked, "ah...Tonks, please explain."

"Ah….we're here to help?" she looked down at the bronze blade, "could you ah...could you please lower your blade? It's kind of big and scary."

Percy snroted, "yeah, that's what most women say."

"I didn't mean it like that!" Tonks hair turned even brighter, "I just mean it looked deadly and I would prefer if it wasn't anywhere near my neck!"

"Oh my god, is this seriously the time for you two to be flirting?!" a withc who loked around her mid twenties asked.

Percy blushed, "r-right," he removed the blade as slwoly everyone lowered their wands.

Moody grumbled as he and the black man got back on their feet and appaorched Percy. "Albus was right," Alastor grumbled, "you are a fighter."

Two minutes later:

They manage dto unstun the raggy looking man and soon they were all gathered in the Dursley's kitchen, with Harry, Moody and the raggedy man on one side and Tonk and Percy on the other.

"So I'm guessing you're all members of the Order?" Percy asked.

"That is correct boy," Alastor nodded, "we're the Avanced Gaurd, here to bring Potter there to HQ."

"HQ? What are you guys talking about?" Harry explained, "this makes no sence!"

Remus, the name of the Raggdy man Percy stunned, sighed, "Hary, the Order is Dumbledor'es answer to Voldermort's Death Eaters. We fight the batles the ordinary people can't fight."

"Dumbledor's order?" Harry asked amazed.

Percy nodded, "yeah. Apparently they're the pace to be if you want to fight snake eyes."

"And we need to get moving," Moody spoke up, "we're waisting time. And the more time we spend the higher chance that a Death Eater or a demonetor comes back to finish the job."

"Right," Percy nodded, "lets go then."

"Hold on there Mr. Jackson," Remus spoke up, "as much as we appreicate the help, you can't come with us. Only order members are allowed at HQ."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "what about Harry?"

"Harry's an exception," Remus shurgged.

"Rigth...so let me get this straight, all of you are here to protect Harry yes?" they nodded, "but how can you do that, if I can single handly kick all your asses in less than a minute?"

Tonks snorted, "beginners luck."

"Oh you want to go Tinker Bell?" Percy raised an eyebrow.

"Bring it horsey," Tonk glared.

"Again with the flirting," Hestia Jones, the same woman from before, rolled her eyes.

"We are not flirting!" Percy and Tonks said at the same time.

Moddy sighed, "fine, come with us but you better not slow us down boy!"

Percy snorted, "are you seriously mad? I thought it was just a name. I'm a pegasus man, you lot should be keeping up with me."

Remus raised an eyebrow, "we'll see about that," he turned ot Harry, "Harry, have you finished packign yet?"

Harry nodded, "yes, I'll brign it right down."

"I'll help you," Tonks replied as she and Harry walked up the stairs.

Percy trned to the remainig magical users, "so...what the hell is going on?"

Kingsley, the black man, sigh, "we can't tell you, sorry, only Order members."

"Dumbledore offered me a potision in your little club the second I won the Tri-wizard tornument," Percy sighed narroweing his eyes, "in fact he said I could join next week. If you don't belive me, ask him."

"No need," Alastor grumbled, "the boy's telling the truth. Albus was going to bring him in next week, he talked to me about it."

"What did he ask?" Remus asked.

"He wanted to know if it was alright brinign someone so young into this," Alsator said as he glowing blue eye travled over Percy's body, "and from what I saw we desperatly need his help."

"He's just a kid," Remus argud.

"I've been fighting wars since I was twelve years old Remus Lupin," Percy galred at the man, "and quite frankly I don't need you fucking permission."

The man looked like he wanted to argue, but just then Harry and Tonks came back down, Harry's trunk shurnked down into the size of a mtch box and in Harry's hand a Firebolt.

"Right, let's crack on," Moody nodded as we all left the house and stepped into the front yard.

"Oh shit! Wait one second!" Percy cried out as he snapped his fingers. His fornt door burst open as a pizza box came flying through the air at Percy. The dmeigod grinned as he grabbed it and sighed, "almost forgot about you baby."

"D-did you just wndlessly summong a pizza box?" Tonks asked blinking in suprise.

Percy shurgged, "I went otu to get Hary and I some dinner. When I saw you gusy sneaking in I thought you were Death Eaters, so I abanded the pizza," Percy snapped his fingers again causeing the box to shrink down to the sie of a match box.

"How are you doing that?!" Harry asked amazed.

Percy raised an eyebrow, "what? The wandless thing?" Harry nodded frantically, "what? Did you think I spent all summer just reading dusty old books? Please."

"Alright, listen up!" Moddy called out, "we're going to London! So everyone get your brooms out!"

Percy watched as everyone took out a minuture broom before resizeing it back to normal. "Why can't we just apparate?" Percy asked.

"Death Eater's can track apparation jumps," Kingsley explained, "Harry's address is public record. So if they detect an apapration tril from here to a secret location they can guess where HQ is."

Percy hummned, "alrigth, good idea," he then noticed Harry mounting his Firebolt, "no, stop. You're not riding that."

Harry blinked, "what? Why not?"

"I'm faster," Percy replied, "if someoen does track us I'll be much faster than any old broom. Trust me, you'll be safest with me Harry."

"No," Alastor replied, "that will be too obious, a pegasus will stick out, we want to blend in."

"I can outfly anyone and anything in the sky," Percy raised an eyebrow.

"It's too risky," Remus pushed forward, "Harry will be safer on a broom."

Percy grumbled, "fine. If you're sure."

"Oh, don't look so glum Horesy! If you want I'll ride you," Tonks said elbowing Percy's side.

The demigod raised an eyebrow, "hey, don't you owe me dinner?"

Tonks hair turned red, "ah...rain check?"

Percy snorted, "fine," he leaped froward and blured in a motion of black as in his place now stood a balck pegasus, "get on pixie."

Tonks' eyes widned, "so cool!"

"Alright, get on already, we're wasteign time!" Alastor grumbled, "brooms ready!"

Everyone mounted their brooms as Percy bent down to allow Tonks to climb on his back. The woman immediatly tucked her legs betwen his neck and summoned a rope to tie around her hip and his.

"Fly!" Alastor said as the broom user took off into the sky.

"What's wrong Percy?" Tonks asked, "am I too heavy?"

"No, just want to make an impression on Moody over there," Percy replied, though Tonks didn't understand a word he said. Suddenly his wings unflured besides him startling Tonks. He then leaped into the air so fast, he blew past the other broom riders in seconds.

"WOAH!" Tonks cried out as she wrapper her hands aroudn his neck tighly and held on for dear life as slowly Percy stablized himself, flying just below the clouds belt.

"H-holy shit!" Tonks cried out, "warn me next time!"

Percy chcukled, "where's the fun in that?"

They flew abover the others, Harry kept craneing up just to make sure Percy and Tonks were still there.

Percy was going at a snails pace, the Order memebrs were slow flies, only Harry could even give him a challgene, but right now wasn't a matter of speed.

"This is so beautiful," Tonks replied as she looked down, "and you see this evrytime you fly?"

"Yes, most of the time," Percy nodded.

"W-what?! You can talk?!" Tonks cried out as she almost slipped and fell.

"Careful!" Percy hissed, "you're going to fall Pixie!"

"R-right...wait, you can talk! How?!"

Percy chuckled, "partially translated my layrx and vocal chords to my human form. It allows me to speak even while in my pegasus form."

"I-I didn't know you can do that," she said in awe, "heck I've never seen Proffessor McGongall partially transform at all!"

"I'm more in tune with my animal than most people," Percy admitted, "the pegasus is...personal to me. So I know it's ins and outs, including partial transformations."

"So, can you like have a human body but with pegasus wings?" Tonks asked.

"Yup! But it's difficult to fly in that form, especially if I have to carry another person," Percy admitted.

"Damn," Tonks replied as she looked down and noticed Moody tur around. She narrowed her eyes, "what's he doing?"

"Hm?" Percy looke down, "I think he's doubleing back," he adjusted hsi flight and quickly caught up with the gaurd.

It was a smart thing to do, doubling back. Percy's respect for the man grew. But then when he did it again and again and again, the demigod began to get pissed off.

The fifth time he tried to double back, Percy flew down and Tonks cried out, "for the love of Merlin Moody! If you double back again I'll blast your peg leg off!"

Alastor grumbled, "it's best if we-"

"-No Alastor," Remus grumbled, "this is enough. Let's go down already."

"Fine, everyone go down," Moody grumbled as they finally began their decent ino the middle of a mortal park somewhere in London.

When they landed the gaurds immediatly shurnk and put away their brooms. When Percy landed he allowed Tonks to get down before transforming back and crackign his neck, "damn that was a slow ass trip. Coudln't we have picked it up a little?"

"Not all of us can fly like a mythical creature form legend," Remus shot back as he lead the group out of the park.

"Sesh, what's his problem," Percy hissed as he followed them.

"It's nothign personal," Hesita said as she came up to him, the two of them came up the back of the entire group as she whispered, "you see Tonks has a sort of crush on Remus for the longest time. Remus keeps rejecting her though because of the age diffrence. And now he sees her flirting with you and he's starting to get a little jealous."

Percy blinked, "wait, Tonks and Remus? Woah that's...not creepy at all."

"Age is just a number," Hestia shurgged.

"Would you date a fourten year old?" Percy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What? No!"

"Why not? Isn't age just a number?" Percy chukled, "but I can't really judge, my dad's way older than my mom."

"Oh? How much older?"

'Around five thousand years,' Percy thought before chuckling, "older. A lot older."

They stopped at the edge of the park and the oder members looked ahead, Percy followed their line of sight but found nothing of note, just a bunhc of house all the same, all...and then he noticed something.

"Where is number 12?" Percy asked allowed.

"Here," Moody took out a piece of paper and handed it to Harry, "read it, memorise it and then look."

Harry and Percy did, and the momment they commeted the address to memeory, the demigod realised a new house had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

The son of Poseidon blinked, "how did….an unplotable land?" he guessed, having studied the charm during his summer NEWT cram session, the paticulars of which were still fresh in his mind.

"A what?" Harry asked, understandably confused.

"It's the other name for the Felidus charm," Remus spoke as he took the piece of paper and burnt it with his wand, "the same charm your parents used with Peter as their secret keeper."

The Order memebrs begant to move, Moody and Remus taking he lead with Harry and Tonks behind them and Percy with Hesita bringing up the back.

"So...who's the Secret Keeper?" Harry asked, curious as Remus opened the door for them.

"Dumbledore," Moody grunted as they all quickly moved inside.

The house was dull and deathly, Percy guessed if Nico every had a cabin to call his own in camp it would look exactly like this, or at least take inspiration from this place. Personally, Percy found it repulsive, the lighting alone made him depressed.

As they walked inside, Tonks suddenly tripped, Percy reached out and thanks to his years of traiing, caught her in his arms.

"Clumsy one aren't you?" Percy snorted.

Tonks glared back, "yeah, well….bite me."


Hesita Jones rolled her eyes, "this is becoming insufferable."

"Come on," Moody grunted prompting them forward. The small dingy corridor opened up to a small room where there wer emore memebrs of the Order gathered around. Percy stepped in with Tonk and Hestia, immediatly recognizing Sirius sitting near the head of the table lookign healthier than ever.

"Harry," Percy turned to his young firned to show him the good news, but found Molly Wealesly there blockign the door, barring Harry from entry. She stepped outside, greeting the boy, closeing the door behidn her as she did.

Percy turned to Sirus, "why aren't you letting him in?"

Sirius sighed, "it's not my choice."

"Harry is far too young to be inolve din all of this," Percy heard Dumbledore mutter, he turned to see the headmaster standing by a fireplace in the dining room, looking longingly into the fire with a face that looked twice as aged since Percy saw him last a few hours ago.

"I'm sorry, but isn't that kind of redundant?" Percy asked as he sat down next to Tonks and the bald headed black man, Kingsley, if he recalled correctly.

"Potter has always a bloated head," Percy heard a soft drawl voice. Severus Snape came out of the shadows, almost like they ahd birthed him, though Percy was sure that wasn't the case, he wasn't a child of Hades after all...maybe...possibly.

"He had no such thing!" Sirius slamned his hand on the desk, "he is a good boy with a good heart...Dumbledore, please, reconsider this," the ex-covict begged.

The headmaster shoock his head, "I'm sorry Sirius, but no."

Percy sighed, just then the doors opene dup and Molly came in, alone. "I've sent him up with Ron and Hermoine," she informed, clsoeing the door behidn her, "they should be fine now."

"So what's this all about?" Remus asked Dumbledore, "if what Harry said is accurate then two Dementors who were supposed to be gaurding Azkaban attacked him in the miggle of a muggle road."

"Somethign's off," Mad Eye snorted, "the boy's a target al right, but Voldermort," cue flinches from almost everyone in the room, "isn't that carras. He wants to kill the boy with his own two hands, I doudt he would send two dementors to do it."

"I thought only the Ministry could order those thigns around," Percy voiced his concernes.

Dumbledore nodded, "yes, that is very much the case."

"Then maybe they sent them," Percy shurgged, "in an effort to expel Harry or kill him, but either way, they silence him and his claims that Voldermort," cue flinches, "is back."

"I hardly think even Fudge would be so irresponsible," Molly argued firmly, "even if he dislikes what Harry and Professor Dumbledore says, he won't be a murderer!"

"Plus Fudge doesn't have the stomach for it," Sirius snorted.

"Well then not him," Percy shurgged, "but the best chance is that someone in the Minsitry wanted Harry dead."

"Or it could be Voldermort himself," Remus aruged.

"No," Snape cut into the conversation, "if the Dark Lord had such pull he would have used it a logn time ago and attacked the Ministry or someone with his army to enduce panic and fear. It wouldn't reveal his hand while still maintaining a cloak of fear over the people."

Dumbledore nodded, "agreed...but that is not important right now. I'm sure whoever it is will reveal himself in due time. For now, I wish to turn this meeting to our nesest guest, Proffessor Perseus Jackson."

Everyone looked at the youngest member with wide eyes, confusion and suprise on most of their faces.

"Is this a joke?" Remus asked first, "is he too really be a proffessor at Hogwarts Proffessor Dumbledore?"

Deumbledore nodded, "yes, he is. He is too teach potions."

Sirus barked out a laugh, "oh this is rich! So you finally fired Sveerus did you?"

"For you information dog," Snape spat, "I have been give the position of Defence in exchange."

"You must be loving this eh Sev? You've wanted that title for years," Sirius snorted, "too bad for the kids' though, this is going to be one tough year. I just hope the curse makes you crippled when you leave after this year."

"I would rather have the curse kill me than spending all my time in this horrid mess of a home, you coward," Snape spat back.

Sirius was about to speka when Dumbledore cut in, "that's quite enough," he snapped, "we are here to dicuss the ongoing trials and tribulations that plague our society, not fight like shcool yard children. Understood?"

Severus snorted, but nodded, "yes, headmaster."

Dumbledore turned to Sirius who just glared before sighing, "yeah...got it."

The aged man sighed, "as I was saying, Mr. Jackson will be our new Potions proffessor and will be joining the Order as well. He is too be shown the utmost respect as I promise you his youth doesn't define his capabilities."

Percy blushed a little at the priase, all he could do was muster out a quick 'thank you' while looking away form Dumbledore's gaze.

"Now then, let's continue," the Headmaster stated, "where are we with patrol duty for the Department of Mystries?"

"We have a schedule set up," Arthur Weleasy spoke up, stating out the order of patrol and various other detials.

Percy however was confused, he leaned towards Tonks and whispered, "why are we protecitng the department of mystreis?"

"It had something Voldermort wants," she whispered back, "something he desperatly needs."


Tonks shrugged, "no idea. Dumbledore is tight lipped and anyoen who knows isn't talking." Percy froaned and nodded in understand. It was sensetive information, he understood that sure. But, it was also damn well important and he couldn't understand why Dumbedlreo needlessly drew lines int he sand inside hsi own organization.

Did he not trust eveyrone here?

The meeting was a ltitle dull after that, and it soon ended with Dumbledore making a hasty retreat, not even bothering to wish anyone a goodnight, which was highly unsuhal for the man.

"Alright then, you dears just stay where you are," Molly Weasley said with a smile as she jumped ot her feet, "I'll get the children down and dinner ready in a bit."

Percy looked down at his watch and groaned, "it's time for me to leave."

"You're leaving? Without dinner?" Sirius asked as Percy stood up, rolling his arms.

"Yes," Percy replied, "tell Harry I'm sorry but we can talk later. It's good to see you again Sirius," he nodded at Tonks, "you two Tinkerbell. I'll come over tomorrow morning and we can talk more about everything later, but right now I'm late."

"Late? Late for what?" Tonks asked as Percy approached the door.

Percy looked over his shoulder and smiled, "a date," and without another word he left the room, heading right outside the protected and depressing house. He made his way to the park across the street and once he was sure he was alone, he turned on his heel and vanished with a soft crack.

Many miles away:

Percy reappeared a few miles along the Northern French border, somewhere far away from most mortal communities. He was near the bottom of a small hill, on top of which a five story mansion was built in the later french style.

The mansion was covered with high walls, nearly twenty feet tall and warded to prevent anyone from port keying in and apprateing out. Lucky, Percy wouldn't be doing either of those things.

He transformed into his animagus form and jumped into the air, clarigen the wall and passing into the walls as it didn't recognize him as a wizard or witch, but as an animal, a small loop hole he was told about when he first came here.

He flew towards the mansion, a large garden filled with flowers of all kinds and a small maze of sorts covered the front yard. It really was a beautiful garden, though Percy didn't much care for it.

He flew to the back of the mansion and landed on the third floor balcony smack dab in the middle of the floor. He landed and the balcony and changed once more, pushing the curtains and walking into the room as several beams of moonlight guided his way.

"You're almost late Horsey!" Gabrielle cheered as she jumped out of her chair and charged Percy, tackling his legs with a hug, "I missed you. How was your day?"

"Perfect Gabby," Percy smiled as he bent down and hugged the girl, "how is she? Is she feeling any better?"

"Hm, mommy says she's stirring a little more when someone talks to her, so I think that's nice," Gabby shrugged, "but I think she's actually just waiting for you all the time. Only you seem to be able to get a reaction out of her."

"Well, I try," Percy smiled, "your father, is he-"

"-Don't' worry, mommy made sure to put him to bed early today, you won't be interrupted," the little girl smiled, "she says you two need some alone time!"

Percy chuckled, "maybe...here, I have something for you," he reached into his pocket and took out a small hair clip with a complex rune etched onto it, "you're going through your maturing phase now right?"

Gabby nodded, "yes, mommy says it's because of everything that's happened, vella grow up faster when they are stressed."

"Well, when you do get your full powers, and can't control them," Percy placed the pin in her hands, "that will help you."

Gabby smiled, "thanks Percy, you're the best big brother ever!" she turned and quickly walked away, opening the door and smiling, "take your time Horsey!" she closed to quietly behind her.

Percy smiled, "your sister is quite a handful," he began, getting to his feet and pulling one of the many chairs in the room over, setting it down next to the only bed in the room. It was king sized with several pillows and mattresses. And laying in it, tucked underneath blankets with her arms over the sheets was a woman who hadn't said a word since the day Percy first snuck in here.

He remembered it was Early June when he did, or maybe it was late May. He honestly didn't remember at this point. All he did remember was the first day he came here he cried and cried at her bedside, praying that she would wake up again from this coma he blamed himself for.

He remembered how Gabby and Apolline had heard him, how they came into the room to comfort him. How they swore to help him come here over and over again without Pier ever finding out.

And he didn't. And every night since then, unless he absolutely couldn't' avoid it, Percy was here, at her bedside.

"So, my love," he reached over and gently held Fleur's hand in his, "how are you feeling today? Are you planning on waking up anytime soon? Because so far our date nights are really boring and repetitive," he chuckled at the bed joke.

He smiled, enjoying the silence as he looked at her. It honestly felt like any moment she would open her eyes and smile back at him, asking why he was wearing a suit and then praising the fact he was actually wearing one.

But no, she was silent, like always.

"I miss you Fluer," he reached up and kissed her brow, "come back to me...please..." and he didn't know if he was imagining it, but he could swear that for a second, her hand tightened around his.

Sorry it took longer than one month, but hey, at least I finally got back to it instead of just giving it up.

Anyway, the Tonks X Percy thing is a slow burn, and I decided to put romance into the back burner for now. I'm going to focus more on Percy and how the world of magic around him reacts to a demigod.

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