8th August:

Two days after bringing Harry to the headquarters of the Order, Percy found himself returning once again to that awful place. He sent a letter to Dumbledore yesterday, asking him just when exactly they could discuss his career in the school, in response the man set up a meeting this evening at HQ.

He walked up to the door and let himself in, being very quiet as he entered the dark and long corridor. He had honestly seen places in the Underworld that were less depressing than this home.

"WHO DARES ENTER MY HOME?!" a loud scream tore at Percy's from the wall.

"What the hell?" he turned to see the portrait of an old woman hanging in the hallway snarl at him. She looked aristocratic, but also a little mad. Her eyes wide and dark and her hair unkempt.

"Did you not hear me boy?! Who are you to come into my home?!" the painting demanded.

Percy blinked, "ah...I'm Percy, nice to meet you."

"What are you Percy?!" she spat.

"Ah, I'm currently the new potions professor at Hogwarts," the demigod replied, unsure why exactly he was acting so civilaly to a mad talking painting.

"Professor egh?" the painting humned, "tell me boy, are you pure blooded?"

I blinked, "ah...if I said no what would you do?"

"GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" she began screaming.

"Shut it you old hag!" another voice roared as Sirius came around the corner and pulled the curtains around the painting, growling, "bloody bitch."

"What was that?" Percy asked, unsure of what he had just seen.

"That was, my mother," Siruis sighed, smiling, "good to see you back here Percy, come, the meeting will begin in a few short minutes."

"Right," the demigod let the Last Black man take him into the house, "do you know what this is even about? I asked Dumbledore for a meeting to talk about my new position, but he just asked me to come here."

"Well, it could possibly do something to do with Harry's upcoming trial," Sirius shrugged.

Percy's eyes widened, "I'm sorry, but trial?"

"Yes...didn't you know? Because he used his wand he's going to have a trial to see whether or not he can continue Hogwarts."

Percy gaped, "t-they can't do that! Can they? I mean it's clearly for self defence."

"You'll find Percy that sometimes our political system functions much like a seven year old, if they don't see it, it's impossible. Which is very much also the stance Fudge is taking right now."

"But why? What good will it do?" Percy shook his head, "they have Crouch to testify that Voldermort's back don't they? What good is denying the truth?"

"Percy...haven't you heard?" Sirius stopped, turning to the boy, "Barty Crouch Jr. died two nights ago."

Percy's eyes winded, "two nights ago...you mean the same night Harry was-"

"-Attacked? Yes."

"That can't be a coincidence."

"It isn't," Sirius frowned, leaning against the wall with his hands crossed, "we're thinking someone did all of this to silence Crouch. The dementor attack was a smokescreen, a cover up. While people were losing their heads over Harry getting attacked, we believe whoever did this used the chaos as a chance to slip into Crouch's cell and kill him."

"Is it the real him this time?" Percy asked, "I heard about his mother."

"Dumbledore made sure this time, personally," Sirius explained, "it would take someone like McGonagall to trick that man's eye to transfiguration," he clicked his teeth, "or James'..."

"So...we have no witnesses and Fudge is trying to silence Harry?"

"Yes...I suppose you should also watch your back," Sirius snorted.

Percy blinked in confusion, "why is that?"

"Didn't you threaten to kill the man should anything happen to Crouch?" Sirius laughed.

Percy was surprised, "did I?" thinking for a moment he recalled that horrible night months ago, when he confronted Crouch with everyone else watching. He remembered saying something to that effect to Fudge, calling him a coward, "oh yeah..I guess I did."

"Threaten death upon people often do you?" Sirius asked as they continued walking to the main meeting room.

"Honestly? Not really, but people say that to me all the time, so things just sort of blurs in together," Percy replied as Sirius opened the door for him. Inside the rest of the Order had already gathered, Albus at the head like always with Severus and a few other familiar faces sitting around.

"Ah, Percy, right on time, we were just about to begin," Albus smiled, "please, sit down."

Percy nodded, taking a free seat at the end of the table, sitting next to a woman he didn't recognize. She was older, much older, though she smiled happily when greeting him. Must be a Hufflepuff, Percy would bet his career on it.

"Today we are to discuss what exactly we are to do with regards to young Mr. Potter's upcoming trial," Dumbledore began, "it seems the condition of self defence is being overlooked in this case because, and I quote, 'there is not a single chance a dementor would be out lurking about in a muggle neighborhood without the ministry's knowledge'."

"So they are going to try and make an example out of the boy?" Kingsley asked, looking cross.

"Probably because he told everyone Voldermort's returned," Moody snorted, que flinching from most of the room.

"Indeed," Dumbledore nodded before turning to look at Percy, "I am however thankful that they did not manage to snag young Professor Jackson into his trap as well."

"You think whoever sent those dementors meant Percy to step in?" Sirius asked, a thought even Percy didn't consider.

"I believe so," Dumbledore replied, "they live very close together and I suspect they expected to try and get both Harry and Percy in this movie. Lucky Professor Jackson was otherwise occupied at the time of the attack. Thankfully Harry could handle himself quite well."

"Honestly, this all seems all cloak and daggers," Sirius grumbled, rubbing his eyes, "but now I have to wonder, what if they try to come after Percy again?"

"Then I'll deal with it," Percy shrugged, "believe me, I have more ways to fight off a Dementor than just the patronus charm."

"And how do you propose to do so?" Snape asked with a drall in his tone.

Percy smiled, "I have a trick or two up my sleeve."

"I suppose you mean that sword and shield you seem to have tucked away in your person?" Snape guessed. Percy always thought the man was smart, but this was downright clairvoyant.

In response, the demigod shrugged, "maybe."

"Regardless, it may not be a good idea to stay in your home Percy," Dumbledore spoke up, "till the school year begins, you may stay here. Sirius has agreed to letting you use a room until then."

"It'll be fun," Sirius replied with a shrug, "I could use the company."

Percy rubbed his chin, "I don't really mind. I barely have anything in the home worth anything anyway," most of his magical items he carried with him in his magically shrunken trunk after all, "I just need to tell my aunt and then I'll be here."

"Your squib aunt?" Tonks spoke up, "wouldn't she be in trouble as well?"

Percy snorted, "trust me, Hecate can take care of herself very well."

"Yes, I believe she could," Dumbledore said mysteriously, stroking his chin. Percy couldn't help but roll his eyes. Could the man be any more obvious that Hecate wasn't just a squib? Honestly, some people had no sense of secrecy. Though considering Percy's own track record he really wasn't one to speak.

The meeting then continued, shifting topics from the Ministry itself to Harry's trial. It seemed Dumbledore was going to represent the boy with Aurthur Weasley charged with taking him to the Ministry on the day of concern.

Then they began making arrangements for patrol duties in the Department of Mysteries. Why they were doing so no one thought to bring it, apparently it was still hush hush. Percy volentured for a day of patrol, but Dumbledore declined, stating that he needed to spend more time getting ready for his upcoming academic year.

After the meeting Dumbledore called him and McGonagall aside, taking them to a smaller study room while the large dining room was quickly turned from gathering place of a secret spy organisation to a massive family dinner table.

The study they stayed in was small with two seats next to a fireplace with the walls adorned by paintings. It was like being in a museum with each frame placed so close together you couldn't make out the wallpaper behind them.

"Minerva, Percy," Dumbledore smiled as Percy closed the door to the study, "we need to discuss Percy's new role in the castle."

"Yes, I believe it's about time," Minerva nodded, turning to Percy. Her stoic expression softened then, just for a moment, "I did never get the chance before Percy, but congratulations to your new position. It was an achievement I dare say is well earned."

Percy smiled, pushing down a blush, "t-thank you professor," the woman was so honest here it was starting to be a little embarrassing.

"Please, we are to be colleagues now, call me Minerva," McGongall smiled, "I've spoken with Albus already. For the first six months of the academic year I will be helping you make your lesson plans and such. Pomona wished she could do so, but sadly it seemed this year she will be having her hands full with the new greenhouse the school will be getting, otherwise she would have loved to be your guide."

"Thank you, I'm sure Professor Spro-er, I mean, Pomona," the name feeling very odd for Percy's mouth to be saying, "would have been fun, but I'm glad for the help Minerva." He's never referred to any of his teacher's by their first name, except Chiron...and Paul, but Chiron was more of a mentor to him and Paul was...well, about to be his step-father, so they didn't really count.

"Wonderful," Dumbledore continued, "Harry's trial is set for three days from now. I'm sure the young man could use your help settling his nerves. After the trial we take you to Hogwarts, I've arranged for a new potions classroom like you asked for, so you can begin setting it up the very next day after the trial."

Percy nodded, "sure, sounds good."

He had no issue with that at all. After working out a few minor details, the times McGonagall would be free to help Percy and giving the woman this year's potion booklist, they went back to the dining table, where people were well into dinner.

The room was filled with people. Percy recognized Harry, Hermoine and Ron, the latter of whom both went through a surprisingly powerful growth spurt, Ron now almost reaching Percy's neck. The twins were also there along with their sister, Ginny, if Percy recalled correctly.

Some of the Order members had also remained for dinner. Siirus, obviously since this was his home. Kingsley, Tonks, Hestia Jones, and a few other old timers he didn't recognize by name.

"Percy!" Harry called out, looking surprised, "what are you doing here?!"

"Discussing this year's potions curriculum," Percy replied with a grin.

"Ah, Percy dear, would you like to join us for dinner?" Molly Weasley asked, a little forcefully.

"Oh, sure," Percy looked at the spread on the table, it was enough to fill Hagrid three times over, "you certain have enough," he chuckled.

"Right, right, go on then, take a seat!" Molly practically pushed Percy into a chair, pushing a plate full of chicken, beans and a bowl of soup. Percy had to admit, from the way the food smelled, it was probably almost as good as his mother's cooking. Almost.

"Percy, are you really going to be our new potion's teacher?" Hermoine blurted out the moment Percy sat down.

"Why yes, yes I am," Percy smiled, "and that's Professor Jackson to you Ms. Granger."

"We seriously have to call you Professor?" Ron asked.

"Of course you do Ron," Molly said as she zoomed around the table, making sure Harry got another serving of chicken, "he's your professor isn't he?"

"No offence mum," one of the twins began.

"But last year Percy was our year mate!" the other continued.

"We knew him quite well you see-"

"-Yes, quite well!"

"We even turned him into a girl at one point!"

"What?!" Molly screamed, dropping her pot of soup on the table with a bang, "what's this about then?! Turning a teacher into a girl?!"

"Well in our defence-"

"-He wasn't a teacher when we did it!"

"He was still a student!"

"We have pictures!"

"If you want!"

Percy turned, "excuse me?! You still have pictures?!"

The twins flinched, "what?! No!" they said together.

"You turned Percy into a girl?!" Tonks popped up, "seriously?!"

"A smoking hot girl," Harry replied with a grin.

"Oye," Percy growled in warning.

"Was he really?" Tonks asked, curiously.


"Very," Ginny replied, "honestly some of the girls in my year started to feel jealous. I heard the photos they had of him in that red dress that was used for target practise for hexes whenever they got upset."

"My gods, help me," Percy groaned, rubbing his eyes. He raised his head and glared at the twins, "I'm going to destroy you two."

"Now Professor Jackson, it's unbecoming of a professor of Hogwarts to abuse his powers in such a way," Sirius said, causing a round of laughter to go around.

Percy was about to reply when he spotted one of the twins pass something to Tonks under the table. "Hey, what's that?" Percy asked. Tonks didn't reply though as she looked at the image and blinked, her jaw dropping.

"Percy! You are gorgeous!" she cried out.

"You assholes!" Percy snapped his fingers, causing the photos to burst into flames. Tonks threw it aside as it turned into ashes quickly. Percy turned to the twins, both of whom were grinning like thieves who made out with the bank's money.

"Oh Percy dear," a sultry voice called out. Tonks stood up and in front of everyone slowly transformed. Her hair reached down like a river till her lower back, curling like waves on the beach. It grew darker, turning a shade like Percy's before her eyes matched his too.

She grew taller, standing a few inches short of his height. Her bust growing, her ass widening as well while still maintaining a form and perkiness that seemed earned through well use.

"Well honey?" Tonks said, now looking identical to how Percy would when he was turned into a woman, "admit it, you are so turned on right now aren't you?"

"Nymphadora Tonks!" Molly cried out, "sit down this instant and stop making a spectacle of yourself!"

"Oh come of it Molly!" Sirius barked in laughter, "let the kiddies have their fun," he then turned to Percy, "you have to admit Percy, you make one hell of a bird."

"Isn't she your cousin?" Percy hissed, knowing full well how hypocritical he was sounding given his own crush on Annabeth. But that didn't really count.

"That isn't Tonks, that's you," Sirius replied.

"Under a transformation potion!"

"Percy," Tonks asked, staring at her now own transformed behind, "tell me, did you do anything to get your butt to be this big or is it just natural?"

Percy held his head in hands, "someone, anyone, please, save me..."

August 12th:

Harry was nervous, Percy could tell. The past few days had been a bit monotonous around HQ.

It didn't take long for Percy to bring all his things here. He had barely anything in his home with Hecate, just clothes, which he packed away in his trunk. He also wrote to Hecate about his new change in living condition though he didn't get a reply back.

Hecate had been silent for the entire summer. She came to their home once or twice just to check up on him and Harry, but after that she claimed she had something important to take care off and left, stating it was something related to the Fates.

Percy knew she didn't blame him for what he did for Fleur, but he also knew very well that this was exactly in direct response to his actions with Fleur. Whatever Hecate was doing right now, it was shoving the shit that Percy had dropped on her plate with his actions.

Either way, he locked the house down tight and moved here. Sirius had given him a room off his own, while the twins and Harry and Ron had to share one. The room wasn't very big, and very dusty, but a few quick cleaning spells and Percy managed to make it liveable again.

There were also a few dark creatures living in the shadows here and there, a few dark pixies and a boggart, but Percy managed to get rid of them quickly enough. He then spent his time between trying to cheer Harry up by helping him with his homework and doing his own work in preparing a term syllabus for his classes.

The days flew by and soon it was time for Harry trial. Aruthur and Harry left early that day, the trial wasn't for a few hours, but Harry didn't mind getting there early.

When he left Percy decided to go out for a bit. Staying in doors did him no favours and he wouldn't know the results of the trial until late this afternoon.

"Sirius," Percy called out for the man in the attic, "I'm going out for a bit! Want to come?"

Percy heard some shuffling and something crash before the attic door swung open. Sirius's confused face looked down, "what are you talking about?"

"I'm feeling a bit cooped up in here," Percy replied, "and I know you are too. So what do you say? Turn into your animagus form and we can go for a walk."

"I...I don't think that's a good idea," Sirius replied, "if someone saw me..."

"Do people know about your animagus form?"

"Pettegrew does," Sirius hissed.

"Oh...then good," Percy growled, "if anyone recognizes you and is stupid enough to attack, I can use them and find out where that fuckign rat is. Come on, your bait."

Sirius blinked, "Percy, maybe we should talk instead. Come on up."

Percy sighed, but without any much choice followed him up. There he was shocked, not by the ginormous mess of dark artifacts and half broken furniture, no no no, that was pretty much common for number 12 Grimmauld place. No what stopped him was the giant Hippogryph upstairs that Sirius seemed to have treated as a roommate.

Percy bowed, remembering how to treat the noble creature. A few seconds later the hippogryph bowed back. "He likes you," Sirius replied with a smile as he walked towards a broken cabinet, pulling out an old looking bottle of brandy and two dusty cups, "he hasn't bowed that fast for anyone."

"He's half horse right?" Percy asked.

"Yeah, why?"

Percy turned to the creature, his eyes flashed green as he exhumed a little of his demigod essence. The creature's eyes widened as immediately it stood up, "woah! Buckbeak!" Sirius cried out, moving away, "stay back Percy! I don't understand why but I think we upset him!"

Instead of attacking them though, the creature bowed, lowered than ever before, bending even it's legs to nearly have it's head touch the floor, "oh prince, forgive this one for not recognizing you sooner."

"It's okay, Buckbeak was it?" Percy said as he walked past Siruus and touched the Hippogryphs head, patting it gently, "at ease. I was just curious, that's all."

"I understand. If you wish for anything my prince, you have but to ask."

Percy nodded as Buckbeak slowly settled back down. Sirius blinked turning from Percy to the creature, "what was that?"

"I have a thing with horses," Percy replied as he snapped his fingers, casting a wandless cleaning spell on the cups and the bottle, whipping it clean of dirt.

"Impressive, Harry told me you could do that but I had to see it to believe it," Sirius replied as he sat down on a wobbling stool, pointing to the one next to him, "come on kid, I think it's about time you and I have a talk."

Curious, Percy sat down, sitting next to the man. Sirius poured both of them a drink, though Percy noted that his glass had far less than Sirius'. They clinked their glasses and Sirius downed the drink in one go, Percy however took a sip.

"What's wrong?" Sirius asked.

"It's the eleven in the morning," Percy replied.

"Is it? Oh...Harry's trial!" Sirius suddenly realised in a panic.

"He's already gone, probably back in a few hours," Percy replied.

"Oh...I see," Sirius sighed, running a hand down through dirty matted hair, "I'll be honest kid, I'm not taking these days in isolation that well..."

"I figured..." Percy sipped his drink.

"Dumbledore told me what happened," Sirius began, "about what you swore on your magic to do...you realise you've buggered yourself up proper right?"

Percy sighed, "I know."

"I don't think you do mate," Sirius poured himself another drink, "you wagered your magic on killing Petregrew and now the old snake face knows it."


"He has spies everywhere," Sirius replied. "You see, right now, if you do something, anything, that would interfere in his plans, the Dark Tosser won't hesitate to remove you from the game by killing Petregrew himself."

That gave Percy pause. "You're telling me Voldermort would kill his own alley?" even Kronos wasn't that cruel, the only alley he hurt was Luke, who betrayed him first and in the end did end up killing him.

"He wouldn't hesitate," Sirius replied, sipping his drink, "I suspect the only reason he hasn't done so already is because he either doesn't consider you a threat or he wants to try and get you on his side."

"Doesn't consider me a threat?" Percy snorted, "I nearly beheaded that day in the graveyard."

"He's a very proud bastard," Sirius shrugged, hunched over his drink, "he probably chalked it up to him not yet at full power or you getting lucky. Not skill. After all, if I heard it right, you attacked him with a sword right?"

"Yeah, and?"

"If you did that with a wand he might take you seriously. Right now though? He doesn't… effectively mate, you've taken yourself out of the fight with that promise you made for Peter's head. If you do something that makes you out to be a threat...Voldermort won't hesitate to kill Petregrew and remove your magic from you."

"...Fuck," Percy cursed, downing his drink.

After chatting with Sirius for a little more, gathering more information on how Voldrmort operated, he went back to his room, which he had now modified to his liking.

The bed was pushed to the side and the table enlarged with all his notes and cauldrons placed on it. The cauldrons were filled with potions he was working on right now, one for a Felix felicis potion, which he finally got around to make as well as a potion which he hoped would finally wake Fleur out of his coma. This would be his fifth iteration of such a potion, but he still wasn't willing to give up hope.

Percy reached into his trunk and took out a wooden box, inside of which was a row of potions. He took out a pink one and uncorked it, letting the aroma fill the air.

It was something he theorised on his own, an aroma based potion that when heated would help relax the mind mildly. He planned on using it to help his students in his class to study, but now he needed it.

He placed it over a beaker and sat it alight, the smell filled the room and the throbbing headache Percy was starting to develop slowly went down.

Until Sirius sat him down and explained it to him, Percy didn't realise just how badly he screwed himself over. He hadn't sworn on his magic, he had sworn on the Styx, which would do more than just take away his magic, it would kill him.

He was...fucked.

Effectively his arms were tied, of course if Voldermort was standing right here and was about to kill someone Percy would fight and damn the consequences, but right now? This game of shadows? Voldermort wasn't going to make the first move, he was planning on waiting in the shadows, he wasn't Kronos who charged right out there, no, he was patient, that made him more deadly in certain ways.

He could do something though...he could teach. More importantly, teach Harry. The boy was strong, fought off a basilisk, which was probably the only achievement that made Percy feel a little envious of the wizard. Voldermort was also connected to him, like Percy was to Kronos, it made sense.

Voldermort would be coming after Harry, unless Percy helped him out.

"Kelly, wake up," Percy spoke up in a determined tone, the calming potion helping him focus, "we have work to do."

"Egh?" a sleepy tone came to Percy's trunk. A small compartment to the side of the massive structure opened up as slowly Kelly woke up from her bed made out of red silk wrappings. Her vella features remained the same, looking just as pretty as she always was, only now, on her back, there were four new additions.

Four delicate pixy wings that glittered green and purple in the light slowly rose up from her back. Slowly they began to flutter as she rose into the air, floating up to meet up Percy, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Had a nice nap?" Percy asked as he held his hand up, allowing Kelly to land on it softly, yawning the rest of her sleep away.

"Yup," she replied, her wings fluttering, showing her body was slowly waking up.

The wings were new additions that Kelly wanted. It was an odd request, but Percy was more than willing to make the adjustments. It was a tricky bit of transfiguration, but Percy was at a level skill that allowed him to do it without getting Hecate involved for assistance.

The wings were modeled after pixies, Percy had to do some research on them before being able to replicate it, but in the end he succeeded. Though they did malfunction from time to time.

"What?" Kelly asked, tilting her head in curiosity, "help?"

Percy nodded, "yes. I'm planning on training Harry, I need books on spatial expansion. I will need more space to train him here."

"Okay!" Kelly saluted as she flew back into the trunk, searching through it for the requested book. Percy then went back to his table and picked up one of the books on the table. To anyone else it looked like a French to English dictionary, but for anyone who could see behind the Mist, they would see a blue book decorated with sea shells and corals.

Over the summer he had taken to reading the book on Atlantean battle magic, magic which he quickly realised he was very adapted to using. He didn't spend much focus on it before, but now...well, with the free time he had it would be a shame not to improve himself.

A few hours passed by, Percy spent them doing his research, when finally some noise came from downstairs that drew him away from his magic research.

Going downstairs he found everyone in the place gathered in the dining room, surrounding Harry, congratulating him. Even Sirius was there, patting the boy on the back, grinning like a fool.

"I take it you won?" Percy asked with a smile.

"Percy!" Harry smiled, "you should have been there! It was wicked! Fudge had brought the meeting time up by an hour to try and make me late, but we managed to get there on time! And just when I thought Professor Dumbledore was also going to be late and he thrashed them Percy! It was amazing mate!"

But just as he was about to get into the details, Molly stepped in, "now Harry, I'm sure you're all very excited and we are very excited to hear it. But it's time for lunch and it's best to always celebrate with good food!"

And she was right sure enough as that afternoon everyone spent lunch time listening to Harry's stories. Apparently the case was a farce at best and with experience legal representation, that is Dumbledore, Harry won easily.

Apparently the old man brought Mrs. Figg, Percy and Harry's neighbor who apparently was a squib all along! Which really did surprise Percy, he didn't think there was anyone else on the street related to magic but apparently he was wrong.

After lunch everyone retried to the parlour to play games and catch up. Percy used this free time to look through his notes for teaching, eager to finish that quickly so as to spend more time creating ways to indirectly fuck with Voldermort.

He sat on the couch, far away form the others, focused on his notes. Tonks however it seemed wasn't content just letting him be as she quickly plopped down next to him, grinning, "wotcher Percy! What's that you looking at?"

"My notes for this year," Percy sighed, finishing the last of sixth year's, "I'm hoping to finish them quickly so as to have more time for myself."

"Oh, look at you all studious," Tonks chuckled, looking over his shoulder into his notes, "hm, very complex there, you sure this is for sixth years?"

"Snape assures me they can handle it," Percy shrugged, "it's not much different from what he taught me last year."

"But that was seventh year wasn't it?" Tonks asked, confused.

"You would be right Tonksy!" one of the twins popped up.

"But you're wrong!" the other replied.

"Percy was in sixth year," Hermoine informed Tonks, "but he graduated early and did his NEWTS early."

"So, wait," she turned to Percy, grinning, "you're going to be teaching your own batch mates this year? You're going to be in charge of the twins?"

Percy sighed, though a smile did come up, "yes Tonks, I'm going to be in charge of the twins and my own batch mates."

"Blimey, I wish I was that lucky," Tonk snorted, "if I was in charge of my friends I would totally abuse the power!"

"Oh, like what?"

"Well in seventh year there was this boy I like, Several McFannel, cutie pie, sweet too. I would give him detention with me, in a broom cupboard," she wiggled her eyebrows.

"You do realise by being their teacher's I'm in charge of these kids, yes?" Percy sighed, his eyebrow twitching, "that would be child harassment."

"Not if they are seventeen," Tonks shrugged.

"Oh really," Percy raised an eyebrow, grinning at the chance to tease Tonks that he saw before him, "because if I remember properly you seemed to have a problem going to dinner with me when we first met. Even though, if you remember, I was seventeen."

"T-that doesn't count!" she blushed, her hair turning red.

"Oh? And why not? Because if I recall you wanted to ride me in return for dinner," Percy pushed the teasing, her request of riding his pegasus form taken out of context.

"That-that's not what happened!" she turned to the other, the twins snickering while the others blushing in embarrassment, "get that out your heads! He meant I wanted to ride him as a pegasus! I was the auror in charge of his Animagus exam!"

"And she made a bet with me, which she lost, and never kept her end of the bargain," Percy snickered, "honestly, when I told her I was still in Hogwarts you should have seen her run. I think she cleared a mile without tripping."

"I thought I was hitting on a kid!"

"Well maybe next time, ask Tonksy," Percy wicked, opening back his notes.

"You're insufferable, you know that?" she grumbled. Crossing her arms. Silence came down for a while before Tonks whispered, "hey...Percy?"

"Hm?" he asked, not taking his eyes off his book, writing some more notes in.

"What about now?" she asked.

Percy stopped, looking at Tonks, "what about...now?"

"Yeah...I still owe you a date don't I?" she smiled, tucking a hair behind her ear, "want to grab that dinner?"

"I...what about Lupin? Hestia said-"

"-Remus is...difficult," Tonks sighed, tugging on her ear lobe as she spoke in a tone barely louder than a whisper, "he's not really open to the idea of.. 'us', you know? Because of the age gap and all. I tried Percy, I really did...maybe I should move on...you know?"

Percy sighed, "Tonks...I'm sorry but...I...I have someone."

Tonks blinked, confused, "you mean..that french veela?"

Percy nodded, "Fleur...she's someone I care for, deeply...I'm sorry but I-"

"-N-no, I get it," she sighed, running her hands through her hair, "stupid Tonks...bloody stupid for waiting..."

"Tonks," Percy took her hand in his and squeezed, "listen...I'm not an expert in love, but if you are settling for someone else because who you really want said now...you aren't being fair to yourself or the other person. Whatever you have with Lupin? Try to see it through, don't talk him into falling in love with you that never works, trust me. But don't stop because you gave up."

Tonks smiled, patting his hand, "thanks Percy...she's a lucky girl that Fleur."

"Thanks...I hope she thinks so too," he said the last words in a whisper.

That night:

Late that evening Percy asked Harry to meet him in his room, alone. Which of course meant Ron and Hermoine decided to tag along.

Percy pinched his nose, "Harry, I said alone."

"Anything you say to me you can say to them," Harry replied, "I'm just going to tell them after this anyway..."

"Exactly," Hermoine nodded, standing her ground as the three Gryffindors sat on Percy's bed all sharing determined looks.

"Fine," Percy sighed, casting several privacy wards on the door, "I suppose there's no harm with you two knowing this as well...Harry, I called you here before it was to offer training. Combat training."

Harry's eyes winded, "what?"

"I don't mean magical, though I am pretty good with a wand. I meant physical training," Percy clarified, "a strong body makes a sharp mind and more importantly helps you jump out of the way off attacks. Of course I can help you make some magical defense training as well, I'm sure between the two of us we can figure something out."

"Are you serious?!" Harry cried out, jumping to his feet, "you want to train me?! To fight?!"

"Voldermort's back and he's after you," Percy winced a little as Kelly, who was currently nesting in his mess of a hair, pulled on the strands of white hair he had on his head, "anyway, I know what it's like to have a nut case after you. Leaving you as you are right now gets you killed. So, yeah, I'm offering you training."

"Could Ronad and I accompany you two?" Hermoine asked immediately. Percy turned to her, motioning to explain, "well..we could use more training, I mean...we're Harry's friends, whatever trouble he gets into-"

"We get into," Ron finished with a grin.

Harry looked at his friends, a little horrified, "I don't think-"

"-Don't bother Harry," Perc sighed, "they have that look in their eyes. Saying no will only make them want to do it even more."

"Exactly," Hermoine nodded.

"But I have to warn you, it's going to be harsh and I'm not a very nice drill sergeant," Percy pointed out, "cry and whine and I'm kicking you out, got it?" The two nodded eagerly.

"Bullshit!" Harry cried out, turning to his friends, "you two shouldn't have to throw your lives away! If Voldermort comes after me then you should stay away!"

"Tough chance mate," Ron replied with a glare, "you are not getting rid of us that easily."

"Ronlad right Harry," Hermoine nodded, "we aren't leaving you."


"Harry," Percy cut him off again, "when the Death Eaters come...they will target everyone, not just you. Even if they weren't your friends, Hermoine being a muggle born and Ron's family's alignment with Dumbledore already makes them targets. Believe me, if it was possible to keep children out of fighting a war...I would do it..."

They were silent, the British children digesting the truth of those words while Percy himself was lost inside his memories of a time long past, of when he fought in the Battle of New York. He lost so many friends that day...so many…

"Percy," Harry spoke up, pulling the demigod's mind away from his dreams, "you...you always talk as if you've...been in a war before...what do you mean?"

Percy blinked, "I'm sorry?"

"We're asking if you've fought in an actual war," Ron elaborated, "like, a big one."

"Look, I understand if you don't want to talk about it," Harry replied, "but...I think we deserve to know..."

"Harry….fine," Percy sighed, rubbing his neck. The three mortals sat down before him, waiting eagerly for the story.

"You remember what I am...yes?"

"A demi-spirit," Harry answered.


"Is that really what you call yourself?" Hermoine asked, "because I've combed the entire Hogwarts library but I couldn't find any information on them."

"We've spent our entire existence hiding from people Heroine, both muggle and mortal," Percy shrugged, "I would be surprised if you did."

"Oh...I see," Hermoine frowned.

"Anyway, years ago, when I was fifteen, almost sixteen, there was a war. One between two camps of the spirits. One camp fought with...well, I suppose to you he would be a Dark Lord. An evil bastard. He convinced half of us to turn against our own parents, starting the war."

"Why did he do that?"

"Power," Percy shrugged, "wanted to rule everything and everyone. You know, the same old same old….anyway, the war continued for some time and it came ahead in a massive one in New York. We spelled the entire mortal population asleep to put them out of harm's way and fought like mad men...it lasted days. Finally though, we managed to win, Luke, a friend of mine, killed him, sacrificing his own life to end that Dark Lord."

"What's his name?" Harry asked.

Percy shook his head, "I'm sorry, but I can't. Names have power over Harry and if I speak to him...he'll know."

"I thought you said Luke ended the guy?" Ron asked, confused.

"Aye, but spirits like my family? They are immortal. He isn't really dead...just gone, for now," Percy shrugged, "he'll be back, though it might take a few thousand years to do so."

"T-thousand years?!" Harry's eyes went wide, "their immortal?"


"What about you?" Hermoine asked.

"Mortal," Percy replied, "demi-human, remember? My dad's immortal but my mom wasn't."

"Fascinating..." Hermoine replied, "but...doesn't that mean, over time, you have had other siblings? Half-siblings?"

"Yes, I did, but I never met any of them."

"Why not?"

"Demi-spirits die young," Percy shrugged, "it's rare to see one live past 20 to be honest. Luke was the oldest and I think he only saw 18 before he killed himself...maybe 19, I forget really."

"Why?! What happens to you?" Harry asked in concern.

"Well..we end up being eaten by monsters," Percy replied nonchalantly, "most of us taste delicious to them. So...you know, dead."

They looked at each other and then to Percy. Harry was the only one to speak, "Percy...you're a little crazy."

Percy shrugged, "yeah, I know, anyway, that's it. That's the war."

"I feel like there's more you're aren't telling us," Hermoine frowned.

Percy looked at her, "there is...but not right now. There is more in this world than heaven or hell Hermoine, remember that."

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