I'm SUPER excited about this new series guys, like you have no idea. It's on the fantasy/supernatural type of story, which are extremely fun to write and also, I've changed it up to write in second person. This is a Chloe's POV and I wanted her story to be as relatable as it can get for those who read. So hopefully it works!

Rated M for..

Adult language

Sexual themes

Adult themes, such as drinking as drugs


If any of those trigger you in anyway, it's safe not to read!

Well, I hope you guys like the first installment!


Chapter One: Welcome to Barden

Barden University.

Unique, cheap, and probably the only place people would willingly travel all the way down Atlanta to visit, other than eating Georgia's peaches, which are delicious by the way. That's mostly the reason why you decided to apply towards the end of your senior year of high school, plus, your mom was an alumni here so basically you were sort of famous.

Sort of.

You're a senior this year at Barden, almost done with classes and you're praying to God that Russian lit doesn't kick your ass like it did last year (second time taking it because turns out, it's ridiculously hard) because who knows how many years a student can take a course and not end up passing before the school cuts the cord, saving you the time and energy. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't listed under your requirement courses to get into an impressive masters program. If that was the case, you'd never take Russian Lit because 1). You're not dumb and 2). You want to have a social life that's not nose deep in a different language literature novel.

Other than your studies, which for the most part are pretty tight at a C/B level average, you're head sister at the only sorority house on campus, Beta Theta Pi, or what they're mostly referred to as the "Beta Bellas," and what guys and other fraternities on campus refer to the sorority as "Babe Paradise." Holding true to the nickname created once this house was built in the prehistoric days, the Bellas' have an image and that image may or may not be the insanely gorgeous, tall, annoyingly smart but in a sexy way, and all around the perfect girl and the perfect bikini body type.

You, knowing your mom was once a Bella back in the olden days-same with your grandma, great grandma, great great grandma and all Hell would break lose if you were to break the tradition-immediately pledged without even a bat with the eyes at the dorm tours going around Barden and when you did, you met your current best friend and also other head sister in the Bellas, Aubrey Posen.

The two of you are an...odd click, to say the least. Aubrey is the uptight, control freak who pukes under pressure, but occasionally can let her hair down when she wants to, have a good time. And trust everyone when they say this, it's a sight to see.

You on the other hand are upbeat instead of uptight, more of a "enjoyer" than a control freak, bubbly as your main emotion and are friends with almost every person at Barden and then some, regardless of their social rank. Being a member of Beta Pi automatically throws you on top of the totem pole when it comes to popularity. But you, never to fond of clicks and who you can and cannot associate yourself with just simply talks to everybody-loves everybody, and that's one of the many reasons why you were voted for head sister of the Bellas.

A silent leader who leads by example, a girl who screams a good time, but also one who has her properties straight. Similar to Aubrey, but not to an extent like hers, the Bellas mean the world to you. Every girl, sister or brand new pledgee, you'd bend over backwards for them. Which is why this year coming to Barden after a long, relaxing summer in Tampa where your family is living, it was extremely different and hard to come back knowing one of your sisters has gone missing.

Out of the three years so far that you've stayed in college, Barden has been an all around safe campus with nothing happening to the extreme. Of course, every once in awhile there would be weirdos walking around at night, hassling people for money, or throwing catcalls at girls who are walking home from their night classes. That part was inevitable with all the sickos living in the world.

But for the most part, the school was a safe place.

Jesus, at orientation they handed out rape whistles.

If that doesn't scream paranoia then you don't know what does.

Anyways, with thinking that nothing bad, to say, would happen at Barden, it was more than a little scary to find out through the news that there has been an abduction of senior, Gretchen Halls, current Bella and ranked high on the honor rolls and also one of your good friends in the sorority at Barden University.

She was doing summer classes at Barden, living in the Bellas' house so she could possibly graduate early if taken the right amount of credits. School came easy to her; she wasn't bad and partied all the time. If she wasn't required to go out and do events with the Bellas, you usually would find her at the library, or in her room cramming for a test that was scheduled for next month. To contradict this "nerd" description, Gretchen was gorgeous, with her long, semi wavy blonde hair, bright green eyes, perfect body shape and just a Barbie look alike all around.

It made sense that she'd be a top candidate for a creepy creeper looking for someone to kidnap.

Police and detectives went for weeks during the early months of August before students started arriving for this year's courses looking for Gretchen, but they could only say the girl was missing for so long, searching every inch of Georgia before it got to the point where it became pointless.

Coming back was hard; things changed tremendously and going about daily and or nightly activities were more strict than they have ever been before. People were jumpy all the time after the funeral, and their safety felt more threatened than ever before, which made sense. Attendance rates sunk, college dropouts for Barden was at an all time high. It was something serious that the school never thought they'd have to experience.

But you guess the school just got lucky this time.

That wasn't the only thing sketchy that has been going on. Rumors floated around campus, throughout the towns of something strange taking place in a nearby forest next to Barden. Like some paranormal activity. Stories in those few shorts weeks before school started would be mustered up by teenagers and if you were to go a certain depth inside the forest, you'd never make it out alive. People didn't take this part too seriously; it's like you mention the thought of spirits and everyone thinks it's bat shit crazy.

And for the most part so far, they've been right. Nothing bad has happened, other than the one abductions. No goons, no goblins and most definitely no ghost have been seen other than the boy who cried wolf stories.

But what else could you do at that point if there was something weird going on? Exactly what Barden is doing, praying that nothing else bad would come their way and if it does happen, there would be someone there to stop…..whatever it was going on.

It's the Sunday before classes actually start, with freshman orientation happening early tomorrow morning that you and Aubrey have to run, sending and passing out flyers to girls who would be interested in pledging to become a Bella. You're one of the very few hanging around in the house after just getting done cleaning, making sure everything is in top shape before the rest of the girls come. Majority of your sisters are heading back to Barden early tomorrow since upperclassmen don't have any classes until Tuesday and wanted the extra day off peace before college drains the living life out from them.

For dinner, you went out and got a salad from a nearby deli and are just about to kick your feet up, watch some Netflix and enjoy the quiet night alone until you hear your phone going off on the charger. You groan out loud because one, you're already in bed and two, receiving your phone requires you to actually move and walk over to your desk where's it plugged into a music dock.

But once a couple more texts come through, you figure that whoever is trying to get your attention has something important to say so, you throw off your blankets that are layering your legs, giving just the right amount of heat and head to grab your phone.

[Aubrey Posen 6:34 PM] There has been another abduction

[Aubrey Posen 6:35 PM ] Two of them this time

You gasp at the news and just when you're about to text Aubrey back, you receive the Amber Alert and a campus security text through your phone, informing you that Terra Holmes and roommate Sindy Rickett, both starting volleyball players for Barden, have just gone missing while out walking to their car. Another text comes in, announcing Barden is on lockdown until further notice and this time since you're on campus during these kidnappings, freaking out is your first and only reflex.

You don't even for a second think that this is some sick joke someone is pulling, knowing damn sure that Barden is too on the edge to joke about a thing as serious as this. With the weird sightings that have yet to be stated true and not myths, along with the missing whereabouts of Gretchen, the fear around town and campus has been more than obvious.

Just about to call Aubrey and see where and when she is arriving back at Barden, your phone goes off and it's her already calling.

You slide the bar to the left, "Bree!" and don't waste a second before practically screaming into the device. If anything were to happen to your best friend, you wouldn't know how to live with yourself.

"Are you okay? Is everyone in the house okay?" Aubrey's rushed, and panicked voice only tips you off the edge with how scared you actually are and then the flood of endless possibilities of someone, or yourself wasn't okay immediately wash through your mind to make the situation worse.

"We are fine, Barden is on lockdown," you breath out and Aubrey releases a relieved sigh at the information. You go over to your window to take a look outside and just when you do, multiple police cars with their lights off speed through the neighborhood in direction of where the dorms are, also where both Terra and Sindy lived.

Seeing the seriousness of the scene unfold and feeling like you're living in a real horror movie, tears start to pool in your eyes from fear and you really just wished your best friend was here with you right now.

"Where are you!?" You don't even try to hide how scared you are in your voice and Aubrey has to shush you when you ramble off panicked, with other questions regarding her whereabouts so she can finally speak.

"I'm driving back now. Everything is going to be okay, Chlo. Just…..stay inside, tell all the other girls as well and please be safe."

Everything you think that Aubrey says goes in one ear, out the other as you are experiencing a real life crime that you'd read about in newspapers, or watch in a scary movie. You just hope that Aubrey is right, that everything will be okay.

And most importantly, those two girls will be found and whoever this sick bastard thinks he is gets caught and thrown in jail.

The least Barden needs is a sicko on the loose.

The next day goes on as if the previous night never happened, as well as the two girls who have gone missing. For the most part, people aren't really talking about it; police avoid the subject like the plague and back it up with fluff in attempt to make the situation less worse than it is. The only people who are making it a big deal-to which they should- are the two girls' parents, who demand answers under their emotionally damaged state as to where their daughters have gone.

You also want a few questions answered, for example, why Terra and Sindy? They were star players on the volleyball team, excelled in all their studies, hardly ever partied and when they did, drinking was out of the equation. Their boyfriends, (lucky them) have been taken in as suspects by police almost instantly. You envied how gorgeous and how boys looked up to these girls like lost puppies, so the only logical thing to defend them gone missing is to bring the last people in that they've seen.

But just like you thought, the two boys who have showed nothing but good intentions regarding their girlfriends were innocent when it came to the abductions, which kind of sucks because it still leaves you with a big giant question mark as to who could have done it, or where the girls may have gone. It would have made things a whole lot easier and Barden wouldn't have to continue living in fear every time they walk home, or go to sleep. For now though as it's the only real option left to do, people move on with their lives and just cross their fingers they aren't next on the list.

Aubrey and you head to campus with a stack of freshly printed papers with useful information about becoming a Bella for passing out to any girl interested. As the orientation for the new freshman class cuts to an end as you resume busy passing out flyers, you catch a glimpse of a grungier looking girl, wearing all black everything as her tight black skinny jeans go hand in hand with a tight black tank top and swift leather jacket up top to add to the bad girl image. She also has on a pair of black heeled boots; the type of boots that typical teenagers wouldn't be caught dead wearing and she has a pair of aviators resting in the crevice of her chest, right at the neck of that tank top showing of way more than your body is capable of handling.

The both of you lock eyes in the distance; and for a second, you think that time has suddenly stopped working and this mystery girl is the only thing left on planet earth with you while playing in the background is some classic 80's rock song from a popular hair band. Her eyes are dark, so dark they look black from the distance keeping the two of you apart, no thanks to the pounds of eyeliner the girl applied, yet it still is perfected and still nonetheless hypnotizing as you stand there frozen in your wooden wedges, knees shaking as if they're about to collapse at any second.

Aubrey gives you a sharp jab to the rib cage with her bony elbow and it scares you half to death when you realizes that there are other people around you and not just this new freshman on campus that already has you intrigued by only a single glance. You keep your eyes locked on the girl from afar, watching as she goes about typing on her cell phone without so much of a care to the world, the sun adding a sort of shimmer to her flawlessly done, loose chocolate curls that look abnormally soft and similar to a Neutrogena commercial you usually envy on T.V.

Aubrey elbows you again because somehow as you soak in more about this freshman that caught your eye the moment she walked out of the auditorium, you've missed more of what Aubrey had to say and in your defense, this girl is a real show stopper and to be quite frank, you're weak when it comes to admiring beautiful girls. Adding a hint of edge and mystery only makes you that much more weaker, thus why you can't for the life of you take your eyes of this girl.

"Are you even listening to me?" Aubrey is scowling; you don't even need to look at her to know her patience is running thin here by the noticeable hiss under her tone and you also know that during the past... two minutes, you estimate, you're more than positive you've blacked out, so the answer is no.

Definitely not paying attention to anything Aubrey is saying right now and instead is conjuring up the best way to talk to this girl if it's the last thing you'll do.

"What?" You hum out, clearly uninterested in anything but this freshman and you take a look for yourself to see a nasty look on your blonde friend's face, teeth gritting in irritation. Also doing this-no thanks to Aubrey who is just one big distraction- you end up losing sight of this freshman as the crowd from the gymnasium exits in a stampede and you desperately search around the entire perimeter in hopes of finding that one girl again.

You start to panic, thinking that maybe you've either hallucinated this mystery girl, or simply you've just lost track of her by a non-important distraction but luckily, your eyes land on that same freshman walking by her lonesome up to an impressive muscle car; a blacked out 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback with the windows tinted black (thanks to your brothers for your knowledge on pieces of metal) and you just can't help but sigh at the image because of course this girl drives a nice car like that.

But it also makes you wonder why she has a car on campus-a really freaking nice car- when usually it's unnatural for freshman to bring vehicles up their first year at Barden since living in the dorms is recommended and there's really no point in having a car anyway.

Aubrey follows your line of sight. "You cannot be serious, Chloe," her voice screams astounded by the little huffs and grumbles under her breath about the girl being WAY too alternative, but you're too engrossed on such a beautiful creature that all she is saying is muffled completely.

Moving behind your gut, "let's go introduce ourselves," you chirp determined, like nothing can stop you from doing this, not even Aubrey's harsh refusals to interacting with that so called "alt" girl.

Totally ignoring any more nonsense that Aubrey is lecturing you about this time, you mindlessly weave your arm through your friend's and drag her in the direction of the student parking lot. Making it there rather quickly as you try to ease your breathing and not make it sound like you didn't just purposely sprint up to this freshman's car with your best friend in tow, you get slapped up, down, and side to side at how insanely attractive this girl is up close and personal. No doubt about it was she eye candy from the distance, but seeing the true steely color of her eyes; a greyish blue now that you're close enough and they aren't being drowned out by the heavy amount of eye makeup, you honestly think a whimper slips out when you are face to face with her.

Aubrey yanks her arm away and you kinda don't feel it because you think your entire body has just gone numb being in a close enough distance to feel the presence of this intoxicating human being. Really, you for one get a lot of attention from others around you and needless to say, they all are pretty attractive. Never once with them though have you felt such like a teenager with a heart throbbing crush like you are feeling right now being this close to this new girl and first of all, you have never talked nor know her first name.

That should tell you something right there.

"Hi!" Ignoring all signs that point to "you are a batshit crazy lady who walks up to random strangers like a lost puppy," you reach out a hand for the new girl to shake anyways. "I'm Chloe, and this is Aubrey!" You possibly couldn't have said this any more chipper than how it came out and by the pitch, it makes the new girl flinch in the face a bit.

She doesn't at first take your hand and it's awkwardly just floating in the little distance shared between the two of you, empty and all. You keep a giant grin plastered though, even when you feel like crawling up into a tiny little ball because holy cow this girl is way to intimidating for being a freshman. What she does do eventually is eye you suspiciously, more so your empty raised hand than anything and when she does take the effort in shaking it, you think you've never felt softer, delicate skin before.

"Beca," she greets slowly and the corners of her mouth twitch into a half smile, maybe it's a smirk; you aren't really sure, but whatever it is, the power behind the smile is enough for your knees to give out and you're sighing deeply into the side of Aubrey for support, thinking that your friend is going to have to mop you away from the amount of swooning you're doing.

You're so affected by this that you miss the obviously annoyed huffs and puffs emitting from your best friend as she side checks you with her hip, hoping this little "fit" of yours that is more than a little embarrassing ends soon.

Once you've regained your footing, cleared your throat and prayed that Beca (God, what a cute name for such a cute girl) doesn't think too much of this embarrassing action you've just performed, you toss her one of your signature smiles before speaking again. "Freshman?"

"Freshman," Beca echoes and then points at her name tag just above the left side of her chest and under the lift of her leather jacket.

You read the words "Rebeca Mitchell" written in sloppy handwriting and can assume that using her full name is a hard no since she didn't go by the name, Rebeca. Still though you think it's a fitting name; edgy and tough.

Sexy and all.

"It's nice to meet you," you beam bright, trying hard not to stare too long into those dark orbs that should really be considered weapons and illegal.

"Yeah," Beca breaths out, eyeing both you and Aubrey, who doesn't even make the attempt to hide the sour scowl on her face as they conversate. "I'd say the same for you, but it looks like you have more things to worry about, like the stick up your ass." This comment is definitely directed towards Aubrey and like a raging bull, you can visibly see the stream of smoke blowing from her nostrils as she fights back the urge to slap this girl.

You for your part thinks it's a brave move since Aubrey is known to have quite the temper and with Beca only being a freshman, the bold courage is all around extremely attractive in your eyes.

"Excuse me?" Aubrey snaps and it's impressive that you didn't hear anything worse slip from her mouth, knowing the amount of vulgarity going on inside her head regarding this freshman is truly frightening and something not friendly appropriate.

There's a devious smile still on Beca's face, like she already enjoys getting Aubrey so riled up and is having a kick at pissing off your best friend. You think otherwise because you know what Aubrey is capable of, invoking verbal beat downs and would prefer not to bail her out of jail for damaging a freshman.

So, you cut in before Beca's response, knowing it would only tick Aubrey off like a time bomb. "Nice car!" With your head, you gesture to the sports car that is holding up Beca as she sits on the front hood.

She smiles cocky at the compliment, then pats the metal beside her and crosses her legs over each other. "Thanks. Saved up for this one."

And like, duh.

There's no doubt this freshman has the nicest freaking car on campus right now, which only makes her ten times more irresistible for you. It wasn't until roughly five minutes ago that you soon discovered that one of your turn ons is a person with a nice ride.

Long story short, Beca's car and consider yourself turned on.

"And how did you afford this?" There goes Aubrey again, retorting with something bitchy and for once, you want to slap your hand over her mouth, or duct tape it shut so she wouldn't be able to say anything else that may make Beca run for the hills. "Robbery? Drugs?"

You groan out loud because wow. There's a fine line when it comes to talking to people, asking what and what not to ask and Aubrey here just flew right pass it.

Beca doesn't say anything back to Aubrey's comment but only smirks; something that has not only been one of your favorite things about the girl, but also her go to facial expression, which you have no complaints there. She does eventually start to speak after she emits a type of low chuckle that again, almost makes your legs collapse and you feel your eyes twist to the ultimate definition of "heart eyes."

"You see blondie," Beca starts, but stops mid sentence as she takes the aviators from the crease of her chest where they were hanging delicately above her Tank and slides them to cover her eyes. Lord help me, you think as this new girl has just became your kryptonite. "Drugs and robbery aren't nearly half as bad compared to what I actually do."

And okay, what the Hell was that suppose to mean?

Aubrey opens her mouth as if she's about to comment on this, but just like you, who stands puzzled in pondering the possible options that could possibly be worse than selling drugs, she seems way too taken back by Beca's response.

Needing a quick change it topic before things get too heated between the two and the awkward silence becomes unbearable, "how is Barden treating you so far?" you sputter out. "Need a tour around campus?" Not being done just yet with this freshman, small talk is your last resort as you catch Beca already fishing for her keys, unlocking her car as if she is about to leave.

"It's good, I'm good, but I gotta go." And it seems like your disappointment present in your body language when hearing the lack of enthusiasm and effort to stay and chat was more than apparent, Beca shoots you another smirk. "I'll see you around, Red."

You try to respond to this; the nickname ends up taking all your words and mashes them together, only to form a stuttering mess while you watch Beca enter her car before speeding out of the student parking lot, tires burning on the black pavement and a cloud of black smoke gassing out everyone around. Aubrey coughs dramatically from the smoke, waving her hand around frantically as she tries to clear up the air and you stand more affected by the fact that Beca is gone rather than the ability to breathe.

440 engine, you note by the monstrous roar of the engine echoing in Beca's car from afar. That's pretty damn impressive, if you were to ask your brothers. How in the world could a eighteen year old afford something like that? You can barley afford your slug bug while working at the campus coffee shop on a regular basis. Either way though, car or no car, Beca is still at the top of your list to get to know.

It's one thing being so entranced by someone you just met that everything else in the world doesn't seem right anymore and it's another to realize that this so called person happens to be a freshman.

But dealing with both at the same time, which happens to now be your biggest dilemma, you have no idea how to go about it.

"Classy, very classy," Aubrey mutters under her breath, obviously irritated by the scene Beca just caused with the smoke and car and the comments. "Chances are she'll drop out. Girl looks like she sells drugs for a living…which is probably why she can afford such a nice car!" Aubrey connects the dots and you just bat your eyelashes, thinking that what she just said is completely delusional.

Beca seems nice-a lot nicer than what her presence gave off. Yeah she is more pricklier than the usually person; her attitude is kind of snarky and you can already tell the girl only lets a few if not zero people into her personal bubble.

But Aubrey is right about one thing, there's a riddle to this girl that you can't seem to lay a finger on but will do anything just to figure it out.

She's different, but the good type of different that draws you in and you really wish now that you could've sacked up and asked for her number or something because who knows when you'll get the chance to see her again on campus, especially since you're a senior and she's a freshman.

"Let's get back to work," Aubrey demands, brushing at the bottom of her dress before walking to a group of girls talking to their parents by the fountains.

You follow, seeing that the only good thing about today is now gone and you don't know if you'll be lucky enough to see Beca again.

Guess Facebook is your next stop after you finish passing out these rush flyers; you got a first name, and a last name. That's all you need to find someone you're looking for on the beautiful invention called the internet.

It's been a week and a half since your little encounter with Beca and since then, you haven't been lucky enough to run into her, which honestly, you didn't even hold your breath because the odds were not in your favor.

She didn't even have a Facebook, which shocked you to no other. Like seriously, everyone has at least one form of social media even if it's just plain like a Pinterest account. Her though, she has none, and now you're starting to believe you'll never see her again unless you go full stalker on campus and scope her out, which you don't because even thinking about it gives you hardcore creeper vibes.

The hope is still there as the week continues, though it shouldn't be. You know if you haven't seen her yet around school and it's been going on for almost two weeks now, chances are you'll never see her again.

There goes getting to know the real her over some morning coffee; she probably is a fan of her's being black, or dinner at a nearby burger joint.

What a shame.

The first weeks at Barden are mostly boring; professors go over the syllabus for class and usual doing that only take about fifteen minutes. Then there's introductions to the work you'll be doing, projects, which means saying goodbye to your social life and sanity, buying overly priced books and blah blah blah blah blah.

All that pointless jazz.

For you, being one of the lucky ones who attends Barden, your professors hate life and mostly their students so they assign a crapload of material and expect everyone to know it by a certain time. It doesn't matter that students are getting the hang and feel of college again, maybe settle down before to the storm that's destined to come. Nope. Not in all the higher level courses that you have the honors of taking right before graduation.

Welcome to college everybody.

The afternoon doesn't go as planned with classes since in the middle of your Russian Lit class during lecture, an announcement blares through the overhead speakers warning that Barden is on lock down after strange activity has been reported around campus, but the person behind it remains unknown.

As scary as it may sound, nothing ends up happening; the only thing scary that happened is an announcement that you have a quiz coming up in two days that you haven't studied for. Plus, the rest of class got cancelled and allowed you to get a head start on your afternoon, so not everything went bad, per say.

To say that Barden has been on more of the edge with things, ever since a couple students went missing and are still declared missing a week before school started is more than an understatement. Strict curfews at an abnormal hour have been created and campus security, with even a few Atlanta police officers monitoring campus have taken them very seriously and anyone out after ten while they're out patrolling would receive a ticket, claiming that they're only doing this for our safety. More and more emergency phones are in the process of being built and everyone this time, regardless if you want to or not is required to carry around a rape whistle.

It's pretty sketchy; you are aware of this. Missing students, especially knowing that all of them that happened to gone missing have been only reported as females is terrifying and it even makes you feel a little unsafe when you're at the house late at night, everyone around you is either sleeping or going about their own business. What helps a lot is being surrounded by thirty returning girls in one giant house and even more to come once school eases for the freshman. Also your house mom is the prime definition of a total badass and would walk through fire to protect her girls, so if Barden's kidnapper or raper, (whatever he is) wants to deal all of that, he has something else coming his way.

Once you make it home after a peaceful stroll around campus; the weather is weirdly beautiful outside and it caused you to venture the long route back instead of walking the usual, you receive a text about a mandatory chapter meeting going on for the Bellas to talk about the rush you seniors are planning. One thing you hate more than school is these weekly meetings, and Aubrey, being uptight and controlling about every little thing going on around the Bellas gives you way more anxiety than you would like. But you still love her, and you still have certains duties that have to be met when being head sister so you kick your irritation you have stored for this dreadful meeting and meet the girls in the Beta house conference room.

After talking about rush and what the Bellas are planning on doing as far as the house tour for their pledgees coming up, you find yourself laying face down in bed, exhausted, drained and just so over today. You also find yourself suddenly thinking about a certain freshman that hasn't been off your mind since the day you were lucky enough to run into her and that alone eats you alive as you wish by some miracle, you'd see her again.

It's the strangest thing you think, wanting to see this freshman, Beca, again, and if you don't, you seriously think that you might explode.

Like, what was it about this girl that has you craving her like a drug? And only after one encounter that you can't even consider an actual conversation because as a whole, it only lasted about three minutes. She screams antisocial and moody and grumpy; someone who hates people in general and would rather be left alone, or watch paint dry than to have an actual conversation. And you know that she does this, carries this armor around her because it's the easy thing to do and turns everyone away without all the work.

But then there's you, wanting to turn that right around and you have absolutely no idea why that is.

Roxy, the Bellas' house mother, announces through the entire house that she is doing a shopping run and if anyone wants something special to write it down on a list to give to her before she leaves. You jot down a few things; coffee, fruits for your smoothies and some sour patch kids, a little junk food never hurts. You give Roxy your personal list before telling her to be safe; with the way things are going around Barden it's best to stay cautious at all times.

Plus, Roxy is pretty foxy for her age, as that is where the infamous nickname came about from fraternities and would definitely be under the spotlight for a creepy man hunting the streets of Barden.

About to walk back upstairs to do God knows what, maybe sleep the rest of your Thursday away since nothing better seems to be coming about, you catch Aubrey sitting in the kitchen, tying her running shoes and is wearing all her workout clothes. You enter the kitchen with a smile, hands held behind your back and rock on the heels of your feet, waiting for Aubrey to lift her head up from where she has her attention glued to her shoes and when she does, you're returned with a playful eye roll and a smirk before she gives you a countdown to be ready in five or else she is leaving without you.

You manage to throw on some leggings, a long sleeve shirt, toss your hair up in a high pony and finish with a worn down pair of Nikes in an impressive amount of time and you meet Aubrey outside where she is fiddling around with her armband that has her phone placed snugly in the carrier and unraveling the knots in her earbuds. Doing the same and cueing up your best work out playlist for evening runs like this, the two of you share an "OK" nod before taking off around the neighborhood.

Running, you've came to conclusion, is relaxing once you get past the agonizing dread of not wanting to go and start to think less of Netflix and sleeping in your cozy bed.

But once you actually get going, your feet running mindless above the pavement as you watch the sunset lower behind the buildings, the cool breeze from Georgia weather hitting against your skin, there's nothing else you'd rather be doing and luckily, you've snatched a best friend who loves exercising as much as you do and together you made a habit of taking twilight runs around campus frequently.

About a half hour into the run and now trotting along the trails somewhere in a forest nearby the University; the same forest that may or may not be the sketchy one everyone talks about, you and Aubrey take a breather by a tree, leaning against the stub while you try to catch all the oxygen back into your body. Your chest heaves for air and all the muscles in your legs are burning in the best ways and you can feel slight perspiration along your forehead, but still with all of this going on, you feel amazing.

Aubrey's in the same stat as you're in, winded, exhausted and sweaty. She pulls out her phone from where it's attached to her arm and reads the time out loud, which is surprising because you didn't actually plan on running this long, especially this late at night.

"We should head back," Aubrey states, still winded, but slowly catching some of the air back as she's redoing her hair from the strands of hair that fell out of her ponytail.

You glance around the forest and take in the darkness surrounding you, only a faint glow from the streets lights coming from the distance feeding your ability to see. You agree to this because not only is it a creepy dark outside but also, the area you and Aubrey have coincidentally stopped isn't familiar territory like the rest of Barden is for you guys. Honestly, if it wasn't for the constant signs built up along sidewalks, pointing the lost parents of the new freshman attending over to campus, you'd screwed, having zero idea on how to get back and would be lost until you did.

How far the forest goes still in a mystery, knowing no one in their right mind after hearing those stories that might be true, probably not true ghost stories about the forest would venture out freely just to find that out. You couldn't agree more with the eerie chill tingling up your spine at the dead trees, owls and constant chirping of the crickets as the only audible sound.

But just as you're about to turn around, avoiding to fall deeper into the forest, which screams a bad idea like a billboard sign on the highway, a car's headlights pull up in the distance, lightening a good amount of the forest before it goes black again.

"Who's out here this late?" Aubrey asks skeptical as the two of you eye the black looking vehicle that has just parked dead center in the woods. "And why are they….here?" This you can't answer because you have absolutely no idea who would want to spend the night in a creepy forest when there are kidnaps going on around campus and why they'd think a deserted place like this would be the safest option.

Nobody exits the car, which is sketchy too and you don't understand why your initial reaction is to go find out who this crazy person could be.

"I don't know," you respond, but switching to autopilot, you start mindlessly walking up to the car and Aubrey doesn't wastes a second before clinging her entire body into your side for protection.

As you cautiously tip toe over, most your body used as a shield for Aubrey who hasn't stopped whispering "this is a bad idea" in your ear since you first started hovering over to the creepy car. Finally, someone exits and no idea why but your first reaction is too scream from the suspension, so that's what you do, and Aubrey being already jumpy about this whole situation echoes the scream, startling the person by their unannounced guests.

What's even scarier than the car parked in the forest late at night is the warming welcoming to a handgun pointed directly at your face and the person behind it is no other than Beca, the girl that has been running marathons inside your head for the past two weeks.

"Beca?" You say as if you are looking at a ghost and then, your eyes almost shoot from your head when the realization clicks that Beca is holding a gun pointed directly at you.

And taking a rough guess from how it looks thanks to the little light you have to make this observation, you can say the gun is real.

There's a series of expressions that Beca's face undergoes. It starts off with a nasty glare that's truly terrifying when it's directed towards you. Then it morphs from scary, to worried when you both lock eyes and she clicks something on the gun (probably the safety) before shoving it into her belt loops. Then, and lastly of the expressions, her eyebrows scrunch together with force and her eyes burn holes with lasers at the amount of rage laced beneath those dark eyes, and you really don't want to be here right now while Beca explodes like a smart bomb.

"What the fuck are you guys doing?!" You flinch at the bark, though the yelling was inevitable as you studied Beca's body language go from about to kill someone to "I could've shot you, are you stupid?!"

Also, why the Hell did this girl have a gun on her?!

And why does she look so suspicious, like she just got caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar?

"What the fuck are you doing, Beca?!" Aubrey takes control of the talking, snarling back with an even more harsh tone than Beca's. "And why do you have a gun?!"

Beca's body language loosens up from her stance a bit and it's a damn miracle, you think. "Protection," she answers simply and in a far calmer tone than before. She even has the audacity to shrug, like it's a totally normal thing to carry around a pistol in your jeans like some Goddamn undercover cop. "Didn't your parents send you off to college with some form of protection?"

"Yeah….. something like pepper spray you carry on a keychain, or a small taser!" Aubrey snaps, waving her arms around mad at Beca's causality about having a loaded weapon on her. "Not a real fucking gun, are you crazy?!"

At this time, you think your body is in shock as any way of forming actual words to communicate becomes impossible. And you really don't know if it's because of the fact Beca technically almost shot you as a reflex with the pocket sized gun you now know she carries around, or the fact that this girl is still as jaw dropping as the first time you met her, and maybe even more with the weird attraction knowing she owns a gun. The badass chart with this girl only seems to get higher and higher and makes you wonder what else this girl is hiding.

She's wearing black again, which isn't too much of a shock. You take the time to wonder if Beca owns anything other than the color and leather while Aubrey trails off with her yelling.

"Is this legal?! Are you even old enough to carry a gun?! How did you get that pass campus security?!" Aubrey trails every possibility known to man and even you think her talking and the loud yelling is exhausting. You see that Beca feels the same because immediately and is in no way listening to anything that Aubrey is ranting about, she opens the driver's side door to her car, taking a seat and starting it without a care.

Beca scoffs and even though it's dark, you can see the dramatic eye roll that comes with it when she rolls down her window. "You going to rat on me, blondie?" There's that deathly smirk again and right now, you don't even feel the adrenaline anymore from the near heart attack you just edited because you're so washed up in Beca's insane level of attractiveness; the boldness with her words only making you more weak against the freshman.

"Uh, yeah, I should!" Aubrey screeches and every vein in her forehead looks like they're seconds away from bursting. "You just pointed a gun at us! In the middle of the forest! At night! Why wouldn't I report you?!" That's a very good reason, you think a silently shrug, but is it what you want to happen? No. If that were the case, a phone number from Beca, something you more than want to have would be long gone.

"Because I don't think Red here will allow you to do that."

You hold your breath at the nickname as it's still able to give you a swarm of frenzy flutters like before in your stomach. Beca switches her focus to you; her smirk still strong and bright as day and you don't know why your immediate way to respond to this is by giggling.

Madly, might you add.

And maybe it's because you're sickly affected by this girl and you has zero idea why. Before she came along, you were smooth; the smoothest of them all and never had a problem talking to people, regardless of how attractive they were. But here she is, making you feel like you have no control over your own mouth and anything that comes out, like a pathetic, lovestruck fool.

"Isn't that right?" Beca adds in a cooing voice. It's kinda obvious that you're unable to form words properly and it's equally embarrassing as it is painful to watch as you try to muster up anything at all, but it's too late, even if you were to respond because Beca is putting her car in reverse, window now rolled up and speeding out of the woods following the trail she came in with.

Now gone and in no attempt turning back, leaving both you and Aubrey confused with an answer as to why she was even out here in the first place, alone and secured with a gun, you stand flabbergasted. You also stand a little disappointed in yourself because you just made a fool out of yourself. There goes another chance of stealing Beca's number but no, you screwed it up with your awkwardness and inability to form human words.

Good job, Beale.

"Bree?" You finally choke out and your eyes stay glued on the area of where Beca once was. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" you ask in all seriousness and hope that what you are experiencing isn't anything too concerning. In addition, you also hide your disappointment to the once again very brief conversation with Beca this time around pretty darn well, being that your whole mood did a complete three sixty in the worse of ways.

Who knows when the next time will be when you'll get to see that rebel again. Hopefully this time it will be sooner than later.

After Aubrey finds her chill; her anger starting to fade and it no longer looks like her face is about to pop, she answers. "You can't honestly be smitten by…..that thing," she refers as if Beca is some sort of extraterrestrial freak. "I don't know what it is, but something about that girl is not right, and not just the fact she owns a gun," she concludes and you bite your lip at the thought because you can't help but think the same.

Beca is like pulling from a hat with your eyes closed, blind, never knowing what you're going to get, but every time, it's something different. And it's the exciting kind of different that's completely new to you, but is intriguing nonetheless. She's the kind of confident you don't see a lot in teenagers, especially freshman, and she walks with a sort of swagger that has all the signs pointing to a bad influence your mom would always warn you about.

And maybe Aubrey's right about there not being something right with Beca.

But even knowing that, you can't help but want to get down to the brim with Beca, discovering everything there is to know about the girl and all her hidden secrets and talents.

You never thought you'd be after such a bad girl girl before, taking that you've been holding the title of the "little goody two-shoes." But now, being raised as a Beale to go after something you want, there's no way in Hell Beca is getting off Scot free without your say and you can't help but crave a taste of the dark side now that you've been introduced to it.

What in God's name is going on around Barden? (I can guess what you all are thinking….but is it accurate?) ;)