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Several hours later Kevin watched the team file into the bullpen to begin their day. He hadn't bothered to leave the office, instead he opted to spend the night in his Plum Sauce's lair.

It was now nearly 10:00am and the team was beginning to get extremely worried about their friends. They were late, they were never late and no one could reach either of them on their cells. Kevin decided it was time to put the last part of his plan into motion. He wanted to be the big hero this time.

He quickly made his way into the bullpen and appeared out of breath and more disheveled than usual. He yelled out to no one in particular. "Has anyone heard from my Plum Sauce? I haven't been able to get a hold of her since last night. She didn't go home and I am really worried, now!"

The team gathered around him and explained to him no one had seen her and Derek since the bar last night. They told him that neither one of them had shown up to work either. Everyone was now beside themselves, thinking the worst.

"Agent Hotchner, if you want I can try and track their phones."

Hotch crossed his arms on his chest as he held that all too familiar stoic look. "Good thinking, let's head to Garcia's office."

They practically sprinted to her lair and Kevin immediately took a seat in front of her babies. He started the trace and hoped that he could continue to fool the team. "I can't locate Agent Morgan's phone it must be off. Waittt, I found her, I found my Plum Sauce! She must have left her backup phone on." He quickly spun around in the chair and looked up at everyone.

Hotch looked around at the very anxious and worried group. "Let's go get her and hope that Derek is with her."

JJ quietly said what everyone was thinking. "God, I hope they are both alright. They just have to be!"

They all started to make their way out of Garcia's office. Kevin interjected. "I'm coming with you I have to know that Penny is alright."

Hotch replied. "Alright, let's go!"

They all grabbed their things and ran for the elevators. They made their way downstairs to the garage. They split into two groups and jumped into the SUV's and sped their way to their family.

An hour later, they found Esther and jumped out and ran over to the car. They all began screaming out their names. Suddenly, the group heard a pounding from the trunk.

They quieted down and Dave yelled out. "Kitten, Derek are you in there?"

They both screamed out. "Yessss!"

The team began furiously scrambling around to try and find the keys. Spencer found them on the on the backseat. Spencer grabbed them and ran over to the trunk. He put the keys in and the trunk popped open.

Penelope immediately sat up, as her eyesight tried to adjust to the sudden bright sunlight. "Thank God, you found us! Thank you my fine furry friends. We've been stuck in here for hours. We knew you would find us! We both love you all!"

Emily excitedly chirped up. "My God, guys are you okay? What the hell happened?"

Derek grunted in pain and said. "Yea, yea we are fine, just get us out of here, please!"

Everybody jumped into action and helped the relieved and happy pair out of Esther. They unlocked their cuffs and everyone hugged all around. As they explained what had happened, Penelope and Derek tightly hugged and beamed at each other. The team was relieved that they appeared to be in good shape.

Kevin stood there in place and was inwardly pissed off. His plan was a bust and the worst part was that Derek Morgan his nemesis was still alive. To say he wasn't a happy camper was putting it mildly. Penelope noticed him and he made his way over and tried to hug her. She stiffened at his touch.

"Ohh, Plum Sauce! I was so worried I am glad you are alright. Let's go over here and let you sit down and I will get you some water."

Penelope pulled away from him, put her head down and leaned back to bring herself closer to Derek. Derek instinctively placed his arm around her shoulders. "Thanks, Kevin! I didn't mean to worry you, but we're okay."

Kevin was furious as he stomped away muttering to himself. "How dare she pull back from me and let that overgrown muscle head jock hold her. I'm supposed to be her boyfriend. What the hell happened? Nothing went right again for me," He stood over near the SUV brooding and inwardly continued with his childish temper tantrum.

After Kevin had self-exiled himself, Derek looked at Hotch. "This was personal, Hotch! This guy knew who we were and told us he was repaying a debt. Baby Girl can even make an identification of the unsub. Someone helped him, he had inside help from someone with a grudge! He was also on some kind of drugs, too! He was shaking and twitched a lot, like he was withdrawing from something."

"Kitten, let's get you both back to the BAU and check into this right away. This way we can get you guys some food and something to drink. You can both also freshen up and Derek can let the medics check him out."

They both nodded their heads and made their way to the SUV's. "Lead the way, Papa Bear! Lead the way." Everyone shook their heads in amusement and chuckled.

A little while later they were all in the round table room going over files and pictures. The weary and grateful pair were now fed, hydrated, freshened up and in clean clothes and thrilled to be back safe and sound with their family. Derek had been cleared by the medics with a slight concussion and a few bruises. All in all, they were very lucky to have survived their harrowing ordeal, virtually unscathed.

Penelope suddenly shouted out to the group. "That's him, I found him! You can run, but you can't hide from the Oracle of All Knowing! She sent everything to the big screen in front of them. They continued to look to find anything that would link him to anyone they might know.

Derek had looked over at her in awe. "You are amazing, Goddess!'

"Awww Sugar Shack, you are just saying that cause it's true!" They all snickered as they shook their heads with complete amusement at the duo's antics.

Spencer excused himself to go to the men's room. As he neared the door he heard what appeared to be Kevin screaming at someone over the phone. He stood there in complete and utter disbelief as he listened to Lynch's half of the conversation.

Spencer burst into the bathroom with his gun drawn. "How could you, Kevin? What were you thinking? You could have gotten them killed! What gives you the right? I thought you loved, Garcia?" Spencer was enraged and livid that he could do that to his family!

Kevin visibly gulped as he stood there motionless and speechless. His plan was exposed and in utter ruin, his Penny would never forgive him. Spencer placed his gun back in his holster and expeditiously and without hesitation slapped handcuffs on Kevin. He then dragged him back to the round table room.

They walked in the door and everybody turned to stare at them incredulously.

Penelope made her way over to them and was totally confused. "What's going on here, Boy Wonder? Why is Kevin in cuffs?"

Kevin kept his head down the entire time as he remained completely silent.

Spencer focused on his sister's face with the saddest look. "I'm sorry, Garcia! I overheard Lynch here screaming at his accomplice. Kevin here is the mastermind of your abductions from last night."

Penelope was steaming mad, her face contorted with anger and hurt as it completely turned red. "Is that true Kevin, is it? Tell me, what were you thinking? We both could have died! God, what was I thinking? I actually cared about you! "

She and the rest of the team looked on and waited for an explanation. Kevin took his time answering her questions. He knew his life was over as he knew it.

"Yes, Plum Sauce, I did it! I left strict instructions that you were to remain unharmed." Kevin yelled out with total frustration.

"Why, Kevin? Why would you do this?"

Kevin continued to scream out as he glared at Derek. "Because, I love you! You are my girlfriend, not his! I can't stand the way you talk to him or act around him. You drop everything for him, no matter what! You're my girlfriend and I forbid you to have anything to do with him anymore. That manwhore will never love you like I do! He will use you and throw you away! You are so not his type, he wouldn't want a fat cow, like you. I wanted him dead! You were never supposed to be hurt!"

After Lynch had ended his tirade, Derek suddenly lunged at the animal. "I could kill you for what you did! You frightened her and left the woman I love in the hands of a junkie. She cared about you, you idiot! By the way, you can't forbid her to do anything, she has her own mind and that is not your business anymore! You don't know anything about me or her! She has the biggest and most loving heart and you took advantage of that! I swear I will kill you!"

The guys tried to hold him back. "Let me at him, guys! Just give me five minutes with this disgusting son-of-a-bitch!"

It took all of the strength from Hotch, Dave and Spencer to hold him back. As much as they would take great pleasure in watching Derek beat the crap out of him, Lynch just wasn't worth it.

Penelope was in tears now and screeched. "Are you crazy? Love, you don't know the meaning of that word! I hate you, you almost cost me the love of my life! Derek loves me and I love him now and forever! You can say and think what you want, but we are it for each other! You are pathetic and not worth anything. What the hell did I ever see in a pig like you? GO TO HELL! She finished her rant and slapped him across the face.

"Way to go, Kitten! You tell him!" Dave chuckled as he watched the woman who he thought of as his daughter with total pride.

Derek had calmed down significantly and they released their grip on him. He proudly pulled the woman who had stolen his heart into his strong and loving arms. He hugged her tightly, and then gently brushed away her tears. He then leaned in and gave her a tender and heartfelt kiss. "Shhh, baby! It's going to be alright. I'm here and always will be! I love you, Goddess!"

She gazed up at him with such adoration and smiled. "I love you more, Handsome!"

Spencer walked over to Lynch and recited. "You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand each of your rights, as I have explained them to you?"

Lynch snarled out. "Yea, yea! Just get me out of here. They are making me sick."

JJ grinned and chuckled. "Too bad!"

Spencer dragged him out of the room and handed him over to Agent Anderson.

Derek caressed Penelope's cheek and kissed her forehead. "You okay, Baby Girl?"

She smiled at him and gently rubbed her fingers on his cheek near his bruise. "I am now my Prince, I am now! "

Emily curiously asked with a grin. "Uhhh, guys, did we miss something here?

The happy couple chuckled as Penelope laid her head on Derek's chest and blushed. They both glanced around at their family. Penelope sighed happily and announced. "My Chocolate Adonis and I are now together. We admitted our love for one another last night in Esther's trunk! "

Spencer had just walked back into the room and grinned. "Finally, it's about damn time you guys pulled your heads out of your butts!"

Everyone broke out into a fit of uproarious laughter as they congratulated the new, long awaited couple.

Spencer continued to laugh as he said. "Ohh, by the way, Garcia. You are aware of the safety feature in Esther's trunk, right?"

She looked confused and lost. "Ummm, no my heap of gray matter. What are you talking about?"

Spencer shook his head as he looked around the room. "There is an emergency button on the passenger side located near the brake lights. All you had to do was push it and the trunk would have popped right up!"

Derek looked at him stupefied. "Are you serious, Pretty Boy?"


The whole family broke out in hysterical fits of laughter. By the time, everyone had brought themselves under control they were holding their stomachs and were trying to stop the tears that were streaming down their cheeks like waterfalls.

Derek gazed longingly at his gorgeous Goddess. "I love you, Hot Mama!"

Penelope pulled him into her arms. "I love you more, my sexy God! Now, when can we go out on that date?"

"It's not so important who starts the game, but who finishes it." -John Wooden

The End