Oh this might be a good time to tell you that that the, so called 'She Devil' was Aurora Vanderveld, she is the 'Regina George' of the school to cut it short. With her sidekicks in hell raising 'Gretchen Wieners' as Jasmine Aliya and 'Karen Smith' as Ariel Livins, lovely sir names haha.

Anyhow 'Ms. Nerd' left to see the 'Devil' who gave her her a grin, at the entrance from normality to hell. "Yes Aurora," She rolled her eyes and looked back at her folding her arms. "Do you need something?" Belle just remained calm regardless of what could happen.

Aurora smirked at her, walked up to her "Oh just a favor," Aurora twirled to the side making a female appear, not a bad looking one either but that didn't matter, now did it?

"So?" Belle was confused what did Aurora want her to do with the female? She just folded her arms and shuddered at Aurora.

"Just show her around the place." Aurora smirked at them just to see how Belle will enjoy her ever so friendly 'bonding' time. Oh boy whatever happened in Aurora's thought provoking mind only she will know. But what's the harm, right?

"Umm," she looked back at the black haired, eye popping and curve flaunting beauty. "Okay." She just kept it small talk so Aurora couldn't get the kick of seeing her flustered. But Belle had to admit if this was hell it wasn't a bad, actually more enjoyable.

"Great!" The 'Devil' just said that in a overly sweet way, which meant she was probably planning something alright, but what? Since Aurora is never so chipper to her ever. So why is she being so happy? Oh well it wasn't the time to bombard her mind with question.

Aurora left with her minions and little Belle was left with Esmerelda, Oh and if you would like to know this story is not only on how cute this ship is. It will contain romance in the beginning but than again it's about the school and it's messed up atmosphere in the dark.

Anyhow just as Aurora left Belle just looked at the girl in awe than just snapped back to the world. "You must be the new girl?"