A Saiyan fighter had come into view as Trunks made his way back to his time machine after handling an annoying situation. After his future had been restored he had returned the past to see some friends and while there, the younger version of himself as well as Goten had snuck into the time machine and went even further into the past.

The two had gone back to when the Z Fighters were preparing in their fight against the androids.

Luckily he was able to catch up to them before they could interact with any of the fighters. Plus based on the date the Time Machine showed, the boys were off by a month, so the Androids hadn't arrived yet.

"Glad that was taken care of, man the weird things that happen these days I swear," Trunks lamented as he dragged the trouble making boys to the time machine.

"Aw come on, we just wanted to see what the Androids were like!" the younger Trunks said.

"Yeah, I heard they were really strong, one of them beat up Vegeta!" Goten said.

"Hey Eighteen just got lucky, if that happened again my dad would totally win," Kid Trunks said.

"Enough, you two shouldn't be messing with this anyway, time travel isn't a game!" Future Trunks shouted.

"Aw, but-" Goten was interrupted.

"Your parents won't like this one bit, especially your mothers, and I would know, one of your mothers is my mother too, and I know what she's like when she's not happy!" Future Trunks stated.

"On a bad day, mom can be worse than dad," Kid Trunks lamented.

"My mom is always worse than my dad, in fact my dad hardly gets angry, at least not at me or Gohan" Goten said.

"Doesn't matter, just go to the time machine already, thankfully there were no side-affects from your stunt," Future Trunks said and got the boys into the time machine.

Unbeknownst to them, one young boy had seen them.

"Is that the guy from the future?" he said as he quietly made his way to the machine. Just as it started to go to the proper time, the boy had grabbed onto the machine and ended up going into a certain future.

Back in the present time, Bulma had been pacing around the backyard, feeling very nervous.

"I never should have taken my eyes off those two boys, I hope Trunks was able to grab them before they did something they shouldn't do."

She remembered how it happened, she had to take an important phone call and left the boys alone in the backyard. They had then taken an interest in the Time Machine and went to play around in it before the young Trunks had the idea of going back in time to see some of the cooler moments their family did. They wanted to start with the Androids and what preparing for that was like.

Future Trunks had come outside to check on his machine when he noticed Goten and Trunks playing around in it. He quickly jumped into the machine as they activated it, taking them around ten years into the past. She didn't see the last part but she was informed by her mother who happened to be nearby at the time.

Her worries ended when she saw the Time Machine return, Future Trunks coming out with a glum and disappointed Goten and Kid Trunks, making Bulma feel very relieved.

"Thank goodness you got them," Bulma said as she approached the two boys. Her happy attitude quickly changed into a disappointed one, "What were you boys thinking?"

"We just wanted to see the past, like when dad and the others found the Androids!" Kid Trunks said excitedly.

"You know you shouldn't be playing around with this type of technology, this isn't a toy for you to play with," Bulma said.

"But I should know how to use it, the other me does," Kid Trunks said.

"The other you is older and learned how to use it. Just because he's you from the future doesn't mean you know everything he does," Bulma said.

"Maybe we can find a way to link our minds so we know everything about each other," Kid Trunks suggested.

"Trust me kid, you don't want to know everything I know," Future Trunks lamented.

"Anyway you told me yourself, messing with the past won't affect our timeline, it will just create a new one," Kid Trunks said.

"You can't just go around making extra timelines though, imagine what would happen to the timeline you made? Suppose you accidentally made something worse?" Future Trunks replied.

Kid Trunks cringed, "Right, didn't think of that, sorry Big Me."

Bulma groaned, "Just go inside for now, I'll be in later to tell you your punishment for playing around with other people's things."

"Technically that Time Machine belongs to the Trunks from the future, so it's technically this Trunks' machine too," Goten pointed out, getting a glare from Bulma.

"Don't get smart with me Goten. Honestly I'm disappointed in you too, when Gohan was your age he was always so respectful and well mannered. Also don't think I won't tell Chi Chi what you've been up to as well, she won't like it either," Bulma warned.

Goten looked down sadly, "Sorry Ms. Bulma." He walked inside with Kid Trunks, leaving Bulma to pity him and her son a little. She loved them both but they can be a hassle at times, with Trunks being as stubborn as Vegeta and Goten being a lot like a young Goku. Despite how often Goku annoyed Bulma, she could never stay mad at him for long. She turned to Future Trunks, who was inspecting his machine to make sure nothing had been damaged by the boys.

"Great, they messed something up, not to mention they used up all the fuel," Future Trunks sighed. "Doesn't matter, I can fix what's wrong and get more fuel."

"Sorry that happened, I should have kept a better eye on them," Bulma said.

"No it's my fault, I shouldn't have left this out in the middle of the backyard," Future Trunks said.

Bulma did a light chuckle, "You come back from the future to see us again and all of a sudden you're playing babysitter to a younger version of yourself."

Future Trunks chuckled at that, "Yeah, kinda silly. Though I don't mind the younger me, he's almost like a little brother. We may be the same person but at the same time, we're not that much the same, you know what I mean?"

Bulma nodded, "I get it, you both grew up in different circumstances, I just hate that you had to go through what you did to be this humble. I need to work on making my son in this time just as humbled as you."

Future Trunks shrugged, "Hey I actually envy him, he's had a happier childhood, even if he is a little brash. But I guess even with a time machine you can't change your own past, I'm just glad I could help make at least one world a peaceful place."

"As peaceful as it can get at least," Bulma joked.

Future Trunks chuckled, there always seemed to be a problem one way or another, but his father along with Goku had always saved the day.

"I should put this machine away to prevent anything like this from happening again," Future Trunks said as he looked around for the button to bring it to Capsule Form.

"What time did they travel to anyway?" Bulma asked.

"Around the time the Androids were first gonna show up, apparently they wanted to see when Eighteen fought against father," Future Trunks said.

"Oh right, yeah he really felt humiliated after that," Bulma said, remembering the loss Vegeta felt during his fight against the female cyborg.

"I would think so, luckily they didn't interfere with anything so nothing bad happened," Future Trunks said, finally pressing the button and getting the time machine back into the capsule. Suddenly he noticed that Bulma had a freaked out expression on her face. "Mother, what's wrong?"

Bulma just pointed, "Look..."

Future Trunks turned around and had the same freaked out expression, "Oh no..."

Standing behind them was a young Gohan, who looked to be about 9 years old.

"G-Gohan?" Bulma stammered out at the sight of the young boy.

"Bulma? Is that you?" Gohan asked and then turned to Future Trunks. "Hey it's you again, the guy from the future. Is this your timeline? Because if it is, it really don't look that bad, I thought it would be much worse."

Trunks just stood there in shock, "Uh, well..."

"Also what's Bulma doing here?" Gohan remembered something, "Oh I remember, your jacket had the Capsule Corporation Logo, so I guess you know her. By the way where is your jacket? Your clothes look different than last time."

Trunks continued to stand there in shock, this was something he was afraid would happen. "G-Gohan..."

"Also something's different about your hair, new style or something?" Gohan asked.

"Gohan..." Future Trunks said, getting a bit annoyed at not having his attention yet.

"So anyway since I'm here maybe I can help you, if I learn to fight the enemy now, I'll be strong enough to do it in the past, that way we can-"

"Gohan!" Trunks shouted, startling Gohan a bit.

"Geez you don't have to yell, I'm right here," Gohan complained.

"Listen to me, this is a misunderstanding, for one this isn't my timeline, it's another timeline, the timeline you and the others helped create," Trunks explained.

Gohan looked confused, "I don't get it."

Trunks wanted to explain, but wasn't sure if he should. "Look, it doesn't matter, I just need to get you back to your past." Trunks was about to bring out his time machine when he remembered. "That's right, it's in no condition to go now, ugh those little brats."

Gohan looked confused, "Um, what's happening?"

Trunks sighed, "Look it's like I said, this future is the one you helped make safe, not the future I came from."

"So...we won? We stopped the Androids?" Gohan asked.

Trunks wasn't sure if he should be saying this but he figured he needed to explain something, Gohan would be stuck here so it's easier to explain certain things. He only hopes he won't regret it too badly. "Yeah, you did, all of you."

Gohan seemed really happy, "That's great! I'm glad we were able to do that, but if this isn't your future then why are you here?"

"Long story, don't worry about it, for now you should come inside, we have a lot of things to explain," Trunks said.

Gohan nodded, "Right...but wait are the others here? Where's my dad? And Mr. Piccolo? And everyone else?"

"Your dad's home with your mother, Piccolo is off elsewhere, everyone else is fine though," Trunks said.

Gohan smiled again, "Good, glad to know everything turns out alright, guess all my training paid off."

Trunks smiled, "Yeah, it paid off big time, you should be proud of yourself."

Gohan nodded, "Well I'll go inside then, hopefully it hasn't changed in...wait how many years into the future is this?"

"About 10 years I think? Give or take," Trunks said.

"Wow, nothing seems to have changed much though," Gohan said.

"For now, you'll see more changes later, but for now just go inside like Trunks asked you to," Bulma said.

Gohan looked to Trunks, "Oh that's your name? Sounds cool."

Trunks cringed a bit, he hadn't told Gohan his name yet, too late now. "Thanks."

Even Bulma cringed a bit, she feels like she goofed something up. "Anyway go on inside Gohan."

"Alright then, what do I do when I get in there though?" Gohan asked.

"Make yourself comfortable Gohan! We'll be inside in a moment," Bulma insisted.

"Ok Bulma, thanks!" Gohan said and went inside the building, leaving the mother-future son duo to think over this situation. So far this looks like it can be a real pain to deal with.

Bulma looked over at where Gohan went, memories of the young hybrid Saiyan surfacing to her, "He really was such a sweet boy when he was younger, even not that it's changed now but I do remember that being of the things I liked most about Gohan."

"Yeah, Gohan's always been one to care about others, I know that from personal experience myself. Kinda weird seeing him younger than me at times though," Trunks said.

Bulma turned to Trunks, "Anyway what do we do now? He can't stay here can he?"

"I have to try to get him back in time, though one problem would be that it may have already created another timeline, especially if he remembers everything from here," Trunks said.

"Right, sending him back probably won't be enough," Bulma said.

Trunks groaned, "Great, once Lord Beerus finds out he's gonna have a fit."

Bulma put her hand on his shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about that right now, he's back at his own planet, for now let's not worry too much, we just gotta figure out-"

"Hey, how come you look like my dad?" they heard Gohan say.

Trunks and Bulma felt their eyes grow wide, they had forgotten than the younger Trunks and Goten were still inside, how were they gonna explain to them who this Gohan was? How were they gonna explain to Gohan who they were? He didn't even know who the family of Trunks is and he never heard of Goten at all.

"Um, I look like my own dad, who are you anyway?" Goten replied.

Bulma started to fidget a bit, "Great, how do we explain this to everyone else?"

"And how come you look like Trunks?" they heard Gohan asked.

"Um because I am? Seriously who are you? Answer my friend's question," Kid Trunks said.

Right now the two boys were glaring curiously at Gohan, something about him seemed familiar to them, especially Goten, but they couldn't place it.

"Well, my name is Gohan," the young Saiyan introduced.

Goten and Trunks looked confused and shared glances at each other.

"Um, Gohan is his brother's name, and he's a grown up," Kid Trunks said.

"Maybe it's another boy named Gohan," Goten suggested.

Trunks was about to believe that, but then asked another question. "You said my friend Goten looks like your dad, is his name 'Goku' by any chance?"

Gohan looked curious, "Yeah, how did you know?"

Goten and Trunks looked a little freaked out and turned to each other and spoke in a hushed tone.

"That kid says his name is 'Gohan' and says his dad's name is 'Goku', do you know what this means!?" Trunks said.

"That there's two other people out there that have the same name as my brother and my dad?" Goten asked.

Trunks groaned, "No dummy, that kid probably is your brother, maybe when we came back from the past we brought him with us by accident!"

Goten looked surprised, "So does this mean I have another brother? That's so cool!"

Trunks groaned, "Man this is too weird, though I need to ask him one more question to really know for sure." He turned back to Gohan, "Yo kid, do you know what a 'Saiyan' is?"

"A saiyan? My dad's a saiyan, so is Vegeta, why do you ask?" Gohan asked.

Before anything, Future Trunks and Bulma had arrived in the room, looking a little worried.

"We have a lot of explaining to do right now," Future Trunks said.

"I'll say," Kid Trunks said, glaring a bit at the young Gohan, who looked confused.

"I guess I need to be filled in quite a bit," Gohan said. The others nodded in agreement. This is gonna make for an awkward conversation.