A day later, everyone was back on Earth. Even the Universe Six fighters were invited at Goku's request, he hoped they could arrange another sparring match soon. Champa and Vados returned to their Universe, Champa not really wanting to be around the Earthlings, or Beerus, too much. Whis promised to take his fighters back to Universe Six later, much to the annoyance of Beerus.

While there, Future Trunks also noted that the time machine was nearly done, he would be sending Kid Gohan back to his own timeline soon.

Before going back, Kid Gohan did a little more training in the Gravity Room alongside Vegeta and Kid Trunks. Vegeta mainly watched as the two sparred, both hoping to increase their power.

The two young Saiyans fought hard in their base forms, being able to handle the more intense Gravity even as such, something Vegeta was happy to know. This just means he'll just have to turn it up soon.

Eventually Future Trunks knocked before entering the room, giving Vegeta a chance to open the door and warn him of the gravity.

"Is the Time Machine done?" Vegeta asked.

"Almost, mother's making sure everything's working properly, then it'll ready to go whenever this Gohan wants to return," Future Trunks said.

Gohan stopped a moment and started to think everything over. Truth be told he didn't really wanna have to go back, but he knew it would have to be done. He has his own timeline to protect.

"Thanks Trunks, I'll leave in a few hours when it's ready," Kid Gohan said.

Future Trunks nodded, "I guess me and Mai will also head back to our time."

"Why are you even in that timeline? You should live here with us," Kid Trunks said.

"I have my reasons, but don't worry, I'll come by often. This was a fun little vacation, but I still have my own responsibilities," Future Trunks said.

Kid Trunks sighed in irritation, "This is lame, me and Goten finally have another friend who can do the stuff we do and I at least had an older brother."

"Hey we're still brothers, I'm just going away for a while," Future Trunks insisted.

"I'll try to come back as well," Kid Gohan reassured. "You're a cool friend to have."

Kid Trunks nodded, "I hope you both come back, I really wanna test myself against both of you. I'm gonna keep getting stronger too."

Gohan held his fist out, "Sounds awesome. Maybe you, me and Goten can do more training ourselves. That and do some fun stuff together, like just goof around."

As the two continued to talk, Future Trunks turned to Vegeta, "I promise to keep up my training."

"I'm sure you will son," Vegeta said.

"Perhaps I can try to get Mai closer to our level, I think she'll be a valuable fighter, she's got the determination," Future Trunks said.

Vegeta nodded, "Good, any potential mate for my son should be of decent strength."

"Well she doesn't have to be strong for me to like her, I mean she's great the way she is-" Future Trunks stopped when he realized what he was saying. "Wait! That's not what I wanted to say, what I wanted to say was-"

Suddenly he heard the giggles from Kid Trunks and Gohan.

"Smooth move bro," Kid Trunks said.

Future Trunks pouted, "It's not funny."

"Hey ease up, none of us think it's a bad thing to like Mai," Kid Trunks said.

"Yeah, personally I think she's very attractive, almost as attractive as Videl," Kid Gohan said.

Future Trunks blushed angrily, "You two, I swear..."

"I can see it now, I'm sure you two will have a happy and full of smiles wedding," Kid Trunks teased.

"So very romantic," Gohan teased.

Future Trunks groaned, "Yeah, yeah, just remember Little Me, you have the same situation with the younger Mai."

"Question is, which one of you two will ask the girl out first?" Gohan asked.

Vegeta smirked a little, "That would be interesting. Which one of you is the more dominant male? Who has the guts to find your mate first?"

Kid Trunks turned to Gohan, "Speaking of which, you gonna try to find the Videl of your timeline?"

"I'll try to , not sure if she'll like me right away, I'll have to ask this Videl for some tips," Gohan said.

"Well then," Vegeta said, approaching the Gravity adjuster, "One more round of training, 500 Times Gravity."

Future Trunks looked surprised, "You think Gohan and Little Me can handle that?"

"We're about to find out," Vegeta said with a grin, activating the machine, preparing for a little more training.

Outside Goku and Goten are resting against the wall of the Capsule Corp building, Goku just relaxing while Goten is studying a bit.

"Hey dad, you think we'll see Little Gohan again?" Goten asked, turning away from his studies a moment.

"Probably, if he wants to come back that is," Goku said.

Goten looked down almost sad, "I kinda like having a smaller Gohan, it's nice having a brother a little closer to my age, and my size for that matter."

"Well at least you have Trunks to play with, and the Gohan of this world," Goku said.

Goten sighed, "Speaking of this Gohan...You think he's changed?"

Goku looked curious, "Changed? How so?"

"Well, since little Gohan came, our Gohan just seemed different. He's a lot meaner, and he hurt little Gohan really badly. I think he's changed a little," Goten said.

Goku furrowed his brow, pondering what to make of this. "I wish I had had an answer Goten, I really do. For now Gohan needs to figure things out for himself. All he wants is to make everyone happy, he wants to make me happy by being strong, he wants to make his mother happy by being a Scholar, he's worried about keeping Videl, Pan and even you happy, but he's forgetting one person he needs to make sure is happy."

"Really? Who's that?" Goten asked.

"Himself," Goku answered. "Gohan's all grown up, but he still has some figuring out to do. Maybe we can also help though, I don't like the idea that Gohan feels he needs to be this tough fighter for me to be proud of him. I mean it would be great if he did become a strong fighter, but honestly I'm just proud of him for just being my son, same with you Goten."

Goten flashed a confident smile upon hearing that, "Thanks daddy."

Goku sighed, "I hope he figures things out soon, he'll have to do it on his own. Wherever he is."

Elsewhere Gohan is seen meditating in a quiet park area under a shady tree. He's doing his best to figure out what he plans to do about his future as a Scholar and a Fighter. What does he want to do? How will he go about it? In the end he just wants to make sure he's a good husband to Videl and a great father to Pan.

The ride back to Earth was an awkward one, sitting in that cube while thinking to himself, surrounded by his friends who weren't sure what to think of him at the moment. Even Videl had moments where she looked unsurely at him.

But a lot of his attention was focused on his younger self, feeling some secret jealousy for him, remembering a time where he was at least depeneded on, even if it was in less than favorable situations for him.

Perhaps a little training wouldn't hurt, he was ahead on his studies and he needed something to do outside of it. His younger self did say his goal is just being strong enough to protect the ones he loves, why shouldn't he have that goal too? He can't rely on his father forever.

Gohan quickly took to the skies, flying over the park area, looking for a quiet place to train, wanting to continue to get stronger.

Back at Capsule Corp, Bulma is putting the final touches on the Time Machine. "There, this machine is ready to go." She heard the door open and saw Future Trunks making his way inside, looking to be sweating. "You look like you had quite the workout."

"Some good-bye training with father, me and Mai are ready to leave soon," Future Trunks said.

"Give it a few minutes, in the meantime go wash-up, don't wanna return to the future like this," Bulma said.

Future Trunks nodded, "Right."

As he left, Bulma continued to work on the machine, sighing a bit. "I do wish he could stay, he's so great to have around, and it gives our Trunks a good big brother. But things must be a certain way I guess."

A bit later outside, Goku and Kid Gohan are having a friendly spar in the backyard as Chi Chi watches the two boys. In a way she likes the bond they have when training, even if it's not an ideal thing for her, she knows it makes them happy. She should try to focus more on seeing her family happy as opposed to seeing her how she would prefer.

Besides, after seeing her older son's more assertive attitude, she wonders if she was right to only make him study. In a way she did try forcing it on him, even if she thought it was for his own good. She has a few things to make right as a mother, and hopes she doesn't allow a similar problem to occur with Goten.

She looked to her youngest son and saw him reading a book, most likely doing his own studying. Wanting to make sure she wont have this worry with Goten, she approached him to get his attention, "Studying Goten?"

"Yes mom, I'm working really hard," Goten said.

"I can see that, you're doing so great and I'm so proud of you. But little Gohan's gonna be leaving soon, if you want to stop for a bit and train with him that's fine," Chi Chi said.

"Wow really?" Goten asked, his smile growing wide.

"Ads long as you study a bit later then I don't mind," Chi Chi said.

"Yay, you're the best mommy!" Goten said closing the book and giving his mother a kiss on the cheek. "Love you!"

As he went to join the spar, Chi Chi felt somewhat at peace, though she still knows that she'll need this conversation with her oldest son.

Cabba watched from below, seeing the Son family fight hard. Vegeta appeared next to him with his arms crossed, "You did well in your fight against Gohan."

Cabba nodded, "Thank you Mentor."

Vegeta groaned a little at the 'mentor' title, but he let it go for now. "Just remember Cabba, you still have a lot of training ahead of you. I want you closer to the level myself and even Kakarot, or Goku as you would call him."

Cabba nodded, "Right, I won't let you down."

Vegeta grinned at that, then looked back to the fight above. In a way he's proud that Gohan's gotten so far, but that also means Gohan's gonna rival his power soon. Eventually Vegeta will no longer accept him as a student, but as a rival. He won't let even Gohan surpass him.

Cabba also looked up at Kid Gohan, even after fighting his Adult Self, there's just something different about the younger Gohan, he seems to have a different kind of fighting energy. He hopes to challenge him soon.

Later on it was time. Future Trunks had the time machine outside, he along with Future Mai and Kid Gohan were ready to use it and return to their own timelines. The Z-Fighters gathered near the Time Machine as the trio prepared to say good-bye for now.

"Thank you for having us, we hope to come by an see you again soon," Future Trunks said.

"Don't take too long, you're always welcome here," Bulma said.

"Maybe next time you can stay for good?" Kid Trunks hoped.

Future Trunks chuckled a bit, "We'll see."

Future Mai bowed, "Thank you for having me as well, it's been great."

Kid Mai approached her, "I wish you didn't have to leave either, we're almost like sisters, plus you're a little more fun to be around than my friends."

"Say where are they anyway? I haven't seen them much," Future Trunks said.

"I'm not sure, probably doing something lame," Kid Mai said, then looked up at her future self. "Promise you'll return."

"I promise," Future Mai said, rubbing the hair of her younger self. "Take care."

Future Trunks turned to Vegeta with a bow, "Good-bye father, I hope to see you again soon."

Vegeta waved casually, though not without a smirk at the end. "Take care son."

Future Trunks turned to Bulma, "Mother, I'll see you again soon."

"Same to you honey," Bulma said, quickly hugging Future Trunks.

Future Trunks returned it briefly, then turned to Goku. "I hope to see you again soon as well, I know you'll impress me with your power."

"I'm sure you'll get stronger too, I know you can do it," Goku said with his fist out in an encouraging manner.

Future Trunks nodded and entered the time machine with Mai.

Kid Gohan took his time to make his good-byes, having said them to Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Chaiotzu, Android 18, Marron and Piccolo. He even said quick ones to Botamo and Magetta He then approached Kid Trunks and the two did a fist bump.

"See you around Trunks, make sure you get stronger" Kid Gohan said with a confident smile.

"You bet I will, next time you and I are gonna have a spar, and I'll win," Kid Trunks said.

"Don't count on that, I'll be the one who takes you down," Kid Gohan said.

As he turned away he approached Goten, who seemed to be holding back some tears. Kid Gohan began to pity his 'little' brother.

"I know you exist in this timeline, but I'm gonna miss this version of you," Goten said, sniffling a bit.

Kid Gohan rubbed his head, "Hey don't cry, I'll be back alright?"

Goten nodded with a sniffle, "Ok."

Kid Gohan pulled him in for a small hug before breaking off and patting his head, "That's my brother."

He turned to face Kid Mai, "Well, I guess this is go-"

Kid Mai hugged Kid Gohan hard, rubbing her face against his, "Come back soon, ok Gohan?"

Kid Gohan chuckled a bit nervously, "Hey easy, I'll try to come back if I can."

"That's good, see you later then," Kid Mai said, breaking away form the hug, or more like pulled off by Trunks and Goten while Gohan took a step back, laughing nervously.

"That was something," he then turned to Cabba. "Sorry we never got our fight, but I promise next time we will, I promise it will be a great challenge."

"I'm sure it will, I know you'll be strong," Cabba said.

The two did a quick handshake on that before Gohan turned to Chi Chi. "Bye mom, I'll miss you, even if I technically will see you again."

Chi Chi bent down to hug her son, "Bye Gohan, keep up with your studies, but more importantly, find a way to be happy. Don't worry about who you please, just focus more on who you want to be."

Kid Gohan returned the hug, "I will, thanks." He then turned to Goku. "I'll be much stronger when I get back to this time, and I know you will be too."

"You bet, remember to train hard, and try to defeat the enemy as soon as you can, don't let even me drag on a fight longer than it should," Goku said.

"I will, I have some plans ready for when the day comes," Gohan said, then turned to Vegeta. "See you when I get back."

"Keep up with your training, don't go Super Saiyan 2 again until you're used to that form, otherwise you're gonna tire yourself out," Vegeta said.

Kid Gohan nodded, "Right, I'll keep training that form. Maybe I can even teach the you of my timeline to do it."

"My advice, don't. I likely would not take it, and even if I did, there's nothing to say that it will end up very nicely for anyone," Vegeta said.

Kid Gohan nodded, "Got it." He then saw the one person he really wanted to say good-bye to. "Videl..."

Videl was standing there, holding Pan in her arms. "Gohan..."

Gohan floated over to Videl, hugging her gently, embracing both her and Pan. "Take care of the me in this timeline, ok?"

"I'll do my best, and please be careful...oh and if you see me in your timeline, don't take it too badly if I reject you, remember I was very bratty at one point," Videl said.

"Sure, I'll do my best," Kid Gohan said.

"Remember to just be yourself, that's what I fell in love with after all," Videl said.

"That's good to know," Kid Gohan said, then heard Pan's babbles. "Huh?"

Pan held her arms out, trying to reach out to him. "Gohan! Gohan."

Kid Gohan felt flattered, "Aw, she knows my name, guess it makes a little more sense than her calling me her dad." Gohan rubbed her head, "You be a good girl now Pan, ok?"

Pan giggled a little, she giggled even more when Gohan kissed her head. "Gohan! Gohan!"

Gohan chuckled awkwardly, "Still kinda odd to hear, anyway." He looked back at Videl, "Take care Videl, even if you're not the one from my timeline, I still know I love you, and I promise to be the great man I know I can be." With that he kissed her cheek and floated to the time machine.

Videl just watched as the younger version of her husband joined with Trunks and Mai, feeling some sadness and wishing that her Gohan was still that gentle.

Trunks activated the machine as they all started to fly up to the sky. They looked down and waved at their friends, and even waved at Beerus and Whis, who were off on the Balcony by themselves.

Whis waved back, but Beerus could care less.

"Finally, they're gone," Beerus said.

"Now, now Beerus, they were quite friendly, it would be impolite to ignore them," Whis said.

"Like I care, they already broke the rules with their Time Traveling. In fact, I should destroy that machine right now," Beerus said, pointing his finger.

"Lord Beerus..." Whis said, a little annoyed.

"Fine, not this time, but one day, I won't be in such a gentle mood," Beerus said, glaring at the Time Machine.

Kid Gohan looked down to the God and his attendant. Deep down he would like to challenge Beerus again, but he knows he won't win, even with his increased power it's not enough.

"One day, I'll train with Whis, then I'll achieve Super Saiyan God. That I can promise," Kid Gohan said with his fist clenched.

The two continued to fly over the land, about to head into the future when they passed over a park. Trunks noticed someone familiar to him alone. "Hey, is that..."

Kid Gohan looked down and saw a man who looked very similar to Android 18. "Uh, who's that?"

"That's...Android 17, I haven't seen him in years," Trunks said.

Seventeen looked up in surprise, "Huh, I can see three people in there, at least one of them looks familiar, the girl I don't know but the kid I feel like I know from somewhere."

Kid Gohan looked down from the machine, still analyzing The Android. "So that's him huh? Now I know."

The machine flew off, leaving Seventeen a bit confused. "Whatever, nothing for me to really care about."

As they flew over the park, they noticed something else a bit surprising. Adult Gohan was seen training, really going all out. During this he sensed the trio in the time machine and looked up.

Kid Gohan looked down in surprise, his older self was actually training, and taking it seriously.

"Wow...he's actually trying to get stronger," Kid Gohan said.

Adult Gohan continued looking up a moment before putting his fist up. Kid Gohan just glared a moment before using Instant Transmission to appear before his Adult Self.

"Gohan!" Trunks shouted.

Kid Gohan floated before his adult self, the two just glaring, neither backing down.

"I'm going to get stronger, I expect you to be stronger too," Kid Gohan said.

Adult Gohan continued to glare, then smirked, "Of course, there's no way I'm letting you surprass me."

Kid Gohan continued to stare, then pointed to his eye scar, "I will get you back for this, that's my promise."

Adult Gohan nodded, "I should expect that, when the day comes, I want you to go all out."

Kid Gohan grinned a little, "You can bet on that."

With that the two shook on it, ready to further their rivalry. Neither would lose to the other, they both had something to prove.

Afterwards Kid Gohan floated away and used the Instant Transmission to get back in the Time Machine.

With that Adult Gohan watched as the trio floated away, entering the flow of time. It won't be long before any of them return, but what chances will happen once they do? They'll look forward to that outcome.

Kid Gohan promises to return to this future, he's got goals to complete.

That concludes this story, or at least this arc. There's more to explore when it comes to this Gohan, either adventures in his timeline, or the main one.