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Willow Rosenberg was whistling as she came home, thinking about how well she'd done on her last test. She threw her books down on a chair and spotted the mail on the dining table. But it was just a bunch of bills and advertising, nothing for her

"Mom?" she called, but there was no answer. "Dad?"

The apartment was silent except for Willow's renewed whistling. The summer heat was starting to creep up her lovely young body, and Willow felt herself starting to sweat, so she went to turn on the air conditioning. She turned and headed for the bedroom, and her whistling came to an abrupt halt.

She spotted what looked like one of Cordelia's skimpy tops on the floor and wondered what had happened. Surely Cordelia wouldn't be caught dead sneaking into someone's house and stripping naked. She wasn't the type of girl who did house calls.

But if Xander had dragged her along…

"Xand!" she called out, but still no answer. The whole thing puzzled her. Her whistling resumed as she made her way into the bedroom. It was so hot, and she wanted to get out of the jumper she was wearing, maybe even go for a swim. Her hand found the doorknob to her roam, and she opened it. And froze.

She couldn't believe her eyes no matter how long they focused on the naked bodies of her boyfriend and herself. Still standing at the doorway, she watched the two lovers sleep. Examining their sweaty bodies, her eyes saw Xander's large hands covering her doppelganger's luscious mound, his arm resting between her thighs, and, oddly enough, it seemed as it his arm belonged there.

Then her eyes ran over Xander's masculine body, down his hairy belly and finally on his resting cock, which hung close to Vicki's smiling but sleeping mouth. Willow thought she was dreaming. She closed the door, taking a deep breath, but then she opened it again to make sure that what she had just seen was for real.

It was. Xander had been fucking her without her being there. At first the thought disgusted Willow, but as she watched his beautiful body resting on the bed, her mind filled with all sorts of thoughts.

First, she felt a bit embarrassed, afraid that one of them might wake up and find her staring at their nude bodies. But the scene intrigued her too much to be worried about it, and as she stood there, erotic pictures began forming in her mind. She saw Xander fucking Vicki, his huge, erect prick piercing her cunt, the two of them panting heavily as they brought each other to climax.

But then her eyes caught the satisfied smile on her reflection's face. She wondered if Xander could give her one to match. Or if she'd need her double too.

And as Willow fantasized about Xander's body, she felt her nipples swell under her flimsy dress, her body aching for him now. Then she realized that she was jealous. She wanted to fuck Xander; she wanted to be lying next to him, with his hand on her snatch instead of her mirror image's. Her jealousy made her fill with desire even more, for now she was picturing just her and Xander making it on the same bed that he and Vicki were lying on. Soon she found herself angry with the pair for not including her in this.

Willow couldn't stand watching them sleeping there any longer, and she closed the door. She didn't bother to even change as she had planned, but instead went into the living room and put on a record.

Willow sat on the couch and found a magazine, hoping she could take her mind off the two who lay naked in the bedroom. But she couldn't. Her mind kept picturing them satisfying each other, making each other crazy with pleasure, wishing she could have been a part of it.

She had a notion to go in there and wake them both up, but her better judgment told her to just let it be. She picked the magazine up again, trying to put such thoughts out of her mind.

It was no use. How could she expect to read a magazine in the living room with such a magnificent, manly body lying there in the bedroom? And Willow hadn't been fucked in what felt like forever. The thought drove her crazy. She sat back, thinking, wondering what to do. Suddenly, Willow heard the bedroom door open.

Xander poked his head out, having been awoken by the music that Willow was playing, but he couldn't see anybody. Willow's head was hidden by the back of the couch, and Xander was too fuzzy with sleep to wonder much about the music.

Willow sat frozen as she realized he was up. She didn't know what to do. There was a huge lump in her throat.

But Xander was now overtaken by a fierce hunger. Not seeing or hearing anyone in the house, he made his way into the kitchen, his body completely uncovered.

Willow eyed her boyfriend as he made himself a sandwich in the kitchen. Her eyes ran over his back and down to his trim ass. With every turn of his body, new muscles were revealed, and Willow was awed by how much man he was. Her nipples grew harder as she crossed her legs to ease the aching in her cunt. She wanted to touch him, but she just couldn't move.

Finished making his sandwich, Xander turned to walk back into the bedroom with one hand feeding his hungry mouth. Willow watched as his thick cock swung before him, and she visualized him putting his cock inside of her, grinding away at her with that huge tool filling her cunt. She couldn't control her desire.

With a smile on his face, Xander started for the bedroom again. He looked up, and there was Willow, sitting on the couch, looking at his stark naked body.

"Willow!" he called out in surprise. He looked at her, and she looked down to the floor, embarrassed. He wanted to cover himself, but then realized it was too late for modesty. "I didn't know you were awake."

"Not like a girl to stay awake after you're done fucking her, is it?"

Xander grinned warily. "Depends on the girl, I suppose. You seem a bit more insatiable than the cheerleader crowd. Guess girl nerds are as pervy as boy nerds."

"That," Willow said, "and you didn't actually fuck me."

Xander blinked. "I'm pretty sure I wasn't going between your thighs—"

"That wasn't me, Xand! It's either vampire me or…"

"Vampire you," Xander said certainly.

"You're sure?"

"She was a little, you know… chilly."

"Oh," Willow said quietly.

"Internally, I mean—"

"I get it!" Willow cried. "And don't you care? That you fucked her instead of me?"

Xander thought about it. It seemed like he should care: porn star Vicki Venus had sorta raped him by masquerading as sweeter, more innocent porn star Willow Rosenberg. Not that he wouldn't have fucked her if he'd known the truth. Mostly, he felt a swell of pride that he'd satisfied both women. Willow's feelings for him could've been chalked up to fondness, like maybe she'd faked it just because they were just good friends. But Vicki, that could only be because he knew his way around Poundtown.

"Not really," Xander shrugged. "She was really good at it. Not as good as you, of course—"

"Well, I mind!" Willow said. "What if I'd wanted to fuck you? She could've gotten all your… fucking, and left none for me!"

Xander reached for her, pulling her into a hug. "Willow? Buffy, Cordy, you—I've got plenty of fucking. I'm a family pack of fucking. Literally. I was over at the Summers place…"

"I want you to fuck her again," Willow said. "And this time I want you to treat her like the slut she is!"

"I kinda did that the first time—"

"And I wanna watch!" Willow looked down. His manhood was substantial, but not exactly potent at the moment. She grabbed it and began rubbing. "Well? Fuck her ass for me! And then go ass to mouth! And, and slap her face with your cock? Please?"

"Can I finish my sandwich?"

"How can you think of food at a time like this?"

"Well, two Willows, one Xander, sandwich… seems a pretty easy leap to make."

It was sick, maybe, but something about the whole situation was giving Xander's cock a hair-trigger. He totally deferred to Willow as the expert on Vampire Willow, and if she wanted Vicki fucked, it would happen. And just looking at Vicki, spilled out over the bed even paler than usual, like a girl-shaped outline cut in the blue bedding, his prick snapped to attention in the form of a throbbing hard-on.

Under Willow's watchful eye, Xander rolled Vicki onto her belly and straddled the backs of her legs. Prying her asscheeks apart, he peered at the opening of her cunt. His balls churned with anticipation.

"Just remember," he murmured, "you wanted this."

Xander angled his boner down and slipped his cockhead into the gap of Vicki's pussy lips. Even though she was unconscious, her cunt was surprisingly wet and warm.

"What a woman," Xander sighed. "Even though she sleeps, her pussy's open twenty-four-seven."

Xander shoved. As half his prick entered Vicki, her sex squeezed in reply. He shoved again, hilting his entire cock in her hole. Now Vicki's cunt was spasming, getting even tighter and damper.

Xander started working his dick. Even though she was asleep, Vicki's ass started to squirm.

"Ahhh, that's the ticket," Xander rasped. "Just keep wiggling your ass. I can feel every inch of your pussy…"

Panting with lust, Xander went beyond just fucking Willow's twin. Sliding his hands under Vicki, he fondled her breasts, noting with satisfaction how stiff her nipples were.

"Hmm, maybe I'm not that good. You're still horny as a bitch in heat," Xander whispered in Vicki's ear. He glanced at Willow, who was looking on with the deadpan fixation of a nerd in love. "Maybe you just like being watched, even when you're asleep."

Gently pinching Vicki's nipples, Xander drove his prick into her womanhood with a particularly deep thrust. After a couple of seconds, Vicki's cunt had a delayed reaction, rippling from its depths all the way out to its lips.

"Don't take this the wrong way," Xander moaned. "But you fuck even better asleep than awake."

Xander pulled his dick out of Vicki's pussy until just his cockhead remained within her moist slit. Then he plowed forward again. Her cunt responded the same way it had after the previous thrust, spasming from the tip of Xander's prick to the base.

"Even when you don't know you're being fucked, you love it," Xander said to his sleeping conquest.

Xander's cock froze in the vampire's cunt. Having started to fuck Vicki while she was asleep, Xander was leery about her waking up and panicking when she discovered that his big cock was jammed up her pussy.

"Oooooh," Vicki groaned, "what's happening to me?"

"You're having a wet dream," Xander whispered in her ear. "Obvious when you think about it. You are a huge slut."

"Thas right," Vicki slurred. "And you're the man of my dreams…"

"Ooh," Willow sighed, seeming to find it adorable. She drew closer. "Maybe some things never change…"

Xander took one of Vicki's asscheeks in each hand and raised her butt in the air so she was kneeling. Now he could dog-fuck her, getting even more leverage for his thrusting cock. Xander took advantage of it by jackhammering his prick into her pussy.

"Oooooh... that's the way to fuck me," Vicki gasped in her sleep. "I think I'm gonna come."

"Do it, baby," Xander urged.

Vicki wriggled her ass. "Ahhh, yes," she groaned, "you're right. It feels sooo gooooood!"

Xander's rigid cock moved in and out of her cunt, producing peak friction. Vicki writhed from one orgasm to the next.

"Never came so much," she reported. "Can a dream come inside me?"

"You're about to find out!"

Xander drilled his prick to the core of her. A split-second later he was unloading a torrent of the hottest, thickest jizz he could recall ever shooting in a woman's pussy.

"Ooooh… God, this cum feels better in my cunt than the real thing."

Xander's cock pumped for several seconds. By the time it was drained, Vicki's pussy was a creamy swamp. When he removed his spent prick, Vicki's cunt started overflowing with excess jism.

Vicki gushed, "Cum… running down my legs… more… more!"

"Put it in her ass," Willow said. "If she wants your cock, she'd better be as good to it as I am!"

Xander rolled Vicko over, spreading her legs and pushing them back over her head. He had never seen a woman's ass more wide open than hers was right now. Vicki's asshole was a dark, open space as it waited to be stuffed with cock.

"Jam it up my ass, stud!" Vicki begged.

"You're about to get so much cock, you'll think you were fucked by the Jungian subconscious," Xander responded, aiming the fist of his dick at Vicki's fuck-hungry anus.

His crotch bucked. His prick lurched.

"Arrrggghhh!" Vicki winced as Xander's cock surged into her ass. "It hurts so good. Push your big dick all the way into me and make me suffer. I'll come so fucking hard you won't believe it... so hard, even I won't believe it."

"Whatever you say," Xander answered. "It's your dream."

Xander's crotch lurched again. When it came to rest, flush against Vicki's asscheeks, his member was buried in Vicki's butt.

With her ass stuffed with cock, Vicki brought her legs down and wrapped them around Xander's torso. She wouldn't accept anything less than every inch of huge prick there was in her ass.

Xander was so bound up by Vicki's clutching thighs that he couldn't even move. It was left for her to do all the work. She went at it with gusto, rocking her hips and rolling her ass. Although it was locked in place, Xander's hilted cock got all the friction it could handle from her shimmying asshole.

But Vicki still wasn't finished.

"Play with my clit," she told Xander.

Willow stepped in then. Her fingers slid down Vicki's belly until they reached her cunt. She separated the folds there and Vicki's fat clit sprang out like a something served fresh from the oven. Taking the magic button between her thumb and forefinger, Willow stroked it like she would her own.

Vicki climaxed on the spot. She shrieked.

They sent her senses soaring, having her cunt fingered in tandem with fucking her ass. Vicki was coming so strongly.

Presented with too much of a good thing, Xander couldn't restrain himself from spurring his climaxing lover on to even greater heights. He had never made a woman come so much as his masculine instinct drove him to find out how much farther he could make her go.

It was a mistake.

Willow pinched her clit until it threatened to burst. Xander machine-gunned his cock in her ass with such force that her spine bent.

And it was just too much.

As her orgasm built to a level of mind-shattering ecstasy, Vicki's eyes flew open. The sight, smell and sound of reality hit her with devastating force.

"I'm—I'm not sleeping!" she blurted out. "You're really fucking me in the ass!"

"Dreams really do come true, don't they?" Xander quipped.

Willow twisted Vicki's clit like a radio dial. "You wanted his cock, slut. Now you've got it! Enjoy!"

"I can't take it!" Vicki hissed. "I can't take all of it!"

"That's because you're not half the slut I am." Willow rolled Vicki's clit the other way, and the vampire's eyes rolled back in her head as she came almost painfully. "Remember this: it's always the quiet ones."

She tried to pull away from Xander. But his cock was locked in her ass too securely for her to go very far. What's more, her lurching movement re-established the friction of Xander's prick in her tight anus.

The more Vicki struggled, the more strikingly Xander's dick stimulated her asshole.

It was a losing battle. Vicki's angry protest dissolved into an uncontrollable moan. She hated the loss of power, the win Willow had scored over her, but couldn't help it.

"Blame Willow," Xander said. "She turns me on, so you turn me on. Turn me on more than any woman I've ever known in my life. Couldn't stop myself from fucking you, either of you, every chance I get. Give me a break, Vicki or Willow or whatever your name is, I'm only human."

Picking up on the turning tide, Xander started ass-fucking Vicki again with driving strokes. His prick was angling straight down into her asshole now, its head reaching all the way to Vicki's bowels.

Xander had his confidence back as Vicki took thrust after thrust of his angrily flaring prick.

"Admit it, Willow," he rasped. "You really want me to come in your ass, don't you? Right now you're thinking about my hot jizz flooding your guts. You can't stop yourself from wanting it. It's just the kind of woman you are."

Vicki tried to tell him to go straight to hell. She couldn't. Then she attempted a stony silence. It was useless. She kept moaning.

Vicki was forced to recognize that Xander was right. All her anger, all her outrage, had been swept away by one thing: her anticipation of an ass full of Xander's scalding jizz.

Vicki hated her weakness, hated it even more for Willow sharing it and using it. But there was no way she could block her lust for jism.

"I dare you to tell me to stop butt-fucking you." Xander poured it on. "Dare you to say you don't want my cum in your ass."

Vicki sucked in her breath. She held it as long as possible, while Xander's big cock kept working in her spasming asshole.

Finally, Vicki had to let the air out of her lungs.

"C-come in me, Xander!" she stammered in humiliation. "C-come in my ass!"

"Beg him, bitch!" Willow demanded. "We both know you'll beg for it!"

"P-please, please!"

"Rub my balls," Xander directed. "Show me how much you want my jizz."

Vicki's fingers automatically clasped his hairy nuts, rolling them around, priming their cargo.

He drove his shoulders against the crooks of Vicki's knees, forcing her legs all the way back. His cock drilled her ass in a final hilting plunge, then exploded with a cascade of scorching cream.

Vicki took it with a groan that lasted as long as Xander's jism spilled into her ass. In the midst of the flow, Vicki began climaxing too.

Then it was over. Perhaps the easiest thing for Vicki to have done would have been to admit that Xander had succeeded in getting her off as powerfully as any woman would wish for. But she couldn't.

Vicki's pride wouldn't let her tell the truth. Regardless of how magnificently she had come from being sodomized by him, she could not forget how badly she had been outplayed.

The instant Xander had shot his wad, Vicki wrestled free from him. Snatching her clothes, she fled from the bedroom. She didn't make it, because the darkness caught up with her.

She ran into something. Not a chair, or the wall, but something alive and breathing. It was sheer force, invisible, but tangible to the touch, only detectible at the edge of her senses as a vague hum in the air and a faint scent of ozone.

The light came on. Willow lowered her hand. "You leave when I say you can leave."

Vicki growled and rolled her eyes. "God, you're such a simp, breather. Are you really that mad about me having a ride on the town bicycle?"

"Hey!" Xander cried.

"You fucked Jenny Calendar," Vicki scoffed. "Your cum is dripping out of Rupes' cock holster. And the family fun night you had with the Summers?" Vicki clapped. "I would've made a straight flush of it and done the dad too, but still, not bad. Can you blame me for wanting my own turn on the pogo stick?"

"Yes!" Willow said emphatically. "He's mine! Just because I share him sometimes doesn't mean I'll let just anyone have him!"

"But Wills, I'm you!" Vicki pointed out. "How's the saying go? Treat yourself."

With both Willows facing off, Xander was realizing just how alike they looked. Vicki was paler than Willow, her hair more vivid, but otherwise, their bodies were exactly the same. Their hair, their eyes, their skin, even their pussies! They were so much alike.

"You ever watch one of those old shorts where one guy looks through a window and the other guy pretends it's a mirror, so he combs his hair and stuff when the first guy does it?"

"Constructive criticism," Vicki said. "His cunnilingus isn't great, but at least it stops him from talking."

Willow laughed.

"Hey!" Xander cried again. "Can you keep being mad at her? Maybe slap her or pull her hair?"

"Such a pervert," Willow shook her head.

"But that's what makes it so much fun," Vicki said.

"He's already come twice, but he's probably still hung up on sex."

"Imagining us making out or something."

"Or both of us sucking him off."

"Sharing his cock like it's the best in town."

"That would be the mature way to settle it," Willow pointed out.


"Sharing. Instead of fighting over it."

"C'mon. He's a single serving. No vampo."

"Weren't you the one who was on about him and Buffy's family?"

"Yeah, but they're all Goldilocks. One's too young, one's too old, one's a Slayer. And not even that slutty a Slayer. Us, we're redheads."

"I mean… Buffy's pretty slutty…"

"Not if someone beat her to gargling Giles's British balls, which is what I heard."

"She's really busy. Slaying and stuff. She can't take off to fuck every time I get a new vibrator."

"That's the way me and Faith used to do it."


"Best sex slave I ever had."

Xander was really getting angry with them now, and he was starting to get a hard-on. "Listen. I'll fuck both of you at the same time better than any two guys you can find!"

His words made the two girls stop. They looked at each other for a moment, wondering if he was right. But they couldn't let him win, so they both broke into laughter.

"You gotta be kidding," Vicki said.

"Come on, Xand. You're not Superman, you know."

"Then let's all get into bed and we'll see." The girls raised their brows again, looking at each other. Those were the words they were waiting for from Xander. "Well?" he said.

"I don't know," Vicki responded. "You're crazy to think you can handle two of us."

"Well, we won't know until we do it."

"I know right now you can't," Willow said. "You couldn't even handle me!"

"He could handle me," Vicki said, "so obviously he could handle you."

"I let him handle me."

Vicki snickered. "Damn right you did."

"Then let's find out," Xander demanded, his rod getting hard with anticipation. Vicki watched as his prick grew before their very eyes. She walked up to him and took his hardened tool in her hands.

"You'll wear it out, Xander," she told him, and stroked it again, then let go.

"It'll tear you apart first!" he cried. His cock was getting bigger and bigger now, and the girls' resistance was wearing down. They wanted to get in bed with him more and more as his big tool grew.

"And if you don't?" Vicki asked.

"Let's go!" he shouted, and he pushed the girls into the bedroom and slammed the door.