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"Jace motherfreaking Lightwood!" I shrieked at the top of my lungs, storming out of Isabelle's bathroom and into her bedroom with a vengeance. As expected, the blonde was sprawled out across her bed. Holding. My. Clothes. I stomped over to him, one hand holding my towel up and one extended for the garments, "Hand them over. Now!" My yell could've shattered someone's eardrums, but he didn't look fazed in the least. Instead, he stayed silent, simply raising a single eyebrow in response. Of course it was a single eyebrow. It was always a single eyebrow, simply because I am incapable of it.

"I don't think so..." He finally spoke, a mischievous smile on his face.

"I'm not kidding, Jace." My hiss was deadly, but he made no move to do as I wanted. All he did was look me up and down, "Having fun checking me out?" I growled, and he snorted. Honestly, I hadn't been expecting anything else. Jace had seen my body plenty of times, so this was nothing special. Wow, that sounded dirty when I put it like that. What I meant was that he'd seen me in a bathing suit more times than I could count. That kind of thing happens, considering I'd been friends with his sister since we could walk. I'd hated him since we could walk too, since his first sentence to me was 'You're such a loser'. We were four. How the hell did he even know what that meant?

"You honestly think I would check you out?" The boy snorted, and I glared at him harshly, "You're scrawny, short, and so not my type."

"Yet you took my clothes." I deadpanned. He rolled his eyes, then began twirling my motherfreaking bra on his finger. Needless to say, Jace wasn't exactly a shy person. Then again, as the most popular guy in our school, he'd slept with more girls than I could count, so that was nothing new. I waited silently for him to get distracted by the annoying action, then I lunged forward, intending to grab everything from his grubby little hands. In a flash that I couldn't comprehend, I ended up flat on my back on the bed, staring up at Jace, who was poised over me. I pushed on his chest with my free hand, but he didn't budge. My superior strength was obviously restricted because I could only use one.

The sarcasm came off the thought in waves.

"And what, exactly, were you trying to accomplish?" Jace smirked, unfazed by the fact that I was under him in a towel. Only a towel. He seemed to sense my discomfort, because his eyes shined deviously.

"Get off me, Fatty." I gave him one last shove, and he finally relented, rolling away. My sigh of relief was audible, causing Jace to turn my way, "What?" I snapped, clearly ticked off, but I couldn't be blamed. The guy had taken everything from me. Any semblance of normal cover I had was gone. What in the world was I supposed to do? Jace had no plans to give anything back, and I had the strongest feeling he wouldn't let me take anything from Izzy's drawers either.

"Clary, are you..." Isabelle barged into the room, trailing off when she saw us. Well, me, "What is going on here?" Rather than having a huge reaction at finding her brother and best friend in bed-the best friend being only in a towel-she just rolled her eyes. For a second, I was awkwardly silent, not knowing what to say, so Izzy took the reins, "Jace, give her back her clothes." Neither Jace nor I had to say a word for her to know what was going on. Jace's and my mouths bobbed open and closed as we stared at her in shock. If her not assuming bad things didn't say anything about his and my relationship, I didn't know what would.

"I don't have her clothes." The blonde quickly regained his composure, and my eyes snapped to him in a fiery blaze.

"Bullshit." I sat up carefully, making sure the towel still covered the necessities, "I am going to tell you one more time. Give me my damn clothes or so help me God..." I let the threat speak for itself, but Jace just barked out a laugh, "You're treading on thin ice." There was a devilish note to my tone, and I hoped he felt threatened. He most likely didn't, though I'd like to think otherwise. Even when Isabelle turned her famously cold glare on him, he didn't flinch. Now that, I had to give him credit for. Not many could withstand the promise of doom that came with that look.

"Jace." That one word was so dangerous that it scared me, even though it wasn't directed my way. I could see the boy begin to shrink back, and all she had to do was stare at him for a little bit longer. Then finally, he cracked.

"Fine." He groaned, thrusting my clothes at me. I grabbed them, hugging them to my chest protectively just in case he got any ideas. Then again, Jace wouldn't care whether or not he copped a feel if it meant getting what he wanted. I let out the breath I'd been unintentionally holding as he left the room, letting the door shut in his wake. Isabelle finally tore her eyes from the door to give me an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry." She said, "We forgot to lock his cage." I couldn't help the slight giggle that escaped me, and Izzy's grin turned genuine when she realized that I wasn't too mad. At least, not at her. When it came to Jace, I was always fuming. The idiot head was almost too huge to fit through a door, because his ego was bigger than anyone's I'd ever seen, so needless to say, we didn't exactly get along. At least I was there to pop it when no one else would. Make his airhead shrink a little.

"It's not your fault." I assured her, then I started to get dressed. Iz and I had known each other forever, so changing wasn't a big deal at all. For courtesy's sake, she turned around, letting me put on my underwear and robe unwatched. I did so, plopping down on her bed afterwards. When she knew I was fully ready, she sat down next to me, "So Simon said he's on his way." The second I said my other best friend's name, her eyes lit up a fraction. She tried to hide it, and I pretended like I didn't notice for her own peace of mind. This had been going on for a while. A long while. Simon had straight out confessed to me that he was falling in love with Izzy a long time ago. Isabelle, however, was a harder nut to crack. I didn't tell her about Simon's feelings, because they needed to figure out their stuff on their own. It was just taking an annoyingly long time.

"That's great!" She was trying to contain her excitement, but it wasn't quite working. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, instead opting to grab a piece of candy from the secret stash under her pillow, "I can't believe I convinced you guys to go." Isabelle spoke after a minute of comfortable silence. Actually, it hadn't really been her. Simon was the one who literally got on his hands and knees to beg me for the sole purpose of seeing Izzy in a short dress. I'm guessing he didn't remember that she would most likely been dancing with other guys. That would probably be to get him jealous enough to say something, but I knew Simon, and I knew that he was not the confrontational type.

In other words, they were both shockingly oblivious.

"I can." I muttered under my breath in response, more to myself than her. I'd always been a sucker for the two, but Simon's puppy dog eyes got me more than anything else. Isabelle must've heard me though, because she tossed me an odd look, "Well get dressed." My words had the intended effect, which was to distract her, and she ran over to her closet. She leafed through her thousands of dresses until she finally got to the perfect one for her. As soon as she found it, she pulled it out, holding it up to her body for me to see, "It looks great." I gave her a thumbs up, and she smiled, putting it on without a word. She looked amazing. Then again, with her dark eyes, dark hair, long legs, and slender body, she always looked amazing.

"Your turn." She smirked, and I groaned, "C'mon." Iz urged, pulling me to my feet. I complied with a huff as she shoved a black dress into my arms. Rather than putting up a fuss, which would've been useless, I slipped it on, not risking a glance in the mirror until I was done. What I saw was nothing out of the ordinary. My unkempt, bright red hair ran down my back. My grass green eyes stared back. As I said, nothing new, "Time for hair and makeup." Izzy announced, and I whipped around to face her.

"You didn't say anything about hair and makeup." I was panicking inside. Completely panicking, because I hated it with a burning passion. It all just felt like my face was covered in a mask, but I knew there was no way out of it. My downfall was approaching. It was just a matter of how long I could stall, "Are you sure you don't want to do yours first?" I offered, the picture of innocent. All she did was stare at me blandly, "Fine." I mumbled, hoping she wouldn't hear the word. Judging by her cheer, she did.

"Let's go." She grabbed my hand, dragging me into the bathroom. I unwillingly sat down on the stool she brought over, and she spun me to face away from the mirror, "No peeking until we're done." I opened my mouth to protest, but she held up a hand, stopping me. My lips fell into a pout, but it changed absolutely nothing, "Now let the beautifying begin." With that, she began brushing and combing and curling and pinning and a whole bunch of other stuff I would rather her not do. It seemed like an eternity before she stepped back, a proud look on her face, "Well, see if you like it." I turned toward the reflective glass, barely holding back a gasp when I saw the girl staring back at me. This honestly had to be the best job she'd ever done, "Voila." She said with a grand gesture, and that was when a slew of noises escaped me.

"That's amazing, Iz." I whispered, touching my face to make sure it was real, "Just for that, I'll let you put me in heels." She squealed like a kid on Christmas morning, grabbing my hand and yanking me off the chair. I stumbled, almost falling, but luckily, I caught myself before I face planted. She didn't even stop, instead opting to let me almost fall without acknowledgement. Yet again, she ran to her closet (how the actual hell could she run in that tight dress?) and pulled out a pair of strappy black shoes. I sighed, just realizing what I'd gotten myself into, but I couldn't take the words back, so I plopped down on the bed, slipping the shoes on my feet.

"Now hold on." She told me as if i could possibly start walking alone in these monstrosities. Then, she shot into the bathroom. I got lost in my head, thinking about nothing in particular, until she walked back into the bedroom. My jaw dropped when I saw her, as always, "How do I look?" Despite Izzy's confident nature, I knew she was still self-conscious, as was any other teenager, but she hid it well. Not from me though. Or Simon, for that matter.

"Absolutely fabulous!" I smiled wide as she put on her own heeled boots, then she started for the door. Obviously, she'd forgotten that I needed a while to get used to even standing, but she quickly remembered, rushing back to me and offering a hand.

"Up you go." I got to my feet, and she held my waist to steady me as I wobbled. Needless to say, I was used to tennis shoes, not these... things. After several minutes of gaining my balance, she released me, and I took slow, careful steps to the door, "By the angel, Fray." Isabelle let out a noise of frustration, "Kick it up a notch." I glared at her, but picked up my speed a little bit. Surprisingly, I didn't topple to the ground. Not yet, at least. When we got to the stairs, I stopped cold, eyeing them balefully, "Clarissa." She pinched the bridge of her nose, "You can do this." I mimicked her in a high pitched voice, and she rolled her eyes. She pushed me toward the staircase, just hard enough to move me, but soft enough that I wouldn't fall down them and break my neck. On the first step, I gripped the banister like a lifeline, climbing my way unsteadily down until I reached the bottom. I could've kissed the floor in glee, but then I probably wouldn't be able to get up.

After that incident, we rounded the corner to the living room, where a demon was laying on the couch and reading a book. Luckily, Alec was there too, so he couldn't try anything, but I regretted saying it was lucky a second later.

"Oh hell no." He growled when he saw us, "Where do you think you're going looking like that?"

"To Magnus Bane's party." Isabelle shrugged like her brother's glare couldn't scare the devil at the moment, "We'll probably be back late, so bye."

"I don't know who Magnus Bane is, and I don't care." Alec hissed, not about to relent, "You aren't going to any party."

"Just let them." Jace drawled, not bothering to look up at us, "You know they'll do it anyways." Alec shot his brother a hard glance, but Jace paid no heed. It took a second of contemplation, but Alec sighed. I knew he would relent, and I sighed. Him refusing to let us out would've been my only escape, but that had failed miserably. Stupid Alec and his stupid irrational thinking. He crossed his arms, not giving his approval vocally, but we all knew it was there. Alec Lightwood wasn't the one to put up a fight with his sister, because he always ended up losing. It was honestly sad, seeing as he was already in college.

Coward. I thought with disdain.

"Are you sure you want to go dressed like that?" He clenched his jaw, clearly wanting a 'No', but that wasn't going to happen. Not in a million years. If Isabelle Lightwood had her mind set on something, she would get it, no matter what. I mentally begged Alec to do something though, wishing hopelessly that something would miraculously drive him to stand up to her. That obviously didn't happen.

"How are they dressed?" Finally, Jace decided to grace us with the sight of his golden eyes, which, to my surprise, widened a fraction when they landed on us. It was only a millisecond, but I swear I saw it. Then again, I could be totally and completely hallucinating. That was probably the best option to go with. Even if it had happened, it was probably shock at Izzy for being dressed the way she was, but his expression smoothed out before I could really tell. Then, he walked over to us, coming to stand in front of me. I knew nothing good would come of it, and I was right as he looked me up and down and snorted, "And I'm guessing you think you look good, Shortcake?" He phrased it as a question, and my muscles tensed as if I was getting ready to pounce.

"Yes, as a matter of fact." I tightened my fists into balls as he chuckled, rolling his eyes, "Do you have something to tell me, Lightwood?" My voice was venomous, but all he did was smirk.

"No." He shrugged, "I don't." I frowned, and Iz grabbed my hand, squeezing it once before dropping it and heading to the door without a word. I began to go after her, but it seemed like she was miles ahead of me as I tried and failed to quicken my pace. Suddenly, someone's hand was on my shoulder, and I jumped, consequently tripping. I twisted, hoping to land on my back, but my descent was halted. I found myself pulled against someone else, his arm wrapped around my waist. I looked into golden irises, and I tensed in shock. Jace and I never usually got this close. It was only on occasions that he was doing something to me like pulling my hair. And that wasn't restricted to when we were kindergarteners. He did it last week.

"Did I scare you?" Jace whispered, and I blinked at him, unable to form words because I was still too stunned, "Shortcake?" He snorted, and I was snapped back to the present. I was about to push him off when I was suddenly hit with the smell of... Mangos? I'd never gotten close enough to smell Jace, but now, it hit me like a freight train. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion, because I'd never seen him put on cologne. Maybe it was after shave, and why the hell was I thinking about that when there was clearly a bigger problem at hand. And by that, I meant that Jace was still holding me. Insert shiver, and not a good one, "Has my inhuman beauty rendered you speechless?" The fact that he only raised one eyebrow drew me out of my thinking.

I put my hands on his chest, fully intending to push him away, but then, one of his hands moved toward my face. I was frozen, completely and utterly frozen because of how much this was weirding me out. His fingers brushed my cheek momentarily before continuing their path toward the back of my head. I had no idea what he was doing until my hair came tumbling down my shoulders. I briefly wondered how slowly Isabelle would murder him for doing that, but I was quickly distracted when he ran his fingers through my curls. Then, he released me, stepping back with a self-righteous grin as if he hadn't just done all that.

"Much better." I thought I heard him murmur, but he was gone before I could question anything. I briefly toyed with the option of abandoning Isabelle to interrogate him. Soon, I realized that it would be a very bad idea though. Izzy would kill me, and I would probably get absolutely nothing out of Jace, so I turned around, making my way toward the door silently.

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