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She saw two sides, one on her left and one on her right. Black and purple clashed with red and white as metal weapons and armor clanged together in a rough melody.

Four people stood to her left. Her older siblings, Xander and Camilla and her younger siblings, Leo and Elise. Nohr. They looked to her right, their faces either forlorn or glaring.

To her right were four people who seemed familiar, but she was sure she had never seen their faces before. They looked like they were from Hoshido, if their clothes were anything to go by. Their gazes were filled with longing, regret, and determination.

"Join us! We are your real family!"

"You're wrong, she's part of our family!"

"Sister, please…"

"She's my sister! Don't take her away…!"

Which side will you choose?

As she stood there, lost in thought, two figures stood off to the side, both looking sad, but convinced that there was not much they could do.

She noticed them. A girl her age with long blue hair. A boy her age with raven hair.

They locked eyes, and as the argument reached its climax…

The dream faded, leaving only a cold shock as one of the Ice Tribe maids used ice magic on her.

"Okay, okay, I'm up!"

She opened her eyes and sat up in bed. The maid with pink hair smiled. "It's good to see you up, Lady Corrin!"

The one with blue hair only sighed before saying, "You had better hurry. You have training with Lord Xander this morning, and I'm sure you don't want to miss it."

Corrin stood up and stretched. "That's right, thanks for… awakening me, Flora, Felicia."

They nodded respectfully and left the room, letting Corrin get ready for her day.

As soon as she finished, she walked to the training area that had be assigned to her and Xander, on top of a small platform raised up onto a roof.

The agreement was that once she was strong enough, she would be able to leave the fortress she lived at so then she could serve her father, King Garon.

She tried her hardest against her older brother, but she soon gained some more severe injuries. Xander told her to use the Dragon Vein found at the center. Surprised, she looked, and there it was, in her mind's eye. She sensed the power emanating from the spot as she walked to it.

As Corrin stood on the place where she felt the power, she activated it using her heart and soul. Well, it was hard to explain. It was an instinct, almost, to use it. So she settled with heart and soul.

She immediately felt a power flow through her body. She felt most of her cuts knit back together, almost as if they were never there at all. The only proof that she had been injured was the blood and a few small cuts.

That was when she able to defeat Xander, but he had only stayed in about one place. He had to place a handicap on himself so then she could beat him.

He smiled at her. "You're getting better. Before you know it, you'll be the best swordswoman in the entire kingdom of Nohr."

Corrin laughed nervously. "You know I can never beat you, brother."

His face turned serious for a moment. "You know I would never joke about something like that. Honestly, I look forward to the day you surpass me in combat." He smiled again.

The young princess smiled back. "Thanks, Xander."

The two walked down the stairs and through a hall when a younger blonde male came to them. Corrin smiled happily at him. "Good morning Leo!"

He grunted, but smiled. "Morning. Doing some more training, I presume?"

Xander answered for her. "Yes, she is becoming quite skilled. Now, if only you would pick up a sword as well…." A smirk was clearly visible on his face.

Leo scoffed. "You better be glad that I'm a mage instead. Someone in this family needs to have a clear head on the battlefield."

"Then what kind of 'head' were you experiencing when you put your collar on backwards?"

"I won't fall for that trick, I didn't-" As he looked at his collar, his eyes widened as he realized…

It was backwards!

"Darn. I guess I did… I'll be right back!" He ran off hastily, not wanting to embarrass himself any further.

Both Corrin and Xander laughed, the latter saying, "I guess he was in too much of a hurry this morning."

Corrin nodded. "Yes. But he cares for us despite his cold exterior."

They smiled at the thought.

A voice called out from behind them. "Big sister!"

The two turned around to see a younger girl with her hair tied in pigtails and a beautiful young woman with lavender hair.

The girl was the one who called out, as she skipped cheerfully to Corrin.

Said person laughed as she hugged her little sister. "Elise! What a surprise! You're lively today."

The girl, now known as Elise, giggled. "Of course! I am just so happy to see my older sister! It feels like it's been ages!"

The woman behind her smiled warmly. "Even though it's only been a few weeks, it's always so wonderful to see you, Corrin."

Corrin smiled as she looked at their loving faces. "It's nice to see you as well, Camilla, since I've been living in this fortress for all I can remember…"

Their smiles fell a little at that, remembering…

"It's only for your own safety, of course. Since you lost your memory…" The woman, Camilla started before Xander finished.

"And we don't want anyone taking our sibling away, using her against us."

Corrin sighed, "That still doesn't mean that I don't want to see what's out there and to help you all and father."

Xander nodded. "We know. And we're sure that Father knows it too. Which is why he summoned you to the castle today."

Her eyes widened. "Really?! I get to go to the castle today?!"

Elise grinned and said, "Yep! It's going to be so exciting!"

Camilla chuckled. "Now we just have to wait for our dear Leo, and we'll be off! Make sure you have everything you need, dear."

Corrin nodded, but she was already lost in her own fantasies. To be able to finally be of use to her father and her siblings… it was truly a dream come true! She couldn't wait to see what was in store. Oh, what adventure!

But for some reason, she couldn't keep her mind off of her earlier dream, odd as it was…


After meeting Lilith at the tower's entrance, they went on their way to the main castle, Corrin taking in everything around her. "It's really nice to see all this scenery around me." Her smile was wide, showing her joy.

She could not remember the last time she was outside, especially since her memory had disappeared long ago. She was glad that her siblings would always be there her, even if she had forgotten everything about them.

The rest of her siblings smiled with her, chatting and sharing stories and rumors. Felicia, Gunter, and Felicia joined in as well.

She felt that she wouldn't give this up for anything in the world. Her life was finally turning around, and then, she would truly be with her family.


They soon made it to the castle, it's grandeur stunning the princess. It was so dark and foreboding, but it looked so amazing.

Elise giggled. "You really like it, don't you?"

Xander smiled. "Welcome home."

Corrin smiled back, tears gathering in her eyes, threatening to spill. Her siblings really were the best…

And before she knew it, she was standing in front of her father. He looked so divine and royal in his velvety cloak and majestic crown.

King Garon gave her a very small smile. "Welcome, my child. I hope you have been well,"

She gave him a determined smile. "Yes, I have. But I am very excited to finally be able to help you, Father."

"You have been working very hard, and I heard that your training is going exceptionally well with Xander. It is only the right that you deserve. Now, I believe that you have heard of the war between us and Hoshido?"

Corrin, nodded, and the king continued.

"Leo, Camilla, and Xander have all proven to be very capable warriors of the kingdom. I shall expect no less from you."

"I know, but I have already worked so hard. I won't stop until I become as great as my siblings."

"Good. Now, you do not currently have a powerful weapon that you can call your own. So I will gift one to you."

A dark cloud appeared before her, and a sword materialized, looking to be made of darkness. She stared in awe as her father explained.

"This is Ganglari, a sword which holds power that comes from another world. It should suffice as a powerful weapon capable of destroying any of our enemies easily."

Corrin didn't know what to say. She was given a powerful and rare sword by her father, one that she would be glad to use to aid him. "Thank you so much for this generous gift."

Xander looked at the sword with a questioning look on his face. He murmured, "Very generous indeed…"

Garon continued, not hearing Xander. "Now, for your first test. Bring out the prisoners!"

A soldier led a few other people in, Hoshidans by the looks of it. There were two that looked like samurai, but the other two were both different. One was a young woman with a determined face and short white hair. The other was a man with dark green hair, in… ninja clothes maybe? Corrin didn't know what ninja looked like.

The woman spoke first. "I am Rinkah, daughter of the Fire Tribe's chieftain!" She announced herself fiercely.

The man spoke with a softer tone. "I am Kaze, a ninja from Hoshido. I must know… who are you, the one who is to defeat us?"

"My name is Corrin."

His eyes widened. "Corrin…?! Could it be…?"

Corrin was confused. "Have you heard of me?"

The ninja slowly shook his head, composed once again. "No. Please, give it your all."

Corrin walked forward, Gunter and Felicia at her side. They had agreed to assist her fight, as she would be quite outnumbered otherwise.

The king yelled, "Now, kill them!"

The princess extended her senses, seeing if there was a Dragon Vein nearby. She knew that they were very useful in battle, whether to heal or to make an easier path. And then, she felt one. It was just a few steps in front of her. She walked forward and activated it, and a large pile of debris in front of her was swept away, now too scattered to cause any harm. What was left was an empty room with large entryways and healing pads.

Felicia stared in awe. "W-wow, you cleared up all the debris!"

Gunter nodded. "That was a good idea, now we can await our foes inside, and we will be protected by its walls."

They all moved forward inside as they heard their enemies' footsteps nearby.

The veteran knight glared at a nearby entrance. "Be ready, they are close."

After a few moments, a samurai on each side became visible, running inside to attack them. Gunter didn't waste any time and he rode his horse forward to the warrior. He struck his lance into his shoulder, and Corrin heard him yell out.

Felicia threw a knife at the other one, the blade sticking itself in the man's stomach. "Milady, attack now!"

Corrin gulped, a bit nervous. All the pressure was on her now… but she ran forward, her sword held out. She slashed sideways, the blade cutting across his chest and his arm. Although the soldier was wounded badly, he retaliated, swinging his sword to hit her arm.

Although it was painful, it wasn't too bad. It didn't even compare to her older brother.

Her maid threw another dagger, this time hitting him right over his heart. The man fell, blood seeping through his red clothes, darkening it even further. Corrin winced, feeling a sickening pit forming in her stomach. Death is… sickening.

By this time, Gunter had already finished off the other samurai, his lance covered in blood.


Corrin noticed a slash that had appeared on Felicia's arm, a small cut, but there was something strange about it.

"Even if my shurikens can't easily cut down an enemy, they are laced with poison, capable of weakening them enough for others to finish you off easily."

Kaze jumped away from Corrin's sword, throwing another shuriken in her direction. It just scratched her leg, but there was more pain than there should be. Felicia ran forward with a dagger in hand, and she was able to hit his right bicep. A slight wince passed his face as he swung back, the shuriken in his hand barely touching her right hand. While he was distracted, Corrin swung her sword, and the cut went from his shoulder to his waist, leaving a slash in front of his clothes. More blood spilled out, and he slouched, clearly weakened.

He wasn't able to stop Felicia's knife from burying itself in his stomach.

The defeated ninja coughed out blood before he slid to the floor, unconscious, but not dead. A few words slipped from his mouth as nothing more than a whisper, but still heard by Corrin nonetheless. "I regret... nothing…"

She turned away from the now helpless man, only to see Rinkah covered in deep cuts, but still up. The warrior woman held a wooden club in her right hand, and Corrin noticed a few dents in Gunter's armor.

Felicia threw another knife, aiming for Rinkah. It dug into the woman's shoulder, making her next attack too clumsy to hit the maid. Before Corrin could do anything, Gunter thrust his lance at her, and it found a spot on her stomach. Even more blood covered the floor as she fell, and a small puddle formed beneath her. She was also unconscious, and her breathing was shallow.

Two Nohrian soldiers dragged the ninja and warrior outside of the room, several feet from Garon. The two samurai were dragged away, their blood trailing the floor out of the room.

Corrin panted, tired from the battle. Her wounds were small, as were her retainers' injuries.

Her father glared at the Hoshidans in front of him, only giving one order. "Kill them."

However, Corrin had had enough. "But Father, they are harmless now. There is no need to kill them!"

Garon's face became dark. "You dare defy, me, child?! They must be killed! Now DO IT!"

"No, I refuse to! They did nothing wrong up to this point!"

A dark spell was suddenly propelled in the direction of the prisoners, and she protected them from it, the sword being powerful enough to deflect it.

The king sighed, putting his hand down. "Xander, finish them off. And destroy whoever gets in your way."

Xander walked forward hesitantly, and he held out his glowing sword. "Corrin, please, get out of the way. If you don't, I'll have to-"

Corrin yelled back, determined to protect them. "I can't, Brother! Don't do this!"

Her older brother attacked her, and she was barely able to block with her own sword. "I am sorry, Corrin, but I must."

She swung her sword at him, angry at his actions. It bounced off his strong armor, Xander attacked back. Their swords were soon held at a standstill, and sparks formed between both powerful blades.

"That's enough."

A spell went past them and exploded around the prisoners. The two others stopped, surprised.

Leo turned to the king. "Father, I have killed the prisoners in place of my soft sister. Please, don't go too hard on her."

Xander agreed, nodding. "She does not yet fully understand our entire situation."

"Enough! I have had enough of this! We will talk later." King Garon turned around and walked out of the room, his heavy footsteps echoing across the hall.

Corrin ran up to Leo. "Leo, how could you?! There was no reason to kill them!"

Leo smiled. "I know, I know. I didn't kill them, although they are still barely alive. I should have listened to Father's orders, but," he got a slightly nervous look on his face. "Camilla and Elise would be mad at me if I did anything to upset to upset you."

She smiled, relieved. "Thank you. And I'm sorry about the collar earlier."

He groaned good naturedly. "Don't mention. I mean seriously, don't mention that again."

She giggled as Xander walked up to a soldier outside of the room. "Please bring the prisoners' remains to me at my chambers."


A few hours later, they stood in the outside of the castle, far away from it. Both former prisoners had most of their wounds healed, thanks to Elise. Otherwise, they had bandages over their more serious wounds, which had been reduced to nothing more than large but shallow cuts.

Xander looked at them before he spoke. "Thanks to the kindness of my younger sister, you two have been spared death. I suggest you make your way out of Nohr before our father figures out you are still alive."

Kaze nodded. "Of course." He then turned to Corrin. "Even if you are currently my enemy, I thank you. If it wasn't for you, I would most certainly be dead. I shall take my leave now." He silently ran, and it seemed like he disappeared.

He is such a good ninja.

Rinkah scoffed. "While you are both Nohrian scum… I still thank you." She then turned away. "But don't think I'll forget this! Alright? Good." She also ran off, and she disappeared into the darkness far off into the distance.

Xander sighed. "Thank goodness we're done with that. Now come on. I wonder what Father will say now…"


Corrin and Elise stood in front of the throne room's doors. Elise gave her sister a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, I'll be with you the whole time. Father has to forgive you!"

"I sure hope so…"

"Father! We need to speak with you!"

There was a groan from the other side of the doors. "What is it you two want!"

Corrin answered him. "We came to talk to you."

There was a moment of silence before they heard him answer. "Very well. Come in."

The two siblings came to stand in front of the king. "I came here to apologize, Father."

He glared back. "You do realize you would be dead if you were not my child, right? You directly defied my orders."

Corrin flinched. "I understand that. I shouldn't have questioned you."

Garon grinned. "Alright. If you can complete a certain mission for me, I will forgive your defiance in full."

"Really?! What is it?"

"There is an abandoned fort on the Hoshidan border. I want to know if we can use it for our own purposes. I need you to check it out for me, and do not worry, there will be no battle required."

Corrin smiled. "Thank you, Father. I won't let you down."

"Also, you will have to do this mission mostly alone."


Another man walked from outside of the room. He was bald and muscular, and his face was rough and thuggish. "Milord."

The king gestured to him. "This is Hans, a skilled warrior. He will assist you on your mission, as well as Gunter and Felicia. You may leave when you are ready."


The four stood on a bridge standing over a cliff. Corrin warily looked back at Hans, who was behind Gunter, who was behind him. Felicia was behind all of them.

He remembered what his brother had said about Hans just before he left.

"Be cautious around him. He is a murderer and a scoundrel. I should know, I was the one that arrested him years ago. Father thinks that he repented, but I am not so sure… either way, he is very good in a battle. Just be careful."

Gunter spoke up, breaking the silence. "I despise it here. The Bottomless Canyon is the natural border between Nohr and Hoshido, and the air is unnatural. There are always dark clouds overhead, and lightning strikes frequently."

Corrin gulped. "I-is it really bottomless?" Was it even possible?

The knight grunted. "The darkness down there is your answer. Those that have fallen have never been seen again. Now, let us hurry. Being on this bridge is making me uneasy."

Before Corrin could reply, a Hoshidan samurai came to them, just at the end of the bridge. "You there! Stop! If you cross that bridge, you violate the border treaty between the two kingdoms!" He looked genuinely worried about what could happen.

They could see many samurai and a few archers across the bridge.

Gunter cursed. "Damn! This fort isn't abandoned like we thought. What should we do?"

Corrin frowned, not liking their situation. "We should turn back. It is not necessary to fight. Either way, we have the information Father wanted. We need to tell him the situation."

"Agreed. We seem to be greatly outnumbered, either way. We should make haste."

However, just as they were about to leave, Hans ran past them, across the bridge and right in front of the lone samurai. "Die, you fool!"

He buried his axe into the man's chest, and he screamed out, both from surprise and mortal pain. "AAAGH!"

A ninja across one of the cliffs glared. "How dare you? Everyone, attack, and don't leave a single Nohrian alive!"

In the meantime, Corrin glared at Hans. "How could you?! Those weren't Father's orders!"

Hans only laughed maniacally.

Gunter scowled. "It looks like there is no way out of this. We should just seize the fort before anything too dangerous happens."

Corrin nodded, and they all went across the bridge. Hans approached a large group of Hoshidans that were stationed across another bridge ahead.

"We need to find another way. There are far too many for us to handle."

Luckily, Corrin had already found two Dragon Veins, which she could use to make stone bridges across the bridge. The one furthest from them would be the closest.

As they made their way there, Hans had attacked the other Hoshidans, but he gained many wounds, a few of them serious. "I think I did enough damage… for now." He laughed before he retreated somewhere unknown.

Corrin stood over the spot as she let the dragon's power flow through her. With that power, the large stones around her flew in front of her, making a sturdy and solid stone bridge in which they could easily make their way across.

The ninja stationed at the fort could only stare. "A bridge just appeared… what are we dealing with..?"

Most of the Hoshidans moved in their direction, about five.

Gunter brandished his lance, riding his steed forward into the fray. The first Hoshidan fell on his first strike, falling over the cliff. Corrin slashed at another and cut into his shoulder, and the samurai swung his katana, cutting her across her stomach. Felicia was able to finish him off by throwing a dagger at his neck. He choked, and he also fell over, disappearing into the darkness far below.

The third samurai attacked Corrin, who was left more open thanks to her wound. He slashed her shoulder, leaving a deep gash. She weakly attacked him back, her sword cutting his thigh. Gunter led his horse forward and dug his lance into his stomach. But he wasn't dead yet. He swung his katana into the knight's arm, though it wasn't very deep thanks to the surrounding armor.

Felicia ran forward and spun around with knife in hand, the momentum doing more damage and slashing his chest deeply. The man groaned and slumped to the ground. Blood was left on the stone.

The last two samurai stood together at the end of the bridge, creating a wall since the pathway was small.

The veteran knight thrust his lance forward, and he managed to cut a samurai's side before the he swung his katana and cut through Gunter's armor and into his shoulder. He grunted in pain. The other samurai attacked as well, and he hit the older man in his side.

The princess ran forward at the unharmed samurai, and the Ganglari slashed him across the chest, and she was able to block the counterattack with her sword. Felicia threw two of her knives at the hurt samurai. One buried itself in his stomach, and the other went into his right shoulder, doing lots of damage.

The samurai attacked Gunter again, and he slashed across the wound that was on his shoulder. The other samurai followed up, but he hit a dense spot on the armor, not doing much, maybe giving him a bruise. After that, he went after Corrin, cutting her on her chest underneath her armor. She swung her sword, and it went straight through his chest. She watched in horror as he fell over, sliding out of Ganglari and down into the abyss below.

Blood splattered across the ground as her sword dripped with it. Death was very horrifying indeed, especially since she had really never seen much of it…

She had a few serious wounds, and she crouched on the ground, weak. Felicia quickly came to her aid and healed her up with her staff.

Corrin smiled as she felt the pain mostly wash away, her deep cuts reducing to something more akin to a big scratch. "Thank you."

Felicia smiled back as she replace the staff with her knives. "I would anything for you Lady Corrin, especially if you are wounded. It really is no problem."

The princess nodded, glad of her help. She then ran forward at the other samurai. Unfortunately, he was able to dodge her attack despite his injuries, and he cut into her left arm. Luckily, it wasn't very deep.

Gunter took his lance and swung it at the Hoshidan, it slashed him fatally across his neck, and he also fell, but not falling over the cliff.

The veteran soldier grunted. "We better hurry, there is only the ninja stationed at the fort. Then, we can seize it for ourselves and finish this battle."

They ran forward, even as they noticed two people riding pegasi heading into their direction.

"They brought some reinforcements. Felicia, help Lady Corrin with the ninja as I take out the riders."


Gunter rode his horse near the edge of the cliff, baiting the riders to come in his direction.

The ninja met them in front of the fort. "I won't let you pass! You will die for what you have done!"

He threw a shuriken at Felicia, even as she threw a knife. They collided in midair, stopping both of their attacks. While they were both stunned by what had happened, Corrin took the chance to attack the ninja, hitting his arm with the sharp blade.

He retaliated by slicing her with one of his shuriken, hitting her calf. She felt weakened already, the poison doing its work.

Felicia threw another knife, and it hit his shoulder. He quickly pulled it out even as Corrin swung her sword forward, slashing him across the stomach. The ninja held a shuriken and swiped it across her right forearm.

He then jumped back and swiftly threw another at the pink-haired maid, and it got her on her left bicep. She winced before she stabbed his chest.

The ninja fell. "No…" And he breathed his last.

"Corrin! Seize the fort, now!" Gunter yelled to her, even as he finished off the last pegasus knight.

She nodded, and she went in the front. "This fort is now ours! There is no one left to defend this place. Surrender!"

The samurai and archers that were on the other side backed away, not willing to give up, but not willing to die by the obviously strong troops Nohr had sent.

Corrin sighed in relief. "We did it… Now we can head back home, right?"

Her maid nodded happily. "Yep! You completed your mission, I don't see why not!"

A deep and coarse voice called to them. "Wait right there!"

Two ninja came out of the woods, one a male with red hair and another a female with long brown hair in a ponytail. Two samurai followed them.

The male spoke. "Kagero, do we have any reinforcements?"

The woman, now known as Kagero, spoke. "Lord Ryoma is just behind me, Saizo."

"Then this battle is as good as won. Give up Nohrians!"

Just as he threw a shuriken at Corrin's neck, a glowing sword stopped its path, causing it to clang to the ground.

It was easy to tell that he frowned, even with his ninja mask. "So is this the true leader?"

Xander stood in front of Corrin. Corrin smiled. "Xander, you came"

"Not just Xander."

She turned around to see the rest of her siblings. "Leo, Camilla, Elise! What are you doing here? Did you know I was in trouble?"

Camilla chuckled. "It was just a feeling, darling. Now, these people should be punished for hurting our dear little Corrin."

She flew forward on her wyvern, and before anyone knew it, the two samurai were dead, and her axe's blade was covered in blood.

Xander turned to Corrin. "You finished your mission, right? Take Gunter and Felicia with you, and get back to the castle with father. We'll be right behind you."

The three ran off over the stone bridge, and after a few moments, they made it to the longer bridge that they were on at the beginning of the battle.

Corrin only heard her own footsteps and Gunter's horse. "Gunter, do you know where Felicia is? She was right behind us just a minute ago."

"Don't worry, she is probably right behind us. Let's hurry, this atmosphere is giving me a strange feeling.."

Hans ran in front of them. "Not so fast. You're not going anywhere."

Corrin stared at him as he ran forward with his axe. "Hans, what are you-?!"

He hit the spot underneath Gunter's horse, and the bridge gave in, making him fall down.

The princess stared at the hole in the bridge. "NO! Hans, how could you?!"

She held out her arm, and it twisted together to make a sort of spike.

Hans stared on in horror. "W-what the hell is that?!"

Corrin thrust her arm forward, not even noticing what was happening. Her arm stabbed through his shoulder, and the she slashed his stomach. Then her arm opened up into a sort of mouth, and a blue orb of power launched out of it into his chest.

She glared at Hans. "Now tell me why you provoked the Hoshidans and why you killed Gunter!"

He was clearly afraid of her power. "It was an order from King Garon!"

"What? You're lying."

Hans laughed. "Foolish girl."

She slashed at him, and he ran off. She was just about to go after him, but then the sword in her hand seemed to move on its own, bringing her down the hole in the bridge. "W-what? Aaaaaah!"

Corrin screamed as she fell headfirst. After a few seconds, she stopped and looked up. The bridge was growing further and further away. "Is this how it ends, then?"

She closed her eyes, feeling the air rush past her.

Unknown to her, Lilith fell above her, praying to the dragons. Soon, the blue haired girl had transformed into a small dragon, holding a large orb in her arms.

She flew down and went under the princess, and Corrin instinctually grabbed on. Lilith flew up, back to land.

"L-Lilith..? Is that you? What…?"

The small dragon smiled sadly. "I am not human, as you may notice. I never have been, really. When you had saved me in my dragon form long ago, you believed me to be a bird. I was so grateful to you for saving my life, so I decided to stay by your side, as a human. But now, I have used too much power to ever return to my human form."

"Oh Lilith…"

"Don't worry about me. Now… First Dragons, please grant us access to the Astral Plane!"

The two were surrounded by a bright blue light, and Corrin found herself in a flat land, with dirt and sand and grass. Stone paths crisscrossed across the entire area. Faraway walls surrounded them.

She looked around, astounded and confused. "What is this place?"

"This world lies parallel to the one you live in. Time and space flows differently here. You should rest, so here." A flash of light later, a large treehouse appeared before them.

Corrin smiled. "Woah! Was that a Dragon Vein?"

"The power of the First Dragons flows freely here, so yes. Now, rest."

Corrin looked inside, and it was very spacious. A simple but large and comfortable bed was set in a corner closest to the door. There was a dresser, a vanity, a closet, and a table. There was even a nice chest. This is so amazing…

She went to the bed and just as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.


After getting some great rest, the two met in front of the tree.

Corrin grinned. "That was wonderful, most of my are already mostly healed!"

Lilith smiled back. "That's good. Now, when I teleport you back, you will end up in the same place I teleported you at, so Hoshidans may be waiting to attack you be careful."

Corrin nodded, and she was covered in the light once again before she found herself back at the Bottomless Canyon.

She looked around her, but she didn't see anyone. "Whew, no one's here."

The princess was just about to leave when she felt someone hit her head hard. Her last thoughts were, Oh, I forgot to look behind me…

And then there was darkness.


Ash spared with one of the samurai. He slashed his sword forward, and the other lifted his katana in front of him to block the predicted attack, a smirk forming on his face. However, Ash quickly changed the direction of his sword, and it hit the man on his side.

The man laughed even as he held his side in slight pain. "Wow, you're a wonderful fighter! That training you've been going through with Lord Ryoma really is paying off, huh?"

Ash grinned. "Yeah, it sure is. Though it's a good thing we were using wooden swords, otherwise…"

He didn't continue because he really didn't want the other guy to feel too bad. Since Ryoma wasn't here, he had to practice with someone else. He guessed it really wasn't the same. Though he supposed his training wasn't as rigorous now, which was really nice. He had needed a break from the tough training.

Later, Ash was practicing the bow and and arrow with Takumi, both of them shooting targets with great accuracy. They were both using regular bows, as it led to better practice if the Fujin Yumi was not nearby.

"Hey, Takumi?"

"What is it, Ash?"

"Where's Ryoma? Do you know?"

An arrow buried itself in the middle of a target. Ash grinned.

"Seriously? Have you even heard about the invasion at the Hoshidan border?"

"Yeah. What does that have to do with him though?"

Takumi sighed. "My brother went to check the place out, since supposedly our soldiers are losing over there."

He drew back his arrow and shot it at the target where Ash had gotten the arrow to be in the exact center. Ash pouted even as Takumi smirked. His arrow had been split in half by Takumi's, making that one in the center.

"Takumi, how could you? I just got my hopes up! I thought I finally beat you!"

The young prince laughed. "Haha, nope. Better luck next time. Although, you were pretty close, I have to admit…. But I will always be better."

"Yeah, right!"

The two laughed and argued playfully, walking back inside.


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