Welcome to a fanfic that has been inspired by the complete turnabout, another fanfic that helped me to come up with this idea. Apollo will now take the stand in a look at alternative realites and I hope you enjoy this tale. I do not own The Complete Turnabout, Ace Attorney or any of the minor crossover ideas that will appear in this fic mearly the story that will be unveiled. As such, I hope you all enjoy! Cheers. C:

Chapter 1


Time: 7:35 am September 23rd, 2028

Out of a dull grey fog that filled my mind all I could feel was a dull pain; my head pounding in my ears going thump duh thump over and over. Little did I know today was going to be the most unusual day I have yet to face.

My name is Apollo Justice, a rookie detective who has worked on many cases. All of them were bizarre murders that involved a lot of tricks and traps that almost ensnared me and my clients in their clutches. I of course never solved these cases alone. I had help from my old Mr. Wright, the infamous blue suited phoenix, that has solved many puzzling murders during his time as a lawyer (minus that 7-year period that he was disbarred due the mechanics of my old, old boss Kristoph Gavin). Then there was Trucy Wright, his daughter and a magician extraordinaire who was my old defense partner during my early cases. And more recently, Athena Cykes my current partner in crime at the law office.

However, I have not seen them since a few weeks ago. This is because recently I have been employed as the sole defense lawyer of the Kingdom of Khura'In since the kingdom banned lawyers 14 years ago.

The fog covering my head was beginning to fade as my brain started to work once again. First came the sensation of touch; a softness that was soft and smooth as silk. The slippery feel of it felt so warm and soft that I snuggled deeper in not ready to feel the pain creeping up my head. The scent of something like roses wafted into my nose clogging up them with the fresh scent of flowers. That's when the alarm bell began to ring in my head and I groaned trying to recall just why as I muttered "Objection" as I moved away from the comfortable bed. I rubbed my eyes which were blurry and still not working. I couldn't hear anything; the eerie silence only further reinforcing my confusion.

My eyes soon woke up and I unnaturally yelped in surprise realizing I was in an unfamiliar location.

"Wh-Where am I?" I stuttered wondering what happened my brain despite the head pain coming from the back of my neck.

I looked about into confusion; this room was definitely not my apartment. My apartment was a small studio with only 2 rooms; the bathroom and a living area where I lived and ate. I didn't have any choice but to sleep on the couch. Defense lawyers in America don't get paid much and this was all my budget covered during the months when money was tight. The room I was in, on the other hand, was spacious with a beautiful double bed complete with curtains, a large desk made of cherry wood orderly and polished so perfectly you could nearly see your reflection, two dressers of similar wood that were old fashioned and elegant, and finally two doors leading elsewhere. The walls painted in waves of vibrant chili red that melted into a much softer hue the father it went down. It matched the rather delicate lacy red curtains around the bed and the soft sheets, comforter and pillows all that was a silky red much like my own clothes.

My eyes soon moved towards myself. I was in a two-piece costume of simple fire red made of a soft cotton that held close to my body. To my slight panic, I noticed my bracelet was not on my wrist and panicking slightly I stood up to find it. To my relief, I saw it glinting on the nearby bedside table that had been out of my field of vision till I stood up. I carefully picked it up and loosen the hidden latch before I felt the relief of the bracelet's perfect fit once more on my wrist.

Evidence Collected: Gramarye Bracelet

My eyes blinked for a moment catching the glint of something else. Something that shouldn't be there; a rather large badge made of 12 petals with a red center that covered with a small sun. The symbol of the police, a prosecutor's badge, and nary a defense lawyer's badge was in sight.

This is a prosecutor's badge, right? Then am I in a prosecutor's house? What the hell happened?

As mind finally cleared, the last of the sluggish sleep fading and the pain subsided. I finally caught a glint of then a flood of memories coming back.

That's right. Last night, I meet my birth mother…..

Location: Borginian Restaurant

Time: 8:00 pm September 22st, 2028

I had just returned to the US for a short visit. I was dying to see everyone since I'd been gone for 4 months. The actual truth was that I was given a forced vacation. Every since I was employed by the Khura'inese Royal Family, I had more cases than anyone human can handle. The overload of cases forcing me to handle nearly 2-3 cases everyday holiday or not. Needless to say, this left me exhausted but my stubbornness won out and I refused to take a break. After all, if I let up, then I might fall further behind even though we finally managed to catch up on the critical cases but this is me we're talking about. I'd work myself to death before I admitted I was overworked.

In the end, my brother Nahyuta called Mr. Wright to discuss my overwork. This leads them to employ Trucy to beg me to come home for a short visit. I refused but those sad puppy dog eyes of hers even on the other side of a screen broke me down. Unfortunately, as soon as I got back, Trucy invited me out everywhere to her magic shows, shopping, and anything else she could do. If she wasn't busy running me ragged, Athena and Mr. Wright had me do errands, more shopping, going to the movies, and out to eat. Honestly, I felt I was being run ragged further into the ground now than back at Khura'In. I felt even more exhausted now than just a few days ago.

It was just the other day though when I finally got a break in all the insanity with my friends that an old client called. It was Lamoire, a singer from my 3rd case, and she wanted to check up on the agency. By chance, she was back in America and seeing as she had some time asked if Trucy and I could join her at a nearby Borginian restaurant on the 27th. I nearly declined the offer; rumours of the incredibly spiced dishes of the Borginian cuisine worrying me that I would end up sick (my eyesight wasn't the only sense that was exceptional; I found out very quickly that my sense of taste was well beyond normal the last time I tried Mr. Wright's chili and couldn't even breathe) but Try insisted we go and I was being rude. So here we were spending an evening with Lamoire in a fancy restaurant.

The restaurant itself was covered in shades of sapphire, lapis lazuli, Egyptian, royal, viridian, indigo, zaffre and so forth. Apparently, the national color of Borginia was blue despite the gaudy yellow and pink cloth that made the country famous. Those colors were the national colors established after the World Wars when the monarchy fell whose royal colors were various shades of blue. Hence, the country's passion for the color and its taste reflected in this restaurant. The curtains, hanging clothes, the table clothes, even the carpet, and walls were blue. Meanwhile, traditional oil lamps with a strong sense of lemon filling up my nose that seemed almost cloyingly light up the whole dining room. The restaurant itself was several stories up in one of the more modern buildings in the city accessible by both elevator and a dark wooden staircase near the far end for those who preferred some extra exercise after a large meal.

Speaking of meals, I was reluctantly picking at the dish on my plate. It was curry over basmati rice but it was heavily spiced upsetting my stomach and making me wish it had a softer, more refined flavor. The taste of strong clove, cardamom, fresh chilli peppers, cumin, saffron,ginger, paprika, garlic, freshly dried black pepper, something sour I couldn't identify, a sweet note all combined into an overly pungent flavor that made my mouth jump with too much flavor, mixing into something that my sensitive taste buds were trying to contain. Unfortunately, I couldn't just admit I was having trouble eating considering the cost and everything so I was forced to swallow the overly spiced dish and hope Lamoire didn't notice my discomfort.

"So Apollo, I've heard that you now work over in the Kingdom of Khura'In, is that correct?" Lamoire asked awkwardly possibly noticing me picking rather heavily with my food trying but failing to be polite with the food.

"Yeah," I stated simply as I plucked a small bite of the curry and shoved it down my mouth chocking slightly from the quick maneuver. I should have known trying to avoid the taste would end badly.

"You know I've heard many a tales of that strange mystical land. Would you like to hear one of my favorites?" she asked causing my eyebrow to shoot up in confusion. One when was Lamoire in Khura'In; the stories I heard from Nahyuta and Rayfa should have included the tale of a famous singer coming into the country and two why bring it up over dinner; this would be more convenient for a bedtime story.

"Oh, I would love to Lamiroir!" Trucy who seemed so energetic around the singer looked on with starry eyes; her spoon full of curry plopping her mouth gleefully while I looked on enviously. Why isn't getting sick from the overextension flavoring?

"There once was a famous troupe of magicians known the world over famed for their magic tricks." she began softly.

"That sounds like troupe Gramarye!" Trucy gibbered excitedly in-between bites of pipping how rice.

"Indeed and in this troupe, there was a lovely stage magician who was weary of her years as a magician. Her father being a perfectionist had worn down her love of the troupe's magic and she desired something more quiet and humble. One day the troupe shared the stage with a handsome young magician who captured the eyes and eventually the eyes of the beautiful female magician." she continued her Borginian voice lightly accented the words but I picked up something underneath; another accent building underneath the first.

"Before long, the two were madly in love and when her father refused to accept their plans to marry she ran off never to return. Before long, the couple found themselves expecting their first child as they moved across the globe; performing show after show while their lover waiting in the wings. Their child was born 8 months later while they were in the US; a beautiful boy with hair like the fresh dirt of the earth much like his mother who while he was infant gave him a present that was near and dear to her heart; a golden bracelet which there are only two of in existence." alarm bells were ringing at this point; something nagging in the deepest reaches of my memory, telling me there was something more to this story.

"By this point, there travels had taken them far and wide to Southern Africa, Europe, Australia, all over the world but this time they would be going to a small Asian country known as Khura'In. The couple soon performed their separate gigs; the mother as a magician and the father in his own concerts. One day while the mother was performing in a magic show while the father was performing in a quiet bar. This bar is out of the way and easy to keep watch over his son, but while he was performing he never realized that he was performing in front of the consort to the crown himself. And that the consort would ask him to perform at his very home that evening in front of the queen."

I froze up at those words visibly shaking; it wasn't possible but was that.

"Was….the man's name Jove?" I asked so quietly I barely heard my voice.

"Yes, his name was Jove Justice." my fork clanged to the table in shock while Trucy gasped with her gloved hand in front of her mouth.

"You mean-?" she began and Lamiroir nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Apollo's birth father. Please let me finish the story." she continued I noticed the Borginian accent was even less pronounced now; was that American?

"Meanwhile, the mother who was busy performing at the time heard about the fire on the news. Not long after, all foreigners were forced out of the country due to a revolution starting from the death of Queen Amara. As such, it was impossible for the mother to reunite with her son." she croaked out with difficulty.

"Who was my mother?" I ached inside. This was something I never knew; even the birth records back in the orphanage didn't know my birth parents names.

"Thalassa." I stopped breathing and Trucy looked about to cry from surprise or joy. "Thalassa Gramarye."

"But that means-" Trucy began before looking at me with such adoration. I could understand why; all her real family was dead. I heard while I was gone that Valent had died

"Yes, Apollo is your half-brother and as you both know Thalassa soon had a daughter and meet a tragedy onstage. But during those long years before that, every day your mother desired to reunite with her lost son. However, the long years of revolution made it impossible for her to do."

Trucy looked down. "Mom."

"But there is one more piece to this story, I have yet to tell." Trucy and I both looked up in surprise. What was more there to tell?

"Although she had been shot at, the wound which struck your mother was not lethal," she mentioned and we both stared at her in complete shock.

"WHHHHAAAATTTTTTTT? Trucy screamed now in tears. "My mother is alive?" then realizing her mistake. "Er, our mom is alive?"

I blinked at her thoughtfulness, "It's okay if you don't reference her as our mother. We just learned we're siblings so I doubt the meaning's really sunk in."

"Oh, you're probably right." Trucy grinned but then frowned again. "But then where has mommy been for all this time?"

"She- after the accident, she lost both her eyesight and her memories forgetting everything even the voice of her own daughter until recently." I realized the truth then and there with both pleasure and horror.

"Wait are you saying-" I began but she stopped my words cold as she lifted the veil over her face off. The golden bracelet around her wrist gleaming in the dull light. When she removed it, I saw a version of Trucy that was older but eerily recognizable after all it was my eyes locked onto my eyes at that moment in time.

"Yes, I am Thalassa Gramyare." there was silence while Trucy cried and then ran up to hug her mother. I just sat silently my brain trying to process it.

"How long?" I asked my voice cold with an edge I barely recognized.

La- no Thalassa jerked at the sudden change in my attitude as Trucy looked on with worry, "Apollo."

"Now is not the time-" she began but I looked up angrily.

"How long did you know you were our mother?" I asked my voice barely above a whisper; a contrast beyond my usual self that just screamed things wasn't going to end well. Heck, I didn't even know where this came from.

"I only remembered after the surgery and my eyesight came back." she weakly said seeming to find my aura troublesome. "Apollo-"

"Then why wait a whole two years?!" I yelled in anger surprising myself as I kicked myself out of my own seat.

"Apollo," Trucy said alarmed.

"Now Apollo you have to understand the position I was in-"

"Your position, huh? What about mine or Trucy's; we had a right to know!" and now I was staring daggers at her. "Even if you needed time to sort it all out two years seems a little fishy to me."

"Apollo, I understand you're upset-"

"But what? I'm sorry well sorry Mom." and the way I said it was in such a contrast to the warmth from Trucy that it made us all flinch at it's frozen connotation. "You know I always wanted to be a normal kid but all my life I just suffered abandonment and disappointment. I don't blame you for forgetting but it makes me angry that you want to excuse your actions. I thought you were dead for years and for 2 years you've been cowering away for no good reason. Wehn Clay died sure I'll give you that and during the whole Khura'In revolution but that doesn't excuse over a year's worth of silence. You can't run from your past; I know I've tried and it's not fair that you just expect me to be happy about all this."

I began walking away after that fuming silently feeling a filthy sense of anger, disappointment, sadness, happiness and whatever else. I think Thalassa and Trucy were begging me to stay but I was too upset to pay attention. That's when I wound up reaching the stairs not wanting to wait around. I moved down the steps a little too quickly though; my foot slipping and my head banging into the nearby banister. Last, I recall was Trucy panically calling for someone to get an ambulance before my brain shut off and everything faded away into darkness.

Next thing I knew I woke up here but why? Shouldn't I have been sent to the hospital? And why am I in a prosecutor's apartment? Hell whose apartment is this?

I sighed deciding there wasn't any other way to find out but to get up and explore. I picked up the badge carefully; I mean if the prosecutor who owns this is missing, I have to return it right? Besides, it might be a clue as to what the hell is going on.

Evidence Collected: Prosecutor's Badge

I soon found myself wandering the room looking for my clothes. Although the room was orderly and clean, there was no sign of them. Maybe they are in the closet?

I reluctantly opened the closet in complete confusion. The clothes inside were certainly not the clothes of any prosecutor I knew of. Dress shirts of crimson scarlet lined the hooks in order with black jackets that were crisp and clean without a single crease or wrinkle. Dark blue ties that were as rich and deep in their color as a sapphire polished to a gleam were hung ready to be tied around someone's neck. It was odd because they were my taste and certainly didn't match any current prosecutor I knew. I checked the collars seeing the size.

They're almost exactly my size length and width. If I didn't know any better, I would say they were mine…. But why? What the hell is going on? Athena this better not be another one of your pranks!

I then checked the drawers noticing that there were neatly pressed normal black dress pans waiting to be put on. This made my feeling of anxiety even worse. After all, they were slightly longer than my height but still.

Seriously is this an elaborate prank? I should be in the hospital sleeping off a head injury! And whose house is this? It can't be Athena or Trucy; there's no way they could afford all this. Am I dreaming or what the hell is going on.

I smacked my wrist hard and yelped back in surprise. This- this isn't a dream. This is real?

My only option then was to figure out what to do. I looked down at my current attire and sighed. I can't go walking around in pajamas all day. I looked hesitatingly at the clothes in the closet. I didn't really have any options. If I wanted to leave in a semi-decent costume I'd have to borrow the clothes. I reluctantly got dressed moving methodically and with purpose as I easily redressed myself in minutes. I tied a necktie around my neck to complete the outfit with perfect practice and noticed that the clothes fit perfectly. True, I had already seen they were my size but now there was no doubt. Whoever owned these clothes had the exact same measurements as me right down to muscle size.

Finally, I turned towards the final door; the one that leads outside and with a shaky hand and a deep breath I opened the door and headed outside.

The apartment was well furnished with beautiful orangish cherry wood that deeply contrasted the sapphire blue that adorned the walls. This seemed to deviate from my prior room in tone and color. The walls were decorated with a variety of landscape, abstract, and realistic paintings. Meanwhile, there was plenty of end tables, an elegant coffee table, a large plush sofa and chairs that appeared Victorian and chic, a TV mounted on the wall with an elegant cabinet below. This was certainly a living room I had just opened up into. There were several more doors that must have lead to other rooms.

The open doorway to my left caught my eye and I walked in. This time I walked into a room with purplish wallpaper that with its appliances scattered about had to be the kitchen. The wooden tables in here were a yellowish stained oak which hardness sharpened the difference between the walls and furniture. Every appliance one could ask for was lined up neat and orderly on the marble countertop. I then turned seeing the well-polished table in the center held a ring of keys on top. I picked them and determined they must be for the apartment which spooked me a little. I always placed my keys on the dining room table just like this….

Evidence Collected: Apartment Keys

I decided to take stock of the cupboards hoping to find a clue. Instead, to my bewilderment, I found a variety of herbs, spices, rice, whole grain products, and even several vegetable pastes and other canned goods that I personally loved to cook with. This caused me to shake uncomfortably. First, it was the clothes and now the kitchen felt way too close to my own personal preference. Heck, this apartment seemed something akin to my personal style of decor if I had the money to afford it. How could there by these many similarities between myself and the owner of this place?

I then noticed to my left that there was a cellphone charging on the nearby counter. I unplugged it finding it the exact brand of cell phone I prefer: the Galaxy only this was the latest version 9.12 vs my older 6.4. I shrugged figuring I could take it with me after all I didn't have my own personal phone on me right now.

Evidence Collected: Cellphone

Maybe I can use this to determine where I am currently at? Or whose house this is? Or something?

Just as I was about to look through the phone, it began to ring with a very familiar tone but I ignored that eager to figure out whose phone this is.

"Hello?" I cautiously spoke into the phone. There was a chance they were a stranger or perhaps expecting someone else.

"Ah Apollo, I'm glad to hear you're awake." spoke a voice that I recognized despite never facing him in court. Wait, a minute why was he calling me? Maybe to check up on me in place of Pheonix but then how did he know I was on the other side of this phone? "Especially after that minor accident, you had yesterday."

"Mr. Edgeworth?" I started the slight surprise I was feeling filtering into the phone. I hoped he wasn't going to investigate it right away.

"Apollo. How many times do I need to tell you just to call me Miles." he chuckled lightly while I had so many questions. Since when were we this close? "Anyway, I am calling about a case that just came up and I need you to take charge of the investigation. We're understaffed right now but I'm sure you can still handle it. Not that you wouldn't try to even if I told you to stay at home and rest."

"You want me to take care of an investigation? But Mr. Edgewo-" I began in complete confusion not understanding what he was saying.

"I suppose that injury might have rattled your brain a bit much. Don't worry I'll have Franziska help you out today. She doesn't have a trial for a couple days and I'm sure she's worried enough about you as is."

"Wait you mean thee Franziska Von Karma?" I was sweating just thinking of that name. From what I heard from Pheonix, she was one of the scariest female prosecutor's alive. I definitely did not want to investigate with her unless I was trying to commit suicide.

"Who else Apollo? I know you're not feeling well but please try to keep up. We can't afford for you not to be working right now. She'll meet you at the Hotel Yang at 71 Cherry Street. One of the guests there has unfortunately checked out permanently."

"Huh, I'm sorry sir but what the hell is going on?" I finally cried out my brain trying to process all this. Why am I being asked to investigate a crime scene? I'm a defense lawyer and with Franziska von Karma of all people?

"Apollo, did that bump on your head cause temporary memory loss?" Miles seemed to be mulling something over as he seemed to realize that possibility. Honestly, I could care less as long as it made him explain something ANYTHING to me. "Whatever I can deal with this after the trial, I don't have the time right now and we need you to take on this case. You are one of the best prosecutors we have so you should be okay regardless. I will talk to later, ok? Hopefully after your investigation but it depends. Anyway, I have to let you go or else I'll be late for a very important meeting. I will see you soon."

He hung up and I stared at the phone. I- I'm a prosecutor? My head pounding both from the minor pain and from his brain overloading with information. If it wasn't for his general hot-headedness, he would swear he had smoke coming out of his ears. All he could do is scream in frustration as he fell to his hands and knees in utter mystification.

" Since when am I, Prosecutor?!"

Court Evidence and Notes:


Apollo Justice-That's me. I am a rookie lawyer who recently had an accident from discovering my birth family. I woke up as a prosecutor even though I have never been one in my life.

Miles Edgeworth-Mr. Wright's old friend and a great asset when I need access to a case. He is the current chief prosecutor for the LA police.

Phoenix Wright- My mentor who taught me everything about life in the courtroom. Since I entered this strange new world, I have yet to encounter him. I wonder if he is a prosecutor now?

Athena Cykes- My latest coworker who I had worked with before moving to Khura'in. I wonder what became of her in this world?

Trucy Wright- My sister and old assistant. I have yet to meet her since my accident this morning.

Thalassa Gramarye- My birth mother whom I am still angry at. When I tried to flee from her, I accidentally banged myself against a banister and woke up here. I have yet to meet her yet.


Gramarye Bracelet- My bracelet which is a Gramarye heirloom for some reason it was in this apartment that is apparently 'mine'.

Prosecutor's Badge- This is the badge issued to prosecutors that I found with my bracelet, however, I have yet to find the prosecutor this one was issued to. Miles seems to think I am one so could this be my badge?!

Apartment Keys- These are the keys to the apartment I was found in. They were found in the dining room where I usually keep mine….

Cellphone- A new cell phone, the kind always wanted but is too expensive for me to pay for with my meager salary. However, it is both my taste and even has my usual password.