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P.S. This story starts in the episode Mr. Pidgeon but I may use episodes from before this episode aired due to Miraculous Ladybug not having a linear story.

Talking: "Hello"

Thoughts 'Hello'

Something being read within one's head: 'Hello'

Yelling: "HELLO"

Zecter Speaking "Henshin."

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"Marinette you better hurry up or else you're going to be late for school." Marinette's mother Sabine shouted.

"I'm coming." Was Marinette's reply as she ran down the stairs her purse hanging off her right shoulder and her backpack off her left heading straight for the door.

"Marinette wait!" Sabine exclaimed, trying to stop her daughter from running out the door like a bat out of hell. "I need to tell you that-". "Sorry Mom but I gotta go you can tell me when I get home ok. Love you, bye." Marinette said cutting off her mother as she grabbed a crescent and ran out the door.

Sabine frowned as she watched her daughter get farther and farther away. She sighed. "Oh well." She said. "She'll figure it out when she gets to school. I hope she isn't too shocked." And with that said Sabine went back to working the bakery.

'Almost there. Almost there.' Were the thoughts of one Marinette Dupain-Chang as she ran against the clock trying to get to her classroom before the bell rang.

Marinette bursts through the door and runs right to her seat and sits down just as the bell rang.

"Dang girl don't you think you were cutting it a little close this time." Was what Marinette's long-time friend Alya C├ęsaire said not even surprised that her friend was almost late to class.

"I know, I overslept because I was studying late last night." Was Marinette's response before she yawned signifying that she was still a bit tired.

Alya gave her a teasing smirk and said, "Was last nights 'studying' actually studying or was it daydreaming about Adrien." Making air quotes when she said studying the first time.

Their conversation would've continued if not for Nino cutting in. "Uh gals." Was what he said while pointing to the front of the classroom.

The girls then turned their heads and what they saw was an irritated look on their teacher Caline Bustier. "Now girls if you would not mind putting your conversation on hold I would like to start class." Ms. Bustier said in a sickly sweet tone while squinting her eyes.

Both Marinette and Alya got nervous and said, "Yes ma'am." Ms. Bustier nodded her head in response before she turned around and was about to start class when she stopped and turned back around and looked at Marinette.

"Oh and Marinette I assume you know that you will be playing a big roll today." She said. Marinette gained a confused expression and asked, "I'm sorry Ms. Bustier but I do not know what you mean." Ms. Bustier looked at her in slight shock and asked, "Didn't your mother tell you what you would be doing today?" Marinette blushed and said, "No ma'am I had to leave in a hurry this morning or else I would've been late for school" Ms. Bustier's expression changed from shocked to irritated before she sighed and calmed down. "All right I'll let this slide because I know where you're coming from." She said while looking at Marinette with a look of understanding on her face.

Ms. Bustier the turns her attention to the entire class. "All right class today we have a new student joining us all the way from Japan." After she said that the door open and a boy walked into the classroom. He looked about 15 the same age they were. He had blackish-brown hair and brown eyes. He was about 5'8" and wearing a black trench coat that went down to his knees, he had it open to show the red t-shirt he was wearing underneath, dark blue jeans and black shoes. He looked at his fellow students smiled and said, "Hello everyone my name is Edward Zephen-Tendou and I hope we can all get along."

(Edward POV)

'Someone please say or do something.' I thought. The entire class has just been staring at me since I introduced myself and it's starting to creep me out.

"All right then." I heard the teacher Ms. Bustier if I'm remembering her name right say breaking me from my thoughts. I turned my head to look at her out of reflex. She looked at me and said, "Mr. Tendou why don't you go take your seat next to Marinette the girl with her hair in two pigtails she'll be showing you around today."

I gave her a nod of thanks before scanning the room for the girl she described. It didn't take me that long to notice her, 'She's kinda cute' I thought as I walked up to the row she and another girl were sitting in. I flashed her a nervous smile before I sat down and got out a notebook and a pen ready to get to work.

After I sat down Ms. Bustier started speaking, "Alright class today we will be doing something different a project if you will. You will have the entire day to work on it so there will be no classes today. Mr. Damocles will be coming in shortly to explain.

(Time Skip)

'Ok so far today's been excellent. I have no classes today, no homework and no one's made the connection about who I am yet' I thought reviewing what's happened today in my head as I walked through the hallway. 'Besides if anyone is going to reveal that fact about me it's going to be me' I thought. I kept wandering throughout the halls as it would seem that Marinette had forgotten that she was supposed to be showing around the school.

I turned a corner and spotted her talking to a girl with reddish brown hair and a guy with blond hair. As soon as I saw them I started walking faster in order to greet them and finally get my tour.

When I finally reached them the blond boy had already walked away leaving Marinette and the other girl to talk amongst themselves.

"Hey" I said trying to get their attention. I succeeded they both turned to look at me. I suddenly got nervous not used to having the attention of 2 beautiful young ladies. I turned to Mariette and asked, "I was wondering if I could get my tour now please."

(Marinette POV)

I gasped. I had completely forgotten I was supposed to be showing Edward around. I looked at him and said, "I'm so sorry. I just got caught up in all the hype about the competition." He chuckled and said, "It's alright these kinds of things happen." I smiled and thought, 'He seems like a kind and understanding person.'

I turned to my best friend and said, "Sorry Alya I have to show Edward around the school I'll talk to you later ok." She smiled and said, "It's alright I'll see you when it's time to decide the winner of the competition." And with that she walked away.

I was about to ask Edward if he was ready to start the tour when I heard Alya yell, "OH YEAH DON'T FORGET TO HAVE SOME FUN WHILE YOU HAVE THE NEW GUY ALL TO YOURSELF!" I blushed and was about to yell at her when I saw that she was already gone. Still blushing I turned to Edward and saw that he was blushing to.

"So." I said, "are you ready to begin the tour Edward?" He smiled at me and said, "Eddie."

My intelligent response was, "Huh?"

"I said Eddie that's my name the only people who really call me Edward are my teachers" He said with a smile.

I smiled back and said, "Alright Eddie let the tour begin."

(Time Skip)

(Eddie POV)

The tour had ended a little while ago. After Marinette had shown him all around the school she had left to go home in order to work on her derby hat for the completion. She told me she was sorry for leaving me on my own but, I told her it was fine. Now I'm just wandering around the area looking for something to do.

I look around to see if there was anything interesting going on when I saw the girl Marinette was hanging out with earlier Alya I think her name was running like a bat out of hell.

"ALYA." I yelled getting her attention as I ran over to her. "Where's the fire?" I asked wondering what's going on.

She looked at me and said, "There's an akuma attack happening and I want to see if I can catch Ladybug and Chat Noir fighting it."

I looked at her with a puzzled expression and said, "A what with who?" She looked at me as if I just punched her grandmother in the face and said, "You don't know what an akuma attack is? More importantly YOU DON'T KNOW WHO LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR ARE?!" She yelled that last bit.

"Well I vaguely recall hearing about Ladybug and Chat Noir while on the flight here but I've never heard about an akuma attack." I said

"An akuma attack is when some random person is turned into a villain after being wronged in some way and attack those who wronged them." Alya explained.

"And you're running towards one just to catch it on video." I asked. She nodded. I smiled.

"Mind if I tag along." I asked. Her response was, "Not at all." "Lead the way then." I waved my arm out beckoning her to do so.

She smiled and started running. "TRY AND KEEP UP EDWARD." She yelled as she ran.

I ran after her and yelled, "MY NAME IS EDDIE NOT EDWARD."

(Time Skip) (AN: Sorry about all the time skips but they're needed to cut out any unnecessary filler)

When Alya and I showed up to the fight it was nearing its end and in my opinion it wasn't even that interesting. When I see a fight I'm expecting to see people punching and kicking each other not a giant game of dodgeball where the dodgeballs are pigeons and fancy acrobatics.

All in all, I wasn't impressed.

I turned to Alya and asked, "This is an akuma attack?"

She turned to me with a megawatt grin and said, "Ya isn't it exciting."

I looked back at the fight and then to her and said, "Not Really."

And once again she looked at me as if I punched her grandmother in the face but before she could say anything we heard Ladybug yell, "MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!" We had missed the rest of the fight due to conversing with each other.

I watched as what I thought were hundreds of ladybugs fly around and fix all the damage the had caused but before they could reach the man dressed as a pigeon something flew through the air and impaled him in the chest. I saw what it was and felt dread in my pit of my stomach, it was a feather but not just any feather, it was a purple peacock feather and then the pigeon man screamed.

(Ladybug POV)

I didn't know what was happening the miraculous cure should've fixed everything like it normally does but this is anything but normal.

"Do you see this?" I heard Chat ask but I was too horrified to answer.

I was horrified because I was watching the villain known as Mr. Pigeon change into something inhuman. His body turned green and began to expand his fingers turned into talons and on one hand the merged until the was only 3 on one hand with 2 or them being extremely long. His face was the worst part it looked as if it was constantly yelling at you (1).

I saw it looking around until it spotted Chat and I. It screamed and then it charged at us.

(Alya POV)

I was horrified at what I saw. Horrified because I just saw a man turn into a literal monster, horrified because it started attacking Ladybug and Chat Noir. But what horrified me the most was the fact that it was winning.

None of Ladybug of Chat Noirs attacks were working against it just kept on attacking as if nothing ever hit it.

I turned to Eddie to ask him if he was seeing this. The look on his face shut me up though. He didn't look horrified like I thought he would be. He looked serious but he had a cocky grin on that made him look arrogant.

He turned to me still having that cocky grin on his face he asked, "Do you want to see something interesting."

I was still just staring at him wondering what he was talking about and why he wasn't freaked out.

"Well if you do just keep on watching and recording." He said before he started walking towards the fighting and as he did I just kept watching and recording.

(Chat Noir POV)

Nothing was working no matter what My Lady and I tried nothing was working. What was worse was that she was almost out of time she had only 2 more minutes before she turned back into a civilian. I was about to use cataclysm on the thing when I saw the new guy from class walking towards us.

I yelled, "GET OUT OF HERE IT'S NOT SAFE!" Hoping he'd take my advice and get out of here while he still had the chance but instead of running I heard him laughing like a mad man.

(Eddie POV)

"Thanks for the laugh I needed that." I said to the cat boy who seemed awfully familiar. Oh ya now I remember he was that blond kid I saw talking with Marinette and Alya. His name escapes though, 'Whatever.' I thought.

"HEY WORM!" I yelled getting everyone's attention but this time I was not nervous in fact I was overwhelmed by both my confidence and arrogance.

"Take a look at this." I said as I revealed a metallic belt hidden inside my trench coat.

As soon as the worm saw it became infuriated and I knew it recognized it. I smiled.

"It seems you recognized this bad boy right here. Then I guess you also know that I'm taking you down." I said as I threw the belt around my waist and it clicked together.

I put my arms I the position I had my grandfather show me just for this occasion (2).

"I am the Guardian who shall use The Wind to defend the Path to Heaven. Edward Zephen-Tendou." I opened my hand that was raised to the sky after I said that.

A portal opened in the sky and out of it came the Kabuto Zecter that soon flew into my open hand. I aligned it with my belt and said, "Henshin." The Zecter also responded with, "Henshin."

Armor formed around me quickly until I was covered from head to toe in it. I was Kamen Rider Kabuto Masked Form (3).

I turned to Ladybug and Chat Noir and they looked shocked at what was happening. I told them, "Stay out of my way and you might just live to see another day."

I turned to look at the worm and it charged.

And So here it is the first ever Miraculous Ladybug and Kamen Rider Fanfiction on this site. I was honestly surprised no one else had written one before. Hopefully this inspires others to write more.

(1) Google Kamen Rider Kabuto Worm Pupa Form

(2) Google Kamen Rider Kabuto Signature Pose

(3) Google Kamen Rider Kabuto Masked Form

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