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(Eddie POV)

As the Worm approached me I did nothing to stop it. As soon as it got within striking distance it lashed out with its clawed hand. I parried it with my left arm and punched it with my right. With its balanced disturbed I calmly walked forward and kept on punching it and every time it tried to retaliate I parried and countered with another punch.

This was how our fight was for the first few minutes. Until the Worm decided to try and flee. Notice how I said try. As it was getting ready to flee I pulled out my Kabuto Kunai Gun in gun mode and opened fire on it shooting it in the back. As it fell to the ground, I started walking towards it continuously shooting it as I did so. As I reached the downed Worm I switched my weapon into axe mode and was about to finish it off, when my weapon was knocked out of my hand and I was suddenly bound by Ladybugs yoyo.

I looked over them to see that Ladybug had wrapped her yoyo's string around a street lamp to act as leverage, Chat Noir holding my weapon and Alya still recording everything. "Do you have any idea about what you've just done." I asked knowing that they didn't and a bit annoyed they hadn't heeded my warning. Chat Noir gained a cocky grin as he said, "Nothing much just stopping you from killing that guy." I rolled my eyes under my helmet not that they could see it anyway and said, "That thing is no longer a person it is a Worm a being from outer space that has the ability to mimic anyone right down to their memories and their sole purpose is to kill everything that stands in their way and convert all remaining life into Worms themselves."

As I finished my little rant I felt the yoyo around me loosen and then I heard it clatter onto the floor. I saw that they were all in varying forms of shock. Ladybug had let go of her yoyo and was on her knees with her hands covering her mouth. Chat was just standing there his grin had faded into a thin line and his eyes betrayed no emotion. And Alya had dropped her phone, I heard it clatter on the ground and I hoped it wasn't broken and if it was I'd buy her a new one.

(No POV)

"SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" A roar from the worm caused everyone to turn their attention to the Worm to it. Alya picked up her phone in order to continue recording the fight. The Worm had started glowing red and various cracks were forming along it.

(Eddie POV)

"Shit it's molting." I said as I clicked my teeth in annoyance. Alya looked at me and said, "What do you mean its molting?" As she said this Ladybug and Chat Noir looked at me wondering the same thing. "What I mean is that it's evolving into a stronger form with a new set of abilities. The most noteworthy being its super speed allowing it to move at speeds where it looks like everyone is moving in super slow motion." As soon as I finished my explanation the Worm revealed its new form. It had turned into the Aracnea Worm Rubor.

The Worm in its new form charged at me using its new speed and strength to its advantage and was continuously punching me from all different angles causing sparks to fly off my armor every time he hit me. But right after the worm punched me in the face, I grabbed its arm then kneed it in its torso causing it to stumble before I kicked it away.

I looked at the others and told them, "Get down, I'm about to take this thing out." "And how are you going to do that, you can't even match its speed." Ladybug asked wondering how they were going to get themselves out of this situation. "All I got to do is drop some weight." And with that said I nudged the horn of the Kabuto Zecter with my left hand causing it to move into a new position. Suddenly parts of armor started separating parts of itself as soon as my armor was ready to be separated I said, "Cast Off." And I pulled the horn to the other side causing part of the zecter to open and announce "Cast Off." Causing my separated armor to eject in all directions some of which hit the Worm and causing the Kabuto Horn to rise up and attach to my mask. The Kabuto Zecter then announced, "Change Beetle." I was now Kamen Rider Kabuto Rider Form.

(No POV)

They were amazed the boy they just met somehow gained some blocky armor and now he just got rid of it all to show underneath was a much sleeker form underneath

(Eddie POV)

The Worm tried attacking me again using its speed thinking I wouldn't be able to keep up, it was wrong. I hit the pad on the left side of my belt causing my zecter to announce: "Clock Up."

And suddenly the world slowed down around me and I was moving at the same speed as the Worm and just like in the beginning I parried its attack and countered with my own but unlike before I didn't let up. I just kept hammering it with punches in the torso before I kicked it away. I turned away from it as my zecter announced: "Clock Over." Meaning that we had both returned to normal speed and time seemed to pick up.

(No POV)

They had no idea what happened one moment their friend(?) had just lost a lot of armor and was staring down the Worm. Now the Worm was on the floor and their friend was facing away from it.

(Eddie POV)

I knew the battle wasn't over so I started to push the buttons on my zecter as I did so it announced: "1. 2. 3." Before I closed the zecter and flipped the back into its normal position. While I was doing this the Worm had gotten up and had begun charging at me in a rage not even bothering to use its enhanced speed. As it got close I said, "Rider Kick." And pulled the horn back over to its other position causing it open up and release energy that traveled up to my mask causing it to glow and my horn to cackle with energy. The energy soon traveled to my leg as I performed a counter kick(1) once the Worm had gotten into range. The Worm fell to ground and exploded into orange flames.

(No POV)

The couldn't believe what they just saw it had just exploded into nothingness. Just one kick and then boom nothing remained. Kabuto began to walk towards them when he hears an alarm going off. It was coming from Alya's phone. Alya stopped recording in order to see what the alarm was all about and suddenly she yelled, "CRAP, schools going to be resuming in an hour, I gotta get back to record the competition and support Marinette." And with that she took off running. Leaving the two teenage superheroes with the teenage rider. Kabuto looked at the two heroes and said, "Well I should get going to considering I go to the same school as her and it's my first day and all, so see ya." And with that he hit the pad on the left side of his belt causing him to Clock Up again and leave at incomprehensible speeds.

(Time Skip) (Eddie POV)

The competition had just started but since there weren't that many people participating it was almost over already. What annoyed me was that the guy hosting this didn't even bother showing up which to me is a bit of a dick move. The only thing that topped that was some bitchy blond brat was trying to disqualify Marinette saying that she copied her design when instead it was the other way around and she got disqualified instead serves her right anyway. I was about to leave after I saw Marinette win when I was suddenly pulled into the gymnasium. I looked to see who pulled me inside and I was surprised to see that it was Alya. 'Mental note do not get on her bad side.' I thought too late to realize that I might already be there after what happen earlier.

She walked up to me took her phone out pointed it at me and I assume started recording and said, "Talk." "About?" I replied already having a theory about what she wanted to hear about. "Oh, I don't know how about where that armor came from, what was that thing you fought and what happened to the akuma victim. Normally the return back to normal after Ladybug and Chat Noir beat them." She said sarcastically at the beginning but getting more serious as she went one. I sighed and replied, "The armor was my grandfathers I inherited it from him, What I fought was a Worm, and your victim well sorry to say but he's dead." That last line shocked her nobody had ever died before when there was an akuma attack Ladybug and Chat Noir normally stopped things before they ever got that far.

"What's a Worm." She asked. I pinched the bridge of my nose I really didn't want to talk about this. "Look that will take a lot of time and we'd have to go through a lot of concepts you don't know about. So, listen my grandpa is supposed to be showing up in a few week to explain the situation so ca you hold out for that long." I said my face gained a tired expression. Alya sighed nodded and stopped recording. "Thank you." I said and began to leave as I reached the door I heard Alya yell, "WAIT." So, I stopped and looked back. She ran up to me and asked, "I wanted to know where you were staying in case I ae anymore questions for you." "Ok." I began, "I'm staying at "

(Time Skip) (Marinette POV)

I couldn't believe I had won the competition. I was so happy that after I was congratulated for winning I rushed home to celebrate. I ran right passed my parents and straight into my room and started squealing. I opened my purse to let Tikki out of my purse.

"Can you believe it Tikki I won and Adrien said he liked my hat." I said a smile stretching across my face as wide as it would go. Tikki smiled to and said, "I'm so proud of you Marinette. I knew you could do it so what are you going to do too celebrate." "Well I was thinking about inviting Alya over to celebrate and maybe even sleep over." Marinette said but before she could continue someone interrupted her. "Before you start the slumber party plan you should see if its ok with all of the rooms current occupants." Said the voice drawing Marinette's and Tikki's attention to the thick black curtain that was never in her room before. It suddenly opened to reveal Eddie sitting on a bed with his phone in his lap.

(Eddie POV)

Well she was shocked that's for sure I thought she knew about this already. "What are you doing in my room shouldn't you be in your own home." She said. Ok ouch that hurt a little bit but was completely understandable. "I don't have a home here in Paris I just transferred in so I'll be staying with a host family till I graduate." I said as I got up and stood before her and the tiny little creature floating next to her. "So now I guess I'll formally introduced myself. My name is Edward Zephen-Tendou but my friends call me Eddie, I'm 14 years old and I will be staying with you for the next 4 years so I hope we can get along well roomie." I said with a smile on my face.

1: 360 degree roundhouse kick, which is used to surprise opponents who attempt to attack him from behind

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