Wait For Me

A Lusam fic. It begins when Jason was in prison, circa 2010.

Chapter 1

Her eyes slammed shut violently as she flopped back on the bed and willed herself to fall asleep, just to shut out the world and hopefully sleep away the rest of her life. At least for the next five years which felt like a life sentence right now.

But naturally, sleep eluded her and she flipped on the bedside lamp, blinking against the bright light that blanketed the room. Her perceptive eyes studied every nook and cranny of the room, finding a new memory in each spot. Jason had taken her against the wall in that spot and she had playfully pushed him into that place when he made an uncharacteristic joke about her "bedhead". Memories of him were literally everywhere and not all of them terribly pleasant.

She didn't know if she wanted to escape from the bad memories or the good ones or just any memories at all. Five years was a long time to stare at the same four walls and five years was an even longer time to be completely alone, to go to bed every night without the protective arms of your lover wrapped around your torso, lulling you into sleep.

And in that moment, she knew she had to get out of here.


She knew Jason's Harley was still parked in the garage downstairs and she grabbed the keys from the hook by the door and made a run for it. She just wanted to be free right now, feeling the wind in her hair and lightly tingling the back of her neck like a lover's touch.

She hopped onto the bike and revved the engine, peeling out of the parking garage and racing out onto the street. Driving this thing was like second nature to her though she had only driven it a few times and then Jason's hands had been around her waist, his breath warm on her neck, his hips pressed into hers like a second skin.

That thought made her drive even faster, practically jamming down on the pedal till it was scraping the pavement beneath her feet. She felt like she could fly though and that's what she wanted to feel more than anything. What she craved most.


The freedom to forget that Jason had chosen five years behind bars rather than live a life with her, that it had been her who planned their last dinner together, and talked about marriage so they could have their weekly conjugal visits. The freedom to forget all she had lost or just tossed away.

She was driving up the hill towards the old bridge near the outskirts of town when she heard sirens and saw lights flashing in her mirrors. Dammit. Dammit. DAMMIT. She didn't want to deal with this. Not at all.

So she would just ride until she lost them, she decided. She scraped the pavement again with her feet and raced for the bridge figuring she could outrace the damn cop after her once they got to the small bridge which was too small for a police issued Ford to pass over.

She made it to the bridge as the lights continued flashing, nearly blinding her along with the tears that were suddenly gathered in the corners of her eyes. And then a voice came over the loudspeaker and it made her want to drive even faster to escape it, to escape him.

"PULL OVER YOUR VEHICLE NOW!" It was unmistakably Lucky Spencer's voice blaring through the intercom system.

Sam kept driving faster and faster until she finally made it onto the bridge and was flying across it. The cruiser pulled up to the entrance of the bridge but could not pass as she suspected.

She wanted to say "sucker!" just for the hell of it but resisted. She was the sucker. She was the loser. The one everyone left behind.

She was almost to the end of the bridge when her tire blew out and she went careening immediately to the left, right into the guardrail which of course broke away and splintered right in half, sending her, bike and all, over the side of the bridge to the icy waters below.