Title: True Hearts/ Author: Annie aka mjaw/ Rating: R (for language and secual contents) Pairings: As they are around Something Blue of BtVS S4 (or at least to some extent...) :)

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This story contains spoilers for "Something Blue - S4" through inclinations in the story line and also from the summary I am about to write. If you do not wish to know what happened in this episode, please refrain from continuing. If you do wish to know, and wish to read - please, do continue down. If you already have seen "Something Blue - S4" so many times you can say the players lines with them as they move on the screen - you may skip the following. Thank you.

Summary of "Something Blue": Willow misses Oz and does a spell that allows her to work her will on her surroundings. Saying - among other things - that if Buffy has to break up every single, friendly-bonding moment that the redhead and the Slayer has to make sure Spike stays confined - chained to the bathtub in Giles' apartment - she might as well go and marry him. Major kissage occur between the smitten Slayer and Vamp as the spell is put into reality, both completely convinced that marrying each other is the very right thing to do - no matter how much they continue to bicker. Once the spell is broken both are completely appalled with themselves, though. Well... let's see now, shall we? ;)

ATTENTION: This story contains explicit sexual content and should not be read by Spuffy haters, dislikers or general crazy people - unless the crazy can be defined as something good as in crazy for the Slayer and the Vamp pair-up etc. in continuum et vincesiscium et...c.

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True Hearts

By Annie

2003-01-26 and beyond


Willow bent over the book before her, squinting to be able to read the fine text - tattered and worn by age and eras. It was hard to make out the last part of the spell, but she thought she just might have figured it out.

She was positioned on the floor of the guest room at the Summers home. She and Buffy had spent the weekend there and were heading back to campus the following morning.

"Yes!" she now whispered, trying to keep her eagerness down as she reached out her hand for the pen lying on the floor beside her. "This seems to be it!"

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Buffy stepped through it, her eyes widening as they took in the slowly burning candles, the book and the friend who just recently had created an awful mess by doing just this - casting spells where no spells were needed.

"Willow!" the Slayer exclaimed, disbelieving and with not a little bit of accusation in her voice. "What the hell are you doing? You PROMISED me, you swore on your hands and knees you'd keep off the magic for a while, and here you are just indulging yourself away! I can't believe this!"

"Buffy," Willow tried to calm her friend, but the latter would have none of it.

"You know, that last spell literally drove me into the arms of one of the most vile... loathsome... disgusting beings that I know of, and it didn't just leave a mark - it left an open wound in my pride and selfasteem," Buffy stated, shuddering with discomfort, but keeping a very serious expression as she added: "I really would have thought I'd be above that kinda spell. God, kissing SPIKE?! Ueagh!"

"Again and again with the SO sorry," Willow said, looking at her friend and then glancing around herself at the candles.

Quickly leaning forward and blowing them all out she then rose to her feet with a truly regretful look on her face.

"I know you're sorry," Buffy sighed, shaking her head a little. "It's just the whole thing is... uncomfortable. I wish it could've been Riley!" she then added with a small smile and Willow lit up slightly at that.

"Yeah," she nodded. "You really like him, huh?"

"Well, duh!" Buffy replied with a wider smile. "Okay, sorry about the out- burst. I'm just not all aboard with the trust-side on the magic department," she added and Willow shook her head.

"Of course! I mean, I totally understand. Hey, slap on my hand for even thinking about magic," the redhead replied before demonstratively putting one hand up and then slapping it with her other.

Buffy smiled at that, then took a step forward and hugged the other tight.

"Night, Will," she said and Willow smiled as they let go and Buffy walked out of the room.

"Night," she then called after her.

Oh, I really messed up with that stupid, stupid spell, the former grumbled to herself in her head. It was so unnecissary for all that to happen! If I'd only been a little more careful and not so Oz-focused I just might 've...

Suddenly her eyes grew just a little and she smiled to herself.

She had just gotten the best idea on how to make it up to the Slayer.

Riley. Of course! This should be easy, Willow thought to herself as she quickly walked back to the place before the book and kneeled down in front of it. I'll just find a spell that'll help Buffy get closer to Riley! Let's see... Binding Love... no, too lucid. Friendship Ties. Eh...no. Devouring Hatred. Hey, that's written in the wrong section. Those sixteenth century witches sure weren't very organized. Oh, this is it! I know it! True Hearts: "lets two people reveal and explore their true feelings toward one another, whether it be stemmed from heart or soul, mind or body..." Sounds perfect!

And so, for the second time in eight days, the apprentice Wiccan sat down to conjure.


"So, anything fun happen today?" Willow asked casually the following evening and Buffy looked up from her homework as she raised her eyebrows.

"Like what? Math department burning to the ground?" she asked back and Willow put on a rather distraught expression before replying:

"That's an awful thing to say." Then she shrugged it off and smiled tentatively as she added: "No, I meant perhaps some other fire... that might be building. Between two very nice young people, maybe?"

Buffy smiled back, then shook her head before looking back down into her books.

"Nope, none of the sort. Though I had the intense pleasure of watching the Deans two pet mice have a go at it in their cage at his office," she answered and Willow frowned slightly.

"Icky," she mumbled and Buffy nodded agreeingly.

"Don't need to tell me," she stated.

"So, you didn't see Riley all day, then?" Willow asked, still keeping as low a profile as she could muster and Buffy looked up.

"Well, of course I SAW him. But nothing fire-y happened. Sorry I can't give you the dirty details," she answered teasingly and Willow smiled hesitantly.

"No... that's okay," she replied, growing thoughtful. "I guess it must be one of those that takes twenty-four hours to get into action," she added slowly and Buffy looked up again, quizzical.

"What was that?" she asked and now Willow smiled brightly, shaking her head.

"Oh, nothing," she answered. "How's the English lit. going?"

"This Shakespeare dude is bugging my ass off," Buffy answered with a sigh, then she smiled. "But I really love the way he wrote. Like 'wherefore art thou' and all that. It's pretty."

Willow smirked.

"I know exactly what you mean," she assured.

"Oh, shoot, what time is it?" Buffy asked and Willow glanced at her wrist- watch before putting on an empathic expression as she answered:

"Patrol time?"

"Ohh," Buffy grumbled, scooting off her bed and walking up to her closet to grab her jacket.

Tucking a stake at the small of her back she then smiled at Willow.

"I'll be back a.s.a.p," the Slayer said and Willow nodded to that.

Sighing Buffy walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.


She covered a vast area of school grounds, suburbs and cemeteries fairly quickly. She had felt funny all day and was scared she might be coming down with something. She so didn't need to get sick right now, she was already having trouble keeping up with everything at school. And then there was Riley...

Riley was fun and sweet and handsome and... Okay, she had a bit of a crush on the guy. Smiling to herself she was suddenly knocked to the ground and rolling over on her back she took the second blow from the fledgeling vampire with one foot in its groin.

It whined, grabbing the spot with both hands and then drawing an unnecissary breath as it straightened its back.

"Looky here, Slayer," it said with a grin. "It doesn't hurt anymore."

"Less talking," she answered, jumping to her feet and facing it. "And a bit more of this," she added, bringing out her stake.

"Oh, there you go. Ruining the party," the vamp stated and then smirked as eight other fiends slowly emerged from the shadows. "What do we do with bitches who don't know how to listen?" it added and another, a tall and dark-skinned vamp, licked its lips.

"Teach them," the latter answered.

"Oh, please," Buffy taunted. "I think we all already know I'll be the one who'll be teaching each and every one of you a lesson at the end of this," she added, bracing herself as she glanced around at all of them.

"Is that so?" darkskin wondered and she smiled sweetly before nodding.

"Now, who's first?" she inquired and they all looked at each other before moving forward at the same time. "Oh, okay. Guess it's lady's pick."

It didn't take her much effort to dust three of them. The fourth was a little bit tougher, but soon it was a cloud as well. She had the fifth vamp kill off the sixth right before she did away with it as well and then she faced the three still standing with a small and meaningful smile.

"Now, I TOLD you this was gonna happen," she stated.

"You kinda did, didn't you?" the first vamp, that had attacked her earlier, agreed sheepishly as he slowly began to back away. "Only we heard that you were supposed to be... weakened, or something," it added and she cocked an eyebrow.

"Where'd you hear a crazy thing like that?" she asked, not even hoping for a reply as she could see all three were about one third of a second away from turning and fleeing.

"Outside the window of a bathroom," it answered her with another smile, then it did turn and the three were soon swallowed by the shadows.

The Slayer stood too puzzled to follow for about two seconds as she processed that statement, and then her eyebrows came together hard as she turned and began to walk towards her Watcher's apartment. She knew what window that creature was referring to. And she had THOUGHT the vampire CHAINED to a BATHTUB underneath it would have the brains to keep away from any lame-ass attempts at her life while still THERE!

He won't be there for much longer, she thought to herself. He won't be ANYWHERE after I'm done with him. Or no, my mistake, he'll be EVERYWHERE - scattered for the damn wind!