"Not so bloody tight," Spike grumbled as Buffy fastened the chain around his wrist, linking him to one of the thick stone walls inside the great hall of the mansion.

"Complain and I'll make sure to get them tighter," she replied and he smirked.

"You really do like to be in control, don't you?" he more stated than asked and she gave him a warning look before rising to her feet, meeting the gazes of Giles and Willow.

"So, you'll call if there's anything you need," Giles said and Buffy nodded.

"Of course. And I'll be sure to call in sick at school or whatever," she then assured with a glance at Willow, who smiled. "I'll see you guys in two days, okay? And don't worry, by then," she added, turning her head to Spike, "I'll have gotten all I need out of him."

At that Spike cocked an eyebrow, glaring at her and she smiled sweetly before looking back at the two others.

"I'll be fine," she said. "Really. He's chained to the wall!"

Giles smiled at that.

"Yes, quite... Well, we'd better go then," he replied and Buffy nodded, walking up to them to give them both a hug.

"Bye," Willow said and then the two left.

Buffy crossed her arms over her chest, slowly turning back to the vampire who had a wide smirk grow onto his lips.

"Sneaky little..." he said and she shrugged, then she suddenly smiled, approaching him. "So... exactly what is it that you 'need' from me?" he added, leaning his head back against the wall as she stopped before him.

"An opportunity," she answered, sinking down on her knees before him and he raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah?" he wondered.

"Yeah," she confirmed, reaching out a hand and letting her fingertips run along the hard iron binding his right wrist before brushing them up his arm and he bit his lower lip as he observed her with growing attention to every last line of her face. "To repay you," she added, eyes seductive as she moved closer to him and he stared at her.

"You're amazing," he breathed and she smiled again, their lips meeting and both deepening the kiss.


"Harder," she gasped, meeting his thrusts as she threw her head back.

He obeyed her immediately and she moaned, holding him tighter before putting her head up to join their lips. He was breathing hard, something she had been surprised when she noticed. He had refused to disclose the meaning of it when she asked him about it.

'It's just a response,' he had murmured and then he had changed the subject by tilting her over on her back and gliding back into her.

"Oh, God," she breathed now before repeating: "Harder."

He was growing noisy as well, tracing her arms with his hands and then locking his fingers with hers as he exploded into her at the same time as she drew a sharp breath, her legs wrapping themselves harshly around his waist as they kept rocking together in the slowly retracting combustion of pleasure.

There had been too much of that during the past twenty-four hours and thirty-five minutes that they had spent practically as one body and one mind. Too much of the pleasure. It wasn't only that it was blinding and making everything else lessen in mattering. It was that it was maddeningly close to addictive.

She kept pushing the fact that they were on very borrowed time here out of her mind. She didn't want to think it, that this was something she would HAVE to give up. Knowing all too well that of course it was. She didn't know how she would be able to, without killing him first... or herself.

No, of course she wouldn't go that far... But to stay away from him, after this...

She looked up, into his eyes, and had to catch her breath at the sudden gentleness in them as he met hers. She stared at him, her heart beat slowing down as well as the entire world. Blinking she looked into the almost unearhtly blue of them.

Of course they were unearthly. He was a vampire...

She pushed him off her brutally, sitting up and scooting off the bed as she pulled the sheet with her - wrapping it around her naked form and turning to face him. He was frowning, questioningly.

She swallowed. She had nothing to say.

Shaking her head a little she turned and walked out of the bedroom, into the larger hall where a fire was still crackling in the fire-place. Stopping in front of it she closed her eyes. She sensed him as he entered the room. He didn't need to speak and the silence enveloped them both.

Finally she opened her eyes again, looking into the fire as she silently said:

"You know this can't go on."

He didn't reply, but she could feel his gaze on her back.

"Should I cry?" he then asked and she frowned, turning partially to look at him. "Should I crawl? Should I plead? Should I care?" he added and her face grew hard as she glared at him.

"You should shut up, is what you should," she grumbled, turning back to the fire.

He was standing right behind her in the next moment, carefully wrapping his arms around her and she closed her eyes once more.

"You should definitely NOT be doing that," she sighed, resting her head back against his shoulder as he brushed his lips against the side of her throat.

"So, come tomorrow this is all over with?" he asked, lips still to her skin and she grumbled.

"Yes," she answered with no conviction what so ever and he smiled, giving the crook of her neck another peck before turning her around in his arms to face him.

She looked up at him with a small, miserable wrinkle between her eyebrows and he leaned forward to kiss her. She kissed him back, one of her hands sliding out through the gap of the sheet still wrapped around her, placing itself against his chest as she leaned into him.

They pulled apart slightly, resting their eyes in the others and Buffy put on a fake-indignant look as she asked:

"You don't even care?"

He smirked, kissing her forehead in another one of those shockingly tender gestures and she closed her eyes briefly before meeting his again when he pulled back.

"Do YOU?" he asked back and she hesitated, then she smiled dismissively before kissing him, the sheet falling to the floor and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her off her feet, making her put her legs around his waist before he swivelled them around and he pushed her up against the wall.

She pulled her face away, looking at him once more as he slowly penetrated her and she swallowed, breathing shakily before leaning her head back and closing her eyes.

He kissed her collarbone, kissed her breasts and her hands buried themselves in his blonde locks as he took her places she never even would have dreamed could exist.


The gray light of dawn was creeping in through the double door entrance of the mansion twelve hours later. Buffy rolled off of Spike with a contented sigh, moving her head to place it on his chest and his right arm went around her shoulders to hold her to him. She let her right arm place itself on his chest and she started making small circles with her index finger over his skin as she closed her eyes.

"Don't fall asleep on me," he muttered, his eyes closed as well and Buffy smiled a little, moving her head to look up at him.

"Spike," she said and he nodded, not looking back at her. "Something's different." Now he did open his eyes, turning his head to be able to meet her gaze, growing wondering. "Can't you feel it?" she asked, her hand sliding over his stomach and down south, her fingers brushing through the curls and her hand closing around his already growing erection.

He closed his eyes, licking his lips and then nodding slowly.

"I think I can...feel it," he mumbled, drawing an unsteady breath as she moved her hand slightly and then opening his eyes again as she pulled herself up and straddled him.

Directing him into her she closed her eyes and he let his hands slide up her tighs as she began to ride him.

"Buffy," he moaned.

She placed her hands against his chest, moving her hips faster as she craved a fast release this time. She wanted him to scream her name the way she had been screaming his.


"Buffy," he gasped, sitting up and sliding his hands up her back as he pressed her to him, his lips kissing her hot skin and she bit her jaws together in concentration.

He bent his head back, hands moving to grip her waist and then he did scream her name.

Her arms went around his neck, holding him to her as they trembled together, kissing the side of his throat she rested her forehead against his shoulder.

Spike did the same, bending his neck and burying his face against her shoulder as he put his arms around her.

The feeling which had slowly surfaced during the past night now suddenly was voiced by him and it startled him just as much as it seemed to do her as he mumbled:

"I love you."

Her body jerked and she sat straight, meeting his gaze with a perfect mirroring of his own shocked emotion plastered over her face. Then she furrowed her brow disbelievingly before she asked slowly, voice lowered:

"What did you just say?"

He swallowed.

The shock was subsiding and the truth of what he had just stated was washing over him as he looked at her. How the HELL could it be true?! Only...it really was.

"What did you just say?!" she exclaimed, the sound echoing through the silence and his eyes grew.

He couldn't answer her.

She pulled away from him, scooting to the edge of the bed and getting to her feet. Wrapping her arms around her to sheild her bared breasts as she turned back to him, shaking her head at him. Her eyes filling with tears he had no way of telling the origion of. Anger, puzzlement, shock, disbelief, all the above...

"I love you," he finally repeated and her eyes grew as the tears spilled over.


Definitely the dominant emotion.

"You don't LOVE me!" she protested. "How could you LOVE me?! There's nothing for you to love about me! We're... we're mortal enemies, for God's sake! A roll in the hay doesn't change that! THIS doesn't change that!" she added, throwing her arms out to the sides in a meaningful gesture to the sexual situation they were in the middle of. "You CAN'T love," she finished, voice shaking.

He blinked, moving to the edge of the bed as well as he kept his eyes in hers and she took a step back as he rose.

"And yet," he grumbled, "I know I love you... I bleeding well don't know how it happened! Or... when. But I do."

"No," she shook her head, taking another step back as he approached her.

He reached out a hand and caught one of her wrists. She tried to squirm out of his grip, but not as forcefully as she could have and when he pulled her lightly to him she took a step forward mostly on her own as she looked up at him.

"God, Spike... don't," she whimpered, though her free hand went up and placed itself on his shoulder as he leaned forward and kissed first her left and then her right cheek, wetted with her tears.

He moved his mouth to hers and kissed her. She parted her lips and they deepend the kiss as her hand that was on his shoulder slid into his hair, and his hand holding her wrist let it go before his hand slid palm to palm with hers and their fingers locked tight. His free arm went around to the small of her back, pressing her to him.

Buffy was so confused. The feelings he instored were diffuse within her, only the intense desire made itself clear...

This is Spike, Buffy, a voice rang through her head. It's Spike. Do you even remember that?

She pulled away from him, taking a step back as her eyes widened. Then she turned and fled, into the great hall and toward the doors leading to sunlight. Leading to safety.

"Buffy!" he called after her and just as she was about to take the step outside his hand grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the shadows.

"Something's different," he whispered gently as he pressed her into the heavy velvet of one of the drapes hanging by the windows. "Can't you feel it?"

She shook her head no.

A sudden flash of what seemed like a collection of memories she had not yet collected came into her head. She saw him sitting bloodied and beaten on a stone casket in a crypt, she saw him fighting off demons to save her life, she saw him comforting her over something she didn't understand, she saw a bright light in his eyes and then she saw him stand before her and yes, something was very different.

No, none of these memories made sense. The only thing that did was the feeling suddenly filling her at the subsiding of them.

His lips met hers again and she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him deeply, desperately clinging to him.

"Spike," she said, pulling her mouth away from his as she looked up at him and he smiled suddenly, lifting her in his arms. "Spike," she repeated, not sure if she wanted to continue with the protest she had planned and he seemed to disregard the hint of it as he shook his head.

Carrying her to the large armchair standing before the now burned down fire he placed her in it and then he held her gaze for a moment.

This new feeling tumbled within him, and right now he didn't even care how frightening it was.

She sat up and scooted forward, parting her legs to fit him between them and they kept eyecontact as he entered her. She bent her head forward and took his lower lip between her own, kissing it before letting her tongue slide into his mouth and he met it with his as he wrapped his arms around her in a hard embrace.

How had he not seen it? How had he not realized it?

And now, how was anything else ever going to matter to him?


Buffy eased her eyes open. She moved her head a little and as she felt his cool skin beneath her cheek the past forty-two hours came crashing into her mind and she blinked, putting her head up and turning it to look up at him. He was still sleeping.

He had said... had actually tried to make her believe that...that he... It was too far off to even think the word.

She swallowed, her heart beginning to beat a little harder in her chest and she tried to steady her breathing as she carefully started to get the arm he held around her waist away from her.

"Where you going?" he muttered and she looked back up at him.

He hadn't opened his eyes yet and she suddenly sighed in resignation.

"I have to get going," she answered simply. "I'll send Giles here later, he can move you back to his apartment on his own, I'm sure."

Now the vamp moved his head and opened his eyes to look at her.

"We still have four hours left on our two days," he remarked and she raised her eyebrows.

Then she looked away from him, not certain why the way he looked at her kept getting to her, only that it did. She rolled out of his grip and started toward the edge of the bed, only his hand grabbed her ankle and then he flipped her over with one simple movement of his arm. Before she could say "no" he was weighing down on her and she closed her eyes in defeat as she felt the by now familiar ignited wave shimmer through her.

Almost shaking with the growing wanting she spread her legs and drew a breath as he slid inside her.

She licked her lips as he started to move his hips slowly and then opened her eyes to look up at him.

"You were saying?" he asked with a smirk and she smiled back, meeting his lips as he bent down and kissed her.

"This is moving way too fast," she mumbled as he moved his mouth to kiss the side of her throat.

"What is, love?" he wondered and she clung to his back as she gasped.

"This!" she then answered. "Us."

"There is no 'us' in you and I," he reminded and she gave him a playful smack on the back of his head.

"I don't wanna let you go," she said now and he looked down at her as he slowed his movements almost to a stop.

"I don't wanna let you let me go," he replied softly and she clenched her jaws together.

"Spike, I..." she said, trailing off and he met her gaze as he moved his hips forward and she made a small "mh" noise before she tried again with saying: "Spike... I..."

The orgasm slowly built throughout her and it came so suddenly her eyes grew slightly, her mouth falling open before she closed her eyes. Her body stiffening and then gradually relaxing before the feeling once more poured into her and this time he joined her, resting his forehead against hers and then kissing her deeply.

As they came down together she ended the kiss, opening her eyes and meeting his once more. He reached up a hand and let it slide over her hair almost carefully and she had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Spike," she mumbled. "I..."

Once more trailing off her brow furrowed and she blinked.

"What?" he wondered and she shook her head.

"I forgot," she answered silently.

He smiled a little before kissing her again.


Two hours later he watched her as she pulled on her sweater and then reached for her jacket. Putting it on she pulled her hair out from under the collar and then turned to him.

"Shouldn't you...chain me up?" he asked and she blinked, not believing that she had actually almost left without taking care of that very crutial detail.

"Of course," she answered now, covering her mistake up with fake-self- assurance. "Just need you to get dressed first."

He smiled tentatively, scooting off the bed and retrieving his pants. Pulling them on he looked up and met her gaze.

The air between them seemed heavy with things spoken and unspoken. With the questions and the difficulty of answering them. With the need to somehow keep this alive, whatever it was, when both of them knew how impossible it would be.

And Buffy felt her head almost heavy with the thought that had suddenly entered her mind and then had refused to leave it for the past hour. She needed to see Willow.

He pulled his T-shirt on and she walked past him into the great hall, he followed.

She got him chained up quickly. Refusing to look at him now, and once she was done she turned and began to walk away when she suddenly stopped.

"Buffy," he said slowly and she turned back to him. "Is something wrong? Besides everything that's happened and so on and so forth into eternity," he added at her expression and she looked down onto the floor before glancing up and resting her eyes in his.

"I wish I didn't have to... feel like I'm gonna miss you," she answered and he frowned, questioningly. "It's just the hardest thing about it," she added thoughtfully, then she made her way back up to him swiftly, kneeled before him and leaned forward to give him a lingering and passionate kiss; wrapping her arms around him as he kissed her back.

Pulling away from him she got to her feet before turning and almost running out of the mansion.


Willow giggled at the book she was reading. It was so incredibly funny and she was happy she had spent nearly twenty bucks on it, it was worth it. She just turned the page when the door to the room opened and Buffy stepped inside.

Willow looked up, growing serious and deeply concerned at the sight of her friend. The Slayer looked like she'd been hit by a car and somehow walked away from it. She looked tired, and her gaze carried a look of accusation which caused the redhead to have a chill of discomfort travel down her spine, but most of all the former looked pained as she sunk down at the edge of her bed, facing Willow as she sat up and turned to her friend.

Buffy tried to control the anger she was suffering under. Tried to control the disbelief that was filling her at the already guilty expression on Willow's face. She seemed to already know what it was about.

"Did you," the Slayer began silently, "or did you not cast another spell on me?"

Willow swallowed.

"It was meant to be a make-things-up-to-you spell," she tried to meekly defend herself and her gaze travelled out of the Slayer's as the latters grew hard.

"You did, then?" Buffy grumbled. "Okay," she added, not waiting for the answer. "How, exactly - and I REALLY want to know this - did you think this spell would be of the make-things-up kind?"

"Well, it was a spell that would make two people reveal their true feelings toward the other," she answered hesitantly. "And...explore them," she added and Buffy swallowed hard.

"Uh-huh," she grumbled.

"I thought it'd finally break down that stupid wall between you and Riley!" Willow stated now. "I... Wait... how did you know I did a spell, you haven't seen Riley in..." she added, trailing off as her eyes suddenly grew. "Oh," she said and now Buffy looked away from her. "Oh, my... You don't mean that you and..."

"It's been a very...rattling two days," Buffy interrupted. "But, now that I know the reason it can be taken care of," she added and Willow stared at her.

"Buffy, what exactly did you...?"

"We slept together," Buffy once more cut her off. "We had the most amazing connection in bed, and that's it. And then he said he loved me," she added, the last part quickly, and Willow's eyes grew.

"He-he said that he LOVED you?!" she nearly exclaimed and Buffy quited her before she moved to sit beside her on the other's bed. "But, the SPELL was about finding out what you really..." Willow added, trailing off and Buffy shook her head, not saying anything as her gaze grew distant. "Buffy," Willow mumbled. "What did YOU feel?"

The Slayer smiled what was close to a sad smile before she shrugged.

"I wanted him. All of him. So badly. But that's just the physical bit and... nothing more. The only feeling I felt other than that was... pity," she then answered slowly. "Okay, so for a moment I saw something in him..." she added. "Potential, I guess I'd have to say. It was so weird, Wills. It was like I wasn't looking at him NOW, but later... Much later."

"Like a...premenition?" Willow wondered, wide-eyed, and Buffy smiled a little - looking thoughtful.

"I dunno... It was just that in that moment I looked at him and I almost... Almost..." she trailed off, then smiled, shaking her head a little.

"Buffy," Willow said and she looked up, meeting the redhead's gaze as her own grew stern.

"Willow, you need to preform a really heavy-duty forgetting spell," the Slayer stated. "I want everyone even the slightest involved in this to have every last moment of the past two and a half days completely wiped out. And it better never resurface either," she added before finishing: "If you don't do it I'm not sure I can ever trust you again. I'm sorry, I know you and I'm sure you only wanted to help. But I asked you not to use magic for a while, and I thought you understood that using magic on ME was a big no- no... Please, Willow. I just really want to...forget," the Slayer finished, her voice slightly unsteady from the intensity of the emotions swirling within her.

Willow looked ashamed, turning her gaze down on her hands as she fiddled with one of the decorative sewn-on peices of string covering the front of her sweater before she nodded slowly.

"I'll do it," she concurred. "Of course I'll do it."

"Then do it tonight. I need to be sure that Giles has gotten Spike back to his place first," Buffy said and once again Willow nodded.

Buffy swallowed, closing her eyes and letting herself fall back onto the bed.

She could feel his lips, his hands, his body against her own and she felt her eyes fill with tears as she whispered softly:



"Oh, bloody hell!" Spike growled. "Giles!" he then called, glaring up at the Slayer as she returned the expression with a chilly gaze. "Buffy's sodding teasing me again!"

It was the following morning and the Slayer and the Vamp seemed set on destroying any last peace of mind of the Watcher's. He was getting quite fed up with them.

"God, you two are like children who can't share the playground attraction of their choice!" he now exclaimed, coming back into the bathroom. "What is it now?"

"She's letting me have a sip of my breakfast, then she's NOT letting me have a sip of my breakfast, she's letting me have a sip of my breakfast..." Spike answered grouchily and Giles interrupted with:

"Fine, fine. Excellent. Just, please, play nice for five minutes. My eggs are burning."

Spike rolled his eyes as the Watcher left and then he turned them in Buffy's once more.

"Do you have any idea how sodding frustrating it is for me to sit here doing bloody nothing all day long? The least I could ask would be to eat my bloody food in peace, " he complained and she cocked an eyebrow.

"Sorry, not much for the understanding this morning," she answered, reaching out the mug to him again and he quickly got the straw between his lips and began to drink in loud slurps. "Besides, you don't do 'nothing' all day - you do ABSOLUTELY nothing all day. You're just a big slug in a tub," she added and he pulled his hands up to try and get to her, the chains restricting him, though she had to get to her feet to get completely out of his reach.

"God," he whined, relaxing and resting his head back. "I can't bloody stand the sight of you. I'm not even hungry anymore!"

"You just finished a whole mug of...ugh, blood," she remarked dryly. "Surprise - you're not hungry. While I, however, was just about to sit down to a nice home-cooked breakfast and you're lack of need for silverware when you eat has made me feel ill. Thanks for that."

"Oh, no need to thank me. I love to make you feel ill," he shot and she took a step closer as Giles came back into the room.

"Watch it," Buffy warned with a meaningful glare down at the vampire who returned it with one equally brimming with hatred. "One of these days you'll catch me in a really bad mood and then I won't go easy on you. No matter how helpless you are," she added and his face grew even harder at that.

"PMS much?!" he called after her as she left the room and she came storming back in, proceeding up to him and hitting him hard over the jaw.

"Watch it," she repeated, voice low as she leaned in over him and he had to bend his head back to be able to meet her gaze.

"Ohh," he replied sarcastically. "I'm scared now, SLAYER."

"Giles," Buffy said, "bring me a stake and you'll be able to have the bathroom all to yourself again."

"I DARE you to do it," the vampire stated.

"Buffy," Giles warned, feeling the hostility between the two and fearing she might go too far.

"Thing that sucks," she now stated, eyes still in Spike's and she added: "I'm the good guy. And after all: you are bound, defenseless, helpless...pathetic, even. Wouldn't be what I call a very fair slay."

He bit his jaws together harshly.

"I really hate you," he stated and she moved her head slightly closer before she replied:

"Not even close to how much I hate you."

"And so another glorious morning on the Hellmouth begins," Giles sighed, taking off his glasses and polishing them as he added: "How perfectly wonderful."