Tristan's Biggest Mistake. You can read on to find out just what Tristan's biggest mistake was. Funny for all who think Tristan is an absolute fool. If you do like him, you have my permission to stop reading right now. As for flames, I could care less. Just keep the reviews coming! Plus: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!

The group sat under a tall oak tree on the Domino High school campus, eating their lunches. Joey and Tristan were talking mindlessly about who knows what, and Tea was gazing over at Yami (or where he would be if she could actually see him.) He was doing nothing in particular, just eating and chatting with Yugi. Seeing Yami and Yugi converse when Yami had left Yugi's body was very strange. It got Yugi some seriously odd looks, because he was the only who could see Yami in spirit form.

Serenity sat, surfing the web on her brand new laptop. She found the KaibaCorp homepage. She grinned at the huge picture of a blue eyes. She knew who had created this site. boasted the ability to access the stats of any duelist alive. She didn't doubt it. She clicked on that link and typed in 'Wheeler, Joseph' she smirked at the rating he had gotten. One out of five stars. Sad. Very, very, sad. At that exact moment, Joey looked over her shoulder. 'If he could just have done that one nanosecond later,' she thought, wincing. Her fears weren't in vain to say the least. Joey was having an overload. A serious one. Here's a censored clip of his dialogue:

"That sleazy freak! I ought to **** his stupid *****!" Fuming and muttering of 'language' under breath. "How could he ***** me like that!" More muttering of curses.

"Joey, calm down and don't talk about people like that. You're creating a scene." Serenity said firmly, but calmly, as if it happened all the time. She laid her hands on his quivering shoulders.

"Serenity, but this isn't just a regular person, this is Kaiba!" Joey said Kaiba as if it were a curse. Well, the way an ordinary person would say a curse. Joey dished curses out nonchalantly 24/7. He had just proven this.

"Joey, like I said before, that isn't the way to talk about people," Serenity said adamantly.

"Why stick up for Kaiba? You almost sound defensive," Joey commented with a sneer that was almost Kaiba-esque.

"Well, I'm sure there's nothing more between Kaiba and Serenity than meets the eye," Tristan cut in, obviously trying to reassure himself as much as everyone else.

"Right," Joey replied. "And Serenity, do you have anything more to add to this little 'discussion', Joey asked, making little apostrophes with his fingers upon the word 'discussion'. For someone who despised Kaiba as much as he did, he sure was acting like him. Serenity shook her head defiantly. She looked almost like a sulking three- year-old, having been caught doing something wrong. And with that final note, the bell rang, and they all walked inside with some very interesting ideas.

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