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"Truth or dare?" Seto said, giving her a look.

"Yes. Don't tell me you've never played before," Mai said, rolling her eyes.

"I haven't. But I have seen it played," he said.

"Good. Now, we need to decide on some rules-" a huge boom of thunder and a crack of lightning cut her off. Suddenly, all the lights in the estate flickered and went out. Unfortunately there were no windows in the informal living room. The whole room became an uproar, as everybody scrambled around blindly, looking for a light of some sort.



"Joey, that's my arm!"


Finally, Seto found the chest of drawers and conveniently pulled out a flashlight. He shined it around the room. Everybody managed to untangle themselves somehow, and sat in a circle on the floor.

"Somebody needs to fix the generator," observed Mokuba.

"I agree," replied Seto.

"How about Joey and Tristan?" suggested Mai.

"I have no idea how to fix a generator!" Joey burst out.

"C'mon, it can't be that hard. Between the two of you I'm sure you'll figure it out," Mai said, practically shoving them out of the room.

After they left to go to the basement, Seto spoke up.

"I know that you got rid of them for a reason, but I'm not sure if I want to know why."

"Oh, you'll see," Mai assured him. "Anyway, here's the only rule: no chickens."

"Chickens?" Mokuba said, giving her an odd look.

"Right. In most games, each player is given a certain amount of chickens. You can decline a dare or truth once for each chicken. But this game there will be no chickens. You are obligated to do whatever you're dared. Get it?" Mai asked. The all nodded, rather speechless.

After this, they went through all the mundane dare and truths. You know, 'Who was your first crush?', 'What's your deepest secret', and all the other first grade truths that one could easily lie about. The dares went down pretty much the same road. The only interesting one was very unpleasant. You see, Bakura asked Tea truth or dare, and she agreed to dare. Very unfortunately, his Yami took over at that very moment. Yeah, you get the picture. It involved, well, we just won't go into detail, shall we?

"Okay, this has been too boring. Let's get the party started," Mai said. This earned her a very indignant look from Tea, but she ignored it. Mokuba whispered something in her ear, and she smiled and nodded.

"Seto," she started. "I dare you to kiss Serenity." He looked a little afraid at first, but finally sighed, knowing it could have been much worse.

"You don't understand. French kiss," Mai grinned, giving Mokuba a thumbs up.

"French kiss," Seto repeated, looking pale as a sheet. Actually, his face was nothing compared to Serenity's.

"Yes, French. And we haven't got all day. Joey and Tristan should be back soon," she said, looking at her watch.

"If I have to, I will," he said. "But only because the lights are off." Taking a deep breath, he stepped over to where Serenity sat. Leaning towards her, their lips touched. Right as they started to kiss, all the lights in the entire mansion came on.

Mai laughed and Mokuba cheered. Looking up, Seto realized what had happened. He pulled away as quickly as possible, but not before everyone in the room had seen them. They both turned the deepest shade of magenta, and sat back down at their spots.

Just as the chaos calmed down a little, Joey and Tristan walked into the room.

"Hey! We fixed the generator!" Joey shouted. Mai snickered. He surveyed the room with an odd look.

"What did we miss?" he asked. It was Mokuba that replied.

"Oh, nothing."

So in the end, everything turned out fine. Serenity had her first kiss, and Joey just might have gotten a new perspective. Seto had a girlfriend, and Mokuba had new blackmail. And it was all because of Tristan's Biggest Mistake.

The End


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