Her dreams are fuzzy, but when she wakes up and sees reality's worse Alecto wants nothing but to go back to the endless stream of inevitable blurs inside her mind.

She recognizes some of the figures in her dreams as her mother and father, and her brother makes some appearances there, too. Alecto mostly sees him inside her nightmares, when the fear of waking up is greater than the fear of staying asleep in spite of the cold and the shudders and the paralysis that don't let her scream for help.

Things changes when she begins to sleep with Fenrir. He's a beast and never tries to hide it, but that makes it better because she's sure he will protect her.

He curls up by the fire when the full moon is near, and Alecto has the bed for herself. At first, she stretches over the covers and buries her face in the pillows, trying to fall asleep on her own. She can't, because as soon as her eyes are closed and she begins to slip into the dreamlands she's found by the same night terrors that haunt her since she was a child.

"Don't make me get up, witch," Fenrir growls from the floor, and Alecto can't hide her relieved smile. "Come over here. And bring a pillow because I won't fucking let you use me as one!"

Alecto smiles and forgets what is proper and what it isn't.

"Good night, Fenrir," she calls from behind him and begins to fall asleep, lulled by the sound of his breathing and his heartbeat and the crackling fire.

Fenrir huffs and Alecto can't hear him because she's already sleep, but he turns to the other side and pulls her closer to him.

"Good night, witch."