Chapter 1: Apocalypse Reborn

The Avengers

Captain America (Steve Rodgers) – Sentinel of Liberty

Thor (Jane Foster)– Goddess of Thunder

Hulk (Amadeus Cho)– Strongest There Is

Hawkeye (Clint Barton) – Unerring Marksman

Antman (Scott Lang) – Size Changing Superhero

Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) – Mutant Speedster

The Human Torch (Johnny Storm) – Fantastic Adventurer

Nova (Richard Rider) – Protector of the Universe

Smasher (Isabel Kane) – Superguardian Elite

Prologue: The fall of the Horseman

Blam! A bullet shoots through the screen. We zoom out and see that we are in the lobby of an expensive Wall Street bank. And this bank is being robbed. The culprit strides into the bank flanked by two gun wielding thugs wearing black outfits with skull masks. Their leader is the Grim Reaper, one of the four horseman of death.

Grim Reaper: All right here's how this is gonna go. I want all the money this bank has. Any resistance and I start killing. Got it?

No one says a word.

The reaper gestures to his mooks who move towards the back of the bank. But suddenly the Reaper spasms and staggers.

Mook: Boss you alright?

Grim Reaper: It's nothing, get back to, ARRRGGGHHHHHHH!

Black lightning zaps the Reaper frying him and he falls to the ground, dead once more.

Shift scene. Dublin, Ireland. We are in a deserted main square at midnight, a beautiful young woman is waiting under a light, this is Siryn daughter of the X-man Banshee. She looks around and then back down to the note in her hands that reads "The old drinking spot, meet me outside. Love Dad".

Siryn: Ok here I am, this better not be a sick joke.

Voice: Terresa.

She spins around to the voice, eyes wide in shock and sees a surprise in front of her, it's her father the former X man and current Horseman of Death Banshee.

Siryn: DADDY!

She throws her arms around him.

Siryn: I thought you were dead!

He smiles at her.

Banshee: I was, but the Apocalypse twins they…bought me back.

She looks at him and steps back.

Siryn: I heard but…I dinna want to believe.

He hangs his head in shame.

Banshee: It was all true lass, all o it. I'm a monster now, not yeh father. Not anymore.

Siryn: Then why did you meet me here?

Banshee: Somethin' changed, I can feel it, what bought me back is getting weaker. And then I asked meself if I had one day left on this Earth what would I to do with it?

Siryn: Dad what ye talkin about? We can go to the X-Men they can-

Banshee: It's too late for me Terresa, I just wanted to-

He cuts off and falls to the ground as black lightning sparks around him, Banshee dies content having seen his daughter one last time.

Shift scene. SHIELD base Dagger. Officers quarters. A woman is naked in bed.

Woman: Wow, just wow.

The man she is talking to turns, it's Daken the son of Wolverine.

Daken: I've had better. But few with access to as many secrets as you do. Isn't that right?

Woman: Oh yeah and they are all yours my love.

Daken: Heh to eas-AAHHHH!

The lightning sparks around him and he falls to the ground. The woman blinks his phenome control having worn off.

Woman: What? Where am I? And who are you?

Prologue Ends

Shift scene. We are in nothingness.

Voice: En Sabah Nur, rise.

Energy builds up in a bright blue glow, first as a sphere which slowly shifs into a man shape. Then the glow fades and reveals En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse. He is not wearing his armour and is thin and weak.

Apocalypse: I…..I am alive?

Celestial: Because all else has failed. The last Deaths deviated from their destined paths and fell because of it. There is no else to see The Celestial Order's rise on Earth. And so we have resurrected you, our most successful agent. You will serve Celestial Will.

Apocalypse: I was your partner. Not your agent. It would be wise to know the difference.

Celestial: That was before you failed. Now you have been resurrected by our will. Whatever you were before is irrelevant. Now you are ours. Do you understand?

Apocalypse: You dare to command me?

Celestial: Yes. But only for you to do what you do. Bring Earth to your will and into the next stage of evolution. Force your message on them. Only the strong may survive. You failed this doctrine but we are allowing you a new chance. You will find yourself stronger then you were before we have imbued you with new abilities. Do not fail this time.

Apocalypse is returned to one of his Akkaba bases. It is empty and covered in dust.

Apocalypse: I did fail…. This time must be different.

Shift scene. Space. Earth orbit. Floating in space is a figure glad in a large suit of armour. Genocide, the son of Apocalypse.

It has been months since he was left here, months since the Apocalypse Twins cast him into the void. They could not kill him and the void could not finish him.

He has passed his time by counting stars and praying for rescue. Today his prayers are realised.

A ship appears next to him, a door opens on it and he's pulled inside.

Inside he looks around, the ship is Apocalypses and he sees the Celestial stylings.

Genocide: This ship is Celestial…. Back to finish the job Emin? Still afraid of the true heir of Apocalypse?

The hatch opens and Apocalypse now clad in his armour is waiting on the other side. He looks healthier now although he is still not fully healed.

Apocalypse: A title you have not yet earned.

Genocide lands on the landing ramp and kneels before his father.

Genocide: Father! You're alive?

Apocalypse: Yes. The Celestials have resurrected me. They knew no one else could truly succeed me.

Genocide: I tried but I-

Apocalypse: Failed. There is no other way to state it boy, you failed to succeed me. You are a disappointment. But I am a gracious father, I can see your potential and I can see you may be of some use to me.

Genocide: Yes father, I can! I mean I will!

Apocalypse: Then rise. Rise as my heir until I find someone more worthy. Rise as my horseman Death.

Shift scene.

Attilan. The Inhuman city floats kilometres above the ground. Inside it and waiting in a wing of the royal palace is Quicksilver. He walks up to an Inhuman guard.

Quicksilver: I have been waiting for too long, this is unacceptable.

Inhuman: Be grateful that lady Luna has agreed to see you at all human.

The Human Torch enters the room he sees Pietro and walks up to him.

Human Torch: Hey Pietro! What are you doing here?

Quicksilver: I am here to see my daughter and this one (points at the guard) insists on keeping me waiting.

Human Torch: I just saw Luna, she's getting ready but it takes time, you know how girls are.

Quicksilver: Ah yes, I forgot you now have full domain over the royal palace, the perks of being Queen Medusa's toyboy.

Human Torch frowns.

Human Torch: Are we gonna have a problem Pietro? I'm trying to be friendly here!

Quicksilver: I…..forgive me, I am…nervous. And my speed does not make waiting pleasurable. I just need things to happen, standing still is-

BOOM! A huge blast rocks the city, both Human Torch and Quicksilver are thrown to the ground.

Quicksilver: What was that?

Human Torch: You just had to ask for something to happen didn't you?!

The Celestial ship of Apocalypse hovers over the city, it fires shots at the city knocking down buildings. A ramp lowers and Apocalypse steps out and looks over the city.

Apocalypse: It is good to conquer again. Horseman! Prepare for battle! War! Deal with their defences!

And War steps out behind his master revealing himself as The Juggernaut! He is wearing a new suit of armour that fully covers him. Juggernaut leaps out the ship and smashes into Attilan landing on and destroying an anti-air implacement. Inhumans led by Gorgon charge at him.

Gorgon: Stop him! For Attilan!

War charges into the Inhumans knocking them aside with ease.

Shift scene. Flashback, Cain Marko is living the quiet life in a small mountain cabin in the Alaskan wilds. He is trying to build an extension to his house but he hits a nail too hard, and it collapses. He clenches his fists in anger.

Voice: Crush…destroy…it is what you are made for.

But Cain closes his eyes and the voice fades. The power of the Juggernaut is repressed and at bay.

Apocalypse: How can you do this? Deny such power? Such weakness is beneath you Juggernaut.

Apocalypse walks up to the hut with Death (Genocide) at his side.

Cain: Apocalypse. I heard you were dead. Walk away or I'll make it stick this time.

Genocide bristles at this and points his gun arm at Juggernaut.

Genocide: You dare threaten Apocalypse?! I'll-

Apocalypse forces his sons hand down.

Apocalypse: Do nothing without my leave boy. Be silent.

He turns back to Juggernaut.

Juggernaut: I am not here to fight Juggernaut. Only talk.

Cain: My name is Cain. And I don't want to hear anything you have to say.

Apocalypse: I am going to make a new world. And to do so I need someone to tear the old one down for me, someone unstoppable, someone relentless, someone who can rage War. And for that I need you, I need the power of the Juggernaut. The one being who is truly unstoppable.

Cain: I said I'm not interested, now back off!

He squares up to Apocalypse, even though he is not the Juggernaut he is nearly as big as Apocalypse.

Apocalypse: I am not talking to you. Have you heard me Cyttorak?

An abyss of red energy opens up on the other side is a crimson lattice constantly changing in form.

Cyttorak: I have. And I find your offer acceptable.

Tendrils of crimson power shoot out of the portal and into Cain, piercing his flesh. From the wounds the Juggernaut suit begins to spread over Cain.

Cain: No! Stop! Get offa me!

Cyttorak: For too long you have denied my gifts mortal, I would pass them onto others but you are more suited to them than any other, and so I must take matters into my own hands. I will pass my champion onto you En Sabah Nuh, he is yours to command. But I expect this power to be used, I expect destruction. I expect carnage. And should you stop, should the power of the Juggernaut stop being used as it should be there will be a reckoning.

The abyss fades and Juggernaut clad in the new suit of armour kneels before Apocalypse.

Shift scene. In Attilan Juggernaut tears through the cities defences. Turrets are thrown hundreds of feet into the air. Gorgon leaps at Juggernaut with a flying kick.

Gorgon: You dare come here like this? I'll kill you for threatening my people!

The attack does nothing, Gorgon bounces of War who stares at him for a moment, then he punches Gorgon half way across the city!

Death leaps from the ship and lands next to War. He fires blasts that incinerate Inhuman combatants and civilians alike. Apocalypse strolls behind them, he does not get involved with the battle, combat is beneath him.

Another large group of Inhuman warriors charge at them but Apocalypse gestures to War and Death.

Apocalypse: Hold. Pestilence, it is time for you to prove your strength.

Acid flies down from above that burns the Inhumans to the bone.

Apocalypse: Hmm, it seems sparing you was the right decision.

Pestilence descends and it's Emin, the female member of the Apocalypse Twins.

Pestilence: It pleases me to please you master.

Shift scene. An underground hideout. The Apocalypse Twins are sat around a table eating out of cans, their armour is damaged and unclean and they are both tired and weak as they have been on the run for a while now.

Emin: Pay attention Uriel, we have to find another way.

Uriel: What is the point sister? We failed, Kang out played us, The Avengers destroyed our ship and even our horseman deserted us. We have no plan, no power. All we can do is stay ahead of our enemies.

CRASH! The wall of the hideout is torn away by War. Apocalypse steps through and stares with contempt at the Twins.

Apocalypse: After I returned, I caught up on what had transpired in my absence. I was disappointed that Worthington squandered his potential but by comparison you two make him look like a true successor.

Uriel: How? How are you alive?!

Apocalypse: I am Apocalypse. The true Apocalypse. Death is not as strong as I. And neither are you two, you had potential, two working in synergy could have been stronger than one, and the time tech of Rama Tut would be an asset, and I must admit I even approved of your choice of horseman. But then you lost it all and you proved that you are merely sheep, masquerading as wolves.

Emin: We are more than that! Your time has passed En Sabah Nuh! We are the true Apocalypses!

She extends her wings and fires her acid at him, it hits Apocalypse and causes a slight burn on his face. He touches the burn and smiles.

Apocalypse: Strong. But not enough.

Juggernaut charges them, Emins acid does nothing and Juggernaut picks them both up with one hand and slams them into the floor, he then holds the defeated twins in front of Apocalypse.

Apocalypse: But I may have use for you. Emin, you will serve me as Pestilence.

Emin: Never.

Apocalypse: I am not asking.

His eyes glow and after a moment Emin's do as well. She kneels before him.

Emin: I am Pestilence, I serve Apocalypse and no other.

Apocalypse: But you Uriel, you did not even attempt to fight me as your sister did. You are weak and unworthy of life. Death, you may avenge your prior failures.

War throws Uriel in the air and a huge blast of energy incinerates Uriel leaving only a skeleton behind. Emin doesn't even flinch, she remains kneeling next to Apocalypse.

Uriel: AAAHHH!

Death, standing by the wall hole lowers his gun arm.

Death: Thank you father, I will not fail you again.

Apocalypse: See that you do not.

Back in Attilan. Apocalypse walks towards the gates of the royal palace. War tears it off its hinges and he and the other horseman move through. Apocalypse follows only to be kicked in the face by Karnak!

The blow doesn't even phase him but Karnak stands firm blocking his path. Apocalypse waves his other horseman away.

Karnak: I know you. Apocalypse. Why are you here mutant? Attilan offers nothing but death for your kind.

Apocalypse: There must be death, before one can be reborn. Now come Inhuman, it has been too long since I have had blood on my hands.

Karnak charges but his blows bounce of Apocalypse, who simply backhands him into a wall.

Apocalypse: My armour is impenetrable. Your best blows are nothing to me.

Karnak: And yet I sense a weakness, you.

Apocalypse enlarges his hands and slams his fists down on Karnak finishing the Inhuman.

Apocalypse: That will soon change.

The other Inhuman's are being overwhelmed by the Horseman, War claps his hands together creating a shockwave which snuffs out the flames of Crystal and Inferno and knocks them out. Death fires a large blast from his gun arm which takes out Triton and Lockjaw. Medusa has her hair wrapped around Pestilence but with a swing of her sharp wings, Pestilence slashes of the hair and then punches Medusa out.

Apocalypse walks into the royal palace with his horseman following and then stops, holding his hand up. The Horseman wait behind him.

Death: Why have we stopped?

Apocalypse: We are waiting.

Death: For what?

Apocalypse: For silence. For even when in exile, kings will always return to defend their kingdom.

Black Bolt slams into the ground in front of them, he glares at them, no words are needed.

Outside the palace Quicksilver runs and Human Torch flies towards the palace, they look at the devastation. Quicksilver checks a fallen Inhuman for a pulse and finds nothing.

Human Torch: Who could have done this?

Quicksilver: Someone who will regret it.

The entire city shakes and they stop.

Quicksilver: What could…..?

Human Torch: It's Black Bolt. We have to help him!

Quicksilver: Then keep up!

They speed towards the palace.

Back in the palace, Black Bolt is slammed into a palace wall. A blast from Death and Pestilence fires into him but Black Bolt stands firm staggering through the blast towards them. Then War slams his fists down on Black Bolt knocking the former king out. Apocalypse smiles at them.

Apocalypse: You have done well my horseman. And now for my prize, my evolution.

He walks into the Terrigen mist chambers and grabs a crystal.

Death: Father stop! That stuff is fatal to mutants you must not-

Apocalypse: I must be the strongest. To become stronger one must evolve. This is how. Should I perish it will be by my own code. For only the strong will survive.

Quicksilver and the Torch arrive.

Torch: Oh God! Juggernaut, some big skeleton man and oh no…. what is he doing?!

Quicksilver speeds towards Apocalypse but is too late, Apocalypse stabs the crystal into his chest and there is an explosion! The palace collapses and Quicksilver and Torch are blown away!

The dust clears and standing strong is Apocalypse changed by the Terrigen mists. He is taller, broader and is more vital than ever before. His armour is thinner and less bulky and is more of a second skin then suit of armour.


The Inhuman army battered but still fighting move towards him and the horseman.

Apocalypse stares at them and then his eyes glow.

Apocalypse: Inhumans. Kneel.

And they all do, they cannot resist.

He turns his gaze on Quicksilver.

Apocalypse: Mutant. Kneel.

But Quicksilver speeds at him, and hits him a thousand times in seconds!

Quicksilver: I think faster than you! Your mind control won't work on me!

Apocalypse releases a blast of energy from himself sending the speedster flying away!

Apocalypse: And do you think that matters?

Quicksilver gets up and gets ready to try again but Torch grabs him.

Torch: We can't win this, we have to-AHH!

War grabs him and slams him into the ground.

Torch: Pietro go! Warn the others!

Quicksilver: I'm not going to leave you!

Torch: GO!

Quicksilver reluctantly speeds away.

Torch: All right you sons of bitches, lets go nova!

He heats up and blasts them with everything he has, but Apocalypse simply forms his arm in a shield that engulfs the Torch and snuffs out the flame! He walks over to the defeated and unconscious super hero.

Apocalypse: Before today that attack may have killed me. You will be useful to me. As Famine.

Shift scene. Avengers Tower. A Tv screen shows the Celestial ship fire a blast of energy into Attilan and the city falls into the ground! The once proud city has fallen. Apocalypse stands before the wreckage while his horseman minus Famine hold camera men hostage.

Apocalypse: The Inhuman city of Attlian has stood for thousands of years. I tore it out of the sky in less than an hour. I will do this to the rest of the world, I will tear down all you have built and from the ashes of your world I will build a new one. A world where only the strong survive. The Age of Apocalypse has begun!

The broadcast ends and inside Avengers Tower the Avengers were watching: Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Antman, Smasher, Nova and Quicksilver.

Captain America: Alright then… Avengers Assemble.

To be continued.