Captain Jenna McFarland watched as her new ship, the U.S.S. Possibility appeared on the viewscreen. Her mission was to explore the Andromeda galaxy after the Archeins had finally allowed the federation to go through their space. She arrived on the bridge and saw her new bridge crew: 1st officer/diplomatic officer Caecus, chief medical officer Silan, science officer Jhuvoz, navigator Soelen, security officer Rodek, and chief engineer Kristen Laws.

The U.S.S. Possibility was a new portal-class starship. The portal-class was designed to be easily changed to adapt to Andromeda. It could travel between galaxies without taking as much damage as other ships. It had 2 nacelles and a massive sensor array.

The docking tube went into the ship. The inspection drones went back to the station. The Possibility was given clearance to launch. The ship flew away from deep space 24. The nacelles lit up and the Possibility went to warp, boldly going where no federation ship has gone before.