"Good morning, Elodie. I know how upset you've been recently, so I hope some good news might cheer you up," King Joslyn announced as he cracked open the door to Elodie's room, an elegant space filled with the finest furniture and wallpaper.

Elodie was lying in her bed, sniffling with a few wet drops running down her face. "W-what is it daddy?"

"Your cousins and aunt and uncle are coming to the castle to visit for a few weeks. I was hoping they might be able to help you out during this difficult time."

Elodie sat up on her bed and managed a little smile, then sniffled, "Th-thanks daddy. It's not just me that needs help though. What about you?"

"Oh, well your uncle Laurent and I have had some good times in the past, and I'm hoping him and your aunt Lucille can take my mind off of the tragic events of the past few weeks."

"Daddy, will we ever see mom again?"

"Maybe one day, my little princess, maybe one day."

In the afternoon, Elodie's cousins Charlotte, Emry, and Zahra, along with their parents Laurent and Lucille, arrived at the Novan Castle entrance. Elodie and Joslyn were waiting there for their arrival.

The gate to the castle opened, and immediately, Charlotte exclaimed, "Hi 'Lodie! I haven't seen you in forever!" as she almost sprinted towards Elodie. As Charlotte ran, Elodie couldn't help but notice how nice Charlotte's chest looked, which was now bouncing up and down in her tight purple blouse.

"Hi Lottie!" Elodie responded, "It's been too long." As Elodie tried to start a conversation with Charlotte, her aunt interjected-

"Charlotte, dear, you can talk to Elodie later. For now let's get you settled in your room. I'm sure Elodie has a lot of queenly things to do, isn't that right Elodie?" Lucille asked with a sort of sarcasm.

"No, not at the moment. I can help Charlotte unpack."

"That's a nice offer, but we can handle it. Run along now, princess."

"I guess we'll talk later then, 'Lodieā€¦" Charlotte said as Lucille demanded that one of the maids show them to their rooms. As the family was walking off to their rooms, Elodie's hormones once again kicked in as her eyes wandered towards under Charlotte's skirt. She couldn't help but notice how nice and curvy her almost-exposed ass was.

"Woah, that was strange. What's wrong with aunt Lucille?" Elodie questioned.

"Perhaps your mother's death has affected her more than I though. I don't know what else could be bothering her," Joslyn responded, "I think it's best if we give her family a bit of privacy until they're ready to talk."

"Ok, that's probably best," Elodie said. Elodie then went to her afternoon class, and the day turned to evening.

Elodie was sitting in her bed, waiting in her room to be called for dinner. She was laying on her bed, thinking of Charlotte. "I've never felt this way about a girl... is it wrong of me? Lottie, I never knew you were so attractive..." Elodie mumbled to herself. Her delicate hand slowly lowered to her lap. Her fingers started to invade her boarding school skirt, and then her laced underwear. 'Oh Charlotte, your ass is so perfect!' Elodie thought to herself as she started to touch herself in her perfect pussy. She pushed her index and middle fingers into her wet hole and started to go in and out. "Oh my Good Lady, Charlotte is so hot!" Elodie whispered loudly to herself. Just thinking about Charlotte made Elodie horny. As Elodie got closer and closer to her climax while thinking of Charlotte and her bulging curves, there was a knock at Elodie's door.

"Excuse me, princess, but dinner's ready!" Elodie's head maid, Alice, exclaimed through the door.

Elodie pulled her hand out of her pants and responded, "Alright, I'll be there in a second! Please tell Charlotte and her family as well."

"As you wish, my princess," Alice stated. Elodie walked down to dinner, where her father was already waiting at the head of the table.

"Hi Elodie, I'm sure you'll like this meal, I had it made especially for you by our chefs, knowing how sad you are," Joslyn said with a grin on his face.

"Ooh, what is it?" Elodie asked as she sat down at the chair to the left of her father.

"Roasted calamari with strawberry jam-filled english muffins and chocolate covered-strawberries, your favorites."

"Delightful, thanks daddy!" Elodie exclaimed happily. Just then, Charlotte and her family walked into the dining room and sat at the large dining room table. Charlotte sat down next to Elodie, and her siblings Emry and Zahra sat down to the left of Charlotte. Laurent sat to the right of Joslyn, but then Lucille whispered into Laurent's ear and he moved down a seat, and Lucille sat next to him.

Elodie thought to herself, 'That was strange, why did Laurent move away from dad?'

As Elodie finished this though, Charlotte questioned excitedly, "Hi Elodie, how's your day been? What have you been up to?"

"I've uh.. Just been thinking of how much fun having you and your family around for a few weeks is gonna be!" Elodie responded.

Lucille then interjected, "Oh Elodie darling, I'm not sure we'll be able to stay as long as we thought we could. We may be leaving in a few day's time, it just depends on when Merva needs us, isn't that right Laurent?"

"Um... Oh yes! Merva's been very busy these days, always some responsibility us nobles have to take of there."

"Oh... I guess I understand, being princess and all. Taking care of the needs of the people can be difficult," Elodie stated.

Elodie then heard Lucille mumble something under her breath. All of what Lucille has been doing during her stay at the castle started to make Elodie incredibly angry.

"Excuse me Lucille, but what was that?" Elodie confronted.

"Whatever are you talking about dear?" Lucille asked, clearly knowing what she had done.

"You know what I'm talking about, Lucille. Is there a problem being here? Maybe you should just leave."

"Elodie, I don't know what you're talking about. Please explain, princess."

"The mumbling under your breath you just did, asking uncle Laurent to not sit next to my father, and being rude to me right when you entered the castle!"

Lucille's face turned to a frown. "I-I just miss my sister-in-law so much," Lucille started to sob a little, "I'm sorry Elodie, but I need to excuse myself," Lucille then got up and left the room.

"Elodie, you need to learn to compose yourself!" Joslyn exclaimed.

"I'm sorry father..." Elodie squeaked.

"I'll go talk to Lucille, you guys should just eat without us," Laurent said. He then got up and left the room.

Shortly after, a few maids and butlers entered the dining room from the kitchens with the night's meal.

"Thank you Lucid, it looks delicious. Tell Charles he did an exquisite job," Joslyn said to the butler holding the tray of calamari.

"Calamari? Delicious!" Charlotte exclaimed, "You have good tastes, 'Lodie!"

Elodie blushed, "Thanks Lottie, you do too!" They both took their first bites of the succulent octopus meat.

"Does everyone enjoy the meal?" Joslyn asked the others at the table.

"Definitely! Thanks daddy!" Elodie responded.

"Yes, I do too!" Charlotte said happily.

"Yea, it's good!" Emry replied.

"Best calamari ever." Zahra chimed.

"Do any of you know what business is happening in Merva that's troubling your parents?" Joslyn asked. Charlotte slowly put her head down when this question was asked.

"Charlotte, what's wrong?" Elodie asked.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all! These are some good english muffins, aren't they?" Charlotte said panickingly.

"Hey Charlotte, do you wanna go out in the gardens and talk after dinner?" Elodie asked.

"Yea, sure. We haven't really had time to hang out yet."

"Father, may we be excused?" Elodie asked.

Joslyn laughed, then said, "You're soon to be queen, you can excuse yourself whenever you need to."

"Ok, thanks!" Elodie responded. Her and Charlotte then left the dining room and walked out to the castle gardens, which were next to Elodie's room.

Both of the girls sat down on the grass, noticing how peaceful and serene it was outside that night. There was a minor breeze, the stars shined bright, and the full moon was beaming. "Hey Charlotte, what's happening with your parents? Are you okay?" Elodie asked sympathetically.

"Elodie, I-I overheard them in our castle one day..." Charlotte murmured, then she burst into tears. Elodie got closer to Charlotte and hugged her.

"It's okay, Lottie. You don't have to tell me anything if it makes you uncomfortable. Don't worry, I'm here for you. You can cry as long as you need to."

"Thanks 'Lodie," Charlotte said as she once again cried out. A few seconds later she said, "You're so much nicer than anyone else I know, did you know that 'Lodie?"

"Aren't your parents nice to you?" Charlotte's waterworks again went off after being reminded of her parents.

"Shhhh, it's ok Lottie, I'm here for you."

"No it's not. I have to tell you this, 'Lodie. I might just cry a few times as I do."

"Okay. Just do what you're comfortable with."

"I overheard my mom telling my dad about... a plot," Charlotte teared up for a few seconds after saying this, but then continued, "After your mother passed, mine came up with a plan to..." at this Charlotte started bawling.

"Oh Lottie, please don't cry."

"She wants to kill you and take the throne! My mother is an evil witch!" Charlotte continued to cry.

Elodie paused. She was completely shocked. This would explain how Lucille was acting. "Charlotte, what does your dad think about this?" Elodie questioned.

"He told her not to even think of doing something so terrible. But she did... something to him, I'm not sure what, and he just didn't care anymore. He didn't care if she did it or not. I think my mom is a... lumen."

"A lumen? Why do you think that?" Elodie questioned.

"Because... I... have these powers..." Charlotte said hesitantly.

"What sort of powers?" Just then, a snake came out of one of the flower bushes, and was poised to strike at Charlotte.

"EEEEK! A SNAKE!" Charlotte screamed. It then jumped, but right as it did, Elodie moved in it's way, and the snake sunk it's fangs into Elodie's leg.

"OWWW!" Elodie yelled. The snake then slithered away before either of the girls could catch it.

"'Lodie!" Charlotte exclaimed as she pulled out her hands and put them on the bite mark on Elodie's leg. There was a faint green glow around Charlotte's hands as the wound slowly closed.

"Those... those are my powers." Charlotte admitted.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"I don't know, I can just do it. Promise not to tell anyone?"

"Yes, I promise. You can trust me, Charlotte. But if your mom really is a lumen, and used her magic to convince your dad to go along with this plan..."

Charlotte interrupted, "Then she's committing treason against the crown, I know. But I don't want my mommy to get... executed," Charlotte then again started to cry.

"Oh Lottie, I won't do that to her if you don't think I should. But if she succeeds, she'll kill me..."

"Why is this happening? Why is mom such an evil bitch!?" Charlotte yelled angrily.

"Shh, Lottie. Someone might hear. I have no choice but to put her in the castle dungeons, if I don't, my life, not to mention all of Nova, is at risk."

"I-I know, 'Lodie. Just let me get proof of her plans, and I'll give it to you as soon as possible, then we can throw her in the dungeon. I know my dad would never do this, he's just under her spell."

"Ok, that's a good plan. Are you okay, Lottie?"

"I'm just sad that my mom would ever want to do this."

"Power corrupts, that's why I'm afraid to become queen. What if I become that evil?"

"Oh Elodie, you could never do that to anyone. Never forget that."

"Hey Charlotte, do you... have a boyfriend, back in Merva?"

"No, why do you ask?"

This was Elodie's chance to tell Charlotte how she really felt about her. She was incredibly nervous. Elodie thought to herself, 'What if she doesn't even like girls? What if she loses all respect for me when I tell her? But if I don't, and they leave... I'll regret it forever.'

"Charlotte... I think I love you. And not just as a cousin, but as a... a lover."

Charlotte's face froze for a minute. She then responded with, "Oh. Elodie, you don't know how what you just said makes me feel. Because... I've been having the same feelings towards you. I love you too, Elodie."

Hearing this, Elodie's face lit up. She then put her hand on Charlotte's, who's was playing with the grass in the garden. Elodie then leaned in to Charlotte's cute yet attractive face, and kissed her. The world seemed to freeze for the two of them. The wind lightly blew Elodie's pink curls and Charlotte's long, purple hair as the moon shined down on them both.

Charlotte said, "That was..."

"Lovely," Elodie interjected. Charlotte let out a little giggle.

"'Lodie, there's no way this could work. I live all the way in Merva, and you're gonna be queen. If anyone finds out that you like a girl..."

"So what? I'll be the queen, so I'll give the orders. Everyone else will just have to deal with it. What's the issue with a girl liking other girls anyways? And we can send letters to each other, and you can come over more often than you have been-"

"But how can I? If my mother's going to be in the dungeons, my dad will be too depressed to take care of Emry and Zahra while I come to the castle. Not to mention the fact that if my mother went to the dungeons, and her daughter was dating the queen that she tried to kill, that would be a two-way scandal! The other nobles might rebel after hearing about it..."

Elodie pondered on this. She cared so deeply for Charlotte, she couldn't not be in a relationship with her. But how would it possibly work?

"Maybe we shouldn't put your mom in the dungeon... yet."

"What? But then you're life's in danger!"

"Not if you can be one step ahead of her in Merva. Stop her plots to end my life, and I'll be more careful here. And then, when I become queen, we can throw her in prison and reveal our relationship. No one will be able to argue against my relationship decisions then."

"I guess that could work... But what if she catches on to me stopping her?"

Elodie grinned. "You're smart, Lottie. You just have to be one step ahead." Elodie's head flooded with happiness. This could actually work. She and Charlotte might really be able to be together. This happiness made Elodie then start to advance on Charlotte again. As Elodie looked at Charlotte, she noticed Charlotte's eyes fixated on her breasts.

"Lottie, what were you looking at?" Elodie questioned jokingly.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Charlotte quickly answered.

"I don't think that's true. Do I have to go over there and show you a lesson? Maybe I'll let you see them up close," Elodie laughed. She then got on all fours and started crawling towards Charlotte.

"Oh Elodie, I don't know if I can handle this. Your body, it's... perfect." With this compliment Elodie's confidence increased, and she started crawling onto Charlotte, with her flawless ass in the air. Elodie got eye level to Charlotte, then shoved her chest into Charlotte's face.

"How do you like them Lottie?" Elodie asked teasingly.

"They're... so... nice..." Charlotte said weakly.

"Maybe you wanna touch them?" Elodie giggled.

"Oh Good Lady yes!" Charlotte exclaimed as she raised her right hand to reach into Elodie's boarding school uniform.

"Maybe I should take this off for you, huh? Unfortunately for you it won't be that easy..." Elodie teased as she pinned Charlotte's hands down with her own.

"What do I have to do? I'll do anything!" Charlotte begged.

"Maybe if you take off that tight blouse of yours I'll take my uniform off in return," Elodie said with sexual tension in her voice.

"And what if I don't?" Charlotte teased, realizing that she too had some power over Elodie with her body.

"Well, as your queen-to-be, I order you to strip for me," Elodie commanded jokingly. Once Elodie finished saying this, she shifted her legs to pin Charlotte's hands down and moved her own hands down into Charlotte's lap, where she grabbed the bottom of Charlotte's blouse and started to pull it up to her large rack. She then pulled it up to just above her chest, finally revealing her gorgeous breasts. Now the only thing in Elodie's way was Charlotte's skimpy purple bra.

"Hey Elodie, you've had your fun. Now it's my turn," Charlotte pleaded teasingly, but Elodie wasn't done yet. She took her right hand and brushed it over Charlotte's right tit.

"Mmm," Charlotte moaned, having never been in sexual relations with anyone before. Elodie then took her hand and shoved it into Charlotte's bra, squeezing her nipple lightly.

"Mmm, ahh!" Charlotte squealed loudly as she started to squirm from the extreme amounts of pleasure. As Elodie continued to stimulate Charlotte this way, she took her left hand and brushed it on Charlotte's skin as she brought it to her back. She unhooked Charlotte's bra and threw it to the grass. Elodie was overwhelmed when she saw Charlotte's fully exposed chest. They were so nice and round, Elodie couldn't help but stop and stare. Then, before she could put her hands back on her prize, Charlotte freed her hands from Elodie's legs and pinned Elodie to the ground.

"Like what you see, huh 'Lodie?" Charlotte laughed. Then Charlotte ripped open the buttons on Elodie's boarding school uniform, exposing her tight undershirt. "Now it's my turn," Charlotte said demandingly. She lifted Elodie's undershirt up, fully exposing her succulent white boobs. Then, Charlotte's instinct took over as she put her mouth on Elodie's left nipple and started to suck on in ferociously.

"Ern...mmm...Ahhhhh!" Elodie screeched, trying to get Charlotte off of her because the euphoria she was getting was too much for her to handle. But Charlotte didn't care, she had to endure Elodie, and now it was her turn. She put her hand on Elodie's right breast and started to squeeze it as she sucked on the left.

"Mmmmm...Charlotte...Ahhhhhh...stop..." Elodie begged, but the feeling was so good to her.

Charlotte lifted up her head and replaced her mouth on Elodie's body with her left hand, slowly massaging her boobs.

"Do you really want me to, 'Lodie?" Charlotte questioned erotically.

"Mmmm..." is all Elodie could respond with.

"That's what I thought," Charlotte stated, knowing that she was in full control now. Keeping her left hand massaging Elodie's first pleasure spot, Charlotte moved her right hand down to Elodie's skirt. She lifted up the top of the skirt, and slowly moved her hand in. She grazed over Elodie's panties which contained her wet treasure.

"Mmmph..." Elodie let out the second Charlotte did this. Charlotte then moved her body so that her curved ass was sitting right below Elodie's stomach so that Elodie had a perfect view of it. Charlotte pulled Elodie's skirt and panties down to her lower thighs, showing Elodie's most pleasurable spot. After she pulled those down, she slowly rubbed her hand up Elodie's thigh, making Elodie moan yet again, until she got to her final prize.

Charlotte took the middle three fingers of her right hand and slowly shoved them into Elodie's delicate pussy.

"Mmm! It hurts Lottie..." Elodie moaned.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it," Charlotte comforted. She continued to go slowly so Elodie could get used to this. As she did this, she rubbed in between Elodie's upper thighs with her left hand. All of this combined with the fact that Charlotte's nice curvy ass was almost in Elodie's face made her easily get closer and closer to her climax. Elodie wanted to also please Charlotte though, so she fought through all of the euphoria and reached for Charlotte's still-exposed rack. She squeezed Charlotte's right breast, making Charlotte moan loudly.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you 'Lodie?" Charlotte asked teasingly. While Charlotte was paused, Elodie got up and quickly pulled off Charlotte's skirt. She then immediately put her hand onto Charlotte's skimpy underwear before Charlotte could put Elodie under her spell again.

"Mmmm... Elodie..." Charlotte moaned. Elodie then pulled down Charlotte's underwear, and started to finger her in her tight pussy. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck... Elodie..." Charlotte squealed, completely overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure Elodie was providing. Elodie then sat Charlotte up and moved her hand onto her pussy. Charlotte and Elodie then started to finger each other.

Moans could be heard from both of the young women as they made each other get closer and closer to their final climaxes. They were both completely overtaken with how good the other looked. Elodie's succulent C-cup tits and skinny-shaped body with the right curves in the right places made Charlotte incredibly wet. Charlotte's nice jiggling breasts and curvy body made Elodie go wild with hormones.

"Ahh, ahh, MMM!" Charlotte exclaimed, feeling that her climax would come at any moment. Charlotte's moaning turned Elodie on even more, making her push faster into Charlotte.

"Ern... Fuck yea Charlotte, finger me harder! Mmmm!" Elodie demanded. She then felt Charlotte's fingers enter her deeper and faster, as her juices then erupted from her delicate treasure, shortly followed by Charlotte's.

After the girls climaxed, they then again kissed under the light of the full moon.

"That was amazing Elodie. I've never felt so good in my life," Charlotte admitted.

"Same, Charlotte," Elodie also conceded, "The passion I feel towards you is better than any feeling I've ever had."

"I love you, 'Lodie."

"I love you too, Lottie." The girls then got dressed and lay next to each other under the stars, Charlotte's head resting on Elodie's chest.

"Hey 'Lodie, do you think we should go back to our rooms? If someone catches us sleeping here together..."

"Not yet, I want to just lay here with you. We'll be fine as long as we don't fall asleep."

"Alright," Charlotte said as she yawned. They lay there, staring up at the stars, until quickly and without warning, sleep crept up on them, and they both fell into slumber...