Strange Can Be Good


Rated T

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Strange Can Be Good

Chapter 1: A Sweet Reunion

Harry sighed as he walked through Diagon Alley, hands stuffed in his pockets. He had had another argument with his wife Ginny. What was it about this time? Apparently, she thought his job as an Auror was taking time away from his family. Harry spent more than enough time with his family, and James (who was eight) and Albus (who was six) never complained. If anything, the boys complained their mother never spent time with them.

Apparently, she would drop them off at Wizards Primary School and would return with several bags on her arms when she went to pick them up if Harry was unable to. He even confronted her about carelessly spending money but she just brushed the concern off. Instead she complained that they should be living in Potter Manor on the Potter Estate. Harry was used to living simple and refused that suggestion. Ginny had tried to access the manor by herself, but it could only be accessed by a carrier of Potter blood; then that carrier had to grant permission for another to enter the manor. And since Harry refused to live there, Ginny would just have to settle for the large two-story house they were currently living in.

Sighing again, he stopped in the middle of Diagon Alley and looked up at the sky. He was only thirty years old and already he felt older than he really was, though he had always felt that way. Now he felt as if his marriage to Ginny revolved around her flaunting his name and their wealth and arguing with her. This was not at all how he thought married life would be. Arthur Weasley had said it would get better and to just treat Ginny the way he treated Molly. However, that thought worried Harry as Ginny had her mother's temperament and Arthur seemed to let his wife walk all over him. He was not going to let Ginny do that to him; he spent ten years being a doormat and he'd be damned if he let it happen again.

Deciding not to think about his situation anymore, he walked into the first shop he saw, which happened to be Sugarplum's Sweet Shop. Scanning the shelves he looked at all of the sweets before him, pondering what he wanted to have. He settled on ten Chocolate Frogs, and went to the register where he stood behind a witch with familiar light blonde hair who was paying for her sweets.

"That will be forty Sickles for the five Cauldron Cakes, and fifty Sickles for the five Pumpkin Pasties," the cashier said after ringing up the price.

The witch paid the charge and took her bag of sweets, saying 'thank you' in a light, dreamy voice. Harry knew that voice anywhere, considering he hadn't heard it in almost ten years.

"Luna?" Harry asked as the woman turned around. It definitely was Luna Lovegood, only with short hair. She stared at Harry with silvery-blue-grey eyes before smiling kindly up at him.

"Hello Harry Potter. Fancy seeing you here today," she said sweetly. Harry couldn't help but smile and set his chosen items on the counter before wrapping his arms around Luna in a hug. They pulled apart after a while allowing the man to pay one hundred Sickles for his Chocolate Frogs. After his items were bagged and handed back to him, Harry and Luna walked out of the sweets shop and into Diagon Alley together, talking and reminiscing about the past. They walked until they reached the Leaky Cauldron, where they stepped inside and sat down for lunch. Once their order was taken, they returned to their conversation.

"I see you in the papers every now and again. How is life as an Auror treating you?" Luna said as she bit into one of her Cauldron Cakes. Harry shrugged a little as he answered, "It's okay. I mean, I figured it was the way to go considering that I spent my whole life fighting Dark wizards. But now I'm not so sure."

Luna nodded and swallowed her mouthful of cake before saying, "Well you don't seem to have any Wrackspurts in your head, so you are thinking clearly about doubting your job. Also, I think you are having problems with your home life."

Harry's eyes widened a bit as he hadn't mentioned his home life. But Luna always seemed to know more than she let on, so he wasn't surprised she said something like that. He nodded to confirm her words but also said he did not want to talk about it. Luna nodded in understanding, then asked him if he had seen any Nargles lately. The question made Harry smile and his heart fluttered a bit, though he didn't know why. Luna just made things easy and Harry loved that about her. He never felt forced talking to her and she in turn didn't force him to speak when he didn't want to. Sometimes he felt she was the only one who really understood him, even more so than his wife and best friends.

Their food appeared in front of them and they dug in, continuing their little reunion in peace. When they left the Leaky Cauldron, Luna said goodbye and gave Harry another hug before Apparating away. Harry smiled and continued to do so as he Apparated to his home. It was good seeing Luna again, and his heart felt lighter than it had in the past year.

Author's Note: I imagine Harry and Luna looking the way they do in the cover picture. Any other characters physical changes can be left to the imagination.